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Highlight spot to reach first thing in the morning. Line passes by the Diet building. Kojimachi main street to Yotsuya direction. We pass through morning Sophia University and Yotsuya Station.
Kojimachi NTV Street which road width gets narrow, and line is close in. Let's check close decoration.


In front of Yasukuni Shrine crossing street. View spot that can thoroughly enjoy whole view of dynasty picture scroll. Make chakuren in front of national theater, is *ko on Imperial stopover feast day. One shrine miniature shrine equals two portable shrines ornamented with the miniature of a golden phoenix at the top at one sweep.

Collaboration of the central Diet building of politics and dynasty picture scroll.


Against a backdrop of red brick conveying atmosphere of Meiji in now. Goggling eyes of God good luck festival, Imperial Palace Sakashita-mon Gate. Figure which three portable shrines ornamented with the miniature of a golden phoenix at the top, miniature shrines are divine, and forms a line against a backdrop of Marunouchi building group is the best part.
According to royal visit to be prolonged straight to restored Tokyo Station. The excellent scene where Edo and the Taisho era and the present age mix.


According to Marunouchi relation of the fresh green. Stylish lunch and festival visit while we enjoy tea break are good. Contrast with Mitsubishi Building No. 1 where compromise between Japanese and European styles is splendid.
Point that Ginza Chuo-dori which was not able to ever make a tour of inspection must see it.


Costarring of pronoun, Imperial Hotel and row of Nippon Hotel. Collaboration of Hibiya public hall and line is one of the highlight, too.
The completion of God good luck festival is kaesago to Hie-jinja Shrine. Instant of force.


shinyotogo which crosses formidable man Bridge against a backdrop of Hotel New Otani. Miniature shrine which is daring, and carries 52 steps of stone stairways on its shoulder must see it.
Festival car and miniature shrine of parishioner town assembly are Miyairi in Hie-jinja Shrine to press for dusk.