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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/07/29 17:27

Visiting ramen restaurant 6 stores around Kanda Station,
For "pico touch" that ate ramen, and was put in store
Be involved with cell-phone with FeliCa (wallet mobile phone) function,
We fill stamp page generated by mobile phone
Event of stamp rally form & ranking is held.
Until ... Friday, August 7.

Event blog is this.↓
We understand the change of ranking at glance in every day.
Of course we understand the method to participate in vote of ramen battle here.

Because this poster is put, in front of six participation stores, please come to mark.

waizu                         toju


Oyama                          NOCCHI

Hey, I run out of one store. . . Another one house is "man Japanese spaniel low".
Ramen battle of 6 above-mentioned stores is holding.

Free service or ... that there is a lot of ... ramen when we vote for touch vision by wallet carrying

The details are with this blog↓

Is sweat, or there is ramen food in Kanda of midsummer; and go♪♪


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/07/21 22:49

Is it seal character body? We feel nostalgic for letter of old "Kyoritsu hall" such as this
We go up seven steps of stairs to the front entrance.

"Kanda Kyoritsu hall" where it was said to be the palace of fork and ever built the history and fame as concert hall.
First-class talent from many foreign countries came, too.
In addition, such as "the top ten of red-and-white song" which is popular in witty hosts of Masaaki Sakai and Mitsuko Baisho
"Kanda Kyoritsu hall" which was basic hall.

 On earth it will be about yellowtail for dozens of years that music concert revived.

          That Arisu revived in Kanda Kyoritsu hall on July 20 (celebration).

   ALICE returns in Kanda Kyoritsu hall
Eve ... only for ... three

             It is Alice, the first concert in 28 years.

Is Capa of good old Kanda Kyoritsu hall where the first-floor seat, balcony seats are buried under one after another around 1,500?
In the age group of Alice fan who waits still for the start, is considerably high one natural?
Having high age group of the second-floor seat even if we will have ... it because member of very Arisu is the sixtieth birthday.

Photograph ↓ Chiyoda-ku public relations section

The 17:00 appointed time
Simple sixtieth birthday trio Arisu appears in simple stage, and the curtain rises.
Live broadcasting of CS wisteria entered labeled as the eve of national tour to begin from now on, too.
It is right acoustic stage only for three members.

The first-floor seat sounds beating time with hands and standstill by all standing up from opening suddenly and feels rhythm.
Entertainer takes laughter in deep blue MC, too and heaps up while tickling visitor.

We cannot write title of a musical composition, but is program of national tour with the other version?
It was astringent juice meno selection of music while we remembered debut in the origin of fork, Kyoritsu hall.

                2-hour live is instant, and time passes.
                We close with encore at 19:00.

         It was hard to leave venue, and figure which we took a picture of in hall was outstanding.
         We saw a lot of people whom Kyoritsu hall itself took a picture of.

There were a lot of people who were hard to leave for the front entrance of "Kanda Kyoritsu hall" which did well after a long absence.
Was able to use in earnest hope of Alice this time as concert venue, but ...
Probably it is special. It will be to become use of one time of concert.
Of course the live concert of Arisu was good, too, but was ... good old "Kanda Kyoritsu hall".


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/07/20 19:31

By TV show of curry shop to Jimbocho - Sudacho
We are often introduced
Today's Nippon Television surprise
Even as for the program called the best curry in Japan deciding match "which" "master" chooses
Curry person of Ethiopia, mutual prosperity temple, topuka and Kanda area
It was taken up.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/07/16 5:48

Pride of world festival. The best shot of Kanda Festival that was full of the genuine best.
Please admire.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/07/12 7:46

Chiyoda-ku tangible cultural property which restored old folk house of early lumber dealer of the Showa era, house of Kanda.

House of Kanda is decorated with "cheeks enthusiast" telling full-scale summer arrival.

Bright orange fruit of cheeks enthusiast.
We look cool in harmony with calm appearance of house of Kanda.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/07/06 20:18

Sunday, July 5
Akihabara UDX4F UDX multi-space Tokyo food theater

Targeting at elementary school 3 through 6 students
The first Akiba digital work lesson was held.
Sponsorship: The UDX opening college secretariat

Today's work
"We keep up Star Festival decoration, the Milky Way in LED and optical fiber"

18 primary schoolchildren participated in lesson. There was one older sister of adult.
Host progress is Masuda older sister of Akiba guide.

Kit of LED and semiconductor is distributed to each one.
All are interesting.

Teacher explains LED and optical fiber.
Speed of light LED lamp seems to change when we change kind of resistance to add to semiconductor.
Colorful Star Festival decoration is prepared for table.

Hirotsune, director of new industry culture creation research institute
Over each table, he/she tells children clearly kindly.

Older sister of adult was "tabachan" which participated by coverage of cable TV.
Masuda older sister interviews children of each table.
We would write what kind of all wish.

We exceeded plan for one hour, but concentration of children does not break off.
We attach optical fiber that LED lamp flashes on and off with plastic bamboo grass as prop
We soak prepared various decorations and strip of paper of wish is displayed and is completion.

When we kill lightener of venue and make pitch-darkness and switch on Star Festival decoration of all
Red, blue, lamp of various colors including yellow flashed on and off and were very beautiful.
(as we took photograph with electronic flash, atmosphere gawakarakute is sorry!)

We spent time when all were fun and we were given Star Festival decoration for souvenir and returned.
Thank you.

This digital work classroom,
In August, September, October, November, it is held in December.
As for the detailed contents, please see homepage of ↓ following.
Telephone inquiry: Institute for new industry culture creation, the UDX opening college secretariat
        Charge Nukui (warm) 03(5297) 8200


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/07/03 20:17

Speaking of sacred place of Japanese folk music,
If is the outdoors; "the Nakatsu River" of "tsumagoi" and Gifu of Shizuoka.

Then speaking of hall Nara "Kyoritsu hall."
It seems to be established theory.
In town, Jimbocho of university as point of transmission of music of youth
Many artists developed legendary live.

Takuro Yoshida, worth band, Gallo.
(recent youth may be only artist not to know.)

In the Kyoritsu hall,
We are known for "champion" or "fruit which was out of order"
It was announced that legendary fork group Arisu performed revival live.

Of Kyoritsu hall live that is not sold generally
Admission ticket purchasing coupon is distributed only in Chiyoda inhabitant of a ward (but it is lottery)

As lead time is short
Early application!

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/06/25 12:46

So that feeling jisaserumachinamio arranges historic taste and flavor of Edo, Tokyo
"Regeneration business of Edo Tokyo, atmosphere at the same level as town" that Tokyo carries out.

Kandaawajicho, Sudacho where it does well from the Edo era through the Meiji era, and long-established store still remains.
This neighborhood became a target of the business, too, and calm pavement was made on the sidewalk.

From Surugadai, road via this area intersects from Yasukuni Dori from Akihabara
In wall surface of special elderly nursing home "flock of sparrows which bit" in five tines road
Symbol of fat young sparrow crest (fukurasuzume) which made "Renjakucho" of old name of a street motif was advocated.

Pergola is provided for place of entrance entering these five tines road like gate
We continue drawing Kanda, and painting of painter Yuji Shimoda and others is described in one and says.

Long-established store since Edo, Meiji, high shelf of brick of old forever bridge Station
Such historic asset tosomoni, the highest town Akihabara and Kandaawajicho, Sudacho in one of next laying upon.

First ho for town development that this business brings on atmosphere of Edo, Tokyo.
We want to expect for town development in the future.

We wait for Awajicho, Sudacho Edo Tokyo on bigger map and display ordinary atmosphere regeneration

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/06/20 21:23


Winning the Japan Cartoonist Association prize special prize is commemorative

When "it is the top person colored paper painting exhibition"

Date: From Friday, July 3 to 6th Monday from 10:00 to 18:00
Place: Sanseido Bookstore (special event space on the eighth floor)


When is the top of smile in at home shop of 2, Tsukasacho; person

Japan Cartoonist Association from Friday, May 8 1:00 p.m.
Japan Cartoonist Association prize selection committee (Chairperson Takashi Yanase Kosei Ono, baron Yoshimoto ・
In 13 members of a selection committee including Go Nagai, Chikako Mitsuhashi, Takao Yaguchi),
When is the top; in "colored paper painting exhibition in the good old 30, Showa generation" of person
We decided the conferment of Japan Cartoonist Association prize special prize in the 38th in 2009.

Tategami, Chiyoda-ku field Elementary School is forerunner of current Chiyoda Elementary School

2009 38th "Japan Cartoonist Association prize" zoshoshiki,
It is performed at Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka from 6:00 p.m. on Friday, June 12,
When is the comic artist top of Kandatsukasamachi; person
We won special prize in "good old 30, Showa generation colored paper painting exhibition".
As for the cowinner, "Kamakura thing is enough" grand prix; no Ryohei Saigan, Yukiyoshi Tokoro of political comics,
Daisuke Igarashi of "child of marine mammal", Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize are Kennichi Kitami award for excellence.

We confer on Mr. Chairperson Takashi Yanase yoriueda    Prize winner of array this year


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/06/16 19:27

Of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun today (6.16tue) morning edition (35)
We wait, and 2, Kandatacho is introduced by street.

Edo old town, 2, Kandatacho that stood up in the Keicho era year (about 1,600).
One of Edo oldest towns that stood thirdly up next to Mikawacho, Kamakura-cho in Kanda.

At this position of the middle super downtown area of current JR Kanda Station and Sudacho intersection
Bluish-skinned fish market of Edo Shogunate order established after big fire (1657) of the Meiryaku era
We continue business by negotiated transaction to (1628) in 1928 after earthquake disaster
Town which supported meal of Edo, Tokyo and the culture.

As for the words of "Kanda native" of marketmen (is, and appoint Chiba) of Kanda market
Spirit refers to overambitiousness, and there say born words.
As for the cause of flows such as "votive card" or "carving" of Edo hobby to continue in now
It often leads to this Kanda market.

By the way, as photograph of article was arranged by strange illustration style
We put photograph on hand.
The top: The only building which leaves taste of merchant's family of Kanda bluish-skinned fish market.
  The Agency for Cultural Affairs designation tangible cultural property Matsumotos house
  Solid wooden building made with getting out gabled and hipped roof beam.
Bottom: It is handmade tofu shop "Echigo-ya" of the third generation in multi-town.
  One-panel structure of typical copper sheet tension that was built a lot after the Great Kanto Earthquake.
  It is funny that "only the back" of Echigo-ya of name remains seeing from the front.

Site that multi-town 2 is good and knows → Detective Kanda corps of Nishihira