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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/06/25 12:46

So that feeling jisaserumachinamio arranges historic taste and flavor of Edo, Tokyo
"Regeneration business of Edo Tokyo, atmosphere at the same level as town" that Tokyo carries out.

Kandaawajicho, Sudacho where it does well from the Edo era through the Meiji era, and long-established store still remains.
This neighborhood became a target of the business, too, and calm pavement was made on the sidewalk.

From Surugadai, road via this area intersects from Yasukuni Dori from Akihabara
In wall surface of special elderly nursing home "flock of sparrows which bit" in five tines road
Symbol of fat young sparrow crest (fukurasuzume) which made "Renjakucho" of old name of a street motif was advocated.

Pergola is provided for place of entrance entering these five tines road like gate
We continue drawing Kanda, and painting of painter Yuji Shimoda and others is described in one and says.

Long-established store since Edo, Meiji, high shelf of brick of old forever bridge Station
Such historic asset tosomoni, the highest town Akihabara and Kandaawajicho, Sudacho in one of next laying upon.

First ho for town development that this business brings on atmosphere of Edo, Tokyo.
We want to expect for town development in the future.

We wait for Awajicho, Sudacho Edo Tokyo on bigger map and display ordinary atmosphere regeneration

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/06/20 21:23


Winning the Japan Cartoonist Association prize special prize is commemorative

When "it is the top person colored paper painting exhibition"

Date: From Friday, July 3 to 6th Monday from 10:00 to 18:00
Place: Sanseido Bookstore (special event space on the eighth floor)


When is the top of smile in at home shop of 2, Tsukasacho; person

Japan Cartoonist Association from Friday, May 8 1:00 p.m.
Japan Cartoonist Association prize selection committee (Chairperson Takashi Yanase Kosei Ono, baron Yoshimoto ・
In 13 members of a selection committee including Go Nagai, Chikako Mitsuhashi, Takao Yaguchi),
When is the top; in "colored paper painting exhibition in the good old 30, Showa generation" of person
We decided the conferment of Japan Cartoonist Association prize special prize in the 38th in 2009.

Tategami, Chiyoda-ku field Elementary School is forerunner of current Chiyoda Elementary School

2009 38th "Japan Cartoonist Association prize" zoshoshiki,
It is performed at Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka from 6:00 p.m. on Friday, June 12,
When is the comic artist top of Kandatsukasamachi; person
We won special prize in "good old 30, Showa generation colored paper painting exhibition".
As for the cowinner, "Kamakura thing is enough" grand prix; no Ryohei Saigan, Yukiyoshi Tokoro of political comics,
Daisuke Igarashi of "child of marine mammal", Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize are Kennichi Kitami award for excellence.

We confer on Mr. Chairperson Takashi Yanase yoriueda    Prize winner of array this year


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/06/16 19:27

Of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun today (6.16tue) morning edition (35)
We wait, and 2, Kandatacho is introduced by street.

Edo old town, 2, Kandatacho that stood up in the Keicho era year (about 1,600).
One of Edo oldest towns that stood thirdly up next to Mikawacho, Kamakura-cho in Kanda.

At this position of the middle super downtown area of current JR Kanda Station and Sudacho intersection
Bluish-skinned fish market of Edo Shogunate order established after big fire (1657) of the Meiryaku era
We continue business by negotiated transaction to (1628) in 1928 after earthquake disaster
Town which supported meal of Edo, Tokyo and the culture.

As for the words of "Kanda native" of marketmen (is, and appoint Chiba) of Kanda market
Spirit refers to overambitiousness, and there say born words.
As for the cause of flows such as "votive card" or "carving" of Edo hobby to continue in now
It often leads to this Kanda market.

By the way, as photograph of article was arranged by strange illustration style
We put photograph on hand.
The top: The only building which leaves taste of merchant's family of Kanda bluish-skinned fish market.
  The Agency for Cultural Affairs designation tangible cultural property Matsumotos house
  Solid wooden building made with getting out gabled and hipped roof beam.
Bottom: It is handmade tofu shop "Echigo-ya" of the third generation in multi-town.
  One-panel structure of typical copper sheet tension that was built a lot after the Great Kanto Earthquake.
  It is funny that "only the back" of Echigo-ya of name remains seeing from the front.

Site that multi-town 2 is good and knows → Detective Kanda corps of Nishihira


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/06/08 18:11

Way culture lecture "Chiyoda private supplementary school" 
Sunday, June 7 14:00 - Chiyoda-ku government office 1F inhabitant of a ward hall

The first lecture "thing which culture ... daimyo's alternate-year residence in Tokyo brought of Edo"
Lecturer: The 18th Tokugawa head family Tsunetaka Tokugawa

At first greetings are Masami Ishikawa of Mayor Chiyoda
Tokugawa waits under the lectern, but is not ordinary person.
It is family of 540 years when we calculate with 18s tchaa, 1s 30 years.
Is that it is to say that the first generation is Ieyasu ...?
Then will it be 400 and around 70? . .

As for it, all human arrives at chart of the geneology of Buddhist religious tradition of the times of the beginning now as far as live, but ...
When there becomes 35s in the Tokugawas, goddess named kishibo-jin of fear Iriya, Takanori temple of astonishment Shitaya get; thing.
How long did you become family of Genji? Such a silly question is what no good!
There are branch family and adopted child, too, and will it not be the main stream of Ieyasu? Such question moshichaaikeneeyo. . .
It is the Tokugawas to have built foundation of Edo, Tokyo even if the history talks about anything. Saying this.

Figure of Tokugawa waiting for greetings with Mayor Ishikawa intertwining story of way to be over.
It will be what refined.
Like me and you, we do not extend my position nante foot by force here.
Close knee, and hand puts on top of one another there; and natural posture.
Is it not beautiful figure?

It was finally appeared. It is standing ovation.
At first we move topic from your introduction to story of daimyo's alternate-year residence in Tokyo and trip of general public.
The story mouth is very calm, too. It is the talk of modern dehayukkurimenokireina Japanese.

It is the start of 14:00, but visitor flocks one after another from early time and is buried sequentially from seat in front.
It seems to be rare. We express that lecture popularity of Tokugawa is high.

As you see seat of this offer capacity 150 has been filled up at the time of the start.
Sponsor seemed to raise 120 at first, but there seemed to be approximately 200 application.
Increased chair seats, and increased to capacity of 150 people, but still 50 lost; ...
Fear rubeshi, popularity of Tokugawa.

Finally Tokugawa who closed in story that took up importance of environmental problem.
With story to sometimes provoke roar of laughter without posture of dancing posture collapsing for approximately two hours
We talked about war and Eco and culture including trip and daimyo's alternate-year residence in Tokyo of Edo.

Still, family of 18 generations is great.
I was able to sail up only for four generations even if I talked about me here though there was no help for it.
To place where hiji born in 1847 by the late Tokugawa period came out to in the Edo era.
Before it, will you be connected until the times of the beginning when filler gatte human being whom how about was born?
Unreasonableness unreasonableness.
Let's settle for Edoite of the fourth generation. . .

Way culture lecture "Chiyoda private supplementary school"
★We are going to hold the future
[the second] Thursday, August 20
 The Ieyasu course of distinction (winding of Okazaki) / participation local government: Okazaki-shi, Aichi 
[the third] Thursday, September 10
 The Ieyasu course of distinction (winding of Hamamatsu) / participation local government: Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka 
[the fourth] Monday, October 26
 Edo way and the high mountain festival / participation local government: Takayama-shi, Gifu 
[the fifth] Wednesday, November 11
 The Ieyasu course of distinction (winding of Shizuoka) / participation local government: Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka
[the sixth] Friday, December 18
 Commemorative lecture "pleasure of way walk" / lecturer: Junichi Nagasawa (Mr. one step of 100 ways), Ryo Otake

The details of participation application before each holding
It seems to appear in Chiyoda-ku public information and Chiyoda DAY' S homepage.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/06/01 11:07

Kanda lily of the valley Festival

Town Jimbocho of book is lily of the valley street on Saturday, May 30
The 23rd "Kanda lily of the valley Festival" was held.
Rain stopped from about the daytime, and, as for the early in the morning, weather which it was likely to rain became ideal day for perfect event.


Tents where stripe of blue and white is refreshing line on lily of the valley street of venue and are grand.
Commencing with Hokkaido product sale, tent of many delicious eating and drinking is lively.
Handmade toy tent, ceramic art, portrait
We can fully enjoy visiting tents from child to the elderly.


It is instant lottery lottery by headquarters tent of 13:00 and 15:00 to have been quite popular.
Present and magnanimous wooden stand for placing tableware on treat 250 bowls, more ecological bag to potted plant of lily of the valley.
Stand in TCN cable TV notabachammo line of coverage by work for a long time
We get "lily of the valley" that you are watching and are delighted.

Various live performances were seen on main stage in front of Sanseido.
Though there were some program changes because of rain; ... clown is popular person, standing ovation.

There became a lot of stage rotations in group of gospel song in visitors by singing emotionally live.

"Lily of the valley festival" that any people regardless of age or sex, everybody can enjoy
It was finished without accident safely happily this year.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/05/31 17:55

Town, Akihabara of electric appliance, town, Jimbocho of book
Town, Surugadai of musical instrument, town, Ogawamachi of sporting goods.

It is town, Higashikanda, Iwamoto-cho of fiber not to be known with igai.
As for the nameplate of the ready-made clothes wholesale district birthplace, this; local.

Therefore town of fiber gives all power 2 times a year
Family bazaar that shows turnout at the time of going.
It was unfortunate weather this week,
It is held next week with Sunday on Saturday, 7th on Friday, June 5, 6th.

Iwamotocho, Higashikanda where is immediate from Akihabara.
Please drop in.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/05/26 10:33

Gallery αM of Musashino Art University administration opened in Higashikanda

We go down stairs of building of approximately 50 years old tap-tap.
As for Higashikanda, at hand of the entrance, this building sandwiches street and is Bakurocho.
New gallery opened in ward boundary of Chiyoda-ku and Chuo-ku.

Gallery which Musashino Art University ran opened in Higashikanda Agatha Takezawa Building on Saturday, April 25.
Gallery αM

Strict prohibition as for this display without shoes.
We change into slippers at entrance and enter. . .
Oh, yes, it is not determined here in gallery of gownsman.
Because anyone can enter, interest, person with interest take for art anytime.

University in charge of gallery reaches with smile.

The height of the impressive ceiling, space of white wall and pillar.
Please go out.

It is commemorative by the 80th anniversary of the foundation of university and is going to hold continuation exhibition or symposium by ten writers this year.
Besides, in this building, gallery or import general shop unfold. Now Higashikanda, Bakurocho,
Asakusabashi area is changing into pro-creation town including art, art, design.

Higashikanda 1-2 11 Agatha Takezawa Building B1 
03(5829) 9109 the sun and the moon celebration rest from 11:00 to 19:00



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/05/21 18:02

We participate in "meeting of Kanda barge" making a round trip of the Kanda River, the Nihonbashi River, the Sumida River, the Onagi River.
Because we say the 59th by holding 2 times a year, it is meeting having the history of approximately 30 years.

We fold the embarkation, and doing is in front of Ryogoku Kokugikan during the Grand Sumo Tournament start.
Flag of ranking sumo wrestler hangs over wind of early summer, and drumbeat color flows through the Sumida River from oar.

 We see last bridge Yanagibashi of the Kanda River

          Across the Sumida River, fleet (four) sails up the Kanda River.

 See near at hand; eruha forever bridge

          kage of building of Akihabara is reflected in wall surface of building under construction in Sudacho.
          Point of traffic since the Edo era. It is not thing which is silly to be able to sink at the bridge.

 We look at Shohei Bridge, Sobu Line from forever bridge

          Because such a scenery floats on the surface of the water, it is scenery to be seen.

 It is right scene called excellent valley

          The Kanda River meanders through point from Ochanomizu. The fresh green as it is dazzling colors building a breakwater beautifully.
          Appearance of perfect scenic spot called excellent valley was valid here once.

 Fleet advances to the Nihonbashi River

          We turn left, and point enters the Nihonbashi River at Misaki Bridge.
          It is called "Hirakawa" before the Kanda River is completed at the beginning of the Edo era and is the original main stream once.
          But, it is horrible though we see now. Most of surface of a river are covered in expressway, and there is not taste dimly, too.

 Stone wall of Edo-jo Castle of the Edo era

          Stone wall of Edo-jo Castle is left in the neighborhood of Hitotsubashi with Mainichi Shimbun.
          There are many stones that carved seal is carved with when we see well.
          Is mason thing which we chopped? Or is it carved seal worth crab of large prestigious family which undertook construction?

 We pass Edo Nihonbashi.

          Does NIPPON ROAD former vote know that bridge is central?
          There is much traffic of car, and cannot usually at all see, but ...
          As miniature shrine is carried on the shoulder by Kanda Festival, Sanno festival to the center, we can see.
          A large number of people take souvenir picture of road former vote.

 It is eco-boat of Chiyoda-ku

          We overtook eco-boat which went down the Nihonbashi River leisurely to and fro.
          If I am not mistaken, we make a round trip to Chiyoda-ku government office and pier of Izumi Bridge on the weekend and should travel.
          It is most suitable to take a walk through the Kanda River, the Nihonbashi River leisurely and is fun. (there is embarkation experience)

 From the Nihonbashi River to the Sumida River

The overwhelming width of a river and the large sky open out. Large ship goes up and down incessantly, too.
Fleet aims at the Onagi River crossing Koto-ku to east and west after this.

The Onagi River
It is canal which the Shogunate made artificially to carry salt and supplies of Gyotoku to town of Edo by transportation by water in the Edo era.
Experience of para-Panama Canal was surprising. The surface of the water raises or lowers 1.5-2 meters.
Spray from water gate which goes up water gate when we sink is not odd.
People putting up their umbrella are experienced people of meeting participation of ship, and, in raincoat, the first "gets wet!"

Make a round trip of the Kanda River, the Nihonbashi River, the Sumida River, the Onagi River; and four fleets
We come back to pier of water bus of the two countries of starting point.
It is tour of approximately two hours, but scenery to watch from the surface of the water looks fresh to.
It is not to be able to make very often bridge where we appeared a lot into even that we sink.

360 people in the afternoon participated in this meeting in the morning.
When if there is opportunity, we go round rivers of Edo, Tokyo having been continued since the Edo era
How about?


※On the next time, the 60th "meeting of Kanda barge" is planned in October.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/05/15 19:44

It is a 3-minute walk from JR Suidobashi Station.
Hotel wrapped in green of taste of "the sum" in Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku is open.

As for the name "Hotel Tokyo of garden."
Former Tokyo Green Hotel completely renewed.

"The sum" and dining of "French" are placed across green courtyard.

We settle in private room.

Guest room seems to soften with preparation of the sum, too.

On the other side of courtyard dining "relationship" (yukuri) of the sum

Suidobashi in the Imperial Palace in Akihabara
Of course Tokyo Dome City is near, too
As portal of sightseeing in not only business but also city
It is attractive hotel.

For more information, look here.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/04/27 12:37

Yesterday, Akiba MIKOSHI where dekoreto made contents that condensed Akihabara culture
We went and worshiped at Edo total local deity Kanda Myojin.
Person judging from TV and newspaper thinks that it is a lot, too.
A large number of media and older brothers of maid enthusiast run about in utter confusion on camera and video.
We wish that Akihabara wants you to get well more and yet more
"Akiba Akiba MIKOSHI which ninai go society" produced with energy and love.

Pleasure is in full blossom in concourse of Akihabara UDX on the second floor and open space on the first floor.
The disposal to carry without general people being satisfied with sightseeing in harmoniousness.

Is it finally Miyairi in front of torii of Kanda Myojin in the evening? Worship.
Gee, we look good somehow.
Of 32 inches of architrave dimensions sharp lye male Kameyama model, approximately 250 kg
Figure which Akiba MIKOSHI is carried on their shoulder by maids, and sinks at torii is portliness.
If it is a little darker, illuminations of MIKOSHI shine, too.

Anyway finish accident safely unhurt
Person concerned cathedral will be to have been relieved.
If is some trouble just before public performance of Kanda Festival of Shinto ritual; ...

Still, such event MIKOSHI
It is admired depth of breast of Myojin Edo total local deity receiving.
Even if it was very complicated double suicide, it was good to be over really safely.