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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/04/28 1:08

It is finally light, balmy breeze or May when there is.
We are enshrined in front of Suidobashi Station on - 4th (Greenery Day) on May 3 (Constitution Memorial Day) of consecutive holidays

Misaki Inari Shrine festival

It is festival of Ujigami of 9 town assemblies around Jimbocho intersection
Red and dark blue flag flutter in the crossroads of towns and enliven festival feeling.

Lantern hung on the eaves which is indispensable for festival is displayed in the building entrance and store, house.

This shrine is Misaki Inari Shrine of Ujigami of Jimbocho district 9 town assembly.

Miniature shrine of 9 town assemblies is array, and, on 3rd for the first day, it is said by Miyairi worship consecutive Godo.
(as for the image two years ago)

Head office Oga sedan chair is heroic, and, on 4th, this Jimbocho medium-grade articles are carried on the shoulder and are one doing with shrine.

Large paper lantern hung on a pole of parishioner town assembly leads, and that huge head office miniature shrine
We spend time for approximately one hour, and scene to do with shrine is overwhelming force.
(as for the image two years ago)


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/04/23 21:24

Youth human empathy historical drama "Kamakura bank of a river arrest copy" which Yasuhide Saeki wrote of popular bestseller of the present age.
This is the original of historical drama "true Kamakura bank of a river arrest reserve to inherit" on NHK Saturday,
It is published to 16 volumes, and "Kamakura bank of a river arrest reserve handbook is appearing with separate volume now, too".

Speaking of Toshimaya liquor shop of the Kamakura bank of a river, (1956) is founded in 1596
Not only Kanda, it is long-established stores in long-established store since Edo genesis outstanding in Edo, Tokyo.
The best cultured person that Kanda laid this picture
We had mansion in pheasant town (2, Tsukasacho side), and *fujitsuki* which served village headman of six neighboring towns did not finish
Figure of bustle to deal in, and to assume sacred white sake of the Doll's Festival of Toshimaya liquor shop drawn to "Edo pictorial description of noted places".

※We are holding display of *fujitsuki* and "Edo pictorial description of noted places" in Chiyoda library (to 5, 22sat)


Well, it is howler to have thought that such a long-established store cannot follow until the present age.
We were surprised to get letter from Toshimaya 16s president, Toshiyuki Yoshimura as for author, Yasuhide Saeki.
Episode to say this appears in afterword of Vol. 6 "circular shop thing".

The ground founded in Toshimaya is this place.
It is 2, Uchikanda side by address indication. It is Uchikanda Kamakura town assembly.
Chiyoda-ku sports center where the right building is built in ruins of former God dragon elementary school.
The Nihonbashi River flows through this rear.

We continued business until the Great Kanto Earthquake at the Kamakura bank of a river, but receive serious damage
We moved to beautiful soil charges town, but we suffered from war again, and we have been requisitioned by the U.S. forces
We move in postwar period again in front of Kinka Park of Sarugakucho of the present location
We are continuing business more than 400 years now without changing.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/04/22 18:46

Well, Homo sapiens being, "true pour" now.
We are.
T of association of evil (Chiyoda City Tourism Association director).

We remember that we surely heard.
Address of T is 2, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku of now.
Town assembly is Kanda Kamakura-cho.
One of the stage of complying NHK Saturday historical drama "true Kamakura bank of a river arrest reserve to inherit"
He/she lives in neighborhood where there would be Toshimaya.

We seem to considerably swell in Kanda Kamakura town assembly
This time is reading of Chiyoda-ku Board of Education by connection of Toshimaya
"We talk and introduce from Chiyoda".

・・... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

 It was described in Edo pictorial description of noted places, and there were "Toshimaya and this sung Toshimaya in the Kanda Kamakura bank of a river (the neighborhood of Kamakura bank of a river building, Kaede Building of 2-2-1, Uchikanda now) if Fuji, sacred white sake became mountain if it became". As the Kamakura bank of a river was landing place that was the nearest to Edo-jo Castle main enclosure, in this neighborhood, it was in large wholesale dealer, and people engaged in landing and transportation were doing crowd every day in those days.

 By the way, one of the rest of people who after all work is liquor. The first Toshimaya ten gate-guard office opens liquor shop here in the Keicho era year. We reduced profit and sold liquor cheaply. Therefore people who worked were delighted and became big sale in a moment. It is said that we were popular so that 20 goes out of sky daruga ten every day. We made tofu with a part of the shop before long and we baked and came to sell it to dengaku in liquor shop. Because dengaku was intended to have a lot of liquor drink, this was big and was cheap.

 By the way, it was fragrant and made sacred white sake delicious highly and put on sale as Girl's Festival use saying that the manufacturing method of sacred white sake was initiated into by ten gate-guard offices, "paper doll" which rose on dream pillow again this time. It is also big sale concerning sacred white sake of Edo pioneer. Reputation is all right for not only general person but also daimyos, and order continues. The sales amount should have been said to be several thousand cars on only day and is broken.

・・・ ・ ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Gee, marketing can keep strong.
There would be surely draw girl, too!

Present here with office building Kamakura bank of a river building
We treat stylish miscellaneous goods at neighboring Kaede Building

Will there be draw girl here?

We display true Kamakura bank of a river arrest reserve to inherit on bigger map

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/04/08 22:58

Tsutenkaku robot
It is dated with Akiba guide @ Masuda walk in Akihabara.

At first we paid a courtesy visit to Tokyo Tower, and Tsutenkaku Robo which left Osaka, and visited Tokyo performed promotion.
We visit Akihabara in "off" afterwards. It is left a shed first of all by corrugated cardboard.
Excellent bipedal robot stepped cautiously on the earth of Akihabara.

Tsutenkaku Tower (Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi) spends production expense 10 million yen, and this Tsutenkaku Robo supplies materials in Nihonbashi
One of the world's largest bipedal robot which Nipponbashi Denden Town robot Network produced.
As for this Tsutenkaku robot shown in Osaka on March 21, 170 centimeters tall, the weight are 30 kilos.
We hold resident's card of Osaka-shi in particular how and publicize charm of Osaka as sightseeing ambassador of Osaka.

Well, at first we meet with Masuda of charisma maid guide of Akiba.

Is conversation thin, too? Tsutenkaku Robo which feeds senility of Masuda, "we do not sleep in what!" in this.
By the way, bone fracture is inevitable if we receive feed of this strong right arm directly. abuneeabunee?

If that wants this desired, we shop in radio hall, Kotobuki Seating shop.

We go some Chuo-dori on foot to stand village and stuff our mouth with kebabu when slight change of mind becomes vacant.

Two people? This is the DOS Para head office afterwards → Tokyo radio department store → Akizuki electron → Robot shop "aruti"
And do you stay in what and "studio ASIMO" of DAIBIRU for ASIMO and history? Costarring.
The completion of Akiba walk date maid cafe "at home cafe."

Hmm, these odd two people? Show a lot of that you attract attention even if groups walk where.
It is instant, and people gather and as you see cause shooting traffic jam. . .

Oh, it was day when popularity of Tsutenkaku robot of Osaka was given a vivid description of in Akihabara.
Shall Akiba guide @ Masuda show Akiba power that business trip is cute one order to Osaka, too?


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/04/05 23:32

Excursion-style rooftop garden completion  

↑The Shinto gate and cherry blossoms in full bloom to look at from garden

At part of precincts tree planting business of Kanda Myojin
"Excursion-type rooftop garden" that construction always went ahead through was completed.

Upper rank of multilevel parking garage on the precincts left side became green full garden.
We will go up gentle slope of the Shinto gate left.

It is this scenery when we go up slope. We see a part of the roof of the back side and main shrine of Hoo.

We are combined with Kanda Myojin "spring festival", and, in the garden neighborhood, cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

"House of Kanda" of Miyamoto Park who is next to Kanda Myojin is The air is full of spring.
It seems that we are buried among cherry trees for unusual scenery.

We can enjoy seasonal flowers from now on in garden.
Please drop in at Kanda Myojin after the worship by all means.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/04/04 6:56

Kanda area person in charge of Chiyoda City Tourism Association town blog writer
Tateyama Nishihira of detective Kanda corps, also known as "leader"
We issued the strongest Kanda mook "Kanda town walk" almost the collected studies of activity until now.

We do not collect to Kanda fan just to look at table of contents.

・For constitution of Edo Kanda
・Around Kanda River, Kadoyama (Ochanomizu, the Surugadai area)
・We go round Kanda Myojin and the neighborhood
・Around Edo old town of Kanda (the Kanda Station east side)
・Around Edo old town of Kanda (the Kanda Station west)
・It circulates through Akihabara - now and the bygone days
・Around Kanda brick road (from JR Kanda Station Ochanomizu Station)
・Around waterway of Kanda (moat and the Nihonbashi River)

Column is also fulfilling.
Simply because it is Tateyama of the fourth generation born in Kanda
Authority of Kanda sending column to
We contribute story of super deep good Kanda.

Kanda strongest mook whom we were introduced to in the Mainichi Shimbun and the Yomiuri Shimbun.
We sell this "Jinden-cho walk" on a qualified scale in cherry tree Festival venue of Chiyoda.
Nine steps of sale venues are slope tourist information center, Yasukuni Shrine tourist information center, Chidori-ga-fuchi tourist information centers.
For more details → This

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/04/01 23:21

It is built along Sotobori Street of 2, Tsukasacho in *fujitsuki*kyotakuatoken*hi - November, 2004
Display of cultured person "*fujitsuki*" which Kanda was proud of connection began.

*fujitsuki* and "Edo pictorial description of noted places" exhibition
... sponsorship is "Chiyoda library" "meeting learning from shiijin*fujitsuki*" ...
It is created by house of town administrator of Kanda pheasant town (existing 2, Tsukasacho side)
Geographical book, many works, records to be said to be "the basics including culture of Edo study"
Achievement of *fujitsuki* which we left is displayed with 12 pieces of large size panels.
In addition, much reference-related books are displayed at the same time, too.

■Until date Saturday, May 22
■Venue Chiyoda library (Chiyoda-ku government office 9f library display corner)


※There is allied event, too. . . Lecture da of Mr. Kitahara!
For more details, it is ↓ this.


Shooting is prohibited in the library

Saturday, November 27, 2004
*fujitsuki*kyotakuatoken*hi - unveiling ceremony ... is this↓


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/03/26 23:52

"Chiyoda Sakura Festival" start ttende for the first day
Cross the Nihonbashi River with cutting board bridge a little from Kanda
Though slope massaged and did not like, we went up slope of Kudan.

Though gen ttemiryaa flower cold that a lot of clouds began to get off shower was today that was chilly for feeling; ...

dooyo, this beauty of cherry tree of Chiyoda?
Place where this place overlooking toromon of the field cheap gate is just like observation deck.
Boisterous dance of cherry blossom which is in full glory to cover Chidori-ga-fuchi.
Even this is still coming out for coming out or three minutes for not more than two minutes.
We seem to be able to enjoy cherry blossom viewing enough until the weekend of the first week in April.

Bronze statue of Viscount Yajiro Shinagawa is by great delight among cherry blossoms, too!

As for the night-light of shrine dedicated to the spirits of the war dead which we ever saw as mark from ship across Tokyo Bay
We bring on unusual taste again when surrounded by cherry blossoms.

This from today tent booth of Chiyoda City Tourism Association of opening.
There be in anything from guidance to instruction, update of net.
Achievement of versatility continues until the last day on April 4.
Place is some points of the field cheap gate facing Yasukuni Dori. Bottom of pedestrian bridge connected to Yasukuni Shrine.
We sell tumbler, teacup, strap using cherrywood.
As cherry tree volunteer guide waits, please use.

With the weekend, Saturday tomorrow more like Sunday and the rush hour though think that is crowded
We will enjoy cherry blossom viewing without accident happily.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/03/24 23:35


It is to signboard of old tree with "private special vocational school".
Present, Senshu University at Jimbocho 3,
We founded as "special vocational school" at current 3, Ginza in (1880) in 1880.
We moved to Jimbocho that was the present location in (1885) in 1885 five years later, and new school building was built.

Because the front gate at the time of move was gate of black astringent coating, it was called "black gate" of specialization by Jimbocho.
We disappeared by school building reconstruction of 1907, but "black gate" became symbol of Senshu University.

"ikutomokai" (parents' association) revived, and it set up "black gate" as commemorative project of the 130th anniversary of the foundation of Senshu University.
"Black gate" unveiling ceremony was carried out in open space facing the Senshu Univ. Street on Tuesday, March 16.

One of tune of wind music is entrance of student of drama workshop which wore clothes of the Meiji era in the body.

It is director, president, ikutomokaicho, alumnus chairperson, alumnus, hand niyoriiyoiyono unveiling of students.

Oh, wonderful gate appeared.
Excellent "black gate" which finished domestic hinoki materials by black astringent coating revived and was restored to the original state.
Director Hidaka, president is full of smile of the whole face, too and is greeting.

When students that it was opened a gate, and black gate wore clothes of Meiji lined up, we seemed to totally return to foundation.
There was symbol "black gate" of Senshu University revival congratulations.

This Senshu University "black gate" monument
It is in the left open space toward Suidobashi from Senshu Univ. intersection of Yasukuni Dori.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/03/23 20:01

On March 14, the evening of Sunday, we went to old training junior high school of Akihabara.
This is because it was invited to pre-opening of 3331Arts Chiyoda.
Ceremony and press conference were held sequentially from the morning,
Merge me in "pre-opening knight party" planned from 18:30,
We went out to observe facility.

March 14 18:00 old training Junior High School 

There were five municipal junior high schools before in Chiyoda-ku.
Three schools of Imagawa Junior High School, training junior high school, Hitotsubashi Junior High School are unified it several years ago,
It was converged as Kanda Hitotsubashi Junior High School by school building of former Hitotsubashi Junior High School.
School building during training has begun to explore methodology during result, now in order to use in other purposes.

I was from the inside now, and the parents' house has been the very front,
We just participated in various events that used ruins of the inside.
Parallel to this as the use of training junior high school ruins,
"Chiyoda art square design" is proposed from ward,
Well-informed people gathered and explored the concrete measures.
"3331 Arts Chiyoda" began as one of this embodiment this time,
I understand this.

There was receptionist when we went up the front entrance.
A large number of people already make crowd of people and talk.
It seems to be art already somewhat-like.
By the way, is accidental when think that is in receptionists; with art dealer S of friend suddenly.
We have found just right navigator.

In this pre-opening,
Exhibition of gallery where we have already entered
A lot of opening memory exhibitions by 3331ARTS CYD are planned.

Without as time of party approaches, there being coverage as we introduce all,
We pick some up from that this time and introduce.
Well, "Bambinart Gallery" which was taken to S first

Kaoru Yoneyama of director,
We introduce Japanese young contemporary artist.

While being active as the gallery who are specialized in plan,
We introduce artists such as photograph, picture and,
Through company and other collaboration with space,
We seem to want to explore progressive development.

Then, "zero art project for show."
It is the director of unification at 3331 Arts Chiyoda here
It is plan that Masato Nakamura is concerned with.

One of the activities to say to activate Odate, Akita that is hometown of Nakamura by art.
Department store where this display was symbol of Omachi mall in Odate
We bring in signboard and shutter of "price tag Takemura",
We collect unique products from mall of Odate-shi and go on a business trip and sell
It is moving model mall project.

If it becomes dynamo for the decline of mall of nationwide center city area,


As I helped with activity of association of slow food, there is similar critical mind.

When even the same product changes cut end by the way of display and expression,
It becomes a lot fresh.

The third "Toys Paradise via Kaekko from VPC" of Hiroshi Fuji.

With Fuji, we held during old training
There is acquaintance by event called "kaekko".
We have you each bring toy which you did not use for children,
Save point by participating in workshop,
We obtain toy which other children brought at auction,
"kaekko" called this.
Toy which held in the whole country, and gathered in "kaekko"
It is this Toys Paradise to have changed form into new molding thing.
It is great and is colorful.

It is very artistic recycling.

Announcement that sokoushiteiruuchiuni, party begin in.
Old gymnasium is venue.

As is expected, there is only party where artists gather,
There does not seem to be formal program.
Lightener such as searchlight runs in dim venue.

In DJ booth including artist from foreign countries,
It is replaced, but expresses sound to break.
I left venue when I drank one cup of beer in special BAR.

3331Arts Chiyoda which is very perfect for future development.
Interchange with hometown wants you to develop by all means, too.

By kotogotominaokukon*