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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/12/29 1:14

We come to Akihabara.

It is stored electric wave hall, radio center radio by the left.
Three buildings form a line in underpass,
All these buildings were built at the postwar same time.

It is opportunity that GHQ gave unpremised businessperson withdrawal law in 1949
Unpremised businessperson which unfolded in Ogawamachi from Sudacho
In the next year, stalls gathered in underpass of Akihabara, and electronic parts street was completed.
Is here, so to speak, sacred place of Akihabara electronics quarter origin? There is in this.

Well, there is Akiba Shrine whom the place name of Akihabara was derived from on the second floor of radio center of underpass.

It was in half-landing to the second floor. We met. We met. There was.
There is with Fushimi Shrine if we think of this.
It was the head temple of a Buddhist sect of Inari, branch shrine of Inari, Fushimi, Kyoto.

When we took heart and went on the second floor tap-tap, it was certainly enshrined Akiba Kanja this time.
It is Akiba Kanja whom misunderstanding, scatter-brain are piled up, and the place name of Akihabara was derived from.
Motomiya is enshrined to Enshu Hamamatsu. Bill of looking out for fire is famous for originator of looking out for fire.
Akiba Shrine whom the place name was derived from moves to Taito-ku in the old days from Akihabara and is enshrined,
In fact, there is household Shinto altar of Akiba in stationmaster to JR Akihabara Station room.

Well, people are such feelings.
It is right Akihabara, sacred place of electricity, electronic parts.
However, rental box for individuals makes a foray, too.

Where will Akiba enthusiasts go for New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine?

Oh, I am here.
We never miss New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine to Kanda Myojin of Ujigami.
Lull before a storm of New Year holidays and Myojin of the shallows of age that we felt were deserted.
Shinto priests sweated in work figure in a kimono and ran around.
Tent for New Year holidays is pitched in in front of shrine office.

Shinto gate door shut at 0:00 a.m. on the last day of the year is opened, and the New Year starts.
In splendid refreshing atmosphere, it becomes entrance while we hear lumber-carriers' work song of head fireman people.
Where do you go to for New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine?


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/12/25 22:13

Both I, birth and the breeding are Jinden, Chiyoda-ku.
Omiyamairi is Kanda Myojin of Ujigami.
Visit to a grave is Kanei-ji Temple of family temple.
But we celebrate Christmas.

Celebrate; even if untied, generally drank, and made noise, and was Don Chan, Don Chan,
Eve of this year is slightly different.
We get invitation for acquaintance from the one that teacher of Russian lecture of NHK did in old days,
We would participate in worship of Nicolai temple which was symbol of Russian Orthodox Church of Tokyo.
Therefore we spent 50 years in Kanda,
We set foot in Nicolai temple of Ochanomizu for the first time.

Thursday, December 24 6:30 p.m. Surugadai Nicolai temple

In fact, 24th was day of joint night watch of Kanda Station east district 5 town assembly.
The town assembly in front of Kanda Station is called "hinoyo - gin" and works as night watch every year,
Leave only this year with cho, and to Ochanomizu. But we helped only with the construction.

Go down slope from St. Hashiguchi of Ochanomizu Station, and to entrance of Nicolai temple.

Nicolai temple, it is said formally with "Japanese Greek Orthodox Church religious community Tokyo revival sanctuary".
The name of Nicolai temple brought teaching of the Greek Orthodox Church in Japan
It seems to be thing associated with St. Nicolai who is Russian ascetic practices Catholic priest (archbishop).

Illuminations that seem to be Christmas in gate of entrance.
"Merry Christmas" will be probably written in Russian.

Candle which volunteer people use for worship in open space of St. Domae,

We sold handmade cookies.

When it was past half past 6, bell of Nicolai temple begins to sound all at once.
Then row of bishops who will control worship from building of opposite side of temple of Confucius appears,
We disappeared in temple of Confucius while worshiper watched.

After making sure of what the bishops entered,
We general worshipers follow St. Douchi, too.

When worshiper who waited in open space of St. Domae achieves entrance, it is start of worship.
After from here, we are prohibited from shooting.


Worship more than two hours was ceremonies with solemn nanakanimo warmth.
Chorus of hymn sung in response to voice and that of bishop sounding through St. Douchi,
We make a clear distinction from public Christmas party.
I mean this is true Christmas.

By the way, we transcribe "Christ" into "Harris toss" in the Greek Orthodox Church.
But was it audible with "Christ's" in ear? According to former Russian teacher,
Having guessed character of "ha" right when we transcribed pronunciation of "CH" in Japanese
Probably it seems to be nobility rank (former samurais) of Meiji.

The Japanese Greek Orthodox Church which spread out in the starting point in Hakodate seemed to spread out from people who relatively had high digit.
Is person of everybody road accompanied while hearing such a story after worship was over?

We are Christmas dinners private at home of Russian teacher.
While looking at Tokyo Tower colored by illumination on Christmas,
We stuffed our mouth with pirozhki and borscht.

By kotogotominaokukon*


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/12/21 14:38

As large bookstore of Jimbocho Sanseido Bookstore and well-known store to display shoulders, Tokyo temple bookstore
We are known as bookstore loved by cultured person, writer.

Nothing which is sent to our Tourism Association about the Tokyo temple bookstore inquired
"It is Jimbocho bookstore with gachapon of miniature book" is toiumono.

Miniature book section is on the third floor of the Tokyo temple bookstore head office.

As size does not understand that we take with up, please compare with hand.

And Christmas tree which there was in miniature book section.
Ornament was miniature book!

Then miniature book gachapon anything and for December of guide are sold out
We seem to have put gachapon away in warehouse.

When we ask Hatanaka in charge of the third-floor miniature book story,
We are introduced to "trip of stopover aimlessly" this March, and request is quite popular.
We do not seem to have for one month when we supplement 300,
It is with middle of January ho supplement on the next time.

It was that machine of gachapon was put on the third floor.

Tokyo temple bookstore HP

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/12/20 12:38

Convention facility "Bellesalle Akihabara" which was born in Habara in the autumn of this year
In Akiba popular name "bell rose"

Aozora market which actor Toshiyuki Nagashima hosted with bell rose on Sunday, December 20 was opened up.

11:00 a.m. start. As time for opening of store of electronics quarter is that time, too
If person thinks to be kana ... of gathering from the afternoon;, that's okay.
Customer is the situation such as photograph opening immediately at meeting, about 12:00.

Then user of various places where it lives in Akihabara that it was very a lot.
In fact, Chiyoda-ku does not have address called Akihabara, that neighborhood is Sotokanda.
As for Nagashima and mother who took photograph
Thing, "we want you to continue such an event by all means."

Originally vegetable and fruit market was in Akihabara
If anything, this is relationship of BtoB.

Unlike product exhibition general as for this Aozora market
It is the majority that producer sells directly.
Genuine articles which cannot tell all the more a lie seem to gather.

Akihabara is town with variety.
We think such an event to be IT, assistant Cal, fetish and town which can live together.

Aozora market @ bell rose is until 12/20 4:00 p.m.

For more details, please see this.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/12/19 18:33

Since last June, indiscriminate casualties case,
Akihabara, Chuo-dori where cancellation of vehicle-free promenade on Sunday follows.

In Chuo-dori,
We hold traffic regulation temporarily from 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, December 19,
From forever bridge intersection to 5, Sotokanda intersection,
Parade which featured the theme of reliable security was carried out.


Parade including Mayor Masami Ishikawa Chiyoda,
Approximately 80 musical bands of Nihon University wind music workshop and approximately 100 local resident and others participate.

We wrote as "Akiba that cooperation relief was fine safely together"
With two-pole banner, we walked Chuo-dori.


It seems to have possibilities to be said, "come to Akihabara in peace",
Hometown continuing carrying out a security activity in solidarity,
We would appreciate your knowing by all means.


We come to try such a parade for the first time after the case of last June.
Parade which featured the theme of reliable security was carried out for approximately one hour.

As for the people of roadside,
For sudden parade appearance, we pressed shutter of camera.

(note) while this traffic regulation parades,
After the parade, we removed traffic regulation immediately, and car passed as usual.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/12/19 18:04

Christmas approached.

It does well on stage of "father band" at the Kanda Station east exit
In this place, there is such big Santa Claus.


Is it "huge leek" discovery in this in ko, ro, ga, Kanda? Do you do in this?


In front of building of the Kanda Station south exit, there was kadomatsu of New Year holidays early.


Year-end natural scene or object which adds poetic charm to the season of Kanda broadcasted with TV well every year,
Hut of temporary sale place to sell decoration for New Year holidays was completed.

Place where how is here or ...>>> State of last year is this


In December of Kanda, it is town to see both Christmas & New Year holidays.

Is hasty Edoite temperament; ...?


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/12/19 0:20

We went to "the spot of rumor" that we happened to hear a little.

Way which goes out the west exit of JR Kanda Station, and follows Yasukuni Dori is called "multi-town main street".
But, I call "multi-town street" as it is not large gatsukuhodotaisona street.
End of this way sees certain riso ○ bank in Yasukuni Dori.

Some right hand upper part is doing mosamosa. What's that? We will approach nearer.

It is the jungle from window.
Hey, there be thing whether it is covered with trees out of room. It is great, the jungle.
If there is nest of hawk or black kite here, we nurse delusions that it is great.

We arrived right under the spot.
Trees protrude from the sixth-floor window shaggily.
It is emotion da for indoor tree planting! (we do not seem to be able to live!)

It is on-site up.
Is this art or art? (jiyan)
Saw one of nn - interesting potato, but ...
I who take top stupid ken te crackle photograph am totally lurker.
Eyes of passerby of the circumference are cold. . . But, we looked up together unintentionally, and there were many people in "o!", too.

Well, we are occupied by floor whole plant, and that indoor tree planting says is case.
We thought that it was 100 Kanda funny views.
We see tree which goes in the sky, and grows when we look at the fourth piece image.
It is naaa ~, though we saw like floor on the sixth floor, in fact, is it the roof?
Then it is "roof tree planting".

But it was scenery that was interesting in downtown of today's Kanda.
If look up, mojamojaaa!


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/12/09 23:16

"Kanda hardware street" which extends to Iwamotocho, the Higashikanda area in front of the JR Kanda Station south exit
"Kanda hardware street" which is boundary line of 1, Kajicho and 2

This ginkgo row of trees becomes particular beauty every year in December.
It is in full bloom now.
There are few cars, too, and person can take a walk leisurely on Sunday, too and is the best particularly on Saturday.

We see Showa-dori in the front when we see from intersection of Imagawa Bridge.

How about?
Does it seem to be good?

hai is in full bloom now.


Kanda hardware street MAP

We display colored leaves of Chiyoda on bigger map

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/12/06 19:40

There are various birthplaces including education, culture, industry in central Chiyoda-ku of Japan.
But there is too a lot no birthplace of nature of the occasion sports.

Meanwhile, baseball to be able to be called sports "of Japanese" heart.
There is the Japanese baseball birthplace in Chiyoda-ku.
Place where bachelor Hall of Kandanishikicho is built, there is right the birthplace.

At the birthplace titled December 5 "my baseball life"
We are known to much baseball, sports fans for nickname of "Osawa boss"
Lecture of Keiji Osawa was held.

While participating in Koshien as prefecture outstanding pitcher in Kanagawa business and industry high school days
Story that has hit umpire over judgment of the final of qualifier.

And the umpire wins passion of Osawa,
Story that he/she drew out in Rikkyo University.

"1,000 knocks of moonlit night" legendary in college student days with Manager Sunaoshi of ogre
Story that did nothing but hard practice day in and day out.

Each experience and encounter with person
We said that it became blood of the life and became meat.

Experience does not extend only to baseball, as singer from crown record
To "eyes of stubborn father in having had given CD called tears"
We had you show in the middle of lecture.

In thing only in short ballad on stage and historical drama drama of NHK
Seeming to be wide, and having learned width of activity including having played role of town magistrate in Edo with body
He/she seemed to cultivate "courage" not to be shaken by at any time.

Of course the former excellent player of Nagashima, King, Nomura, Harimoto
Of player who plays an active part in measure now including Ichiro, Matsui
He/she showed secret story about effort of shadow saying "it is admirable".

It was bachelor Hall dearebakosono lecture whom monument of the baseball birthplace was built.

               Monument of the Japanese baseball birthplace

Osawa boss and Director Managing Director Chairperson Tourism Association Takagi (the right) Okada (Manager at former Univ. of Tokyo baseball club (left))

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/12/05 0:37

1852 (1852) founding
"Umbrella head" that Kanda was multi-town 2, and business was run from generation to generation until past year.
The umbrella long fifth generation holds event by Nihonbashi and Edo Expo.
Is it with display in memento of the fourth generation in Nihonbashi Maruzen?

Father (the fourth generation) and grandfather (the third generation) of the fifth generation
We play an active part as scheme of Kanda Myojin-proof. It was served to sponsor of religious association for the third generation in particular.

■The umbrella head, Nihonbashi event
The date and time: From Friday, December 4 to 10th Thursday
   From 9:30 to 20:30
Venue: Maruzen, Nihonbashi store (in front of Takashimaya)

The rear, the other side of Chuo-dori are Takashimaya.
Umbrella long site↓

According to Kanda relation (18 ways of the present) of 1933
We see Chuo-dori, the Iwamotocho area from multi-town 2.
Image: Kanda relation street street light construction memory picture postcard (the umbrella head fifth generation, Maekawa possession)
There was Kanda bluish-skinned fish market which spread out on this ground from the early period of Edo era until 1928.

We began on Friday today on 4th. Until 10th Thursday.
It is the front of Nihonbashi Takashimaya.
Late photograph and work display folding fan, bank light, wooden tally and picture kite at the start, too.

On 4th on the first day of the event, original folding fan was placed an order for young woman.
We think that we match kimono look of New Year holidays well.

It is paper lantern with a bow-shaped handle of "Yabu soba" that the fifth generation lasts.
By wall of Kanda "Yabu soba" doing well with Toshikoshi soba at the end of the year
New making waxing moon bank light of umbrella long product turns on warm light and will be to nurse heart of visitor of line.

In this way, we can make favorite original a piece of folding fan of the things.
Unique writing brush letter of "umbrella head" who has been conveyed shines from generation to generation.
■Folding fan exhibition of charactered kite
The date and time: From Thursday, December 3 to 6th Sunday
Venue: Edo Tokyo museum (the two countries station square)
   We exhibit at "traditional challenge award"
Umbrella long site↓