"It is Edoite" "is birth of Kanda"……Famous lines to come out to naniwa-bushi reciting, "Ishimatsu 30 Ishifune of forest" with this. Place where line kideinasena Edoites spent Kanda as town of craftsman and merchant from old days. We avoid war damage, and a certain prewar personality building to remain is still seen in dribs and drabs.
By the way, where do you begin to walk from? Zone where famous long-established stores gather in Sudacho, the Awajicho whole area. From rather light meal to dessert of pan, it is good to decide route what you eat. In Edoite feelings little in well-established look of a shop which the storewide conquest is difficult, but lets you feel the times in a day looking.
It is having fun after a meal to just look at the Kanda River towards Shohei bridge. A time when river which is dirty, and was said to be smell becomes very beautiful and is healed. Kanda was covered for digestion (?) How is noted product, search for art of building? We are delighted at sense of fun of town a little. We appear in the Nihonbashi River all too soon when we walk absorbedly. If cross bridge; Otemachi. Though, in fact, business district bristling with high-rise buildings is quite near, we notice. The end game again to Kanda Station. Excellent bars with taste sit in a row at underpass and west exit mall. Is provoked by red paper lantern, and "is slightly full"; tightening of walk.

JR Kanda Station east exit start  "Kanda contact street" where is lined with bars under the guard of JR  "Prosperity ladle Inari Shrine" in the area where ladle had pond called pond in old days  Iwamotocho intersection  Dojo studio "Xuanwu hall trace" of great swordsman, Shusaku Chiba  We thoroughly enjoy Edo taste in Kandasudacho neighborhood where long-established store representing Tokyo links the eaves  If appear along the Kanda River, on the sleeve of Shohei Bridge restaurant with terrace seat  We take a short break in "Oomi-ya confectionery"  We walk multi-town main street where old house including "the Matsumotos house central room" is left → It is slightly full at Kanda Station west exit mall with many restaurants → JR Kanda Station west exit goal

Japanese style architecture to leave taste of merchant's family of Edo for
◆The Matsumotos house central room / cultural assets
Bluish-skinned fish dealers were gathered, and, after the big fire of the Edo Meiryaku era, Sudacho, multi-town prospered. This building is store of former greengrocery wholesale dealer and house, and Showa is built in 6. In gable, house with the entrance at the side parallel with the ridge, the front is made with appearance beam. Structure that north wife side had few windows, and prepared for fire prevention. Country registration tangible cultural property. Subway Awajicho Station, Ogawamachi Station Exit A1 3-minute walk. 2-9-3, Kandatacho.
Petty people full of Edo atmosphere good to souvenir
◆Kanda chon child /SIOYA/ Japanese style accessory, industrial art object
We open in place to be able to drop in at aimlessly from well-established gourmet area around Kandasudacho in July, 2008. Elaborate original Edo accessory and traditional industrial art object are prepared abundantly. Subway Awajicho Station, Ogawamachi Station A3 1-13-1, Izutacho. ☎03-3255-3990 (chon child), ☎03-5856-9527 (SIOYA).
We remember prosperity at the time of sigh in elegance
◆Maruishi building / cultural assets
Value size to see beauty of modern Norman architecture including sculpture of given round arch, lion and owl of delicate decoration. Precious office building which avoided war damage built in 6 of the Showa era. Design is designer Toshiro Yamashita of skyscraper, Kasumigaseki building of first in Japan. JR, the subway Kanda Station east exit, south exit 3-minute walk. 1-10-4, Kajicho.

The small companies which collect local faith including raccoon dog
◆Power spot circulation / Shinto shrine, Buddhist temple
There are many miracle Arata kana Shinto shrines including Satake Inari Shinto shrine where success in life God of Fire that sumo wrestler whom we prayed to in Kanda succeeded in life and Shinto priest of Kanda Myojin combine with religious service. Willow forest Shrine is dedicated to happy longevity God (raccoon dog) whom ex-Emperor mother, Akira Katsura of 5s general rope good luck believed in. It is possible "to surpass in others", and there is benefit of success in life and game of chance, luck with money rise.

If do not buy; loss! Lower than maker wholesale price
◆Iwamotocho, Higashikanda family bazaar / event

It is town, Iwamotocho of fiber wholesale dealer having been continued since the Edo era. Bazaar that began targeting at families of people working here causes reputation and enlarges whenever we repeat the number of times. At half price tens of thousands of points of clothing; in the following. ☎03-3865-5951 (the executive committee secretariat).
Cleanness returned to river where Edo culture remained
◆Terrace / restaurants along the Kanda River

The Kanda River which was made as Kanda water supply in the Edo era. We have become dirty with development of Tokyo, but there is movement for revival of clear stream recently, too and is playing. Restaurants such as Chinese food, Spanish food establish terrace seat along the river of the Shohei Bridge side, and it is in space that is Mu D to be able to enjoy scenery of the Kanda River.
Only in the shop where Edo-style taste and appeal 1 degree want to enter
◆Well-established many area / restaurants
In Kandasudacho, the corner of Awajicho saved from war damage, road of person was lively at point of traffic from the Edo era while modern building surrounded. "It still depends" on "Yabu soba", and, by the trace, long-established store gourmet spot where "we shirr, and source" left old appearance including "peony" of fowl-in-a-pot for of Ankounabe concentrates on.
Taste of trust to be loved, and not to be affected for 120 years
◆Oomi-ya confectionery / cafe, confectionery
It is long-established store with reputation to apple pie and cake using seasonal fruit. Wrapping paper of takeout is refined, too. Drink station of cafe corner is attractive, too. Subway Awajicho Station, Ogawamachi Station Exit A3 3-minute walk. For 9-19:00 (on Sundays and holidays in from 10:00 to 17:30, the cafe ... 17:00), it is without holiday. 2-4, Kandaawajicho. ☎03-3251-1088.

As for Japanese soil, the trace by air raid to city area
◆Kamakura Bridge / historic spot
Bridge of the Nihonbashi River reaching in Otemachi from Uchikanda. It is origin of the name that unloaded building stones in this bank of a river from Kamakura when we build Edo-jo Castle. Approximately 30 traces of bullet which we received in the case of wartime bombing and machine-gun mopping-up are left on railing. There is commentary of "memory preservation plate of town". ☎03-5211-4185 (inhabitant of a ward business and industry section).

It is cheap tastily. The best of well-established bar
◆As soon as see; / bar

Founding 1905. The third generation when we were born and raised here protects shop. As for the look of a shop of 70 when traditional appearance remains old, atmosphere is plentiful. We stab Nixdorf, fried chicken, Sakura, and snacks including Yanagawa are enriched, and price is weight, too. As for the specialty Fugu dishes from founding those days from 800 yen. Subway Awajicho Station, Ogawamachi Station Exit B6 3-minute walk. From 11:30 to 13:30, 17-23:00, Sundays and holidays rest. 2-15, Kandatsukasamachi. ☎03-3294-5433.

New Edo-style style of Kanda
◆kinta*jushi (kintarouzushi) / sushi
It is founded in 1929. The third generation protects noren now. We pour power into snacks except grip which can enjoy sense of the seasons while inheriting the skill from the first generation including the material which increased the Chari that we seasoned in ume vinegar without any regret, person trouble. Only in the course, lunch 1,890 yen ..., night are 8,000 yen ... JR, subway Kanda Station Exit 5 1-minute walk. From 11:30 to 13:30, 17-21:00 (soil requires reservation), Sundays and holidays rest. 2-2, Kandasudacho. ☎03-3251-7912.

One cup is otsu in the neighborhood where Edo-style
◆Kanda Owari shop head office / side

Long-established store founded in 1923 (1923). Using buckwheat flour which selected carefully from Hokkaido from Nagano, we grind in stone mill and make closing a bargain. tsuyu which took soup stock only using honkokatsuosetsu is salty-sweet, right native Edo side. Mori soba 500 yen. Extra-large prawns tempura soba 1,200 yen which appeared is one push menu. We do, and rare side Kotobuki is popular among 700 yen. jr, subway Kanda Station north exit 1-minute walk. From 11:15 to 21:00, Sundays and holidays rest. 1-24, Kandasudacho. ☎03-3256-2581.

We are particular about domestic homemade taste
◆Yakitori Western bower / Yakitori
3-story shop where warmth of tree is felt. Yakitori is baked with fried stand installed in place facing the way without cease and tickles nostril of passerby. We are particular about fresh domestic ingredients, and chicken roasts no medicine Tsukuba madder chicken in bincho charcoal rather lightly. Assorted six 900 yen. Draft beer 460 yen ... of heartland does not collect to beer enthusiast, too. JR, subway Kanda Station north exit 3-minute walk. 17-23:00, Saturday and Sunday, celebration holiday. 3-22-9, Uchikanda. ☎03-3254-3053.

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