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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/07/24 14:47

Home territory of "Weekly Jump" Shueisha, town Jimbocho of world's best book.
Therefore held "Jimbocho dress carnival" reached the second weekend.

AMEDAS temperature of striking distance Otemachi of Jimbocho is 34.7 degrees Celsius as of 14:00 on July 24.
Bodily sensation temperature of the sun may exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

sonnanaka, dress fan are hotter.
It comes in blue sky exhibition, stamp rally incessantly.

Street food court which local restaurant provides does well.


We introduce recommended spot seeking cool air in such a hot dress carnival.
Firstly "Shueisha museum" in the venue first west
Goods of dress are displayed here.

Then "Sakura Hotel" which there is on the street of the one of the Sakura Street south side.
In this cafe, it is dress carnival
Original drink menu is offered; and GOOD.


We enjoy the cool air moderately, and let's enjoy dress carnival.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/07/23 8:51

This year is international reading year.
In town of world's best book, Chiyoda-ku with Jimbocho
You may swell more.
Talks with oneself that reading is inner, though.
Is it not necessary to swell?

sonnanakade, space that we are excited about a little
We appear to arts Chiyoda 3331 of Sotokanda.

Project "bookshelf and we" whom Dai Nippon Printing sets
ekuzebishompuroguramu of the inside is opened.
At "bookshelf of that person whom I want to see"
Bookshelf of "bookshelf of Motoharu Sano" "Katsuhiko Hibino" "budensokumo."

 Bookshelf of bookshelf right, Katsuhiko Hibino of fault left, Motoharu Sano

In addition, as 200 books knowing modern art, photograph, design Web
Of Ito gabin of 3331 unification director Masato Nakamura and game creator
Selection is displayed.

Let alone bookworm artist
Bookshelf, selected books of pioneer of only various fields of edge are displayed
It is comfortable reading space.

It is held in arts Chiyoda 3331 until October 31.
For more details → This

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/07/22 21:58

Kanda Myojin museum 2010 temporary exhibition
"Power - heishomonkohosai 700 years memorial holding exhibition ~ of Edo"

As it is only Saturday, Sundays and holidays that we are opened, please be careful!

We are moved in parallel to the same left if we finish worship in Kanda Myojin

There is receptionist of Kanda Myojin museum.
In most cases, pretty medium meets with smile (hazu)

We go ahead through cinnabar red surrounded passage.
Feeling is feeling of visit to this main shrine of Kanda Myojin.

Magnificent building of this main shrine is seen in the right side of passage.

Edo, reproduction of color woodblock print of Kanda Myojin connection of the Meiji era display on the left side of passage and display.
We put up tension at a stretch here, and let's enter.

Change into slippers in dropping place, and iyoiyono ...


We show a part of the information in hall to. (we had you photographed and admit)
Naturally we would like as shooting in hall is prohibition.

In the case of Kanda Festival, built sacred sake place, reduction version several points of Kariya are displayed by each parishioner town assembly.
This photograph is for reduction of "Kariya" dedicated in this spring.

What we made conveys the skill and traditional culture of Edomachi fire fighter in the present age
One ward of Edo firefighting memory society first Seisaku Fujimori (in the left wife), also known as kumifukukumito**ni

In addition, we can see state of after the war first "Kanda Festival" at picture corner.
Line of Kanda Festival made saiko in first 1952 in 10 years since 1942
togo of town miniature shrine made much in postwar period is seen.
The name of prewar line "togosai" is changed on "God good luck feast day" from this time and continues up to the present day.

Ancient documents, documents, record, color woodblock print, photograph, picture precious more and yet more
In addition, it is indispensable when we recite culture of Kanda including festival car doll of the Emperor Jinmu of production in 1884
As a lot of treasure is displayed, we recommend one visit by all means.


Detailed information of museum → This
The Kanda Myojin site top → This
There is entrance discount privilege page in site, too.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/07/17 13:49

Gangs of straw of "ONE PIECE" are Jack in town "Jimbocho of world's best" book! This
Jimbocho ONE PIECE carnival began on July 17, 2010 today.

Suruga Her Excellency intersection, landmark of Jimbocho
From lily of the valley street entrance of Sanseido to Sakura Street street of approximately 500 meters
We are stained with ONE PIECE one color.

Before opening of 11:00, it is tape cutting ceremony today.

Jimbocho bell and others street lasting approximately 500m from Suruga Her Excellency, Sakura Street
As it were, it is ONE PIECE Museum.
The reproduction original picture, poster, panel are displayed endlessly.

When look up at building incidentally as well as street; there character.

Local mall installs food court of open air in street.
Menu in connection with ONE PIECE is ant, too!


Stamp rally, point rally begin at 11:00, too; in the street noisily.


The staff is met disguised as rufi in restaurant according to lily of the valley street, cherry tree.


In Jimbocho theater on the lily of the valley street side "dress film festival."
That theater version is shown in large quantities, and special short story is seen, too.
But on the day finish selling today.

Jimbocho ONE PIECE carnival until Sunday, August 1
In detail → This

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/07/11 23:14

Refreshing blue flower appropriate for early summer grows in colonies in rooftop garden of parking lot of Kanda Myojin.
Flower and label called "African lily" native to South Africa stood.

Speaking of South Africa, the final in Spain to Netherlands is carried out tonight (03:00)
The team color "red" and "orange."
In summer in Japan, is slightly sultry color; ...?

Well, when we see Miyamoto Park who is adjacent from the rooftop garden
Atmosphere of "house of Kanda" appointed in Chiyoda-ku tangible cultural property is different from usual times.
We go down stairs of garden a little, and let's go to see state.

nana, around the house ↓ of Kanda is surrounded by "it is with cheeks" what.

If say that is with cheeks; 46,000 days.
When pray at the Kannon at this time; of 46,000 days (126 years)
It is lucky day that benefit and act of charity are given.
City (7/9 - 10) of gold dragon mountain Senso-ji Temple with cheeks is known predominantly in Edo, Tokyo, and it is crowd frightful every year.

With old-fashioned custom, faith to continue from the Edo era to the present age
Harmony shitehoozukiga is beautiful appearance of traditional wooden construction architecture that family of Kanda has wonderfully.

Sour hue of the plaster said to be Edo black and green of trees in early summer, cheeks bright orange belonging to.
We created comfortable space said to be nothing.

Do orange cheeks include?
Soccer World Cup climax to begin from now on
Shall we support the Netherlands of orange team color?
(though Japan has been defeated by the Netherlands in qualifier, do they have relationship that was the same group?)

●"House of Kanda" official site is this place


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/07/10 0:25

Person of Kanda going for various procedures and consultation
"Chiyoda-ku government office" in Kudan main government building.
Former Edo-jo Castle soars in the front of Shimizu gate of a palace.
Though it is not Kanda area, we introduce.

Chiyoda-ku government office main government building which we looked at from the Shimizu gate which just left atmosphere of ex-Edo.
soosoo, this Shimizu gate are appointed to important cultural property of country like the Sakurada-mon Gate and field cheap gate.
Field cheap spring water, the side gate of the spring waters of Lord kitchen work of Hitotsubashi which 8s general Yoshimune Tokugawa left.

There is library in floor (9, 10F) of arrow of photograph.
It is also ...

It is so wide and is spirited, and there is feeling of cleanliness dining room to drift (10F)

We see the Shimizu gate of typical square of Edo-jo Castle under eyes.
Korai gate and toromon are placed in right angle, and green contrast of stone wall and white wall and trees is beautiful.

This superb view jumps into eyes if we achieve eyes.
On day when it was fine, we have never been able to see the prospects from the Sea of Japan to Mainland China
We can see scenery of the best part that Edo and Tokyo of the super downtown area of Tokyo are mixed.

Dining room of 10F of Chiyoda-ku government office main government building

Thank you for the delicious meal!
Curry and rice eating up, 350 yen.
We do it until 20:00 for from Monday to Friday. . .


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/07/08 22:07

We put history, origin and are opened until Friday, July 9, 2010 tomorrow
Kanda, Akita Yuzawa picture tourou festival.
We will tell about design on July 8 today tomorrow as about the same menu is developed.

It is Kanda Station west exit mall having been continued since the Kanda Station west exit.
Is immediate towards the west, at Satake Inari Shrine,
It does well by product exhibition of Akita Yuzawa very much.
Inaniwa Udon, local sake, Iburigakko.

Kanda picture light rou saibutsusanten

And it is street in front of Institute of Kanda university of foreign languages when we go to 1 block west from there
What was shown at 17:30, 18:00 two-30ths time
The Japan's three biggest Bon festival dance and famous "Nishimonai Bon festival dance"
It is with country designation intangible cultural asset of Ugo-machi, Akita.

Kanda picture tourou festival Nishimonai Bon festival dance

From 19:00, it is Satake drum of Akita Yuzawa.
There seems to be regular customer looked forward to every year,
As for shout, the applause grandly.

Kanda picture tourou Festival Satake drum

Though when it is past 19:30, the sky becomes dark blue, and let's burn picture; in in full bloom.

Kanda picture tourou Festival

Kanda Station west exit mall.
It is full of businessmen who always arrive in house road in evening
Today as for the woman dressed in yukata here and there.

Kanda picture tourou Festival

We perform free rental of yukata at mall.

Kanda picture touroumatsuri yukata rental

Menu approximately tomorrow same as today.
We are used to yukata look even if we do not bring yukata.

For more details → This

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/06/28 22:42

When it travels the Ogawamachi area by walk and bicycle
We go along alley of the south side of main street (Yasukuni Dori).

Stores where there are always many person and bicycles in the sidewalk of main street, and property is bad
We fill the sidewalk and display products.
Furthermore, because we put corrugated cardboard on road side when we put product from car
tsu rizurakuteshoganai. ・* * I mean cannot go when person extorts store.

Look at dishonest measures.
We can go smoothly and it is quiet and can taste sense of the seasons not to be able to say at all.

50 Inari Shinto shrines which is enshrined at 3, Ogawa-machi.
Blue large hydrangea, fresh and young fascinating green leaf are torii of cinnabar red and appearances that put together, and calmed down.

                      We say honor Kotobuki Inari Shrine formally,
             We tell to have been lord of Ashikaga, mansion Inari of the Todas in the Edo era.

It is declared in "Iseya Inari with shit of dog" from the Edo era
Kanda has much Inari.
Sense of the seasons and seasons and years and sacred rites of Inari whom all of each town protects carefully.

Hey, we stop and will feel something.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/06/26 20:16

It is located for prevention against evil of town with area feeling called Akihabara
We have DNA of land called Kanda who should say Edo in Edo
Renovation did Sotokanda old training junior high school school building
New art space of Chiyoda, arts Chiyoda 3331

Arts Chiyoda grand opening

Not only we attract attention before grand opening from newspaper, TV, the radio a variety of mass media, but also
We attracted public attention in the world of social media such as Twitter.
3331 opened on June 26, 2010.

Grand opening memory exhibition ": Part 1 3331 Presennts tokyo"
It is opened in gallery on the first floor until July 25.
Cool comment is not attached, but, anyway, we are excited and are fun.

Arts Chiyoda grand opening memory exhibition

We defeat children well, and there should be work which we can experience.

Arts Chiyoda grand opening memory exhibition

Arts Chiyoda grand opening memory exhibition

In the second floor, gallery project room on the third floor, anyway
Only as for the program that can enter the world of art straight.

Inside out project says to bind Tokyo and district together by art.
It is, so to speak, antenna station of art project.
Information of art project of each place is written in at Japanese map of wall surface.

Arts Chiyoda INSIGHT out project

hatobitopotoreitsu of people of open call for participants participation
Heartbeat (heartthrob) becomes art and is displayed.

Arts Chiyoda hatobitopotoreitsu

On the roof that graduate of training junior high school will feel nostalgic for
Vegetable gardens form a line. As for the rumor that it is full without vug that is reception desk from today.

Arts Chiyoda roof vegetable garden

By the way, opunguseremoni
It is equipping with to feel good sense of artist in handmade feeling.
From side of person giving a speech on the other side of odiensu
We see opening-like training park and camphor tree of symbol tree.

Arts Chiyoda opening ceremony

Arts Chiyoda opening ceremony Masato NakamuraWe can say 3331 people in charge
Unification director Masato Nakamura.

The speech
As for the crab which stood of edge rugged honesty
And we perform respect of area called Kanda Gokencho
We feel "best".

Mayor arts Chiyoda opening ceremony Ishikawa
It was long way until there was this 3331.
Development of art square design as basic concept
And from the choice of utilization company to opening.
We were able to go ahead while hearing people of learning and experience, specialist in culture, art, opinion of artist.

We throw "circle, and Mayor Ishikawa Chiyoda is made fun of with",
It is not necessarily bad thing.
We threw good "circle, and this project might become"
Opening speech.

(of course much communication was exchanged by process until opening between administration, area, company.)

Opening performance is lively, too,
We keep being comfortable, and opening ceremony is finished.

Arts Chiyoda opening ceremony performance

We take a ceremonial photograph after the end towards opening-like training park.

Arts Chiyoda opening ceremony souvenir picture

We close 3331, Kanda one let alone the last tightening.

Then goods recommended
Accessories which were made in welfare institutions of 3331 T-shirts and the second-floor able art
There was cookie of cherry tree bakery with bread studio in Chiyoda-ku government office how.

Arts Chiyoda 3331T shirt Able art cherry tree cookie

foodlab of cafe is wonderful, too, but will introduce next month!

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/06/19 22:54

Of hotel authorization that "Michelin Tokyo guide 2010" is comfortable in 1, Misakicho

We visited "Hotel Tokyo of garden".

This hotel arranges atmosphere of the calm natural "sum" for the front.

Today's purpose concerning lunch Japanese restaurant "relationship."
We read with "yukuri".

Space of the exclusive sum common to the hotel entrance side, "relationship" meets.

Even if it goes with anything enter "relationship", and to stand out; appearance of courtyard.
Flow of water softening native rock and population stone and green and heart still more.
Coloration and warm reception that were settled down to the inside of "relationship" to share this space.
A feeling of expectation and feeling of strain to meal become exalted more and more.

Lunches of order are as follows today↓

Kaiseki low dining table "*" (in kana)  
Sakizuke Minazuki tofu Yoshino sea urchin adzuki bean wasabi
Hors d'oeuvres Sasamaki wheat gluten Japanese ginger sushi white police motorcycle shellfish congealed food
      Leaf new circle ten lemon pot pidan of sweetfish-like dried tade
One set of structure fresh fish two kinds bud thing
Ceramic ware alfonsino grilled with salt assorted vegetables hashed and pickled in salt source hook
Stewed dishes Hakata bad makeup land brown alga prawns
Deep-fried food scallop waterdrop truth length Lysimachia japonica blue Tang
Meal Japanese ginger rice Konomono miso soup with fishmeat
Dessert of dessert season

Kaiseki low dining table has been carried to table.
first serving is Sakizuke and hors d'oeuvres.
Beautiful. It was a shame that we attached handle and looked for a while.

Extra dishes appear when we open the first serving. We look cool by osaemena coloration.
One set of structure fresh fish two kinds bud thing
Ceramic ware alfonsino grilled with salt assorted vegetables hashed and pickled in salt source hook
Stewed dishes Hakata bad makeup land brown alga prawns
Deep-fried food scallop waterdrop truth length Lysimachia japonica blue Tang  
It is served in refined container beautifully. To refined bowl painted in red seen in the depths, it is Japanese ginger rice.

And seasonal dessert.

Sometimes in atmosphere of such sum,
It is the best to have first-class discerning lunch.

"Hotel Tokyo of garden" official site → This