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Cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda

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The name: kaikablog Making day: 2009/02/24 22:23
Flowering situation blog of cherry tree

Contributor: kaikablog contribution day: 2016/04/18 18:58

We went to see late-blooming cherry tree which reached in full bloom in Chiyoda-ku!

We worried when it might have completely gone by wind and rain of Kioicho Street yesterday
All right! Sekiyama bloomed with effort still more.

It is like tunnel of double cherry blossom depending on place. Dark pinkness is bright again.
One to stop, and to put in photograph was seen a lot.

Next is Diet front yard garden.

While flower of azalea makes in full bloom when we enter at Diet library at entrance of close garden,
Cherry blossoms still in full glory jumped into eyes.

At first it is white and red flower which two colors were mixed in to have got into eyes.
Totally white cherry tree and reddish cherry tree seem to bloom among the same trees.
Gradation is really beautiful!

"Ugh, this cherry tree does not come". ukonha blooms, and it is yellow-like white at the beginning,
There seems to be kind to become such a hue when over full bloom.
It is beauty that I want to see by all means.

Sekiyama blooming in the outskirts seems to still make good results through flower while becoming cherry tree with early leaves.
Dark pinkness is very lovely.

Cherry tree which blooms near constitutional government memory hall.

Whitish petal that there is little "Shizuka" in garden.
Gradation with pinkness that this is thin is beautiful.

Gradation with rather deep pinkness less as for "the Fugenzo" than Shizuka
You can enjoy.

There is "umemamorijisuutamakakarisakura" in bush in front of constitutional government Hall.

Transparent pinkness is very pretty!

We can observe late-blooming cherry tree of many kinds only in this garden.

Cherry tree of Kiyomaro Wakeno image neighborhood of Takebashi.

This neighborhood is under construction now,
You can still enjoy late-blooming cherry tree along street.

You can enjoy still more without losing late-blooming cherry tree of Chiyoda-ku, the yesterday's wind and rain!
Carry foot by all means.

Contributor: kaikablog contribution day: 2016/04/13 19:07

Reaching public performance when cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda is over of Kioicho Street
It is double cherry tree row of trees of kind called Sekiyama.

It is pink pretty Sakura. Person whom cherry blossom viewing is planned, and there is must see it from now on.


As for stroll while we see cherry blossoms of late-blooming cherry tree of Sanada moat crossing formidable man moat from Akasakamitsuke, Nagatacho from Yotsuya
Both are wonderful promenades which we want to choose.

Contributor: kaikablog contribution day: 2016/03/02 13:24

... that cherry tree of Chiyoda-ku flowered!

In Chiyoda-ku already
Early blooming cherry tree is fine; turn up!

As for the person coming to watch cherry tree in warm weather promptly repeatedly here and there.

In state of pretty cherry tree, smile spills unintentionally.

Having reported today

"Sakura Kawazu" adjacent << the Marubeni Corporation head office >> of Takebashi
is "Sakura Kawazu" in << island of Imperial Palace East Garden cherry tree >>, "camellia cold cherry tree"!

At first we introduce from "Sakura Kawazu" of the Marubeni head office♪

Even from the distance, tree of bright pink cherry tree is outstanding.

In fact, cherry tree with early leaves begins to appear a little, too and. Early

It is Sakura of island of Tomi garden cherry tree successively.

"Sakura Kawazu"

(*'ω'*) where was where it is taken a ceremonial photograph at bench established under the tree


Bright pinkness is really pretty…

Island of Imperial Palace East Garden cherry tree

"Camellia cold cherry tree"

It seems to be more whitish than Sakura Kawazu.

We gathered so that many visit to Japan tourists put in photograph.

Not only person but also birds flock to smoke honey of cherry tree!

We will send a lot of information from now on in spring of Chiyoda-ku!

In fun ... (^^♪