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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/10/30 15:17

Here was slightly dark closedown school building and park until several years ago.
It became such a wonderful space now.

In arts Chiyoda 3331 on October 29,
Private exhibition of Katsuhiko Hibino of 3331 commission work artists
Preview & opening reception of "do you describe hitohazaze painting?" was held.

Opening speech of Hibino. Answer of "why does person describe painting?"?

At reception ingredients of hometown Gifu of Hibino
We treated many guests with cooking that we used.


Seem to be private exhibition that it becomes approximately eight years since the last in Tokyo, fictionization of Hibino of approximately 30 years
Other than former work which could follow, described in trip to Egypt or Bhutan; is the latest
It is released one action sketching.

During period of exhibition, events to be possible simply because it is arts Chiyoda 3331 are varied.
We make ball and soccer goal using corrugated cardboard and do mini soccer
Hibino Cup 2010 in Chiyoda is going to hold on December 4.

Unfortunately crane painting by Hibino planned on October 30
It was postponed because of typhoon on November 14 (plan).

This exhibition which is held in a feeling of air of wonderful place called arts Chiyoda 3331
Please come by all means. In detail → This

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/10/27 16:01

Big event of Kanda appropriate for the autumn arrival of reading.
Kanda secondhand book Festival began on October 27 today.

It is said that we know beginning of festival by nickname of "Lennon" in secondhand bookstore street
It is said hello by Kaneko, chairperson of federation of Kanda secondhand bookstore.

It is tape cutting by Deputy-Governor Mayor Ishikawa and Sato sequentially.

In spite of the inside having cold wintry wind 1 at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday on weekdays,
It was full of many people promptly and was.

This is corridor of so-called book.

And this is intersection of Jimbocho.

By headquarters tent of Jimbocho intersection side, storekeeper of secondhand bookstore displays cover
We sell this formal "Jimbocho formula guidebook" which federation of Kanda secondhand bookstore made.
Guidebook as there is bookstore where is in a state out of stock.
You obtain, and please enjoy Jimbocho on the site!

Kanda secondhand book Festival. It is until November 3. For more details → This

Hashtag of Twitter is #kanda_book!

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/10/25 22:32

Event of fine weather to promise new departure of the life to "wedding ceremony"
We say that God former wedding ceremony is high in popularity recently.

General people seemed to come to hold God former wedding ceremony after Emperor Taisho marriage in the Meiji era, too.
"The Tokyo Grand Shrine at Ise" where it is enshrined in Iidabashi to have held general God former wedding ceremony for the first time

"Lumber-carriers' work song" of celebration to color wedding ceremony of Kanda Myojin gorgeously
Edo firefighting memory society, monopoly of so-called head fireman people to connect tradition and the skill of Edomachi fire fighter to in the present age.

Head fireman people tell tradition of town firemen such as "lumber-carriers' work song" "fireman's standard transfer" "acrobatic performances on a ladder" in now,
We convey the skill such as sacred sake place, Kariya structure in the spot of festival.

We meet bridal couple of appearing at the entrance of Myojin Hall.
Shinto priest and Shinto priest of gagaku controlling wedding ceremony stand in line.
Medium deriving bridal couple to front shrine makes low brain respectfully.

And head fireman speaks congratulatory address (notto) of celebration, and lumber-carriers' work song begins in especially high-pitched voice.
It is yoo - o - yaaa - ruyoo - lumber-carriers' work song "Manazuru".
Knob of lumber-carriers' work song of high-pitched voice that we utter when crane flies away echoes in the precincts of Shinto shrine.

Bridal couple who leaves Myojin Hall, and advances with voice of lumber-carriers' work song
We go to front shrine with carpet of scarlet that family attending wedding ceremony, line of friends were spread in the precincts.
Good atmosphere that nobody knows surrounds the precincts, from nature and worshiper and all of visits
Applause of celebration arises. Good.

It is little distance and time from hall to front shrine
This time and space where tune of gagaku spreads, and lumber-carriers' work song of celebration of head fireman does not break off.
We hope that it becomes good memory of bridal couple and attendant.

※"Leader of lumber-carriers" of head fireman at wedding ceremony asks separately 
※For more details, to Kanda Myojin → This


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/10/21 20:20

Russian restaurant in Jimbocho lily of the valley street. roshia bower
As shop which is reasonable, and can taste full-scale Russian cuisine
It is popular shop.

With calm atmosphere, it is full of always young woman customers at lunchtime.
Branch of the Jimbocho roshia bower,
We open in "koredo Muromachi" to open on October 28.

Walking ahead of ta reception was held for opening today.

Concerning Russian restaurant in invited guest as for the Russia.

Appetizing dishes equal table.



If koredo Muromachi is Chuo-ku, but is JR; the nearest station is Kanda.
Activation of Nihonbashi may contribute to activation of Kanda.

That bureau of town is set up in koredo Nihonbashi, too.
Does information of Kanda send, too?

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/10/12 23:19

There is Sakumacho in the north side of Izumi Bridge appearing in the Kanda River from 1 to 4.
It is current figure of merchant town which developed from so-called Sakuma riverbank fish market in the Edo era.

Akihabara Washington Hotel at 1, Sakumacho attracts attention.
There is special room of railroad fan (we seem to say Tecchan) appendix slaver what.
We say railroad room "kuhane 1304", and there is luxurious railroad diorama in this room.

But, this purpose is not the room. (we do not seem to readily get by reservation rush)
It is the second-floor family restaurant "Denny's" of aim suha hotel.

In front of front entrance is Akihabara Station.
Buffet lunch of soosoo Akihabara Washington Hotel seems to be popular, too.

Work with festival as motif is hung in wall surface of the entrance side.
Large miniature shrine of Edo Shrine (Kanda market) was pattern to do with shrine to Kanda Myojin.

Well, go up stairs tap-tap; and to objective "Denny's."
And, "is smoking? We receive question, but reply is it non-smoking?with "terrace!".
It is hard to understand the existence of terrace even if we go only after saying frankly.
Well, lead to terrace from quiet door per back stab; and ...

Willow forest Inari Shrine is that back side sees it in Kanda Kawagoe in the front of terrace.
There will not be benefit even if we go and worship from terrace. Probably.

And Izumi Bridge and the Metropolitan expressway built over Showa-dori are seen on the left side.
We see disaster prevention anchorage that is used for departure and arrival of Chiyoda-ku Eco boat toward you.

The best part is scenery on the right side more. Track of JR on contact bridge.
Force of the Shinkansen passing in front of eyes incessantly.

Of Akihabara Washington Hotel where added value is varied for scenery of waterside of the Kanda River
The second-floor "Denny's" terrace.
It is recommended as rest and place of relaxation. (to railroad fan)

Akihabara Washington Hotel is this↓


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/10/06 22:18

It is thing comfortable in autumn that comfortable blue sky is clear.

We see autumn blue sky from between trees and leaf, and some soft sunshine filtering through foliage are dazzling.
Green space where wind to feel on cheeks is comfortable. By the way, where am I?

Soft positive damariga reaches promenade of stone pavement. There is pond among stones of big things and small things, too.
Can you see that crawfish is idle on the bottom of ○ seal of pond? Do you not see? True.

Hey! Crawfish.
As we got out of bank unsteadily and took a walk,
We came to water so that we were not attacked by crow and bird.

It is sloping, and, in this park, even Kanda is full of changes now with few Awaji Park
Besides there was pond and crawfish was there, too and was popular with children from ... old days.

It is Meiji University liberty tower to show backward. Ochanomizu kindergarten is seen on the right side.
Two uncles of office worker take a short break leisurely at bench of the shade of a tree.

There is title of "brocade bloom Hill" in the highest place of this park in western slant of Surugadai.
It is one which "Hill-Top Hotel" is to go of this slope.

I see, we enter brocade bloom street at main street under Surugadai and turn right at Ochanomizu (old brocade bloom) elementary school.
Firstly he/she left the name of brocade bloom of brocade bloom elementary school which we founded only for park in Kanda.
Monument of "learning from Soseki Natsume brocade bloom" that it is built on site of Ochanomizu Elementary School is famous.
Deep-blue green and space of rest among watersides were "Kinka Park". (2-1, Sarugakucho, Chiyoda-ku)


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/10/06 19:33

It is 30 years from birth!
Does it become already like it? Mmm, it will become.
PAC-MAN which broke through very much in Japan.

These games fill up non-daily life space of arts 3331 and are new with nostalgia
Though it is digital, we bring on analogous atmosphere.
We appear in community space!

At entrance of gallery the history of Pac Man.

Pac Man world that hard software of game was displayed.

Trivia of Pac Man is displayed and does not collect to enthusiast.

We display orchid nap of T-shirt abundantly.

Photograph is OK except a part. Souvenir picture spot is ant, too.

It is Close on Monday (holiday) on October 11 until these consecutive holidays.

In detail → This

Saturday is OPEN in no charge for admission how until 21:00 for Friday, October 8, nine days.
By all means! To 3331 arts Chiyoda.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/09/29 20:54

Restaurant of the former Japanese apricot with red blossoms riverbank fish market of the Kanda River by Shohei Bridge who came again
This time the fourth shop from the Shohei Bridge

The CaveBar Japanese apricot with red blossoms bank of a river

It is restaurant of western dishes system. On panel of store four points of lunch menus.

When we enter in front door of CaveBar Japanese apricot with red blossoms bank of a river calm atmosphere

There are stairs dropping on the right hand immediately to B1. The left hand is cash register.
Front end is fitted with glass entirely and is spirited shiningly.

We place ourselves at counter seat of the depths on the first floor, and omelette with rice is ordered by lunch menu.

Soup and coffee are bundled with salad to melty omelette with rice softly.
850 yen

Meal is possible on terrace of 1F, too.
Be wrapped up in the sky autumn refreshing autumn, and are ship and meal that we look at waterside coming and going in the Kanda River particular?

Water is hue that is considerably dark, but, as for this, water itself is transparent with color of the bottom when we see in photograph.
In addition, we think that we do not taste discomfort even if we eat as we never do smells.

Pleasure of time for meal doubles scenery of this photograph from terrace in fresh angle.
We will experience two more remaining restaurants soon.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/09/15 23:26

Until Shohei Hill school is established in Yushima at the middle of the Edo era
Current Shohei Bridge appearing in the Kanda River called small (potato is rough) bridge
Slope served from sleeve of Shohei Bridge on Ochanomizu Station is Awaji slope
This slope has been ever called small slope, too.

Four restaurants which made an elaborate plans form a line on the right side going up Awaji Hill along elevated brick.
The name of "the Japanese apricot with red blossoms bank of a river" where we were ever summoned to remains in the name of viaduct.

Spanish food L tea Theo Dell Puente

Japanese-style bar liquor bower juraku

Chinese Cafe forest Ranko

The Cave Bar Japanese apricot with red blossoms bank of a river

Four systems of restaurant hoterujuraku where is all opposite which we stood in in this way.
Well, having eaten lunch this time "Chinese Cafe forest Ranko" of the third house

There is underground floor, and window is very bright.
We do not confirm whether other three houses are similar made, but will be probably so.
Shohei Bridge is seen on the right.
In addition, boisterous dance of ninarutokokoiradeha oysterbird (Yurikamome) will be seen from now on in winter.

Well, lunch which we ate up is this ↑\ 850
Chicken nonantarano set meal. Besides, it is a lot of set meals. There were noodles and set lunch of rice, too.

Is it finished at each restaurant right here on 4th in one, week when it is messy to think about lunch?


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2010/09/10 23:00

Smart and stylish "introduction to Edo Kiyari"

By head fireman learning through the grapevine (kuden) to join tradition of Edomachi fire fighter together
It is special lecture for beginners who can learn the basics of "lumber-carriers' work song".
You who admit Kanda native.
In addition, you attracted by Kanda native must come and join, too.

We open a course from October (basic guide course of four times of continuations)
■Holding October 14, November 11, December 9, January 20
■Time from 18:30 to 20:00 ※Thursday second in each month on Thursday third only in January
■House (Chiyoda-ku designation tangible cultural property Kanda Myojin adjacency Miyamoto Park) of venue Kanda
■Entrance fee 12.000 yen (only as for the collective attendance, possible four times)
■15 capacity (the first deadline) ※We are resident in Chiyoda-ku and are given priority to person of working

■Support, cooperation Chiyoda-ku Board of Education Edo firefighting memory society fourth ward fifth group 
        Chiyoda City Tourism Association Kanda Shrine

Sponsorship: House (Chiyoda-ku designation tangible cultural property) of NPO corporation Kanda
As for the inquiry, "house of Kanda" 2-16, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku Miyamoto Park is inner 
         Please to telephone 03-3255-3565

"Introduction to Edo lumber-carriers' work song lecture" participation application
By fax or email
FAX 03(3291) 7014 MAIL