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Cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda


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"Cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda" was finished in 2017

"Cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda" was finished on April 9 in 2017. Visit, thank you very much.

"Cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda" extension decision!

Extension decided cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda until April 9. We extend night business of light up boat ground with extension.

We hold "cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda"

We start "cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda" on March 28 today until April 6. We look forward to your visit.

"Chidori-ga-fuchi city park web camera"

We installed "Chidori-ga-fuchi city park web camera". You can see the flowering situation in real time. The details are this

"Cherry tree Festival X sword boisterous dance-ONLINE-Edo-jo Castle lower cherry tree circulation of Chiyoda"

"-ONLINE-no collaboration stamp rally opened special page of "we make a tour of Edo-jo Castle lower cherry trees" sword boisterous dance" "cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda" X.  The details are this

We open cherry tree Festival official site of Chiyoda

We opened official site of "cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda" in 2017. We update various information at any time.

[facebook] Cherry tree report

The details are Clik! in photograph


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