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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/09/24 22:31

It is originally year of Chiyoda-ku "Edo world festival" this year.
However, is it with economic conditions or social conditions or new influenza?
There were various kinds and were called off by "circumstances of diversity" in a mass.

However, event of favorable reception that we continued to here is any monaittenoha
We are lonely and are not connected next. ・* * In this
Festival car doll and display of miniature shrine that we were labelled as "Chiyoda Edo festival 2009" were decided.

From Tuesday, November 4 to 8th Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00
Circle building 1F circle cube (the Tokyo station square)

One of six displayed festival car dolls has doll of "Masashige Kusunoki" of Shimonita-machi, Gunma.
It is doll which people of Shimonita obtained from Hashiba of Asakusa late in the Meiji era.
It is Master Tetsugoro Yamamoto, also known as popular name "soup stock iron" to have produced this.
In craftsmen who continued business from generation to generation in Tashiro-cho (existing 4, Sotokanda) of avenue of honor festival car doll from the cost
It was person who was famous along with "kyu*" in Kanda who made exaggerated miniature shrine later.
If I am not mistaken, we think big head office miniature shrine of Kasumori Shrine of Shimbashi to be work of "soup stock iron".

From figure which is smart and manly in clothes that Prince Masashige Kusunoki called "large Nanko" is luxurious
He/she recalls me to historical picture scroll of confusion of those north and south morning service charges in the present age.
It is produced and plays an active part in Kanda in Asakusa and be saved in festival of Shimonita carefully more
It is gone home this time after an interval of approximately 100 years to Kanda.

We are going to go to watch the skill of craftsman made with festival car of Kanda to circle cube.

From Chiyoda-ku of 1, Hirakawacho town assembly
Miniature shrine where the luxurious delicate skill of "Shigeyoshi Miyamoto" product was concentrated is displayed.

When it is now, five other festival car dolls are seen in Tokyo, too and are lost perfect gem pair.
●Yamato Takeru (good at with mountain thing)     Sakura-shi, Chiba Kamimachi
●Takeuchi follower (Takenouchi not crowded)       Izumicho, Honjo-shi, Saitama
●Yamato Takeru (good at with mountain thing)       Ishioka-shi, Ibaraki Nakamachi
●The Jinguu empress (jinguukougo)           Kamogawa-shi, Chiba Suwa scheme
●Five person of Taro Hachiman justice (hachimantarouyoshiie) Noda, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama
As things mentioned above,
Let's think about former "world festival" in circle building in November.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/09/13 9:09

Town of curry is Jimbocho in Chiyoda-ku.
However, it is Akihabara to become topic recently.
We were introduced by TV in succession recently.
That, according to it, stores specializing in curry more than 200 gather.

You are easy to eat with spoon, and can increase the volume
Being able to put cutlet or croquette together
We seem to catch in the class of visitors visiting Akihabara.
Mind that we do not trade the neighborhood with Jimbocho very much is ...

For another view, IT company accumulates around Akihabara and goes down
Indian people whom IT human resources had abundant gathered in Akihabara,
In addition, it is said that Indian tourist visits Akihabara it
That we called for synergy, and curry restaurants increased.

That person of India likes Japanese curry plenty, too.

Like Akihabara, canned food of tsundere curry and curry and rice comes up, too.


One which is popular recently in Akihabara "Kanazawa curry"
Combination of thick roux and cutlet and cabbage.
That secret of body of roux is caramel.

Shops which Kanazawa curry can eat increase in Akihabara
What was introduced today (September 13) in Nippon Television

[go-go curry]
 ◆Akihabara first shop 1-16-1, Kandasakumacho, Chiyoda-ku Ohashi Building 1F 
We display Chiyoda-ku curry restaurant map on bigger map
 ◆Akihabara Chuo-dori store 1-11-7, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku 
We display Chiyoda-ku curry restaurant map on bigger map

[citizen's Aruba of curry]
 ◆ Akihabara store 4-6-7, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku
           TEL: 03-6803-0638
We display Chiyoda-ku curry restaurant map on bigger map

[cure maid cafe]
   3-15-5, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku Gee Store Akiba 6F

We display Chiyoda-ku curry restaurant map on bigger map

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/09/11 14:29

On September 12, we will say "Echigo-ya" of Kandatacho to NHK "good morning Japan" tomorrow
Because tofu maker was broadcasted, we went for coverage promptly at noon.

Nostalgic atmosphere that Kandatacho remains in traditional shop.
It is town collected data on in TV or newspaper well.Publication article is this

By the way, when "Echigo-ya" is accompanied,
Is why to signboard; or "only in the back" of "Echigo-ya." On earth is this ...?

"Originally there was signboard called Echigo-ya,
As signboard seemed to fall in typhoon, we excluded "etsu" and "oku".
"Only the back" is still on soundly.
(shosho) and Ishikawa of the master whom we kept intact because it was interesting.

There is with "bucket tofu", why is it bucket?

"Hardware which we made with bucket than container,
Tofu does gently, and taste seems to become uniform."

Though it is tofu, it is salted. It is delicious even if we do not attach soy sauce.

"We made tofu with domestic highly-concentrated soybean milk of 100% of soybeans and deep sea bittern.
There is taste in salt made by burning seaweed."
When lick salt which black algae entered, fragrance ... of beach of the salty sea.


↓  Bucket tofu is 500 yen. He/she can enter caliber.

As for not only local person but also the person of office worker working for Kanda
Tofu maker of town visited casually.

We love tofu of this shop
We can be taught recipe that customers thought about.

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Address 2-1-4, Kandatacho, Chiyoda-ku
 Business hours from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00
 Holiday Saturday and Sunday festival day
-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/09/07 17:26

"Adult fair" on the night of Friday, August 4 (success in life firmness street Store Association sponsorship) was bustle great success very much, too.

For from 5 to 6, it is east side three mall sponsorship ino of Kanda Station successively
"Love! Kanda Stowe lied Festival"
Blessed with good weather, it was Sunday and the large prosperity on Saturday.

☆Sponsorship station square street Store Association first Avenue Store Association contact street Store Association

Store, stand follows to Yasukuni Dori along the track across Chuo-dori in front of the Kanda Station south exit.

In the china store of branch, Edo world festival participation of Chiyoda-ku can interchange by relationship from Sakura
Participation the second in this flea market at this time. Poster of autumn festival of Sakura is good.

We lined up, and shop of handmade craft gained popularity from according to Heisei to Yasukuni Dori.

18 groups are live performances in sequence on triangle stage where is familiar in rojiyokoraibu in two days.
Weather returned in summer, and hula group which danced bathed in clap with smile.

Crew of Chiyoda-ku video public information interviews Store Association officer.
It is with broadcast with Chiyoda-ku homepage and MX TV soon. Don't miss it♪

For two days, a lot of visitors became arrival, pleasant street festival blessed with good weather, too.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/09/07 15:04

Kanda art festival that we went to.

"Kanda success in life umaimon tour
 Visiting public houses ~ which bean jam of ... vegetable store, fish shop, butcher shop recommends!

As for "umaimon tour" to drink only in woman, and to surround Kanda neighborhood,
We reach the fourth in this year.

Bean jam of fish shop, butcher shop keeps company grocer raised in Kanda on that day.
Nine people of a lot of capacity gathered for woman participant.
It is quite good great popularity.

We finish work hurriedly, everybody, and, at 7:00 p.m., gather at Kanda west exit mall.

It is bean jam of ritsu tsuha, butcher shop (the left) and vegetable store (the right) this side.
Today of where drink; to place?

It is underpass of Kanda Station 2-minute walk, measure tortoise to have entered quickly.
When it was only woman, there was witty atmosphere to somewhat enter a little…

Uh-oh. Liquor which is delicious to delicious dishes.
In fact, little-known spot spot where Her royal highness the princess appears incognito. Woman camp can come from next, too! We satisfy this very much.

Bean jam of fish shop increases, too; souvenir picture.
Only as for the people who are really unique, everybody.
Does next rerareru have much such one in Kanda?

This is general of measure tortoise. It is usually shop which cannot be reserved,
This tour seemed to be realized by the kindness of general in particular this time.

The second house is "good-for-nothing".
This seems to be shop of senior of bean jam of butcher shop.

Manager of well-established soba of Kanda joins on the way, too.
Local connection of people of Kanda gathering aimlessly casually.
It may be very somewhat warm.

This is takoyaki of recommendation. It was very delicious.

With people not to know whom we met for the first time,
We can make friends through liquor in no time.

Kanda is town where there is a lot of such forgotten human empathy much.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/09/04 22:05

Main event of 2009 Kanda arts festival, on the road large banquet "adult fair" of success in life firmness street
A large number of people came this year.

Line competes in soba soup of 18 points of Kanda soba.
We can select one soup of well-established well-known store of soba of Kanda for 100 yen.

Bamboo steamer is 500 yen. We chose five soup with six, everybody.


Work condition, sweetness of soup stock, difference in hotness understand well that we compare.

It is on the road great banquet on success in life firmness street.

Opening is Shoni of former three top-ranking officials summons of the Grand Sumo Tournament.

As for a lot of one that it is the fourth this year, but begins
It is becoming natural scene or object which adds poetic charm to the season of summer end of business person of Otemachi - Kanda.

Student of Institute of Kanda university of foreign languages cooperated with administration.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/09/03 15:33

For Edo downtown area back alley sight-seeing to become the fourth in this year as for the anything and repeater!
Thanks to you, it became very popular tour.

We drank by Yakitori and Japanese-style cooking and talked while taking a walk through back alley of Kanda neighborhood this time.
The date and time: September 2 19:00 ...

Father combination of bear of familiar Kanda native, cancer is shown around!

At first from back alley of Kanda Station underpass which was introduced by TV.
Low alley of ceiling is totally hideaway. Shops such as sushi bars link the eaves.


"Then, it is drink which consoles liver before drinking! Saying this is father; cancer.
It is father experience promptly.


Kanda is dotted with plural small Inari when we enter thin alley by trace of Edo tenement house.
Feeling to pray for security of town does not still change.
Inhabitants strengthen patrol in the town block in solidarity and try for town planning of security/safety.


Then the first case, "Yakitori Western bower." It is long-established store in business for 40 years.


At first from handmade tofu making with neighboring tofu maker.
As it is salted, we have without attaching soy sauce. Wow, it is exquisite!


It is Yakitori successively.
Burning hot hokuhoku. After all Yakitori hot from the oven is the best!


Then exercise after a meal. Again to back alley walk.


Oh? Do you take bear, cancer, subway?


Saying is saying "Ginza Line is the first subway made in Japan."; bear.
It is ... indeed.


Successively second case "public cooking post town." It is shop which is cozy by mom and pop operation.
As well as shop information of Kanda, we swelled by Edo downtown area words, Edo official approval!


Youth group Hasegawa of 3, Ogawa-machi Nishimachi meeting loving Kanda has you participate,
It became prosperous very much.


All of you who had you participate, thank you!
Thank you for your bear, cancer, Tanikawa, cooperation.

On this tour,
Triggered by "this, we want to reclaim new shop."
"It was fun. In addition, we had impression
saying we want to participate.

* Does everybody not investigate town of Kanda by all means, too?

We introduce this course:

The Kanda Station west exit → Satake Inari → Oyanagi Inari → Yakitori Western bower → Subway Kanda Station → Eight Inari → Public cooking post town

Yakitori Western bower 
3-22-9, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku TEL 03-3254-3053

Public cooking  Details...

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/09/02 10:09

Guidance ... of ... Kanda art festival 09

  Popularity, adult fair of bustle are Friday, September 4

Holding date and time from Tuesday, September 1, 2009 to Saturday, September 5 

Holding place Kanda success in life firmness street
It is a 1-minute walk from access JR Kanda Station
No charge for admission for entrance fee
All the applications can participate
Sponsorship success in life firmness street Store Association

... event contents ...

Wednesday, September 2 
Kanda success in life umaimon tour
"Ultimate father experience-based ~ whom two Edo downtown area back alley sight-seeing - Kanda natives guide"
◆Budget    Dining charge actual expenses burden (with two houses approximately 5,000 yen)
◆Capacity    Ten (first-come-first-served basis)
◆Meeting place Kanda west exit mall entrance (the JR Kanda Station west exit)
After filling out participation day, full name, contact information (email, phone number),
Please contact the following address within three days before tour day. (Chiyoda City Tourism Association)

Friday, September 4
Adult fair
Balloon appearance, opening a barrel (behavior liquor) huge competition for on the road large banquet, lottery lottery, Edo Kanda soba soup, success in life stand, live stage
◆Time    From 18:00 to 22:00
◆Place    Success in life firmness street

"Adult fair" in success in life firmness street venue that balloon dances dance dance in night sky and lets do well year by year, and drink (last year image)

Popular corner (last year image) of line every time long as for the competition for soba soup of well-established well-known store of Kanda

As for the live performance of musician heaping up venue on main stage. (last year image)

Saturday, September 5
Success in life symposium 09
"The past, the present, the future of character (ticket) of Kanda"
 Success story ... of Hakata ori craftsman weaving in ... handloom
◆Participation    Free of charge
◆Time    From 14:00 to 17:00
◆Place    Sports center (2-1-8, Uchikanda)

In detail inquiry ↓ this (Chiyoda City Tourism Association)

Following "adult fair on September 4," event is held in the east side of Kanda Station.

Favorite ...! Kanda street Festival ...

From Saturday, September 5 to 6th Sunday from 10:00 to 17:30
Great occasion that is developed along the track of the Kanda Station east side
From the Kanda Station south exit along the track to Yasukuni Dori

Flea market, fresh vegetables market, effect imon stand ・
Craft market and live music

Live performance that is played in particular on triangle stage
As "Kanda outdoors music festival" (cf. poster mentioned above)
Musician appears one after another.

Please go out.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/08/28 18:23

One of the world's largest secondhand bookstore streets, Jimbocho.
In Sakura Street of the one of Yasukuni Dori south, one Kanou cool air summer festival is held today.

Only in Jimbocho where attention degree is sublimed into as town of meal
Booth of stall of fair of this summer festival is luxurious, too.

European curry Bondi of regular customer opens a store in ranking of curry, too.

Steakhouse Jimbo prepares steak skewer with voluminous feel, too.

Then Cha-soba of popular Iwanami Shoten is just 30 yen.


Two local major publishing companies open a store.
Shogakukan is bargain sale of character goods!

Shueisha is portrait booth.

In addition, the JTB metropolitan area Jimbocho branch sponsors lotteries where accommodation coupon of pair is.

It becomes dark, on stage as for the live.

It is festival to be town of book, town Jimbocho of meal well.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/08/27 11:48

Elegant event was held.
The Kanda Myojin material has followed, but mine look that tolerant.

Summer special plan of Kanda Myojin "Myojin private supplementary school" held through the year.
Title "Edo saying we play"
We came with evening of Gidayu to enjoy in Okawa sight-seeing and pleasure boat.

The Kanda River is boat rental house "Noda-ya" of Asakusabashi side here.
People gather one after another in one day, evening. Approximately approximately 50 people.

At the appointed time, pleasure boat sails towards Odaiba.

We have a pleasant chat with Yuko Tanaka law and politics studies University's professor of Myojin private supplementary school principal of a private school before Kanya Tsurusawa, public performance of samisen.

nantomaa, fair sex Gidayu appreciation in pleasure boat begin.
Subject "step of morning glory diary - inn, Oi River true to life of" (carry move morning glory Saigon cinnamon)

Act zuruha tayu (the left) fourth generation Ayanosuke Takemoto, samisen (the right) Kanya Tsurusawa

Takemoto of tayu is awful title named the important intangible cultural property synthesis holder.
Kanya Tsurusawa of samisen is cool beauty of Gidayu world.
This is important intangible cultural property general holder authorization, too. I was sorry!

Tragic love story that is recited with emotion by pleasure boat anchored in Odaiba.
And the investigation by samisen recalling me to the scene.
What splendid situation. No, we must say in Japanese.
It is elegant plan that has right reproduced play culture of ex-Edo.
Of course, everybody who participated, it is standing ovation in delight.

After performance of luxurious two people was over, question corner and free talk.
Everybody is surprising to dismantle samisen, and to store in compact case.

Thing that meal while we see night view of Edo-style Odaiba is the second.

Mr. Yuko Tanaka, seat of participant is visited openheartedly.
We were very busy, but spend happy time receiving question depending on taking a ceremonial photograph.

Tayu, doing performance in pleasure boat for the first time with two people of samisen.
We were jolted in wave and we were confessed with seasickness potato lightly and took laughter of everybody.
In addition, "words thrust into an interval in someone's speech" of oyster birds coming in ship This was amiability, too.

We were sent back to field Taya at 20:30 at the appointed time and happy time was sorry, but became dissolution.

☆We take information of Myojin private supplementary school on "Kanda Myojin" homepage.