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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/01/25 11:08

We participated in Kanda tour of young girl.
Suitable young girl who brought on quality of being a retro a little,
Of kobaemonkoto Emi Kobayashi (representative of thing which bit)
Kimono of pattern that starts by guide, and is old-fashioned
Wonderful young girl dressing well participates to go!

At first enter Chuo-dori from the Kanda Station south exit, a little
Mitsukoshi and Bank of Japan which fill Chuo-ku, and, in fact, are unexpectedly close
We kept coming back to Chiyoda-ku and did while measuring with the eye.
Maruishi Building (registration tangible cultural property) → Yamanashi Chuo Bank
Imagawa Bridge trace → Center Ward Tokiwa Elementary School (modernization industrial heritage) → ryukankyoato

Enter success in life firmness street; through success in life God of Fire,
Like young girl of kokeshi doll, ancient book, limited book, publication, print
We enter shop "hineya".
We were interested personally for some time.
We said that we entered very kindly.
We are worth opening door casually.
To be frank, trivia of kokeshi doll run out,
It became sense that entered museum of kokeshi doll.

Do unexpected staying long, and hurry; to west exit mall,
*hei of rice cracker → Satake Inari and body which was tired of walking
To heal, to Kanda coffee garden of underpass of feeling nostalgic once again

We regained spirit and, to lacquered Sugimoto store, received lacquered explanation there.

We go to multi-town direction afterwards
To Fukuo store of 18 ways of Anmitsu person
Then the Matsumotos house nostalgic → While seeing the appearance of milk hall,
To neuf of miscellaneous goods, it seems to be young girl? ? We examine product closely.


Toward Sudacho, Awajicho direction
Of long-established store shirr; source Bamboo irregularity Peony Yabu soba → Shoei bower
We walked way where it became dark while seeing the appearance of this.
Finally it is in district blockaded for redevelopment construction
To Awajicho art gallery getting twisted up of ivy.

Tour was finished here,
Is applicant viewpoint of young girl who can taste natural thing to night meeting?
Is it friend? We tasted delicious meal and liquor well.

Kanda to taste with eyes of young girl. It was fresh. We expect on the next time.

Map of each spot visited this time → This

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/01/20 10:21

We tasted oyster of Matoya in Kanda.

Fragrance that is good since we baked.
We provoke appetite.
It was very delicious with saltiness even if we just ate.

Line to wait for baking did not die out.

In addition, it is oyster gratin, uni, octopus rice.
Thing which bulged of stomach included Aosa-jiru.

Surely we come by weak point conquest if person not to like oyster eats here.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/01/17 18:18

Three days until from Friday, January 15 to 17th Sunday
Kanda Yasukuni Dori and brook open space of Ogawamachi in venue

The ninth "Kanda snowman fair" was held.

Snowman of toraemon where we raised oval gold coin of "it is with a flourishing trade" at Ogawamachi intersection meets.
24 large snowmen are displayed on both sides of streets from this Ogawamachi to Suruga Her Excellency.

A lot of with parent and child with little child arrives because we can enjoy play with snow in brook open space.
Big snowman is quite popular.

It is sled play on snowy slide that we are long ... in extreme popularity every year, and can stand in line.
Line is for exclusive use of ... little child endlessly in the rear, but we slip, and let's add father, mother.

Children soaking in footbath of hot spring.
"We bark ~!" We soak comfortably.

If treasure hunt opens cover in 150-limited snow, too; line of participation applicant is 250 Nantes.
We run around over snow, and happy smile of children in search of treasure is the best.

Team which participated in snowman contest in Yasukuni Dori is 24 groups.
Examination of individual snowman was carried out cutely by the end of the morning on Sunday.
It is finally announcement and commendation ceremony at 12:30.
Runner up was "raccoon dog" of 3, Ogawa-machi Nishimachi meeting team (the left).
Championship was "celebration 100,000 access" of Kanda Park branch office team (the right).
Homepage "favorite Kanda" of the district having broken through 100,000 access last year
It is pose of sumo wrestler's ceremonial entrance into the ring of yokozuna in concept.
Championship that is perfect at the completion that is distinguished for "100,000" makeup mawashis cool.

Will it be the tenth commemorative event next year?
Great occasion of Kanda who audience participation mobilization became frightful, and completely colonized every year.
We will meet again next year!♪


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/01/15 22:58

Person fire drill that had difficulty with Chiyoda-ku return was carried out in Akihabara.

When inland earthquake is caused in Chiyoda-ku, by stop of means of transportation
It is assumed that person having difficulty with return of approximately 570,000 occurs.

Akihabara became main venue this year.
It was performed on January 17 when Kobe University earthquake was generated,
It was performed by convenience today this year on January 15.
East exit open space of Akihabara Station, west exit open space, UDX, bell Sarh are venues of training and display.

We discover victim that help dog was shut in to car.
Fireman saves injured person from car quickly immediately.

As for the Akiba guide
By "Meiji University, University of Tokyo, KAJIMA CORPORATION university-industry research collaboration project" team
We utilize iPhone at the time of disaster and are video and Twitter
He/she participated in proof experiment to transmit information in real time.

Is iPhone provided how this time by this experiment with 130?

Mayor Ishikawa of Chiyoda-ku participates by equipping perfectly, too.
Inspection of each training and display booth does not have other idea.

Main event of training is right training of return.
Is it warm-up elaborately? We do this and walk the distance of 11 kilos towards goal of Hiroshi Park in Shinjuku.

Because it is training, it is ...

Because when you suffer damage for disaster is days not to know
Talked about communication method or wait place with family; should put.

Video of Tokyo MXTV is this↓


Distribution of boiled rice training of ... Self-Defense Forces was carried out at west exit open space rotary, too.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/01/09 22:21

Kanda Myojin daikoku Festival which began on January 9.

Various events are held, but precincts nihadaikoku during period, Ebisu state
Of various places visited for worship purify.

In addition, fortune bamboo grass defense is granted,
In the granted one, lottery is received.

Worshiping is until January 11 Daikoku.

For more details, please see this.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/01/09 14:08

Winter natural scene or object which adds poetic charm to the season of Tokyo.
Purification ceremony during Kanda Myojin cold, popular name patience meeting.

It is January 9 despite calm weather.
It was seven times with temperature AMEDAS of Otemachi that was the nearest to Kanda Myojin as of 10:00.
Besides, big ice towers over pail of purification ceremony.

This ceremony in conformity with ascetic practices of Shinto
We begin with purification worship in front of main shrine and prepare and do gymnastics. From courageous shout
Shimizu Shinto priest is performed in "full-scale" for the guidance until the last tightening.

There is implication as ceremony to invite adult to
Person more than 30 participated including new adult this year.

Purification ceremony that we were fired up for continues so that spray splashes in the outskirts.

Participation first as for Masuda of Akiba maid guide.

Masuda who purification ceremony is over, and receives interview.

Have way of strenuous efforts with video.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/01/04 13:41

January 4, 2010.
It is design of the work beginning in many companies in Chiyoda-ku.
Taste of the work beginning of feeling fades considerably for New Year holidays an age ago, too
God of business prosperity, game of chance, Kanda Myojin are large bustle by company-affiliated New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine.

The front of sky Noya in front of Myojin. Many people have already stood.

We passed through torii and were able to stand in line to the Shinto gate.
But we may not wait so much as line is called off.

The precincts become one way.
Would it take around ten minutes before worship?

Akiba guide opens tourist information center in front of Myojin Hall.
We returned without calling out as we seemed to be busy with service of tea.

Stall ranges around Shinto shrine and is lost at road bar
Getting close of the work beginning of company was developed.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/01/02 21:31

Of Ujigami of Kanda companion town under so-called Myojin under Kanda Myojin steeper slope of the two
It is 3, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku that wife love Shinto shrine is enshrined.
We go down from Kanda Myojin back approach to a shrine and are point of Kuramae bridge street, place for on foot only around five minutes.

Seeing the old year out scenery (before December 31 0:00 a.m.) of wife love Shinto shrine

"The first dream of the year" that dream to have says commonly tonight.
Dream that omen is good for is said to lucky dream, two hawks, three eggplant.

It is called wife love Inari in the Edo era,
Worshiper gatotemoku is one of the Shinto shrines which did well in the name of Kanto Shrine. .
When we spread under the pillow on the night of 2nd for New Year holidays and sleep, it is said that we have a good dream
"Dream" of making a print from a wood block of mascot is Shinto shrine put on sale.
Two pieces of dreams of "happy longevity crane and tortoise" and "the riding together Treasure Ship of the Seven Deities of Good Luck,"
We were invented in the Manji year (1658-61), and we owned copyright.
Was thought that woodcut was burnt by war damage, but in December, 1977
We are found in house of dye-rubbing worker, and "charm of dream" is distributed again now.
We distribute "dream" of two kinds of size in shrine office

Bill of dream

We spread charm under the pillow in saate, this evening and sleep quickly and we say and have a dream and are nakutcha♪
We want to wake with "omen gayoiyaa ... from koitsua - spring". . .

 The details of wife love Shinto shrine are this →


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/01/01 15:46

It is seeing the old year out design of Kanda Myojin.

Only as for once this for one year, it is 11:00 p.m. of the last day of the year on December 31.
Door of Sui shrine gate of Kanda Myojin is shut.

11:30 p.m.
We cannot enter the precincts of Shinto shrine.
We become only the person concerned in Shinto priests at the start in the Shinto shrine precincts and wait for 0:00 a.m.

0:00 a.m.
Cheers of all of worship to wait impatiently for entrance on approach to a shrine well up
Drumbeat echoes in the precincts.
Door of shut Sui shrine gate is opened with gigiii.
With selling voice of lumber-carriers' work song of head fireman
With the forever bridge chief constable, Kanda fire chief in the lead, it is shrine key, both schemes-proof, head fireman people
And we formed a line before Sui shrine gate for some time for hours
Standing in line entrance of general everybody meanders.

Light of moon floating in the heavens adds to brightness brightly
We watch the working of person following without a break.

A Happy New Year.
I would like "Chiyoda City Tourism Association blog" in this year.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2009/12/29 1:14

We come to Akihabara.

It is stored electric wave hall, radio center radio by the left.
Three buildings form a line in underpass,
All these buildings were built at the postwar same time.

It is opportunity that GHQ gave unpremised businessperson withdrawal law in 1949
Unpremised businessperson which unfolded in Ogawamachi from Sudacho
In the next year, stalls gathered in underpass of Akihabara, and electronic parts street was completed.
Is here, so to speak, sacred place of Akihabara electronics quarter origin? There is in this.

Well, there is Akiba Shrine whom the place name of Akihabara was derived from on the second floor of radio center of underpass.

It was in half-landing to the second floor. We met. We met. There was.
There is with Fushimi Shrine if we think of this.
It was the head temple of a Buddhist sect of Inari, branch shrine of Inari, Fushimi, Kyoto.

When we took heart and went on the second floor tap-tap, it was certainly enshrined Akiba Kanja this time.
It is Akiba Kanja whom misunderstanding, scatter-brain are piled up, and the place name of Akihabara was derived from.
Motomiya is enshrined to Enshu Hamamatsu. Bill of looking out for fire is famous for originator of looking out for fire.
Akiba Shrine whom the place name was derived from moves to Taito-ku in the old days from Akihabara and is enshrined,
In fact, there is household Shinto altar of Akiba in stationmaster to JR Akihabara Station room.

Well, people are such feelings.
It is right Akihabara, sacred place of electricity, electronic parts.
However, rental box for individuals makes a foray, too.

Where will Akiba enthusiasts go for New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine?

Oh, I am here.
We never miss New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine to Kanda Myojin of Ujigami.
Lull before a storm of New Year holidays and Myojin of the shallows of age that we felt were deserted.
Shinto priests sweated in work figure in a kimono and ran around.
Tent for New Year holidays is pitched in in front of shrine office.

Shinto gate door shut at 0:00 a.m. on the last day of the year is opened, and the New Year starts.
In splendid refreshing atmosphere, it becomes entrance while we hear lumber-carriers' work song of head fireman people.
Where do you go to for New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine?