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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/04/27 12:37

Yesterday, Akiba MIKOSHI where dekoreto made contents that condensed Akihabara culture
We went and worshiped at Edo total local deity Kanda Myojin.
Person judging from TV and newspaper thinks that it is a lot, too.
A large number of media and older brothers of maid enthusiast run about in utter confusion on camera and video.
We wish that Akihabara wants you to get well more and yet more
"Akiba Akiba MIKOSHI which ninai go society" produced with energy and love.

Pleasure is in full blossom in concourse of Akihabara UDX on the second floor and open space on the first floor.
The disposal to carry without general people being satisfied with sightseeing in harmoniousness.

Is it finally Miyairi in front of torii of Kanda Myojin in the evening? Worship.
Gee, we look good somehow.
Of 32 inches of architrave dimensions sharp lye male Kameyama model, approximately 250 kg
Figure which Akiba MIKOSHI is carried on their shoulder by maids, and sinks at torii is portliness.
If it is a little darker, illuminations of MIKOSHI shine, too.

Anyway finish accident safely unhurt
Person concerned cathedral will be to have been relieved.
If is some trouble just before public performance of Kanda Festival of Shinto ritual; ...

Still, such event MIKOSHI
It is admired depth of breast of Myojin Edo total local deity receiving.
Even if it was very complicated double suicide, it was good to be over really safely.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/04/23 17:17

We produce new making miniature shrine in Akihabara.
We carry on our shoulder on 26th and put up.
There is not divine spirit. Natural.
We seem to go to worship to Myojin.

There is not money offering reputation that there is no God crest in on roof.
As small bird of shape of a bracken sprout flew somewhere, too.
LCD monitor which front of miniature shrine is reflected in live in the front of miniature shrine.
Chinese phoenix is not on, too, and "Akihabara" sign is attached.
Unique tchaa is certainly unique.
There seems to be around 300 kilos.


We try local action hard exclusively as follows in Akihabara
It is comment of Masuda @ guide of maid costume play.
== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Akihabara of these days does not really have spirit.
We wanted to be nervous about omens together together to serve Akihabara, and to put up.

Akiba "Akiba MIKOSHI" of ninai go society

We carry on our shoulder together and look from far away and make fun, and anything is fine!
Even around five minutes are all right. Come casually.

April 26, 2009 [day]
■From 13:30 to 15:00 Akihabara UDX building (meeting in front of 1F Tully's Coffee)
■From 16:30 to 18:00 Kanda Myojin (Toriimae meeting) 
 *Night illuminations MIKOSHI

[sponsorship] It is ninai go society in Akiba
[administration] The Akihabara information desk

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/04/20 19:50

Here is certain Kandanishikicho.
Long-established store of Kanda whom certain Sarashina tchaachittoha name became known to.
We walk the front casually and something stops to eyes incidentally and stops foot.

We do not know whether it is nn, what, but bring ourselves to some.

We will stop by near. We will stop by. We will stop by.

Season of cherry blossoms is over, too, and "cold water" toward summer has appetizing menu.

However, nn is strange.

This menu. . . We will stop by. We will stop by. We will stop by.

nn? !?

Deficit this nanda?

We are written as Sarashina red Cliff schemer Komei Horii.

It is plan of world soba three minutes. Ha ha ha!

Is three colors of mixture soba?
Is three kinds of cold water things?

We go in slow lunch and will ask Komei Horii of storekeeper this time.
Oh, we knew. . . It was written by deficit.

Is chilled country soup country, or come; country

It is plan of great soba three minutes.
Oh, ... red Cliff falls nowhere though it is good.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/04/14 16:01

"horenshinyotsushizasai" where it is done saiko as for the start of Kanda Festival on the night of Thursday, May 7.
It is under another one month.
Scenery to enliven feeling of festival in many places of town came to stand out.

Roof of sacred sake place, Kariya has been already completed.
We are constructing the front of torii of Kanayama Shrine of 2, Iwamoto-cho.
When say by town assembly name; "east dark blue town assembly." It is town assembly of home territory of head fireman of dark blue three.

Next is display of miniature shrine.
Display of small miniature shrine is Kamakura town assembly. When say in address; 2, Uchikanda side.
Of Chiyoda-ku sports center is almost Kaede Building of the front. It is displayed in cursor nova shop of 1F.
We will enter the inside. . .

Gorgeous, excellent small miniature shrine is enshrining mashimashiteiru.
Photograph of Miyairi worship by recent Kanda Festival is displayed with sum in the people.
Round fan which design turns into every year and Kanda Festival guidebook are displayed sequentially.

Indispensable Japanese towel is beautiful for old life in Japan.
It seems to be boom, but ... Kanda looks good with Japanese towel to some people well recently.
We can look at design and stylish Japanese towel of coloration which had elaborate each town by Kanda Festival.

By the way, by the way, this Kamakura town assembly should display large miniature shrine. We will go♪

When go ahead through intersection of Kamakura Bridge to Otemachi direction, Tokyo Toyopet Chiyoda shop.
There was large miniature shrine of Roku Onuki.
We are accompanied by male and female humped-head goldfishs towards main street.
1963, Asakusa is dignified figure of 5 sun of architrave dimensions 2 shakus of Miyamoto product.
(I am sorry that we eat weather by miga obstacle including image of front glass)

As for before Kanda Festival, well-established shop dealing in kimono fabrics of certain Sudacho can happen.
Beautiful kimono backs away and is full of existing waretaruha Nantes short coats.

Load of much corrugated cardboard is untied when we look in the shop.
Preparation such as tabi, straw sandals, longjohns, Japanese towel, mouth of a sword sheath shirt, bowl hook was set entirely.
We seem to be persistent, but are shop dealing in kimono fabrics.

This poster is association of brocade.
The alliance of 3 town assembly combination of 2, Nishikicho, 3 and the 3, Ogawa-machi south.
It is fun for all of company works of neighborhood as the eve peacefully on the night of 8th
We have you experience miniature shrine shouldering.

Thing of Sudacho central part town assembly where this poster gives its ancestor goddess sedan chair.
We can experience miniature shrine shouldering if we propose woman 18 years or older.
Because he/she lends clothes, we massage ..., and it does not cost money, too.
For more details, we will look at the blog "goddess sedan chair" mentioned above.

Well, breath of Kanda Festival is here and there and can feel this with such a condition in town.
If uncle who wore short coat in town walks in around 2-3 people, we collect contribution and go.
Older brother and uncles of feeling that is clear-cut and fearless are head fireman people doing the best as stagehand of Kanda Festival.

As for this of town tension goes up standing day by day
aada, koodato running about.

Oh, it is Kanda Festival. . . We are next ... early♪


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/04/07 11:05

Long-established store of Kanda who repeated time more than 160 years from the Edo era
"Amano-ya" by Kanda Myojin gate.

Designated Chiyoda-ku kojishitsu (muro) in the basement
It became tangible cultural property (building).

Unfortunately do not open to the public, but ...
State that we observed before is improved as follows.↓↓↓
Look at interesting one.

There were sky Noya, cultural assets authorization congratulations.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/04/03 19:22

Today is big festival in spring of Kanda Myojin.
It is also veneration society, festival Committee.
Of Kanda Myojin parish representative and parishioner 108 town assembly
Representative, festival committees gather in Myojin Hall.
After Noboru worship, it becomes general meeting - festival Committee.

In the beginning of meeting, each committee of this year
"Kanda Festival formula guidebook" is distributed.
Circulation of what and 60,000 copies.
"We know all of Kanda Festival!" if we see this It is te book.

Person of parishioner town assembly particularly festival committee is tied up about own town assembly.
We obtain information of other alliance and other town assembly on seeing this book.

At bookstore of Kanda, is sold for tax-included 500 yen later.
In rest station (stand) of Kanda Myojin, he/she distributes a little more cheaply.

Kanda Festival. . . Near at hand. . .♪

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/03/31 17:34

Meeting "divine grace society" of Kanda Myojin parishioner stood and got nervous.

We call for participation of all Kanda
Let's make town of Kanda better.
Let's do just Kanda Festival. It is meeting of ttena purpose.
We read with "kansukekai", but we determine and are not perverted human meeting of Kanda.

Well, the first meeting is "cherry blossom viewing" there can be thing, and why The air is full of spring is as for time.

All of Kanda who gathered at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 29 at time
We wear short coat of vaunted our town each.
We already say, or heart is Kanda Festival mode far than the new year.
Place is Miyamoto park of the Kanda Myojin adjacency.
It is coming out for three minutes, but sunlight that cherry blossoms bloom moderately, and is warm is comfortable.

When replacement by turns person comes, we leave,
Only as for people that there was this group photo at about 14:00.
"House of Kanda" which the rear is completed this spring in April, and opens.
Lumber dealer of Kamakura-cho played an active part as Kanda Myojin parish representative for a long time.
It is wooden building of rare sukiya style that removed and rebuilt mansion of Mr. late Endo storehouse.
Hue called Edo black shows calm appearance.

Though cherry tree of Miyamoto Park is in full glory cutely,
Is it dumpling than all flower?

We close during the middle and are after o, but nobody returns.
We closed very much at 16:00 and were similar and turned out to be the closing after all.

The second will be that forward talks are surely carried out. Surely.
I mean will there be the second?
Uneasiness. . .


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/03/28 17:00

We have cherry tree blossom declaration of Yasukuni Shrine on March 21 and pass for one week in today.

Speaking of famous spot of cherry tree with pulling power, is it Kanda Myojin in the Kanda River?
In addition, individual and attractive cherry tree overwhelming person is not found.
When curve to ... left across the Nihonbashi River with cutting board bridge from Jimbocho; Chiyoda-ku government office
We see Kudan slope of entrance to Kojimachi hilly section district when we fix straight our eyes.
Otorii of Yasukuni Shrine approaches in Riki Osako near at hand, too.

The Yasukuni Shrine precincts are famous as famous spot of cherry tree, too
We aim at Chidori-ga-fuchi green walk this time.
The sun is comfortable repeatedly, but temperature is low when we enter in the shade.
We say this, and is the flowering situation of cherry tree still coming out for three minutes?

Boat floats so that plover from city park hangs deep water feeling

As temperature is slightly low, great congestion and person as we say do not appear.
We take photograph and can see cherry blossoms by stroll slowly leisurely.

Entrance to Kitanomaru-koen Park, cherry tree of field cheap Kadowaki
Being beautiful appearance to project my position on the surface of the water.

If such a low temperature lasts, is ... full-scale cherry blossom viewing all right until the end of next week?
It is slightly cold to going to see cherry blossoms at night lighted up with new weapon with much effort and is hard to go today.
Atmosphere that make which, and seems to be able to enjoy cherry tree in Tokyo for approximately another one week.

We went to Yamate for cherry tree check from Kanda 

@It was leader.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/03/23 10:40

"Cherry tree" which hardly asserts itself through the four seasons
Attracting people's attention suddenly "spring" of **

Most people do not know one which "we hang down, and there is cherry tree" of nothing here.
He/she tells chaaanto coming of spring to open space where person does not come near to very much every year.

Flower is only one in open space that is wintry when spring to open is excluded. Nestling figure is strangely lacking taste.
However, we felt coming of spring, and bud swelled out.

Cute flower of pinkishness is in full glory at a stretch and can reach puberty "in spring" soon in ... town.

"We hang down cherry tree" which was planted in open space only as for one
We see "printing block derived from name of a street" toward you.

By the way, where will here be?
"We hang down cherry tree" of Kanda

It has not bloomed yet this year.
Pretty flower of pinkishness will be seen one week later.
Because here seems to be redevelopment area, is it this one which we hang down, and the last sight of cherry tree is almost ...?

(we photographed image that flower bloomed last year)


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/03/09 19:27

There was event of rakugo in English the other day.

Invite Katsura Kaishi teacher as lecturer in Institute of Kanda university of foreign languages in front of Kanda Station
Do learn that you recite rakugo in English from student? There is lecture to get
It is presentation of the English rakugo happily.

This Katsura Kaishi as Agency for Cultural Affairs interchange mission with family
We carried out vertical section English rakugo tour in the United States and were broadcasted in NHK.
In addition, it was appeared on "English deshabera knight".

At first we introduce while teacher tickles 12 students.
Visitors of venue warmed considerably, too.

We perform performance of short tale which students learned hard in English.
The diligent English rakugo provokes laughter of visitor.

Comic storyteller after having heard story of student generally is Nantes foreigner.
Does it seem to be teacher of university of Kansai in U.K.? ? ? Is it rakugo in English?
The important thing is we like Japanese culture.
We spoke strange Japanese skillfully and were ridiculous.
What is title? ? ? We know if we look at lower image. . .

How about? Is it revealed by this gesture?
In Edo "soba at time." Because he is foreigner of person from Kansai, it is "time udon".
We ask "now, nandokidai" and husband of stand and pocket money. It is that.

As for the foreigner, soba made sound and thought of dookanaaato because we could not eat
It is great thing. We made sound and pulled in udon with great relish.
Venue was wrapped in roar of laughter, too.

And keep waiting.
Bird knows, Katsura Kaishi teacher.
Heap up venue in funny episode on vertical section rakugo tour in the United States; and party.
English rakugo is strangely laughable.
Even I who do not understand English at all am laughable.
Americans seemed to laugh very much, too.
We were soaked with sweat, and act gave "zoo".

English rakugo of approximately two hours.
Kanda university of foreign languages invites a lot of people of neighborhood town assembly this time; and local contribution.
Interchange with local everybody and student will begin with such a thing, too.

We turned out to be the closing to close impression that we made hot of students.
In addition, it was English rakugo society that we wanted to hear if there was opportunity.