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Video introduces "sightseeing tourist attraction with video"

May 18 Imperial Palace East Garden rosary information
May 18 Kanda Festival of the 2017 world
May 18 [Kanda society, the Chiyoda Riverside project cosponsorship] Kanda River disaster prevention Cruise
May 17 [Idemitsu Museum of Arts] Wind - Tohaku Hasegawa and Sesshu of black-and-white drawing
May 15 (Mitsubishi Museum Building No.1) Leonardo X Michelangelo exhibition
May 15 [Hotel Tokyo of garden] "Beautiful lecture" ... art of sound sleep ... to become beautiful
May 10 [association of Chiyoda music society] Day live of musical instrument
May 10 [Hibiya book culture building] Nature nature strumpet strike masterpiece photo exhibition of surprise and impression that the world watched
May 05 We started "2017 Edo-jo Castle walk" [around place of the Iis connection] offer
May 01 [way of enjoying Kanda Festival guide] We improved.
April 28 Town Kanda lily of the valley Festival of the 31st book
April 27 Tidings of the blossoms of Imperial Palace East Garden
April 20 [mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge] Craft beer tasting stands by Tap Marché
April 15 Result presentation of town development activity
April 15 [Idemitsu Museum of Arts] The world of container - Japan and China of tea ceremony
April 12 Chiyoda library seminar "reads Kanda Festival"
April 8 Kanda Myojin callithump

April 4 About accident in cherry tree Festival X "sword boisterous dance visiting-ONLINE-" Edo Shiroshita cherry trees stamp rally of Chiyoda
April 2 [arts Chiyoda 3331] Lee wen new item exhibition "Birds"
March 29 2, Kandasudacho "prawns Hara" visit society
March 28 We started "cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda"
March 25 Kanda professional wrestling 2017
March 23 La Folle Journee o japon "day of enthusiasm" music festival 2017
March 22 "Sakura of ... Chiyoda goes round Akiba Deep Travel from Kudan to Akihabara"
March 21 Museum of the Imperial Collections 76th exhibition "paysage from famous place picture talks with - scene"
March 21 Kanda Myojin child Festa & Kanda Myojin dedication professional wrestling
March 21 March .4 moon vaudeville theater performance (art culture promotion society sponsorship in Japan)
March 21 March Kabuki performance "sugoroku in presentation of a whole play Koedo, Iga"
March 21 The second Akihabara film festival 2017
March 21 Kojimachi Street cherry tree Festival bargain sale
March 21 Otsuma cherry tree Festival 2017
March 21 Yurakucho cherry tree Festival
March 21 Town "Kudan" on the fifth slope cherry tree Festival
March 21 Jimbocho cherry tree rises; festival
March 21 National theater cherry tree Festival
March 21 Kanda Shrine connection event
March 21 Cherry tree Festival
March 20 We installed "Chidori-ga-fuchi city park web camera" in "cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda".
March 20 "14 times of welfare Festival "Tourism Association cherry tree Festival" booth branch"
March 8 Notice We updated "cherry tree Festival X sword boisterous dance-ONLINE-Edo Shiroshita cherry tree circulation of Chiyoda" special page
March 8 We opened special page "over cherry tree Festival X sword boisterous dance - ONLINE- Edo Shiroshita cherry tree of Chiyoda"
March 6 We opened "cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda" official site
March 2 ... which provides "happiness" of dinosaur kingdom in K ITTE - Fukui
March 2 From Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant exclusion zone evening [ECOM Surugadai] of silk project and conversing with
March 2 29, Heisei nenyushukan*betsutenyushukanshozo "armor arms exhibition - age of civil strife - Edo era -"
March 2 Even if the plan third of the 20th anniversary of the 66th plan development hall "sees flower"
March 2 New store document exhibition "revival / others of modern / Kakiemon style of ceramics document group Nabeshima ware which is in the first half of the 20th century"
March 2 [National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo] Possession exhibition "MOMAT collection"
March 2 The fourth 3.11 film festival (wawa project sponsorship)
March 1 The "Dolls' Festival of imatsurigoto" - Endos collection ...

February 27 Notice We postpone business start of Chidori-ga-fuchi boat ground.
February 23 [National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo] Art of uchu*kaichikosoden in bowl
February 23 It "is invited cherry tree" photo exhibition [hall of the Showa era]
February 23 Spring plan painting exhibition "trace ~ of days ... Shigeru Mizuki, Tsuyoshi Ueda Hachiro who appeared, and surpassed war wound, and described"
February 22 Japanese camera Museum temporary exhibition "camera 100 selections of the Japanese camera Museum collection world"
February 22 Senzo Yoshioka exhibition "eyes and feelings" [JCII photo salon]
February 21 We started reservation acceptance of "a lot of Japanese culture experience - cherry-blossom viewing, culture enjoyment - of tea ceremony, incense smelling Japan"!
February 21 We started reservation acceptance of "daily - stained with kimono DE cherry tree Festival - heart and soul Japanese culture"!
February 21 Of "the essence of cherry tree walk and tea ceremony experience - Japanese culture in a mass experience-based -" started reservation acceptance!
February 21 "Edo, Meiji photo studio in cherry tree Festival ... you started reservation reception desk of trip ... in time in Edo, the Meiji era, too"!
February 20 Tour commemorative for Soseki Natsume birth 150 years
February 20 Akiba enthusiast! Festival 2017WINTER
February 13 shinshima*sei*korejihizensai (bachelor Hall)
February 10 Furniture of Marcel Breuer: Improvement for good
February 10 Symposium hosted by Kyoritsu Women's University
February 4 Kanda Myojin traditional end of winter festival bean-scattering ceremony type
February 3 "The times of Old Karatsu - great ceramic ware" of the 50th anniversary of the Idemitsu Museum of Arts opening
January 30 The 159th Kanda society "Kanda 100 years company 5 - various well-established corporate strategy and future prospects"
January 25 Fair popup; "dai*hinshitsu - daily life Taiwanese quality. ~"
January 25 We think about preservation, the reconstruction, utilization of important cultural property Tokyo Station that we continue using
January 24 Festival and lecture in front of "place of Jo Niijima birth" monument
January 23 Chiyoda cat Festival 2017
January 22 Kanda Myojin "purification ceremony patience society act of God during cold"
January 22 We started offer of "Tokyo big turn corridor Chiyoda-ku sightseeing bus tour"
January 21 Late Tokugawa period revolution stamp rally of the 150th anniversary of the Restoration of the Imperial rule
January 17 Carriage line service of shinninjoboteishiki
January 12 "in Chiyoda which followed achievement of Soseki" of the 150th anniversary of the Soseki Natsume birth offer started!
January 12 Nabis exhibition of Orsay: Prophets - whisper and the noise of the beauty
January 11 Book which knows Akihabara electronics quarter
January 10 The 16th Kandaogawamachi snowman fair (executive committee sponsorship)
January 6 Possession exhibition "animal meeting" (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo industrial arts building)
January 6 "Drifting thing is enough" plan painting exhibition in the fourth in 2016
January 6 "We read articles of congratulating words and untie" Museum of the Imperial Collections 75th exhibition
January 6 House "acrobatic performances on a ladder of the New Year" of imatsurigoto, Kanda
January 4 Seeing the old year out of Kanda Myojin!
December 28 Mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge New Year holidays event Kanda Myojin Masakado drum
December 28 Tokyo big turn corridor photographic contest winning a prize exhibition leads in Tokyo city eye and is displayed! (December 31)
December 28 The year-end and New Year special feature New Year's present present application of Chiyoda started!
December 28 ≪New Year >> Kanda Myojin Masakado drum (waterasu open space)
December 22 [sequel to] New Year holidays, the New Year, Kanda event of the New Year!
December 22 "Challenge to Matabee Iwasa and Genji picture -" <classic> of the 50th anniversary of the Idemitsu Museum of Arts opening
December 19 New Year holidays, the New Year, Kanda event of the New Year!
December 15 Recruitment of the fifth batch! Hospitality runner upbringing program
December 15 “ all can do it for orimpian pararimpianasuritotokusho & 2020! Simple hospitality English conversation "special seminar
December 15 Tokyo Christmas market 2016 (executive committee sponsorship)
December 14 Mayor Chiyoda cup running motorcycle race
December 14 Light ups (Imperial Household Agency sponsorship) such as Imperial Palace Niju-bashi Bridge
December 14 daikoku festival (Kanda Myojin sponsorship)
December 13 Constitution of Edo Tokyo and Japanese castle culture exhibition (J-CULTURE FEST)
December 13 Possession exhibition modern industrial arts and tea ceremony II (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo industrial arts building)
December 13 POCORART whole country open call for participants vol.7
December 13 Carriage line service of shinninjoboteishiki
December 12 Christmas illuminations ... that Akihabara dazzles and makes with plan - all
December 12 [Hibiya book culture building] Living - of found daimyo's mansion - feudal lord and shift work in a shogunal demesne samurai
December 9 "Soseki Natsume memory site of the 150th anniversary of centenary of the death, the birth" opened
December 6 Heart of the 65th plan exhibition you (Mitsuo Aida Museum sponsorship)
December 05 [Chiyoda illuminations special feature] We improved
December 05 Meiji University X Japan Post Fumi GRAM
December 05 J-CULTURE FEST (Tokyo international forum sponsorship)
December 05 Symphony "writing art object 2016" of light and sound
December 03 It is December. It is Santa! It is rice cake making!
November 30 HILLTOP HOTEL Happy Christmas
November 30 Shimizudani Park adapt report
November 28 Ship and gourmet and town walk, triple march
November 28 Tokyo Station Grand roof Light on Train
November 24 Appearance of interchange symposium ... "hikonyan" of the Iis connection "Ieyasu, direct tiger" is decided, too! ...
November 24 The 75th Iwamotocho, Higashikanda family bazaar (executive committee sponsorship)
November 23 "It is great simply! Supervision girl Etsuko Kawano Episode 7 - location walk ...
November 21 Town development support
November 21 Christmas IMPERIAL CHRISTMAS 2016 of Imperial Hotel
November 21 Idemitsu Museum of Arts "perfect gem of form - national treasure handwriting collection of the dead "kendoyotomo" and old handwriting of kana to project the times" on
November 21 Member recommended news! We added ni "hotel Grand Palace"
November 21 Member recommended news! We added ni "Tokyo station hotel"
November 18 Chiyoda food education, health Festival 2016
November 16 Tokyo Michi terrace 2016 (executive committee sponsorship)
November 16 Solacity Winter Illuminations
November 16 Santa Claus comes over from the tenth "Christmas event" Finland!
November 15 [famous spot of Chiyoda colored leaves special feature] o improved
November 15 We added "Tokyo green palace" to hotel information
November 15 WHITE KI TTE
November 15 The 23rd Chiyoda season concert Jazzy Night - Early Christmas ...
November 11 The pivot of Edo! The pivot of Sanada moat and Osaka! The Sanada-maru
November 11 Marunouchi Bright Christmas
November 10 Light (Akihabara UDX sponsorship) of UDX illuminations 2016 winter Habara
November 9 Kanda Police street bustle social experiment
November 9 Ship and gourmet and town walk "triple march"
November 8 The fourth water transportation social experiment
November 8 Yurakucho Marion winter illuminations
November 2 Story ... of Marunouchi Bright Christmas 2016 - mysterious The Nutcracker
November 2 Marunouchi illuminations 2016 (executive committee sponsorship)
November 02 "Edo-jo Castle walk [whether you are daimyo We started up castle course edition third] offer
November 02 We started "history walk tour in one of Tokyo Station and circle" offer
November 01 House "autumn of imatsurigoto" sneak preview exhibition of Kanda
October 29 The two major event starts of town "Jimbocho" of world's best book!
October 27 [National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo] Picture of endless Masaaki Yamada
October 27 [National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo] We look for "real" in eikyu 1935-1937 darkness
October 27 Crystal Garden 2016
October 27 Tokyo Sankei Building autumn festival 2016 (Sankei Building sponsorship)
October 26 Come and enshrine sa at the 15th dream night (sa come at dream night and hosts festival global promotion foundation)
October 26 Direct marketing market ... of the 19th hote city - hotel Grand Palace
October 26 The second Jimbocho film festival (executive committee sponsorship)
October 20 We released all "list of the first Tokyo big turn corridor photographic contest prize-winning works" works
October 20 Sotobori Canale (outer moat kyannare) (executive committee sponsorship)
October 20 Mitsuo Fujitsuka exhibition - joy that "use" to dining table - (container Hanada of living)
October 19 Plan exhibition reburial tomb and East-West - (Meiji University Museum) of grave of tomb with a crock-shaped coffin - Yayoi
October 19 Autumn festival of the 37th Chiyoda-ku culture art
October 19 Hear sound of famous bridges; sound play ... (city music teacher project sponsorship) on Kanda River Vol.7 ... ship
October 18 Hibiya Park gardening show 2016
October 18 We are still in time! On October 20, it is held for 22 days! "Edo-jo Castle walk [whether you are daimyo Up castle course]
October 18 We are raising "Edo-jo Castle walk" still more!
October 18 Former Edo outside the castle Sakurada-mon Gate closing the gate guided tour
October 15 The trans arts Tokyo 2016 start!
October 14 "We think about living of Kanda" from "Kanda judging from eye of student"
October 13 [the first Tokyo big turn corridor photographic contest winning a prize anthology] We were released.
October 13 Tokyo big turn corridor photographic contest prize-winning work display
October 13 Town, Jimbocho variety hall sentence chrysanthemum of book and young comic story tellers gather in Jimbocho
October 12 Specialty of the 57th Tokyo Kanda secondhand book Festival (federation of Kanda secondhand bookstore sponsorship)
October 12 Tokyo big turn corridor photographic contest winning a prize exhibition (Chiyoda City Tourism Association sponsorship)
October 12 Teaching of teacher sighing to Mr. dear Renoir - Ryuzaburo Umehara
October 11 "Autumn festival of Chiyoda" official site opened
October 11 Library concierge and rotating Jimbocho tour in Kanda secondhand book Festival "amusement of book beginning in Ob"
October 11 Exploration guided tour whole in Kitanomaru-koen Park (circle of the former Edo northern part of a castle) historic spot and nature!
October 9 Autumn festival start of Chiyoda!
October 6 Two of the 24th Misakicho salon "tomikohanno eraser hanko classroom" it
October 6 Ochanomizu ardent musical instrument festival (association of Chiyoda music society sponsorship)
October 6 Yamanashi nouveau Festival 2016
October 6 Special tour of Akiba Deep Travel autumn
October 6 The 26th Jimbocho book Festival (executive committee sponsorship)
October 4 Art size arts in Marunouchi 2016 (Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., Tokyo art university sponsorship)
October 4 The 23rd railroad Festival (executive committee sponsorship)
October 4 The 22nd Kanda sports Festival 2016 (Kanda sports shop communication meeting sponsorship)
October 4 Coffee collection around 2016, Kandanishikicho AUTUMN
September 29 Trip - Toba comics, punch, comics ... of comics to follow from the Edo era
September 29 TRANS ARTS TOKYO 2016 (executive committee sponsorship)
September 28 The thirteenth Ochanomizu art picnic (suime;mei*tsu ri society sponsorship of tea)
September 28 Tokyo taste Festa 2016 (Taste of Tokyo) (Tokyo, executive committee sponsorship)
September 27 The tenth Yamaguchi mayuu teacher DF walk seminar & Chiyoda-ku famous place tour
September 27 The sixth Kanda curry Grand Prix 2016 (Kanda curry street activation Committee sponsorship)
September 21 Masakado mound annual festival
September 20 We started offer of course of three "Edo-jo Castle walk"
September 20 The tenth Ochanomizu JAZZ festival (executive committee sponsorship)
September 16 Museum of the Imperial Collections 74th exhibition "beauty of book, ko of letter"
September 16 3, Kandaogawamachi live event Waku Waku festa VOL.1
September 16 Red brick station building ... (Tokyo city eye) which feels nostalgic for photo exhibition Tokyo Station - octagon roof
September 15 Stone wall Cruise and Edo-jo Castle walk of the seventh Edo-jo Castle outer moat
September 15 Carriage line service of shinninjoboteishiki
September 13 Manabu Nobunaga forum in Tokyo
September 13 Plan "ship and gourmet and town walk triple march" of the third anniversary of the mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge
September 13 Electronic work soldering experience!
September 12 The thirteenth Meiji University Shakespeare project "Midsummer Nightmare"
September 8 ke;kei (komichi) of 1,000 generations "enjoys incense smelling and weak tea"
September 8 Kanda, Nihonbashi wine Festival (in Kanda town nishiyono kaishusai of wine)
September 6 Carriage line service of shinninjoboteishiki
September 5 [Idemitsu Museum of Arts] We gather heart, here of opening 50 shunenkinendaisen厓ten - - Zen
September 3 Bustle of Kanda art festival - adult fair
August 31 Garden guard town bazaar of Bancho
August 27 Downtown area "Kanda" enjoying the cool breeze event
August 26 "Walk Jimbocho" presents Jimbocho, Soseki festival
August 24 Industrial arts - "tradition and vanguard" of innovation and modern (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo industrial arts building)
August 18 Nakao Japanese witch hazel exhibition - Japanese witch hazel 100 flavor - (container Hanada of living)
August 17 Special plan exhibition ningendamono of the 20th anniversary of the opening, the origin (Mitsuo Aida Museum sponsorship)
August 16 Long autumnal night worship "miraitoterasu" (Yasukuni Shrine sponsorship)
August 10 "Enjoying the cool breeze! We started night mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge and offer reception desk of Ochanomizu Valley Cruise
August 9 We started offer acceptance of "Kanda umaimon tour"
August 9 The 14th Hibiya Park Marunouchi leading size Bon festival dance meet (nichihitanikoen*kaishotenkai, executive committee sponsorship)
August 9 Grand roof beer lounge
August 7 We uploaded "Kanda art festival 16"
August 5 We wash Kamakura Bridge ... bridge
August 4 Summer festival of waterasu
August 4 Carriage line service of shinninjoboteishiki
August 3 Thomas rufu exhibition (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)
August 3 Association of Kanda Daimon Street child society enjoying the cool breeze Bon festival dance meet
July 31 God Confucianism and Buddhism combination lecture
July 29 We uploaded "summer festival special feature 2016 of Chiyoda"
July 28 We uploaded "eel special feature of day of the Ox Chiyoda of the dog days"
July 27 [summer vacation temporary exhibition] Serious Cal chemical laboratory (Science Museum)
July 26 "Beer garden beer hall special feature of Chiyoda" site is open!
July 26 Marunouchi kids jamboree 2016 (Tokyo international forum sponsorship)
July 26 Enjoying the cool breeze meet in eastern Akihabara
July 26 The first Kanda Myojin "enjoying the cool breeze Festival"
July 26 [photo exhibition] Scenery (Kanda curry Grand Prix) of joy that curry creates
July 22 Brocade party (KIN-EN) "summer festival"
July 21 We appear in Myojin private supplementary school for the owner Publishing fourth generation!
July 21 The 39th Nippon Television Street promotion society enjoying the cool breeze Bon festival dance meet (Nippon Television Street promotion society sponsorship)
July 21 Summer festival of waterasu
July 20 2, Tsukasacho enjoying the cool breeze Bon festival dance meet
July 20 Bon festival dance 2016 in one of Marunouchi de sprinkled water / Kyomaru Azuma
July 20 [patio] Beer garden -The Palace Side Beer Garden- which overlooks forest of the Imperial Palace
July 20 Star Festival event (Ochanomizu sun Clair Store Association sponsorship) that the twelfth Ochanomizu sun Clair dreams of
July 20 KKR hotel Tokyo beer Festa 2016 with Performance
July 20 Sapporo Black Label "THE PERFECT BEER GARDEN 2016 TOKYO"
July 20 Bachelor Hall beer hall
July 20 On crowd of green and stars beer garden (Hill-Top Hotel)
July 15 International Tourist food culture Expo 2016 - Octoberfest - in Hibiya Park
July 15 Kanda, Akita Yuzawa picture dorou Festival
July 13 Kanda society "talks about Jimbocho Chinatown"
July 13 [Idemitsu Museum of Arts] "Contest - of the beauty named treasure - glamor of the Orient, Japanese ceramics" of the 50th anniversary of the opening
July 12 Josui Hall beer garden
July 12 Ginza sky beer terrace
July 12 At "beer arch" ... old forever bridge Station with red brick arch and train and craft beer. ...
July 12 Beer garden "Terrasse" of the heavens (Tokyo Sankei Building)
July 12 Carriage line service of shinninjoboteishiki
July 12 The 70th (2016) Mitama Festival (Yasukuni Shrine sponsorship)
July 12 [urgent announcement] Appearance of "Kumamon" was decided in "evening of Chiyoda-ku enjoying the cool breeze" on July 15.
July 7 [Kei hall to carry] Summer plan painting exhibition "way which we walked with husband"
July 7 Museum of the Imperial Collections 73rd exhibition "fine figure of horse race - horse"
July 4 The 16th Chiyoda-ku town development support exhibition examination committee
June 30 Kanda Myojin "Natsugoe great purification type"
June 30 yasukuni shichiyumu Festival (shinni*kaishusai)
June 23 "We wait for Edo and walk" Hotel Tokyo of garden
June 22 The thirteenth Kanda, Akita Yuzawa Star Festival picture doroumatsuri (Kanda Station west exit mall promotion association sponsorship)
June 21 Tohoku six holding a ceremony for the dead 2016
June 21 [country designated historic spot] Visit to Tokiwa Hashikado trace, Joban bridge dismantling repair construction spot society
June 19 Kyoto - Kanda Myojin annual festival
June 15 Morning yoga naitozumba in Tokyo Station
June 13 Evening 2016 "box of light" workshop of Chiyoda-ku enjoying the cool breeze
June 7 [National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo] Voice Noma whole body poet, Gozo Yoshimasu exhibition
June 7 When we meet the 64th plan exhibition oneself (Mitsuo Aida Museum sponsorship)
June 7 Carriage line service of shinninjoboteishiki
June 5 We started application acceptance in "evening of Chiyoda-ku enjoying the cool breeze"
  April 16 [Hanzomon communication] Town walk (Sanbancho) of the 105th Kafu Nagai
May 31 "Sanno festival way of enjoying guide" improved
May 27 "Now, mirai of Sanno festival" exhibition
May 23 Meal and art and cheerful festival (festival secretariat sponsorship in France) in France
May 18 Meeting of koji banashito lunch
May 18 Kanda Myojin "annual festival"
May 17 Hibiya Oktoberfest 2016 - SPRING ... (executive committee sponsorship)
May 17 June, 2016 Kabuki appreciation classroom "shinsaraokuhotsukiameun - fish shop sect Goro -"
May 17 Town Kanda lily of the valley Festival of the 30th book (Kanda lily of the valley street mall promotion association sponsorship)
May 16 Princess Ota Inari Shrine annual festival and Kanda Myojin shade festival
May 13 Garden guard town bazaar of Bancho
May 12 Arts Chiyoda 3331 special plan painting exhibition "best ~ of Edo that now, mirai - gusset of Sanno festival supports"
May 11 Lunch pack walk tour specially made in Kitanomaru-koen Park belonging to
May 11 The akiba:F "history of Kanda Festival!" Display
May 6 Brocade party (KIN-EN)
May 5 "Edo-jo Castle to look at from stone wall and Odaiba Cruise water and stone wall of Edo-jo Castle Sotobori!" We started offer
May 2 We announced fine work in earlier period of the first Tokyo big turn corridor photographic contest
April 28 The 29th dream Kano worship (Kanda Myojin)
April 28 The 74th Iwamotocho, Higashikanda family bazaar (executive committee sponsorship)
April 28 Day Special Live (association of Chiyoda music society) of musical instrument
April 27 Misaki Shrine annual festival 2016
April 26 It is play bo waterasu open space in families
April 20 Princess Ota Inari Shrine festival
April 20 Let's go to the Chiyoda Discovery museum <Diet! --> to learn constitutional government around the Diet building
April 20 Chiyoda Discovery museum <citizen-based town planning of Mitsubishi Museum Building No.1 and circles>
April 20 Kanda of May is season of "festival"
April 20 We started offer acceptance of "Edo-jo Castle walk" in May, 2016
April 19 Mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge "Hitachi field bluing laboratory beer truck"
April 19 Mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge "bread Marchais"
April 19 Hear sound of famous bridges; Kanda River Vol.5 (city music teacher project sponsorship)
April 19 Ancient ballad picture and slip wear - Hanako Kusaka X Yoji Yamada - (container Hanada of living)
April 19 -Cinderella story ... over world exhibition - United States of kawatamasanao collection - Cinderella
April 18 Late-blooming cherry tree walk
April 14 Carriage line service of shinninjoboteishiki
April 14 Tokyo Sankei Building spring festival 2016 (Sankei Building sponsorship)
April 14 Simple hospitality English conversation special lecture to be possible from zero of Mr. Tetsuya Yasukochi
April 14 Tokyo station gallery plan painting exhibition "Yasunari Kawabata collection tradition and modernism"
April 13 Cherry tree (Kioicho edition) which blooms
April 12 Cherry tree (Kanda edition) which blooms
April 12 Carriage line service of shinninjoboteishiki
April 8 Reopening of the tenth anniversary of Akihabara UDX restaurant & shop Akiba ichi
April 4 Extension decided light up of Chidori-ga-fuchi city park until 9:00 p.m. in every day on Wednesday on 6th from Monday, April 4. We extend, and kyudansaka cherry tree tourist information center is open with extension of lighting up! We sell guidebook and cherry tree goods.
April 2 Carriage line service of shinninjoboteishiki
April 2 "Cherry tree of Chiyoda" photograph contest prize-winning work photo exhibition (ECOM Surugadai)

  Chiyoda town blog [Imperial Palace, Marunouchi Kojimachi, Kudan Kanda, Akihabara]
Thorough scoop! Coherence town blog local from charm of "town blog" of Chiyoda according to area area to event information, little-known spot spot, history!
Local coherence information blog "town blog"

Send seasonal nature; Tokyo se
            ntorarupakuburoguUnder "mutter sightseeing" to murmur sightseeing information on Twitter every day delivery

  Tokyo Central Park blog
Imperial Palace, Hibiya Park, Kitanomaru-koen Park…Nature of the four seasons is introduced by very large green tract of land "Tokyo Central Park" in right in the middle of Tokyo!
  Let's respond in Tourism Association.
"Mutter sightseeing" to murmur blog information and event information in ward, little-known spot word of mouth information that we cannot introduce on homepage every day

PICK UP! Edo-jo Castle walk
We go round places of the Iis connection
Edo-jo Castle walk of June, 2017 is special plan around "place of the Iis connection". In conjunction with NHK TV saga "woman lord of a castle direct tiger," tour to take a walk through place of the Iis connection in ward and neighboring daimyo's mansions is offer start.
Event information according to area

Event information according to area

Imperial Palace running We meet Ryoma. Visit ... Ryoma Sakamoto, Yataro Iwasaki, the ground related to the late Tokugawa period; and ... Cloud on slope running through Chiyoda
Imperial Palace runners +
Imperial Palace running
Portal site
We meet Ryoma.
Ryoma Sakamoto
We go round places of connection
We run through Chiyoda,
Cloud on slope

Cloud X Chiyoda on slope

We gather all Imperial Palace information of Chiyoda City Tourism Association here. Imperial Palace information portal site
Imperial Palace information portal site
We dissected charm, thorough Imperial Palace.

In "sugoroku Chiyoda," let's obtain MAP.
Sugoroku Chiyoda
We present walk MAP in sugoroku

Sightseeing mini-official approval "chiyo tray" of Chiyoda
chiyo tray
The issue of official approval associated with Chiyoda.

Convention facility guide in Chiyoda-ku

Cherry tree photograph contest winning a prize anthology "of 2011 eighth Chiyoda
Kanda neighborhood long-established store soba map History information of Hanzomon, Kojimachi