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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/09/29 15:38

Speaking of Kanda, we cannot talk without "festival".
Kanda native sees and loves ... nnao Festival.
In fact, there are a lot of people disliking so, though.

As for the people who there are various kinds for festival, and observe miniature shrine as artworks
You come a lot.
Well, book which was recommended to such all of you was completed.


"Pot - miniature shrine of the beauty" broadcasted in NHK in last October became book.
The beauty of miniature shrine of Higashikanda town assembly and Edo Shrine (Kanda market) attracts attention.

"Pot of the beauty" is program name of NHK in pursuit of the beauty with navigator of Kei Tani.
Program homepage →
Please buy at all of you, bookstore which miniature shrine likes.

Title: Pot miniature shrine of the NHK beauty
Issuance: NHK publication (2008.9.20)
The list price: 950+ yen tax

Pot "miniature shrine" of the beauty
Shooting scenery in Kanda Myojin is this↓

In comparison with conventional miniature shrine book on hand
As you see (the right-side end) it is compact book
Contents that the contents are considerably dark.
It is useful for future miniature shrine observation and is reliable.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/09/28 0:08

Thing that is famous next to bookstore street in Jimbocho?

Of course, it will be that "there are many curry shops".

Is it with "where is mutual prosperity temple?" when we walk Jimbocho neighborhood?
It is often that it is visited "where is Ethiopia?".

"Why are there many curry shops in Jimbocho?" When we are assigned to this, there seem to be various opinions.
Jimbocho with many people who walk with nature of the occasion, book as far as I know.
Because we are eaten while reading book as one hand opens when we eat if it is curry
It seems to be the most convincing to say this.


We like curry, and I go in and out of various curry shop well in Jimbocho neighborhood, too.
But, we have not yet looked at person who ate curry while reading book.
This existence emphasis may be different somehow or other. We think so.
Curry is existence such as national staple for Japanese.
Bookworm of Jimbocho neighborhood does not seem to have many curry enthusiasts in particular.

Probably because I was in Osaka by transfer until this March
It is not curry shop in Jimbocho, and how about if there are many takoyaki shops? We remember this well.

It is all right if it is curry, we purchased in Tamura Bookstore who was famous for “ yellow price tag
Hmm, foreign book which purchased in complete works of Nietzsche and Oshima Bookstore who did ten thousand Japanese yen to one hand
We do not look good with "takoyaki" for some reason.

Then how about soba of Mecca Kanda of home territory?
We heal eyes which were tired from visiting bookstores as soba is eaten in a short time and,
We are enchanted "with today's lucky find? It may not be so comfortable for "place to look at. Also, noodles have the risk to pollute book with juice.
When we approach Jimbocho neighborhood immediately though there are many ramen shops in Ogawamachi of the neighbor
It may depend on similar reason to decrease immediately.

After curry shop is easy to be contained for man alone when we come there,
Large serving can order without minding people, and the condition of the stomach and intestines is good, too.
It is big point in Jimbocho where it may be said that this is town “ of "man.
There is not sense of incongruity even if we enter with back and rucksack which packed it with book.
In addition, we do not mind clothes so much and can enter. ・...
Is place where we said this not reason why there are many curry shops in Jimbocho?  


We entered relatively new "Audrey" the other day in Jimbocho neighborhood.
As this shop has space to spare in comparison with other curry shop,
We read book which we just purchased while eating curry,
Is the half, what we ordered "does not take responsibility" threatening? na warning be done
impa so as to forget contents of book which we were reading probably because it was curry of level 4 that there is
It was kuto.
Curry shop that famous "Ethiopia" sold hotness with extremely hot curry jostles in Jimbocho.
We may forget contents which we read by then even if we read book in excessive hotness. One that devoted itself to eating curry looks good in curry shop of Jimbocho.

Tortoiseshell cat of Jimbocho

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/09/26 9:15

23rd day (?) of curry Then there was not and was day of "curry Eco".

At 9:00 a.m., we gather in Suruga Her Excellency Meiji University next academy common on that day.
Opening ceremony began.

Curry Eco 1  Curry Eco 2

Food which is the most ecological on the earth is curry!
Serve only with thing produced in the country, and garbage does not appear.
And this Jimbocho neighborhood is curry battleground.

It is all of Meiji University Otomo seminars to have thought about Eco from such an idea.

It is attracted by flyer and came over cheerfully when curry seems to be eaten, but is right admirable!

We move garbage in spite of being picking from Jimbocho 1 to 2.
In shrubbery, cigarette butt or gum are hatful.
You must not throw away because you do not see!

Curry Eco 3 Curry Eco 4 Curry Eco 5

We returned to academy common with garbage bag which became full for approximately one and a half hours.
Garbage is separated by the staff who waited for, to iza curry venue!

Curry Eco 6 Curry Eco 7

We spent happy time with university student and housewife active together and were day when we thought only about some things of the earth.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/09/25 19:52

When specialty store "Takii" of gardening, kind of Jimbocho was absent from shop
There might be many surprised people.
In "town Jimbocho of book," Takii feels like having been green accent.

We renew as "pictorial book of flora" last year in May.
Vegetables and shop of flower revived again in Jimbocho.

In such a pictorial books of flora this Sunday,
NHK is host of "gardening of hobby", and lecture of familiar Shingo Yagyu is held.

I am sorry that lead time is short.
For more details, it is as follows.
・ ・ ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Flower street keynote address holding of Paris

"Gardening is fun!" ... Shingo Yagyu and fleshy plant ...

Lecturer: Shingo Yagyu

Representative of NHK education "gardening of hobby" former host, Yatsugatake club

Representative of Yatsugatake club, Tamagawa University (department of agriculture agriculture department) graduation
We go to the southern foot of Yatsugatake from elementary school days and make grove of miscellaneous trees with father. University graduate
We study under Masanori Tanabe after the work and study gardening.
NHK is "gardening of hobby" and acts as chairmanship for eight years, and TV and book vary
At place, we convey pleasure of splendor and gardening of nature.

[the date and time] Sunday, September 28 from 17:30 to 19:00
[place] Flower street of figure of plant building, Paris
     101-0051 1-6-1, Kandajinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
[lecture charges] 3,150 yen (with drink, cake)
  Entering 1 Shingo Yagyu signature Takii original eco-background
      Present! (number includes limit)
  2 souvenir picture presents!

Application is this →

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/09/25 16:23

It was not 102 years old in 2006
Display of poetry and picture of street poet, Hikozo Jomai (jomaihikozo) of street painter
It is now being held in the following, gallery.

Scenery of good old warm "ex-Kanda" revives.
... lots of Kanda Myojin, Meiji study, YMCA, Shohei Bridge, ladle Inari

The date and time: It is from 11:00 to 18:00 until Sunday, September 28
Place: Kudan lifelong learning building 2F Kudan gallery 03-3234-2841


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/09/23 10:53

It is a radius of 300 meters from Kanda Station
We experienced lineup to spend from after five to the last train.
At first it is the first case. "Post town" of Kandatacho
It is shop which there is in Gurunavi,
Visitor who came on seeing Gurunavi does not see. (laugh)
Of back alley is feeling quietly.
And we feel warmth of service only by mom and pop operation to live in Kanda.
Full quality, quantity fish dishes together.
Person product having just finished making "pickled vegetables with red pepper of horse mackerel" today.
Endure place to want to eat grilled rice ball in "post town"; and the second case.
To "Jirocho sushi" under Kanda Station guard.
When we trace Otemachi and footprint of office worker of circles, animal trail of city
In shop of counter approximately ten seats.
This is shop of mom and pop operation, too. Son is resident in Kanda.
Edo-style "Shinko" to open, and to cover with which is not two pieces topping is exquisite.
Stomach is settled down, too
We go down success in life firmness street in the wrong direction if we think whether you just go to Kanda Station.
Does the third case not seem to be Kanda? Dining Bar Lamp Light
With prawns and sauteed garlic and red wine of broccoli to the last train.
When we leave shop, in fact, we feel very much with shop like Kanda
It was hideaway BAR of Kanda.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/09/20 15:11

"Willow forest Inari Shrine" which is enshrined at 2, Sudacho facing the Kanda River.
We cut animals which sighed secretly in the precincts.

Raccoon dog


Also basic fox

In the Edo era with Kasumori Shrine of Shimbashi, *morishinsha of Nihonbashi
As Mimori Shrine of Edo, even lottery was famous again.
Yanagihara embankment follows this former material from unreasonable gate of a palace to Asakusa gate of a palace
Old clothes dealers gathered, and lunch seemed to be full of Edo general public.
It was place where nightwalkers who sold spring with Japanese towel crown ride mat at night gathered.
This time only as for the animal.

Front shrine or well fence are ... some other time again


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/09/10 19:01

Cross signal from the Kanda Station east exit; and of old Imagawa Junior High School of the one of Chuo-dori inside
We say that next or say that it is horizontal, or we say row, or there is ... Strange shop.

"nagomima senka"

"nagomima senka" is project of product government college cooperation that performed Meiji University and collaboration.
It is satelite shop of Miura special product which Miura-shi cooperates with Meiji University in nagomima senka, and is run.
Miura-shi is base of deep sea fishing eminent Japan and is place where fresh fishery products mainly on natural tuna gather abundantly. In fish market of Miura, business of natural tuna by having a practised eye of brokers is sightseeing very much.
We seem to talk about this to site seriously.

Well, is front hachutokonna condition of shop; and ...
It is noren of red or purple, or flag streams.

"Shop which natural tuna can buy" is the same.
Manager manages shop alone.
There is always student of seminar of Meiji, but we pretend to be ... help and play and study no.

Chutoro or red meat or delicious food of Miura are clogged up to frozen showcase.
That it is sold out immediately. If it is delicious and is fresh and is cheap, it is sold♪

Poster of thing ranking or tuna which are delicious on wall.

Manager who came to love town of Kanda partitions off live on the weekend in front of Kanda Station.
I see, title; and "rojiyokoraibu" of Feder neutral
In addition, we play an active part in Jinden-cho walks named "alley side walk".

Pretend to buy delicious tuna once
When we go to just have a look at things in "nagomima senka", how about!


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/09/09 13:37

↓It is blog telling blog entry of "leader" on September 4.

・・・ ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
For this scenery person from kenoku enoaru,
Do you not feel any lacking something?

Of Jimbocho intersection guryune array street Store Association
Arcade was removed the other day.


Part covered in arcade is positive so far,
It is feeling that is shameful to this,
Is finished sequentially, and repairing is excellent color; turn up.


Renewal completion is December.
We place high average, shrub and flower blooms and bears fruit and,
We thought ecology to know the CO2 displacement volume
We are reborn as symbol lord of Tokyo.

Detailed contents including renewal event,
Free paper of October 1 issuance
It appears in "walk Jimbocho sixth issue".


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/09/06 16:14

It was performed on success in life firmness street which reached at Kanda Station
Kanda art festival "adult fair."

Blue sky bar using public space called road.
Design of "adult fair" which became annual with video

↓For program that is basic Fra