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Cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda


Please tell the flowering situation of cherry tree.

Over cherry tree Festival special telephone (03-3556-0393), we show around the everyday flowering situation by sound guidance. We show around "Chidori-ga-fuchi fixed point camera" and the everyday flowering situation with "flowering calendar" again (period: for from Monday, March 12 to Sunday, April 15) in "cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda" official site.

Where can I have "cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda" guide map?

We distribute at Kudan slope cherry tree tourist information center, Hanzomon cherry tree tourist information center during "cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda" period. In addition, we set up to municipal facilities such as each Chiyoda-ku government office, Chiyoda City Tourism Association, the ward branch office, city library and support store, Tokyo city eye.

In MAP of three places of tourist information centers, please see this
In MAP of Chiyoda-ku government office, please see this
In municipal facility MAP, please see this

Is there place where there is banquet while looking at cherry tree?

There is place that can eat and drink while spreading seat, and admiring cherry tree. As it is little space, you make mutual concessions, and please use. Please look after verboten of the next item.

Place where carpet is possible
・Chidori-ga-fuchi park…As seal is made along central line in park, please use the road side of line which bound them together.
The details are ⇒
・Outer moat park………Please use a certain green tract of land between promenade and road.
The details are ⇒

Place that is available for simple eating and drinking (carry-on) using benches
・Kitanomaru-koen Park
・Imperial Palace East Garden
・Chidori-ga-fuchi city park (impossible at the time of congestion)
・Diet front yard
※Please take garbage home with you by yourself by all means.

When we spread seat and use place that is available for cherry blossom viewing, is there verboten?

There is rule by (we spread seat) made cherry blossom viewing.
1) Noise such as use or karaoke of firearms (including self generator) is prohibited in the park
2) Please take garbage home with it
3) Is prohibited from place collecting only on seat
4) Moratorium on pin when fix seat
5) Is prohibited from act to hurt neighboring trees
6) Stalls are put under ban of business act
7) Is prohibited from annoying act to neighborhood inhabitants and other cherry blossom viewing visitors
Please enjoy the above on lucky charm.

Are there stands?

There are no branches such as stands.

You heard that there is place that can appreciate cherry tree on boat, but, at place, time, please tell rate, reference.

We can go on board in Chidori-ga-fuchi boat ground.
The details are ⇒

Where is famous spot of famous cherry tree?

There is the highlight of many cherry trees in Chiyoda-ku, but place that boat floats in moat, and seems to walk tunnel of cherry tree is Chidori-ga-fuchi city park.
As for the details, please see famous spot of cherry tree map

Is there road regulation around Chidori-ga-fuchi?

When person of cherryblossom-viewing appears in road from Chidori-ga-fuchi city park, we may regulate road traffic of road going along Chidori-ga-fuchi green walk by instruction of the police.

Does Chidori-ga-fuchi city park include entrance regulation or one way?

When Chidori-ga-fuchi city park is crowded, we may ask for left-hand traffic. In addition, you may have to wait for entrance by instructions of guard to avoid congestion.

Is there parking lot of trailer bus in Chidori-ga-fuchi green walk?

There is not parking lot in Chidori-ga-fuchi green walk.
Visit to Yasukuni Shrine, please use visit to Yasukuni Shrine bus parking lot. 
Telephone 03-3261-1672  
・Person using Kitanomaru-koen Park, please use north circle third parking lot.
Telephone 03-3212-2321