We offer free public wireless LAN "CHIYODA Free Wi-Fi".

"CHIYODA Free Wi-Fi" is "Free Wi-Fi" to provide Internet connection environment to anyone free.
Toward holding of Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics tournament, we push forward setting to evacuation places for improvement of convenience of person from next town where increase is anticipated and safe security and improvement of convenience of inhabitant of a ward at tourist attraction and ward existence facility, disaster.
In the case of outing, please use.

■List of maintenance points of Wi-Fi

We post setting point of CHIYODA Free Wi-Fi that Chiyoda-ku arranges. Because it is image, some errors produce place. In addition, please note that you may stop service without notice.
■Service name

■The service offer starting date

From Tuesday, December 22, 2015 sequentially
■Summary of service

There is no limit of the daily connection number of times in 30 minutes for one connect time. Portal site and certification screen support multilingually (Japanese, English, chukokugokantai, chukokugohantai, Korean).
■Procedure of the first registration
Procedure of the following first registration is registration method using e-mail address. In addition, we can perform registration by SNS account (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, D account, Weibo, Yahoo!). ※Explanation and screen are examples of smartphone of iPhone (iPhone) model.
(1)We tap icon of setting and choose "Wi-Fi" from menu.

(2)We turn on "Wi-Fi" of menu screen of "Wi-Fi" and tap "CHIYODA_Free_Wi-Fi".

(3)We confirm thing with checkmark in "CHIYODA_Free_Wi-Fi" which we tapped. Screen operation of setting terminates in this and starts browser.

(4)Page of "CHIYODA Free Wi-Fi" is displayed. We tap "we are connected to the Internet".

(5)As screen of "entry" is displayed, we tap "use registration". Use registration information is saved for 365 days by the first registration. Therefore, after the second, procedure (5) - (8) is skipped. 365 days later, use registration is necessary again.

(6)As screen of "Terms of Use" is displayed, we tap "we agree".

(7)As screen of "use registration" is displayed, we input your e-mail address and tap "confirmation". You may input e-mail address using with smartphone.

(8)As screen of "use registration confirmation" is displayed, we confirm that e-mail address is right and tap "registration".

(9)As screen of "wireless LAN security" is displayed, we tap "we agree".

(10)Message screen of it "was connected to the Internet" exits.

(11)After shibarakuno, page of "welcome to Chiyoda-ku" is displayed Chiyoda-ku homepage. Per once can connect with Internet, and time is 30 minutes. As page of the procedure (4) "CHIYODA Free Wi-Fi" mentioned above is displayed when over 30 minutes, you tap "we are connected to the Internet", and please connect again.
■Participation in planning and usage to Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

"Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi" is application service that NTT broadband platform provides. If we download application and we use and register, we add to area of "CHIYODA Free Wi-Fi", and Wi-Fi is available by the certification common in other areas participating in "Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi". For more details, please see page of usage of Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi.