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Rent-a-bicycle guide of Chiyoda neighborhood!

Imperial Palace, Marunouchi, Yurakucho, Akihabara…The use of rent-a-bicycle is convenient if we see the sights of around Imperial Palace at a stretch!
In "Chiyoda de rent-a-bicycle", we gathered up rent-a-bicycle spot that was easy to access the Imperial Palace and neighborhood.

Muji Yurakucho store  
It is city cycle of three steps of shifting equipped with Autolite which automatically turns on if it becomes dark.

 Location  3-8-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku info Yurakucho
 General information counter on the first floor        
 Rate  1,000 yen (tax-excluded) /1 day
 Deposit  3,000 yen (only as for the cash)
 Certificate  Driver's license, health insurance card, passport,
 Employee ID card with photograph or student identification card, etc
 Business hours  Store…From 10:00 to 21:00  
 Rent-a-bicycle rental time…From 10:00 to 20:00
 (until reception desk 18:00)
 Reference  03-5208-8241
 Homepage  http://www.muji.net/shop/service/

Akihabara UDX parking lot
Yamaha PASS. Please use in Tokyo Tours including Ueno, Asakusa, the Skytree.

 Location  4-14-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku
 B1F parking facility management office       
 Rate  Only as for the bicycle rental
 It is 2,000 yen until 1,000 yen, 12 hours until six hours
 At the time of use of parking lot
 It is 1,600 yen until 800 yen, 12 hours until six hours
 Deposit  2,000 yen
 Certificate  Identification card
 Business hours  From 9:00 to 18:00
 Advance reservations  Number-limited, inquiry required
 Reference  03-5289-0989
 Homepage  http://www.pmo.co.jp/pnavi/akihabara-udx/ecobicycle.html

Naka-Okachimachi Station bicycle parking lot 
We loan for low price from ku*churinjo to be available as foot of work and sightseeing in ward.

 Location  1-14, Higashiueno, Taitou-ku
 Rate  200 yen /3 day 300 yen a day
(from rental start 24 hours unit)
 Condition  More than junior high student
 One in security without trouble 
 Certificate  Person confirmation (proof that can confirm address on photograph which public institutions such as health insurance card, driver's license issued)
 Business hours  From 6:00 to 20:00
 Advance reservations  Impossibility
 Reference  03-3835-4128
 Homepage  http://www.city.taito.lg.jp/index/kurashi/kotsu/jitensha/rental.html

Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku bicycle parking lot 
We prepare 70 electric assist bicycles. We look forward to your use.

 Location  1-16, Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku       
 Rate  500 yen
 Condition  More than junior high student (as for less than primary schoolchild, possible only at the time of protector companion)
 Certificate  Health insurance card, driver's license, student notebook etc
 Business hours  From 7:00 to 20:00 ※We cannot take advantage of the year-end and New Year holidays
 Advance reservations  Receptionist is possible for one month
 Reference  03-5802-2900
 Homepage  http://www.city.bunkyo.lg.jp/tetsuzuki/bus/cycle/rental.html