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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/12/27 16:00

It is approximately five minutes on foot from the Kanda Station east exit facing Chuo-dori
Solid stone Yamanashi Chuo Bank is at 1, Kajicho.
We say building of 1929 after the Great Kanto Earthquake.

Hut is turned off in corner of Yamanashi Chuo Bank in the end of the year, and decoration of New Year holidays is sold every year.
Shop of simple temporary playhouse of decoration is scene seen well in many places of downtown area Kanda for New Year holidays.

The eaves which crossed bamboo in Chuo-dori stick out, and pretty New Year's festive bamboo twig hung with cakes and talismans decoration is compared with naked bulb there.

The whole of hut cliff comes to look such.
Kagamimochi is put and sells large and small decorated sacred straw festoons.
Uncle who wore short coat in the depths of hut makes from handicraft hard.

It is head fireman descending from town fireman from the Edo era.
We write as "head fireman" and seem to read with "header".
Person not to know when it is "head" seems to read through with "head".
Head of so-called black kite is doing business of decoration in downtown area of Edo for these New Year holidays from old days.


This head fireman is Edo firefighting memory society
It is Takahashi, also known as one ward of first "Class yo" vice-foreman of a gang popular name "vehicle town
In experts made with "sacred sake place, Kariya" made from festivals
In master craftsmen of job, the skill of black kite, title of Meister is given by Tokyo.

As materials make a sound for transportation and production in straw, leaf, paper, string, seaweed with a rustling sound
"gasa selling" means that we sell article in this way in temporary playhouse for New Year holidays.

As Asakusa Teraura or Yagenbori God of Fire have a big scale, it is said to be "year-end fairs".

Great deal of effort is "decorating with sacred straw festoons" that puts, and was made up.

It is said that decoration should decorate by 28th for New Year holidays such as kadomatsu and decorated sacred straw festoon, kagamimochi.
This is because 29th is kept off with one which 9 turns on in pain on 29th from old days.
We will decorate on Sunday on 28th tomorrow.

Age really drew near, too.
There are only several days left in 2008, 2008.
Have new age in good health not to catch a cold.

Then age good ~♪


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/12/25 22:40

J tower in right in the middle of Jimbocho 1.
It is symbol of Jimbocho redevelopment,
We hold salon concert on the first floor of building and,
We seem to give people working in office ease.


Piano right here be called "harpsichord",
It seems to be central musical instrument of baroque music in Europe.

Piano usually beats keyboard and makes sound,
When this harpsichord resists thin string by nail, I seem to hear a very elegant sound.
We must go for salon concert by all means!


In J tower
Present is full under the big Christmas tree!


Under the outside illuminations, we sit on bench
We will yearn for all anyone.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/12/25 21:58

If December begins, fir tree shining shiningly appears at Jimbocho intersection!
It is Christmas of Jimbocho♪


Mumin says hello when we see well.
Oops, like a worm!


As there is not very that we see so near,
We have seen slowly and carefully from behind for some time.



It is the evening, and light turns on.
We are beautiful so as to be enchanted.

Hey, Mumin is dress-up, too. 


As for the panoramic image of last year, please see this.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/12/24 15:35

"monjano flower" which bloomed on brocade bloom street
Of appearance that it is not revealed whether there is not it whether you do at a glance it
"Monjayaki horsetail", oh, sorry!


When open door of one ken of frontage; six seats at a table with iron plate of four people hook
The unexpectedly large shop is mummun with heat.


It is mother of the only female that ttemonjao bakes each table in time.
Wonderful thing makes rice cracker.


We asked nasty person. Is it Asakusa style? Is it Tsukishima style?
"Mine is Jimbocho style"
We make a round trip to the kitchen for some reason if we ride ingredients which bowl produced on the iron plate.
And we put three cups of bonito powder, green string lettuce three cups in the wheat flour left to bowl,
We put source otabburi. Okay, this is Jimbocho style.


buwa and the steam break out when we pour into iron plate at a stretch.
nandemoyaritagarinowatashi, thing challenge rice cracker!
We do not do well even if we do it to agree.
Secret extract seems to enter somehow or other when we come back to the kitchen once.
But we ask and can imitate bean jam roll which mother makes and do not seem. 


Only as for the fan of visitor all mother coming in sequence.
Flower which bloomed in Jimbocho was Mother of Monjayaki horsetail tonight.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/12/22 17:22

"Lucky sign" is happy sign.
We say good omen.

Well, story of "bridge" and "temple" built over Kanda.

It is station name of Chuo Line, and town, Kichijoji where are popular among youths are in Musashino-shi.
In the old days, there was temple named Kichijoji (kisshoji) around current metropolitan industrial arts High School (the Suidobashi station square).
We are burnt in big fire (1657) of the Meiryaku era, and temple moves to current Komagome, Bunkyo-ku.


The main gate of a Buddhist temple is precious cultural assets left miraculously from the Edo era.
There are ascetic practices, campus of priest named plum footpace forest, and it is said that priests gathered from the whole country.
Approach to a shrine which follows from the main gate of a Buddhist temple the main hall of a Buddhist temple.
In space surrounded in quietness as we cannot believe in Tokyo either, autumn colored leaves are beautiful, too.

Well, merchants who did business at door front in the lucky sign seemed to be made to move to Tama.
There would be some kind of reasons why we were moved to Tama not the Edo city.
It is current "Kichijoji" that the town developed.


When there was Kichijoji before big fire of the Meiryaku era, "Kichijoji bridge" crossed the Kanda River.
It is former bridge name of current "Suidobashi".

The name of bridge changed taking the opportunity of what Kichijoji transferred to Komagome in "Suidobashi".
There is monument of "Kanda River water supply conduit trace" in front of some down stream of bridge, industrial arts High School.
Briefly, water pipe of water supply was built over this ground and supplied water supply to the Edo city.
Water source Inokashira Pond (present Inokashirakoen).
The name acquired for conduit of the waterworks is "Suidobashi".
"Suidobashi" spreads out after this to date.

Edoite is shi uttenoha, this water supply by first bath of water supply.

However, bridge name "Kichijoji bridge before Suidobashi is the lucky wonderful name, too".

It is "Kichijoji" and "Kichijoji bridge" which there is not in Kanda now
To age attacking, we want world, Japan, Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda to bring many "lucky signs".


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/12/11 10:37

Saturday, December 6
The outskirts of Kanda Station do well very much.

It was hosted by Kanda station square Store Association and east exit first Avenue Store Association, and flea market and street Festival were held.
It was crowd who was frightful partly because pleasant shop was blessed with row, good weather for 400m.
Above all, that fresh fish and Bando-shi special product of the Kamo River, National Peasant Union fresh vegetables booth are sold out in extreme popularity.

On the day town walk of course 13km is started at "station JR East by the hiking" late Tokugawa period, too; 3,000 or more are participation.
This was terrible crowd in front of Satake Inari of Kanda Station west exit mall, too, and the goal was great congestion.

As for the year-end annual "meeting with rice cake" that it is hosted by 1, Kajicho, two orders eyes in school grounds of old Imagawa Junior High School
It was held and was bustle around Kanda Station of a lot of pleasure yours sincerely everywhere.

By the way, from the day approximately 30 LCD monitors
It was installed in store and shop around Kanda Station, and "touch vision" started.

"It is Touch in Kanda! It is started information service with vision appearance definitely from today.

Executive of East-West Store Association hears explanation of the staff seriously, too.
85% of spreading cell-phones,
Information service seems to be received in this touch vision free.

We are involved in touch point of the monitor side with cell-phone.
Current contents shop information of west exit mall or image information, paper fortune, fortune-telling of Kanda.
We can get advantageous service of neighborhood store when we pull paper fortune of touch Shinto shrine reflected in screen.
For example, lunch beer service or ... discount or ...

We are enriched in contents more and yet more and seem to offer advantageous information happily in future.
Please try doozoo if you see "touch vision" at mall of the Kanda Station west exit and the east exit.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/12/09 7:54

In the world said to be recession, illuminations of town catch eye at such time.
Illuminations that are beautiful in Jimbocho.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/12/07 22:58

"We visited historic spot of the late Tokugawa period and - *hime and patriots who walked the Meiji Restoration of loyalty to the Emperor, and, on December 6, hiking was performed titled -" from JR Kanda Station.

Our Tourism Association cooperates with this event, too.
Of Tokyo city guide club, Edo Tokyo guide do not meet
Get participation of sightseeing in our association supporters,
We carried out guide of each historic spot.

Event of walking
For sense called "a walk ray", we do not listen to explanation of guide.
There seems to be much nadodoiukotomo,
Also, blessed with weather, was there TV saga "*hime" effect, too?
Participant who heard guide explanation eagerly came by each point.

                 [the gate Hirakawa gate which when *hime performed wedding, was contained]

In addition, Chiyoda platform of the course middle is square
To success in life firmness street mall of local Kanda
We had you serve 2,000 amazake.

Imperial Palace East Garden where there was inner palace where *hime lived in approximately 150 years ago.
Here, is explanation of guide; using imagination
There might be many people who skidded in time by the late Tokugawa period.

"Incident that is impressive in history of various cases of the late Tokugawa period out of Sakurada-mon Gate."
Around Sakurada-mon Gate, many participants stopped.

Then Kozukenosuke Oguri who was not spotlighted among people of the late Tokugawa period for a long time.
In Oguri's house of Kandasurugadai where Oguri was born, Awano and others of local town assembly acted as wagon master.

In addition, dojo studio "Xuanwu hall" of polestar cutting down with one stroke of the sword style that great swordsman Shusaku Chiba of the late Tokugawa period founded traces
We were highly concerned with relatively quiet historic spot and felt depth of the depths of the history of the late Tokugawa period.

Approximately 3,000 people more than applicants participate at first on that day.
Around Kanda Station that became goal flea market
Event was held, and bustle of castle town Kanda of Edo was also reproduced.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/12/05 20:26

Winter promenade is Kanda hardware street on Sunday.

This time when "ginkgo rows of trees" from the Kanda Station south exit to Showa-dori yellow.
Tree of ginkgo having leaf which was still deep-blue until three or four days ago.
Is just what traffic of car of the downtown area is intense high in temperature under the influence of exhaust gas and air-conditioner?
We are deep-blue forever and do not readily go to colored leaves.


Well, we are hit by intense rain today (12/5fri), and even ... is not so cold.
↓For such a feeling, ginkgo falls into road, the sidewalk here and there, too.

↓Feeling that ginkgo row of trees does not come. It seems to be quite good. . .
 The coming and going of car is intense to take a walk on weekdays and spoils the fun. We do not have the time.

It is good on Sunday. Because there is neither person nor car. . . This street ...♪
Atmosphere unique on Sunday of Kanda.
We expose the body to cold atmosphere, and let's take a walk crisply.

(as for this photograph in colored leaves, the front of last year Showa-dori)


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2008/12/04 23:16

Huge signboard which appeared suddenly in front of Suidobashi Station.
Photograph of idol thinking whether it is Akihabara here.
It is ramen shop when we see well.


It seems to be soy sauce ramen which idol Nanako Fujisaki produces somehow or other.
"Nanako Fujisaki opens ramen restaurant named pork bones ramen" in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi August and talks
We seem to collect titles.

It seems to be popular these days that entertainer opens a shop in side business
We consider that we are confident very much to open a store in this ramen battleground and obtain.


Male camps form a line plenty
Nanako Fujisaki is not there.