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Masashige Kusunoki image


There is bronze statue that chushin, Masashige Kusunoki of interest in Kenmu is public at one corner (Nanko) of outer garden where Matsubara leads to. This image which fixed its eyes on Niju-bashi Bridge in the front modelled brave figure in occasion when Prince Masashige Kusunoki invited Daigo emperor to route of Hyogo after kaesakotoji from Okinoshima in 1333 (Shokei 2). This presented as commemorative project for other child copper mine open well 200 years, and the Sumitomos asked for production at Tokyo Bijutsu school (existing Tokyo Univ. of the Arts) in 1891 (Meiji 23) and we spent ten years by Koun Takamura, Kisai Yamada, Yuki Okazaki voice using copper of the mine and were completed.

Location 1-1, Koukiyogaien
Access The Niju-bashi Bridge Station second, Exit 6 are immediate
Homepage http://fng.or.jp/koukyo/place/gaien-03.html

Koukiyogaien map