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Town blog "around Imperial Palace, around Marunouchi, Yurakucho"

The name: machiblog1 Making day: 2008/07/01 12:26
It is around Imperial Palace, blog around Marunouchi, Yurakucho.

Contributor: machiblog1 contribution day: 2016/11/10 23:35

Marunouchi Bright Christmas
2016.11 .10-12.25
Let's go round the world of "The Nutcracker" by illuminations in Marunouchi to glitter
In Marunouchi crowdedly light up illuminations and according to Marunouchi relation on Christmas
It is held and glitters.
Circle building
Christmas theater for a limited time
Video is this↓↓
Tree on "Christmas of person of shurutarubaumu"

Brick square
Tree of "waltz of spirit of flower"
It is atmosphere to want to see by couple

The Shin Marunouchi Building
Tree of "sled of prince and Sophora flavescens running through snowy forest"
Sit down next to prince; and as for the shooting.

Marunouchi OAZO
"Chocolate tree of country of cake"
It is cute tree which seems to smell chocolate

We light up according to Marunouchi relation
It is hue of adult of champagne gold

※Illuminations light up according to Otemachi relation from 18th.

Contributor: machiblog1 contribution day: 2016/08/16 18:15

Marunouchi kids jamboree 2016

From Tuesday, August 16 to 18th Thursday every day from 10:00 to 17:00 Tokyo International Forum

We went for "Marunouchi kids jamboree 2016" held in Tokyo International Forum. This event reaches the tenth in this year, and experience-based events that we can participate in in parent and child are varied!

On the day entrance rearranging ticket was necessary for event of reception desk, but on the day it was prepared not to entrust with participation and event that we could observe freely.

Huge maze!

It is fire extinguishing experience with fire extinguisher.

New police car. There was police car which we could take elsewhere.

We save mini-tomato which scooping goldfish does not become! We buy tomato which we saved to go.
All were earnest.

Boy had red cool motorcycle of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency carry on board. The figure
Grandmother put in camera joyfully.
It was heartwarming.

We can experience earthquake with vibromotive car

DJ experience. Cool ...

There was concert by Metropolitan Police Department musical band on stage, too, and many customers listened attentively.
Live performance is different in force. We are familiar, and child can enjoy in a certain music, too.

Free study of summer vacation seems to include a lot of good hints toward the trouble!

Kitchen car is waiting if hungry

Children were interesting very lively, and all events participated.
There are a lot of events to be able to enjoy in parent and child, and which do you seem to be wondering whether to go from?
How about going to visit by all means in summer vacation running out?

Without forgetting heat measures. . .

For more information:

Contributor: machiblog1 contribution day: 2016/01/29 15:00

We approach the deadline in earlier period of the first Tokyo big turn corridor photographic contest!

Application is accepting in the first half year of "the first Tokyo big turn corridor photographic contest" from October 20, 2015!
From this year, application period parts from the first half year later and can apply to two points every each period per person!

We can apply to two points, total up to four points per person in two points, the latter period in the first half year!

In addition, the first-term application deadline approaches and must arrive by March 31, 2016.
So that first-term application hastens!

It must arrive by from October 20, 2015 to March 31, 2016 during application period in the first half year
It must arrive by from April 1, 2016 to August 31, 2016 during late application period

The details are ⇒

Please discover attractive scenery only in Chiyoda-ku.
We can apply even from smartphone even from PC casually.
Application with PC, smartphone is ⇒ from this

Those who wish to apply by mail, please use application list after downloading than the following.

Contributor: machiblog1 contribution day: 2015/11/14 17:37

There is history at Tokyo Station! It is report of "visiting Tokyo Station famous places" tour.

Plan of the 100th anniversary of the Tokyo station hotel opening of business included event called "Tokyo Station famous place circumference" today. We want to look back in chronological order!

We gather to Tokyo city I on about the daytime. Is unfortunate; although it was likely to rain, a little over 20 visitors participated!

The first destination is "intermedia technique". The animals and plants, space, the history, geography is unique and crosses museum which Japan Post Co., Ltd. and the University of Tokyo run by collaboration in showpiece to many divergences.

As for the upper photograph, Nishino of director is commenting on introduction.
Although we were overwhelmed, because photography was prohibition, I am sorry that we cannot tell about the atmosphere in photograph, but can go out to many dynamic showpieces to play casually free as it is good museum! Curious one discusses the rights and wrongs!

We postpone intermedia technique and go to the next destination. We see KITTE which there was by the end of until a while ago when we look back toward the back. That KITTE which was former Tokyo center post office is building which completely reproduced layout called square window in former white wall color. We succeed the history of the post office era while rebuilding, and reviving as commercial facilities.

And this place is the next destination, Tokyo station gallery! Event called "ten days to enjoy in art museum of station in opening week" started from today! In response to request to "want you to show the inside of the gallery more" although we usually perform plan exhibition as art museum, it is exhibited for low price of 200 yen. Besides, when bring "around Tokyo Station art museum MAP"; to half price that is discounted by 100 yen!

Important cultural property of country can thoroughly enjoy gallery made with appointed red brick sufficiently, too.

Of brick is tired, and feel the history in condition and rust condition of iron. Former wooden building which has become charcoal at the time of Tokyo blitzkrieg seems to survive black part. This must not touch,

Don't worry! There is display to mention with precious red brick not to usually touch!

Besides, the hall where we are prohibited from shooting is usually shooting OK during this event period! This is diorama of Tokyo Station of 1914. That rotation had only field. .

And this is around Tokyo Station of 1964 50 years later. Marunouchi where had only field is found to have accomplished considerable development in 50 years.

2014 50 years later is also this more. It is gakonjimmaritoshite way of growth so as to see in circles of 1964. We felt time called 100 years and heaviness of the history from this diorama.

Besides, we plan performance by 10 tatami between
theatrical company Edo and various workshops.
So that as it is ten days until Monday (holiday), curious one hastens for from Saturday, November 14 to November 23!

And we observed Tokyo station hotel finally! When we can skip severe security,

There is elevator,


Contributor: machiblog1 contribution day: 2015/11/12 17:08

"Marunouchi blight Christmas 2015" started on November 12 today until December 25.
"Christmas Circus" is theme this year.

In circle building 1F circle cube, ice skating link is appearance!
Link aside original Christmas tree is displayed.

Christmas tree which is getting on cart of atrium of Shin Marunouchi Building 3F.

Big Christmas wreath of Marunouchi OAZO hung from ceiling.

It is now being held at the same time in Tokyo Building TOKIA, Marunouchi brick square, international building.
Please go to visit Marunouchi that turned into Christmas color.

Contributor: machiblog1 contribution day: 2015/08/13 19:56

Visit society that was hosted by Chiyoda-ku Board of Education, and was held.

At first we learned the history of Joban bridge, summary of repair construction.

It seems to be Joban bridge to exist in stone bridge constructed for the Westernization period alone.
However, repair construction is performed now because this bridge is greatly transformed at the time of Great East Japan Earthquake, and the risk occurred.
Construction continues still more for two years and does not seem to be able to usually observe.

By the way, it is name Joban bridge of this bridge, but it is Tokiwa Bridge when we see map well.
There are Joban bridge and Tokiwa Bridge when we see detailed map. Where is it when we see well?
Characters are different. Bridge which car which is built to enter Tokiwa Bridge park cannot go along is Joban Bridge.
Bridge which car can go along is Tokiwa Bridge and new Tokiwa Bridge. By the way? Can you notice difference?

By the way, construction visit while we finally hear commentary.

Explanation of curator.

Commentary of cultural assets preservation plan association.

Pure section of this stone does not seem to be able to consider that restoration is over.

We demonstrate how to cut of stone or law one letting you be flat, and trace of visit is observed.
It is easy than we thought that hand of craftsman costs and is surprised.
It is splendid with longtime Chie technically. Right traditional!

Contributor: machiblog1 contribution day: 2015/04/10 16:22

From Friday, April 10 to Sunday, April 26 holding
We can sense charm of Fukushima bodily in each place in Tokyo Station including offer of menu, product using Fukushima ingredients, holding of product exhibition, holding of sightseeing PR event.

Opening ceremony was practiced on Friday on 10th.

We dispel harmful rumors! Greetings of opening that we taste delicious Fukushima.

Without chance passing over to be able to fully taste delicious Fukushima by security in Tokyo!
In addition, you see PR of sightseeing in Fukushima in detail, and please hear as cherry tree seems to bloom in Fukushima beautifully from now on.

For more information:

Contributor: machiblog1 contribution day: 2014/12/25 10:49

We went to year-end annual Tokyo Michi terrace which began on Wednesday, December 24.
Very many audiences lined up from lighting of 16:30 in the evening.

As positive is sunk, light up becomes clear.

The Shin Marunouchi Building, circle building compares with right and left according to royal visit.
According to relation to intersect, Marunouchi illuminations are held.

"Way of romance" which light located in 3D blinks at royal visit street with "Taisho wave abusive no color", and fades is carried out.

There were change and movement of color and directed fantastic space.

In Tokyo Station Marunouchi station building, we were associated at the time of the opening of business 100 years ago and were lighted up with "Taisho wave abusive no color".

Unlike light up of time, lighting direction of gorgeous color was usually done.

There is Koukiyogaien when we go ahead through royal visit street to Imperial Palace side successively.
Light ups such as Imperial Palace Niju-bashi Bridge are carried out from Tuesday, December 23.

tatsumiro, Fujimi oar, Sakashita-mon Gate rise by light up.

In Niju-bashi Bridge, many audiences pointed camera.

Please enjoy light up of Marunouchi, the Imperial Palace at the end of the year.

・Tokyo Michi terrace 2014 ⇒
・Light up ⇒ such as Imperial Palace Niju-bashi Bridge

Contributor: machiblog1 contribution day: 2014/12/19 10:32

RFLECTION 2014/2015
-Installation of scenery that lighting, dance, picture intersect music! -

Until from Friday, December 19, 2014 to Sunday, December 28

Classical music and lighting, dance, picture are collaboration in open space of Tokyo International Forum above the ground.

Please experience REFLECTION affecting sense and the inside in open space surrounded in classical music above the ground.

Photograph is projection mapping.
It is very actually than photograph wonderful when you can experience.

Is such a drama like one of the performers felt for passerby?

For more details, it is ⇒

Contributor: machiblog1 contribution day: 2014/12/12 11:00

Writing art object which we reach the ninth anniversary in this year and hold every year around Marunouchi in December.
We went for the ceremony of lighting held in Tokyo Building TOKIA galleria on Thursday, December 11.

Firstly it was representative of writing art object production Committee, and there were greetings and introduction of event from Yoko Niki of space direction designer. Writing art object is art exhibition of light with "the future when global environment protection and children are peaceful" and "continuation of reconstruction aid" as concept.

On behalf of artist, it is said hello every year successively by Tatsuya Ishii of participating artist musician.
Mainly about art and work had to talk.

Expression was moved with peaceful atmosphere from beginning to end.
Various places of the support, the support companies are gone up on the platform and are finally lighting.

We warm hand over art object and count down. We burnt for art of all the venues light.

Finally artist who participated is taken a picture of all together.

Various works are displayed in venue and are displayed in neighboring Tokyo International Forum.

This is work of Tatsuya Ishii. Pegasus and angel shine beautifully.

In dark venue, art object of light light rises and is space with mysterious atmosphere.

As well as display, there will be events such as workshop or concert from now on, too.
The details are this ⇒

As you are held by illuminations at each site in Marunouchi in December, please enjoy in addition.

Chiyoda illuminations special feature