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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/05/28 19:05

Yanagihara street leading to the beautiful Kurahashi area from Izumi Bridge in the south of the Kanda River.
Embankments from the old days, the east end of Surugadai to Asakusabashi,
Because tadendo* planted willow to avoid unlucky direction of Edo-jo Castle, it was called "Yanagihara embankment".

"Yanagihara embankment" where we won fame as famous place, scenic spot in the Edo era.
That secondhand clothes store, dealer in secondhand articles of reed screen tension displayed the eaves in those days.
This area that became big fiber wholesale district taking the trace into account.
Annual family bazaar began on May 28 today.

Is time when is anxious about seasonal pattern weather, but weather perfect today.

There be with time (the visitor layer was irrelevant atmosphere for the lunch break) for the lunch break
A large number of people came.

There seems to be lucky find to miscellaneous goods for days such as tableware other than gentleman, woman, children's clothes.
(by local person)

This event that was ranked as the first place in TV Tokyo ad street kku heaven "Iwamotocho" edition
It is held with Sunday on Saturday, 6th on Saturday, May 29, 30 Sunday, Friday, June 4, 5th.

For more details → This 

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/05/28 10:20

Annual event of May when wind is fragrant is this.
Today May 28, 29, 30th and June 4, for each three days of the weekend of five or six days

Higashikanda, Iwamoto-cho family bazaar

It is ↓↓↓ this in detail. . .


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/05/20 23:58

The Tokyo Skytree

Comfortable azalea which refreshing wind flows through even if temperature rises.
We finally saw the Skytree clearly from Kanda on fine day.

At first Kanda Myojin who is enshrined on hill of Yushima.
Enter in Sui shrine gate; and the left side, view from around the large country-like stone statue are this.

We see properly when we say how about on level ground.
As for this, Yasukuni Dori is the halfway point area of Suruga Her Excellency and Ogawamachi intersection.
Seemingly it is like penthouse of building to see in the front,
Is it not figure of the Skytree definitely?

Tokyo Skytree 379m (as of 5/15)

That neighborhood is other side of a river, Oshiage, Narihirabashi of the Sumida River.
Still, is height with 634m in finished dawn?
It will become what kind of scenery!


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/05/16 12:55

Large miniature shrine opened shrine early in the morning, Masakado miniature shrine are divided into 2 when they leave Otorii of Shinto shrine.
Bearers from Myojinshita downhill in the large miniature shrine in Yushima slope to in front of Kanda post office by Shohei Bridge
Person in charge of Sotokanda alliance and kokoshinshahosankai.
Masakado miniature shrine moves with cart in major circles to district when we cross Hijiribashi.

It is in charge of 13 middle Kanda-cho and central alliance to Masakado mound in front of Kanda post office.
In front of Mr. late Endo storehouse former house who was former Masakado mound preservation society's chairperson on the way on Kanda Bridge this side
Miniature shrine was performed strolling musician of, and miniature shrine was given in front of all of relation.

Large miniature shrine and Masakado miniature shrine join lunch on Masakado mound. Shinto ritual of the matter of hosai was held solemnly in in front of mound.
Both miniature shrines were carried up at the same time again, but woman as for the bearer hand of Nantes Masakado miniature shrine all the members until the end of spirit.
Bearer hands from here to Chuo-dori Imagawa Bridge are oar Nihonbashi parishioner and suishinshahosankai.
Higashikanda, Iwamoto-cho combines together from Imagawa Bridge afterwards the Kanda Station east alliance, and we carry on our shoulder, and hand changes with the alliance in eastern Akihabara
It was succeeded from Myojinshita to Miyairi of all parishioner selection white short coats.

It is Miyairi in the Masakado miniature shrine slightly early evening.
Dusk that heat of large miniature shrine and togo of force finished going up Yushima Hill, and went in Otorii, and arrived at the precincts.
Large miniature shrine is given in front of main shrine and carries miniature shrine on our shoulder, and there is if on the verge of the end, and heat and excitement reach at the climax.

shu meno tree finally enters.
daishinyotogo kept on carrying on the shoulder from early morning becomes the last sight in this.

Shinto ritual "we wear sedan chair festival" that is solemn in the precincts where past excitement state fell silent incredibly
And ceremony to put back the spirit of a dead person to was held, and curtain of Kanda festival shinyotogo this year was closed.
As for the most important Shinto ritual "annual festival," it is done saiko on Monday, May 17 through the year.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/05/14 20:39

We are not worthy of Akihabara.
Is it convention facility? We increased recently.
Is it restaurant? Now and Class B gourmet including curry in sequence.

So! It is hotel. There were few hotels of the Akihabara Station visual angle.
It is Akihabara Washington Hotel to open nu there on May 15, 2010 tomorrow.

Today on the day before opening, we asked sneak preview.
"We raise rate of operation, and rate of return is low." To defeat such anxiety that is apt to be Akihabara
We seem to devise for value-added creation. Above all, railroad room is excellent.

With twin room as single,
We install N gauge diorama of 30 meters of total extension by just that much.

Furthermore, real Tohoku Shinkansen and Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line run under eyes.

Besides, for placement that we can see while sleeping from bed.
Nickname of this room is kuhane 1304.
That iron understands this meaning.

In addition, it is sound sleep room.
"Rem Akihabara" of the neighbor and concept room to compete fiercely for.
Fragrance of healing is comfortable from aroma D fuser.
It is directed light in bathroom.

Bed is surambarando company.
Bed made in surambarando as for 500,000 over?

By the way, in the room of from now on seasonal Tokyo Skytree view natural in the Kanda River and the other side.

There will be neighboring rem Akihabara and scene to compete fiercely for,
In ability of high quality city hotel having increased in Akihabara
We think that we want you to show synergy. 

Then to souvenir of sneak preview Japanese towel of Kanda Festival.
ICT, impression with town of assistant Cal are deep Akihabara
Ujigami is Kanda Myojin. We do not seem to forget viewpoint of local coherence either.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/05/09 23:04

Of Kanda Festival that hosai does divine spirit of Prince Masakado Taira and celebrates 700 years
Shrine appearance of two large miniature shrines

Briefly, Kanda Festival that Prince Masakado Taira became God of Kanda Myojin, and celebrated 700 years

As for having been provided, first-ever Akira Kanda Kanagawa Univ. miniature shrine and Masakado mound preservation society Oga sedan chair at the same time shrine
We were raised at the same time wonderfully while a large number of sightseers who filled the Kanda Myojin precincts early in the morning stared.

Approach to a shrine of small loose slopes from Sui shrine gate to Otorii
Force that two large miniature shrines which Kanda Myojin is proud of are carried on the shoulder rapidly is the best part.

We go ahead through Sotobori Street, and Akira Kanda Kanagawa Univ. miniature shrine turns right from Shohei Bridge and crosses Kanda Bridge
Toward Masakado mound, join Masakado miniature shrine carried on the shoulder in major circles in district
Shinto ritual was held on Masakado mound and was raised at the same time again afterwards.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/05/09 10:46

Kanda Festival. It is so-called "shade" festival this year
Worship Prince Masakado, and do; and concerning 700 years,
Shinto shrine miniature shrine and miniature shrine of Masakado mound preservation society of major circles
It will be said that we make getting out shrine by stamp.

fusai riha leading getting out shrine of miniature shrine, familiar two engines.
At first "great catfish and Chikaraishi" to blockade major earthquake

Then Onikobe "daikosangaijin" huge

Because all made Japanese legend, fantasy festival car
It was noted product of world festival, Kanda Festival.

fusai rini followed by Akira Kanda Kanagawa Univ. miniature shrine. Besides, large miniature shrines of Masakado mound preservation society all are set.

This stamp togo is about 1:00 p.m. after this
From Masakado tomb for the war dead of MITSUI & CO. side of Otemachi
We can see between until before Tei-Park.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/05/08 13:34

Wisteria trellis of Kanda Myojin was introduced by Twitter of Masuda of Akiba maid guide.
Is it end? Did Kanda Myojin have wisteria trellis? As there was not impression, we said pattern that was hometown today.

Round main hall which there was from the east side (the Myojin Hall side)
Wisteria trellis which after appearing in the back, is excellent. We perform function of roof of parking lot.

Flower is full even if we say under the wisteria trellis.

We are scattered from full bloom, and is it the beginning now?

One that want to look at to the main hall back.
In addition, on the way to the back of main hall "monument of shape of a coin flat next"
As there is monument of "the study of ancient Japanese thought and culture birthplace", please look at.

Wisteria is Kameido Tenjin, but connection is deep with Kanda Myojin
So it is ..., imagination whether there is such an excellent wisteria trellis.

About relationship with Kanda Myojin and Kameido Tenjin → This 

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/05/05 17:56

Once in two years, it is done saiko in consecutive holidays of May
Festival of Misaki Inari Shrine was finished safely on May 4.

3rd is shinyotogo and alliance Miyairi of parishioner 9 town assembly.
We make oar in the Jimbocho intersection center, and Manager of town assembly sits in a row
Intersection has nine miniature shrines and does and repeats go-around and swells.

We became demonstration gaattatokadekochiradeha first night Miyairi at the daytime.
Light of paper lantern with a bow-shaped handle of miniature shrine is use shitaride, such time with LED, too.
It was very beautiful night Miyairi.

On 4th, shrine miniature shrine which is magnificent beautifully opened shrine early in the morning in Shinto shrine rotates in 9 town assemblies for day.
Size and force of the miniature shrine enhance beauty of miniature shrine still more.
Miyairi journey from evening is Riki Osako the same as in the past.
There are many heroic miniature shrine bearer of Miyairi and sightseers coming over for force.

It was all of Misaki Inari Shrine officer and parishioner young man society fatigue state.
Festival is two years later again.

May 9, this Sunday
Main festival once in two years of Princess Ota Inari Shrine enshrined in Surugadai.
In addition, shade festival of Kanda Myojin is that it is done saiko
Tone of Kanda musical accompaniment and bearer voice of good miniature shrine of energy sound all day in Edo downtown area Kanda.

■Please refer to homepage "favorite Kanda" for the details of Princess Ota Inari Shrine festival.
Please refer to homepage "Kanda Myojin" for the details of Kanda Myojin shade festival.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/04/28 1:08

It is finally light, balmy breeze or May when there is.
We are enshrined in front of Suidobashi Station on - 4th (Greenery Day) on May 3 (Constitution Memorial Day) of consecutive holidays

Misaki Inari Shrine festival

It is festival of Ujigami of 9 town assemblies around Jimbocho intersection
Red and dark blue flag flutter in the crossroads of towns and enliven festival feeling.

Lantern hung on the eaves which is indispensable for festival is displayed in the building entrance and store, house.

This shrine is Misaki Inari Shrine of Ujigami of Jimbocho district 9 town assembly.

Miniature shrine of 9 town assemblies is array, and, on 3rd for the first day, it is said by Miyairi worship consecutive Godo.
(as for the image two years ago)

Head office Oga sedan chair is heroic, and, on 4th, this Jimbocho medium-grade articles are carried on the shoulder and are one doing with shrine.

Large paper lantern hung on a pole of parishioner town assembly leads, and that huge head office miniature shrine
We spend time for approximately one hour, and scene to do with shrine is overwhelming force.
(as for the image two years ago)