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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/02/25 22:58

There is nostalgic nana small building just before Kanda girl school when we go ahead through brocade bloom street from Suruga Her Excellency.
This building is used now as "Kanda Sarugakucho town assembly crew room"
Is it originally respected police box built in about 1930 (Showa 5)? Is it police box? It was building of this.
Think that was appointed in 80 old by scenery article of Chiyoda-ku, but ...

Upper photograph is shooting of about September, 2006.
Double door wooden in stone building. And it is sash considered to be iron and a lot of wonders.

Photograph which we took today in 2010/02/25thu is this.

Pink flower blooms beside some building; then is there?
Small potted plants were displayed four years ago
We did not know that such a tree was planted before bulletin board until today.
At first will we see near?

That reminds me Japanese towel of blindfold of door turns into design of fireman's standard in vivid yellowish brown, too.
It is fireman's standard of Class four wards of fifth to make kokoirao post.

Uh-oh? ?
Is this pink pretty flower not cherry blossom without with peach with plum either?
It is good about I pride jaaarimasenga plant in detail.
Early blooming considerable this flower as for the cherry tree.
Is thing Kawatsu cherry tree in this?
Make what, and somebody of this town takes care of pretty flower which we found accidentally today.
We stop by near a little more, and will we see?

Oh, it is good ...
Petal of beautiful color is pretty and attaches Aya to town.
We will stop by more!

As for the early blooming, thing will go early.
We will sometimes enjoy from now on through here.
You become big, and please please people of town so as to move bulletin board!


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/02/22 23:01

It is this ↓ receipt.
Well, it is tree of tree of book itearukatchuto surprise peach Japanese pepper.

Just 2 yen
50 Mori soba charges
January 6, 1911 Sarashina

Well, Iwasaki of expectation is younger brother of Yataro Iwasaki of deuteragonist of NHK TV saga now
As iwasakiiyoyokorejoshi, ... of Mitsubishi dies in 1908, is the son small finally Futoshi? Well
Mansion of Surugadai is house of big roof like the inside of photograph of the top.
Modern 2 stories with the right terrace is the Mitsubishi head office.
By the way, it is "Princess Ota Inari Shrine former precinct of a Shinto shrine", and left upper letter hits sleeve of current Hijiribashi.

This is modern map.
We say that position of Nishiki-machi "Sarashina" does not change after founding.
There is the distance to mansion of Surugadai plenty, and the most are slopes.
When home delivery of cooked foods of 50 Mori soba is great big job, it will be thing.
Would you carry by motorcycle or car?

Oh, we just noticed
In 1911, there was neither Hongo Street who fell out nor Hijiribashi from Ogawamachi intersection to Hijiribashi.
This home delivery of cooked foods expectation line was howler.

Because forever bridge Station starts a business in 1912, the following day
Stone "forever bridge" called Megane-bashi Bridge (yorozuyohashi) was removed at this time, too.
Scenery of embankment of Ochanomizu will be very strange thing, too.

By the way, Hongo Street being made, and Hijiribashi having been built over the Kanda River
It becomes (1927) in 1927 after the Great Kanto Earthquake (1923 1923).

It is store of Kandanishikicho "Sarashina".

We are faced with "50 ways" of the one of whole view Yasukuni Dori south side of Sarashina.

It is comment of Ichiro Horii of storekeeper as follows for the present age "Kandanishikicho Sarashina" fourth generation.
Name "Sarashina" of our store
We have "watches of the night" of Shinshu Sarashina county of hometown and character of "course" of feudal lord Hoshina
Raise noren of "Sarashina"; and to Edo Azabu Nagasaka
It is said that it is 1789 (1789) that we began noodle shop.

Hoshina in spite of being different brothers of Prince General Sandai Iemitsu Tokugawa,
Change the learning, and we are given an important post by the Shogunate,
Our store gave to family to inherit the shogunate, the imperial family soba by the relationship, too.

By the late Tokugawa period, progeny Katamori Matsudaira of the Hoshinas made Shinsengumi and fought in Aizu Byakkotai till the last.
When the Yataro Iwasakis and the Hoshinas conclude marital status after the Meiji Restoration,
Story that took soba of home delivery of cooked foods 50 portions from our store reaches the Iwasakis whom there was in Ochanomizu Surugadai.
Ally and enemy of the Meiji Restoration has marital status more than the times,
Would you eat soba by saying that we told long and frugally?

Kandanishikicho "Sarashina" information is this↓



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/02/05 23:24

"House of Kanda"

In Miyamoto Park adjacent to Myojin
It was played an active part as Kanda Myojin parish representative, Masakado mound preservation society's chairperson for a long time
Old wooden construction Japan house of Mr. late Endo storehouse is completed; and early one year.

Endo is completed from plan of 2006 in good health in April, 21 after time of three years.
Removing and rebuilding plan was accomplished by passion of the Tokuko Hirano whole body of your precious daughter of Endo.

This "the Endos old store house"
We are named "house of Kanda", and we are authorized by Chiyoda-ku designation tangible cultural property.

       When we sink and go ahead through front gate, gorgeous hina doll seven steps decoration is displayed at the front entrance.
       Elegance of "the Girl's Festival" melts into atmosphere of this grand old family
       Quiet house and contrast with gorgeous hina doll bring on good taste.

We will observe from the front.
The Dolls' Festival of seven steps of decorations is given glory to to fill the 4-mat Japanese-style room of the depths of earthen floor of the entrance and is splendid.
In year in Japan, the grand "Girl's Festival" is right reproduced.
Short pieces considered that tatami mat of this side is covered with scarlet rug and passes through the times than hina doll form a line.

Appearance of this room is wonderful again.
Household Shinto altar is made southward in Japanese-style room of shop of the front entrance depths.
Forehead of enshrined deity "Masakado" of Myojin that late Endo couldn't help doing veneration gets a lot of looks under the household Shinto altar.
It was said that it was past Risshun, and ... that field mustard and plum let you feel coming of spring was good weather today, but was cold.

Endo house and this "house of Kanda" which settled the change of this wooden Japanese house were issued.
... 1,500 yen that it releases in house of here Kanda

Is "house of Kanda", and is display of hina doll, and is visit, things of book
NPO [please to house of Kanda.following as for the inquiry


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/02/04 23:16

"Willow forest Inari Shrine" which is enshrined at Kanda riverside, 2, Sudacho
It is old company which is drawn to Edo pictorial description of noted places of *fujitsuki*.
Merge with Kasumori Shrine of *morishinsha, Shimbashi of Nihonbashi in the Edo era
It was counted in one of Mimori Shrine of Edo.
It is 2, Sudacho and Ujigami of east Matsushitacho now.

The front of Shinto shrine facing the embankment of the Kanda River is called Yanagihara Street now
In the Edo era, cities of Edo first-rate old clothes did well at noon.
The modern mokokoirakara Higashikanda, Iwamoto-cho area is fiber-related town by the flow.
On the contrary, though it seemed to be income place of whippoorwill, dangerous place that street murderers sometimes left at night.

By the way, on February 3, the annual Setsubun bean-scattering ceremony fall below line in this
Parishioner and people of work of neighborhood gathered, and the lively bean-scattering ceremony was developed.

Musical accompaniment of local willow musical accompaniment soaked in economy of Kanda musical accompaniment resounds from Kagura in neighborhood until 16:00 of the appointed time.

When purification of Setsubun festival in main shrine is over; opening of the bean-scattering ceremony from main shrine and Kagura.

As you see the cozy precincts are full of people.
Raccoon dog seems to feel humiliated, too.

Little children stretched out hand desperately in the front row to receive parched beans.

As for Mayor Ishikawa, thank you.
In voice loud with smile "outside - ""beat ~ as for the fortune" as for the ogre. (it will be the bean-scattering ceremony of how many times today?)

The seasons and years "Setsubun bean-scattering ceremony" to color the four seasons in Japan
It is good place of Kanda that such manners and customs lead to the future from generation to generation!


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/02/03 22:00

It is February 3 Setsubun.
Risshun is thing, but it will snow again tonight tomorrow.
If is the old calendar, spring is near at hand by former event for about one month, but ...
It is point a little more still more in spring of Tokyo.

The Setsubun bean-scattering ceremony of Kanda Myojin was held noisily grandly.

They do before the appointed time of 2:00 p.m., but the Kanda Myojin precincts are full of people.
We wait for beginning of Setsubun bean-scattering ceremony.
Is good for "the bean-scattering ceremony" in the precincts, "neck of ogre" which is familiar by Kanda Festival is decoration rarereteimasuyo.

Line from shrine office is led to voice of loud lumber-carriers' work song of head fireman people and is entrance from Sui shrine gate.
We wrap the body in full dress of old ceremonial dress hakama and enter main shrine and receive purification and move to Hoo, and the bean-scattering ceremony begins.

We photographed state of the bean-scattering ceremony from three directions of the precincts.
Lively atmosphere should come, but ...

As there are too many worshipers, we receive parched beans and mascot in front of Hoo by turns.
But, is dangerous when everybody tension is high, and confusion continues, is dangerous.
Take care not to be hurt.

It is such a feeling when we look from the front.
These people waiting backward are waiting for the next turn.
↓In this way!

State from Hoo prevent you from falling down ... that it is such a feeling.
"We hit fortune ~♪" "we hit fortune ~♪" "we hit fortune ~♪"
So that we receive parched beans, and everybody finds happiness this year.

           Pious people who participated in the bean-scattering ceremony, age man woman born under the same zodiac sign as the current year are feasts in Myojin Hall.
           We were. We were. Strange trio is ... 

           The left is Tokyo Cable Network notabachankoto Megumi Tabata.
           The inside is Masuda Shiori of charisma maid guide of the Akihabara information desk.
           The right is in Chota Kokontei of comic storyteller, or the tabachannogo master.
           Gee, with smile that everybody is good for "this year excellent iwainaa ~ omen from yaa spring!"

      It was winding of the Setsubun bean-scattering ceremony of Kanda Myojin♪


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/01/25 11:08

We participated in Kanda tour of young girl.
Suitable young girl who brought on quality of being a retro a little,
Of kobaemonkoto Emi Kobayashi (representative of thing which bit)
Kimono of pattern that starts by guide, and is old-fashioned
Wonderful young girl dressing well participates to go!

At first enter Chuo-dori from the Kanda Station south exit, a little
Mitsukoshi and Bank of Japan which fill Chuo-ku, and, in fact, are unexpectedly close
We kept coming back to Chiyoda-ku and did while measuring with the eye.
Maruishi Building (registration tangible cultural property) → Yamanashi Chuo Bank
Imagawa Bridge trace → Center Ward Tokiwa Elementary School (modernization industrial heritage) → ryukankyoato

Enter success in life firmness street; through success in life God of Fire,
Like young girl of kokeshi doll, ancient book, limited book, publication, print
We enter shop "hineya".
We were interested personally for some time.
We said that we entered very kindly.
We are worth opening door casually.
To be frank, trivia of kokeshi doll run out,
It became sense that entered museum of kokeshi doll.

Do unexpected staying long, and hurry; to west exit mall,
*hei of rice cracker → Satake Inari and body which was tired of walking
To heal, to Kanda coffee garden of underpass of feeling nostalgic once again

We regained spirit and, to lacquered Sugimoto store, received lacquered explanation there.

We go to multi-town direction afterwards
To Fukuo store of 18 ways of Anmitsu person
Then the Matsumotos house nostalgic → While seeing the appearance of milk hall,
To neuf of miscellaneous goods, it seems to be young girl? ? We examine product closely.


Toward Sudacho, Awajicho direction
Of long-established store shirr; source Bamboo irregularity Peony Yabu soba → Shoei bower
We walked way where it became dark while seeing the appearance of this.
Finally it is in district blockaded for redevelopment construction
To Awajicho art gallery getting twisted up of ivy.

Tour was finished here,
Is applicant viewpoint of young girl who can taste natural thing to night meeting?
Is it friend? We tasted delicious meal and liquor well.

Kanda to taste with eyes of young girl. It was fresh. We expect on the next time.

Map of each spot visited this time → This

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/01/20 10:21

We tasted oyster of Matoya in Kanda.

Fragrance that is good since we baked.
We provoke appetite.
It was very delicious with saltiness even if we just ate.

Line to wait for baking did not die out.

In addition, it is oyster gratin, uni, octopus rice.
Thing which bulged of stomach included Aosa-jiru.

Surely we come by weak point conquest if person not to like oyster eats here.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/01/17 18:18

Three days until from Friday, January 15 to 17th Sunday
Kanda Yasukuni Dori and brook open space of Ogawamachi in venue

The ninth "Kanda snowman fair" was held.

Snowman of toraemon where we raised oval gold coin of "it is with a flourishing trade" at Ogawamachi intersection meets.
24 large snowmen are displayed on both sides of streets from this Ogawamachi to Suruga Her Excellency.

A lot of with parent and child with little child arrives because we can enjoy play with snow in brook open space.
Big snowman is quite popular.

It is sled play on snowy slide that we are long ... in extreme popularity every year, and can stand in line.
Line is for exclusive use of ... little child endlessly in the rear, but we slip, and let's add father, mother.

Children soaking in footbath of hot spring.
"We bark ~!" We soak comfortably.

If treasure hunt opens cover in 150-limited snow, too; line of participation applicant is 250 Nantes.
We run around over snow, and happy smile of children in search of treasure is the best.

Team which participated in snowman contest in Yasukuni Dori is 24 groups.
Examination of individual snowman was carried out cutely by the end of the morning on Sunday.
It is finally announcement and commendation ceremony at 12:30.
Runner up was "raccoon dog" of 3, Ogawa-machi Nishimachi meeting team (the left).
Championship was "celebration 100,000 access" of Kanda Park branch office team (the right).
Homepage "favorite Kanda" of the district having broken through 100,000 access last year
It is pose of sumo wrestler's ceremonial entrance into the ring of yokozuna in concept.
Championship that is perfect at the completion that is distinguished for "100,000" makeup mawashis cool.

Will it be the tenth commemorative event next year?
Great occasion of Kanda who audience participation mobilization became frightful, and completely colonized every year.
We will meet again next year!♪


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/01/15 22:58

Person fire drill that had difficulty with Chiyoda-ku return was carried out in Akihabara.

When inland earthquake is caused in Chiyoda-ku, by stop of means of transportation
It is assumed that person having difficulty with return of approximately 570,000 occurs.

Akihabara became main venue this year.
It was performed on January 17 when Kobe University earthquake was generated,
It was performed by convenience today this year on January 15.
East exit open space of Akihabara Station, west exit open space, UDX, bell Sarh are venues of training and display.

We discover victim that help dog was shut in to car.
Fireman saves injured person from car quickly immediately.

As for the Akiba guide
By "Meiji University, University of Tokyo, KAJIMA CORPORATION university-industry research collaboration project" team
We utilize iPhone at the time of disaster and are video and Twitter
He/she participated in proof experiment to transmit information in real time.

Is iPhone provided how this time by this experiment with 130?

Mayor Ishikawa of Chiyoda-ku participates by equipping perfectly, too.
Inspection of each training and display booth does not have other idea.

Main event of training is right training of return.
Is it warm-up elaborately? We do this and walk the distance of 11 kilos towards goal of Hiroshi Park in Shinjuku.

Because it is training, it is ...

Because when you suffer damage for disaster is days not to know
Talked about communication method or wait place with family; should put.

Video of Tokyo MXTV is this↓


Distribution of boiled rice training of ... Self-Defense Forces was carried out at west exit open space rotary, too.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/01/09 22:21

Kanda Myojin daikoku Festival which began on January 9.

Various events are held, but precincts nihadaikoku during period, Ebisu state
Of various places visited for worship purify.

In addition, fortune bamboo grass defense is granted,
In the granted one, lottery is received.

Worshiping is until January 11 Daikoku.

For more details, please see this.