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Cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda


It is located to go along Ushigome moat, new Mitsuke moat, Ichigaya moat which is outer moat and crosses outer moat park to approximately 2km from JR Iidabashi Station to Ichigaya Station, Yotsuya Station.

As there are Yoshino cherry tree and approximately 240 cherry trees including wild cherry tree in outer moat park, and park becomes promenade which went up one step from road, we can enjoy cherry blossom viewing of cherry tree while walking slowly. There is outer moat park along JR Chuo Line, Sobu Line.

We are scattered, and cherry blossom petals appear on the outer moat in the beginning, and, as well as time in full blossom, you can see scenery of cherry tree different in gangs.

<rule by) laying (seat made cherry blossom viewing>
1) Noise such as use or karaoke of firearms (including self generator) is prohibited in the park
2) Please take garbage home with you
3) We are prohibited from place collecting only on seat
4) Moratorium on pin when we fix seat
5) We are prohibited from act to hurt neighboring trees
6) Stalls are put under ban of business act
7) We are prohibited from annoying act to neighborhood inhabitants and other cherry blossom viewing visitors

※As the promenade is a nuisance to walker, we hope that we do not spread seat.
Please use a certain green tract of land between promenade and road.

Place Fujimi 2, 4, Kudankita, Gobancho

"Iidabashi Station" "Ichigaya Station" "Yotsuya Station"

Reference Chiyoda-ku road park section
TEL: 03-5211-4243

Outer moat park MAP