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Cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda

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Shuttle bus cherry tree Festival

We operate bus via place where cherry blossoms bloom. Anyone is available including person that cherry tree appreciation is hard on foot. Please inflect.

[the service date and time]
Saturday, March 31 10:00 ... last convenience 18:00
  Sunday, April 1 10:00 ... last convenience 18:00
  Monday, April 2 10:00 ... last convenience 17:00
[service interval]
From 20 minutes to 30 minutes ※Distance may be changed by road congestion

Chiyoda City Tourism Association ⇒ national theater ⇒ National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo ⇒ Chiyoda City Tourism Association (terminal)

Chiyoda City Tourism Association ⇒ Daikancho Street ⇒ national theater ⇒ Chidori-ga-fuchi city park ⇒ Daikancho Street ⇒ National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo ⇒ Chiyoda City Tourism Association

Free of charge

General Chiyoda City Tourism Association
TEL 03-3556-0391

[, at stop, we hold special event for a limited time to service of spotbill duck!]
●National theater
For two days on Saturday, March 31, Sunday, April 1, we stage "grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine" in front yard. Furthermore, we leave lobby of National Theater University Theater open. You can see displayed pictures. National theater mascot nokurogochangao meeting!

●National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
On free viewing day on Sunday, April 1, we hold "spring festival talk rally"! It surrounds work by stamp rally method. It is annual experience-based special guide program. (2,000 the first / from 12:00 to 15:00)