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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/11/28 21:00

Speaking of Jimbocho, accumulation of secondhand bookseller and publishing company is famous as town of intellect
Restaurants crowd, too, and lunches in particular are fierce battle zones.

Let's introduce one small alley bending this time from Suruga Her Excellency, Yasukuni Dori!

Sandwich Yasukuni Dori from Sanseido; approximately in the front
We will come in small alley put to Starbucks and ticket person.

Enter alley, and in B1 of building same as immediately right Starbucks
There is "cow formidable man" with beef as main menu. Is it joke of lion at home?
Hamburger steaks seem to appear in menu in lunch, too.

Set meal of the sum has substantial "it is not heated" in left side 2F of there.
"SOL AMIGO" also main in B1 under the ground Mexican food.

There is popular "abokafe" by former curry Grand Prix when we move glance to the right.
Avocado can enjoy stylish menu which is quite popular with women according to the name.

Next has "Kanda dumpling shop" of Chinese food on the left side.
tenhishikui*kobo which each site in Kanda is dotted with is this chain store.
He/she gives discount ticket of 50 yen to be usable on the next time after a meal and it is common throughout each shop and is usable.

"Sea storehouse" is menu of fishery products according to the name that there is before dumpling person.
We are popular with fish enthusiasts at night as bar.

There is fine "fish 100" by turnout that at a glance wooden building shows at exit of alley.
Of course night bar is main, but is doing good business in lunch time.

We do business in this ground, and on earth how many years will it rise to other angle?
There is "ikyo" getting support of great fan with ancestor and a half ramen.
It is shop recalling me to former early ramen Chinese noodles of the Showa era.

Restaurant which jostled in alley of 10 meters of only numbers only introduced; 8 stores.
In fact, there are another several, but omits at ... this time.
If there are boiled fish, beef on ramen, dumpling, grilled fish, there is avocado, too; and ...
How about trying one-week lunch in this alley?


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/11/26 10:57

We went to family bazaar of Iwamotocho.
Because it is wholesale district of clothing, we gather from socks to suit coat.
In addition, food, various things including household goods dumpling are sold.
We dig and may come across thing after being able to buy in discount cheaply. It is performed late next week this weekend. Person having time, please go to visit.
For more details, it is ⇒

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/11/24 22:56

What was introduced in ad street "Sudacho" broadcasted on October 1
"Tempura sky soldier" who had lunch this time, and was cooked

Address 1, Sudacho (Sudacho central part town assembly)
It is row of striking distance Doutor Coffee of Awajicho intersection (Sotobori Street)
Introduction article that appeared in lunch menu and the media in store is ...

We fry tempura of sky soldier in oil whether it is said that predecessors in the family line found by ancient documents of Edo.
Does even small portion show the power; oil?
Oil which is produced from nut of kaya used for go boards.
We are lifting up one and oil of illusion that producer has few in addition to sesame oil nicely now.
It is tempura which is hard to perform heartburn even if we eat a lot which is light though it has body.

The master of here invites being born to the breeding with smile.
At lunchtime, there are wife and good-looking son for waiting on customers with another cook.

We had tempura set meal. Sky soup and salt. And lick; this miso soup. With pickles.

It is cozy shop of small rise, but counter is prosperous in eight seats and the depths.
While as it was slow lunch, we have a long talk with the master and wife and take photograph
Anyone has disappeared in shop.

Tempura restaurant which is always reported a lot to TV or magazine, and is famous in Kanda.
It was mosquito net deep-fried tempura "sky soldier"!


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/11/22 11:46

Bar goes round Kanda neighborhood aimlessly.

With "Kanda ball ton" reaching the first anniversary today in Kanda,
In Kanda of the sixth anniversary, December 17 broadcast "haunting! In ad street kku heaven of introduction plan
We visited you to well-known store under guard, shop "Yamada Mongolia Kanda north exit store" of Jingisukan.

This building which stands at intersection of the Kanda Station south exit. Elevated; is nearby.

In "Kanda ball ton," this big flag is mark.

This place is entrance. Big letter of sparerib.
"Joshu pig" which has been shipped directly every day from Gunma. Exquisite skewer or pan.
We warm, and Joshu pig and liquor of warehouseman direct shipment are recommended shops.

Appetizing smell in shop. On shelf liquor of warehouseman direct shipment in a row.

Next is shop "Yamada Mongolia" under guard at the Kanda north exit side.

Atmosphere that the shop was chic, and was settled down.

In the depths, it is refrigerator of cupreous barrel called "super tank".
Taste of beer seems to be particularly different.
Jingisukan and beer. It is the best pair!

At the entrance, it is bill of Kanda Myojin of business prosperity prayer. As for the figure that manager carries omikoshi on the shoulder in the lower left?

This is Nakano of manager. Come to Kanda, and the sixth year.
Of course, first selling of shop is "cooking that is herushi-!".
There seems to be usually turnout in families on office worker and holiday.

Recommendation of manager is back menu of Yamada Mongolia,
Sauce of Jingisukan of "bell."

Basic sauce of constant sellers which this place is home of home Hokkaido, but are got close to.
We do not usually appear in shop, but seem to be able to provide when we hang a roar to the staff!

In addition, there seems to be back menu,
"Anyway, saying can call out!"; manager.

Well, lamb three kinds set of fun finally comes up;}.

Is Yamada Mongolia now; of December 17 broadcast "haunting! In ad street kku heaven
We are carrying out special campaign in total.
When we put what digit it was ranked in ranking in program,
He/she seems to present these three kinds of sets free! Discount!
(possible the ※ next time use)

In addition, there seems to be privilege when we come off. Ask participation methods to the staff in detail.

ju tto, very appetizing sound.

It became good color!

Meat is juicy with wall thickness softly.
Though it is raw lamb, there is no smell really!

Press pool all members "are delicious!" It is sensation in this.

We finish eating meat,
It is recommended Yamada Mongolia

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/11/18 8:43

We won the championship at Tokyo six University baseball this autumn to try to be in 4 seasons
Parade of Meiji University baseball club is okonawata on the afternoon of November 17.
Parade leaves Meiji University academy common at 14:40.
School song, the first rooters' song "song of bluish purple" song of ­ student "cloud of flower which I smell at the capital"
We paraded around town of Kanda on music of pattern for approximately one hour in chance.

Parade leaves academy common at 2:40

Oh? Spreading smile on seat of top red convertible
It is the master of Japanese sweet shop "MATSUYA" founded in the Edo era in Akihabara Showa-dori (Kandamatsunagacho)
Heard with man of influence of Meiji University whole country parents' association, but ...
It was person who could handle so proud role!
At the first car rear seat of convertible, President Director Nagahori, Naya, mukidenkotomokaicho is ride from the sidewalk side.

As for the pitcher ace Nomura who received draft first place nomination from Hiroshima Carp
We answered encouragement of person from ­ which went to way from convertible.
Parade turns to excellent valley street in front of Ochanomizu Station and advances.

Players of baseball club raise pennant, too and enjoy parade with the smile whole face

Figure of Nicolai temple is beautiful in the background when we turn right from excellent valley street to Hongo Street

Support department cheer leaders of the brass band rear heaps up parade, too
We answer encouragement of roadside with cute smile.
You turn right at the intersection of Ogawamachi and go straight on in Yasukuni Dori, and turn Suruga Her Excellency to the right
It was parade of approximately one hour to return to Meiji University academy common of starting point.

There is Meiji University in Kandasurugadai!
There was Meiji University baseball club championship congratulations.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/11/11 9:38

※This is blog of this association student internship having you carry out tourist attractions investigation.

Kanda River, Nihonbashi River Cruise was performed for Sunday and two days on Saturday, October 29, 30th.
It is Cruise of round-trip approximately one hour of Akihabara - Nihonbashi.

Lower photograph is state at the time of the departure from a port.
31 capacity was full, and the ship was filled up with reservation with two days.

Building of brick seen on the left of photograph is building of old forever bridge station building in Kanda.
Because track of JR went on this building, we seemed to escape being demolished.

Bridge of lower photograph is "Hijiribashi" which is near Ochanomizu Station.
It was completed in 1927, and this name was acquired because we tied up Nicolai temple to Yushima temple of Confucius.
It seemed to be Tokyo eminent tourist attraction at the time of completion.

This is Ochanomizu Valley, "is here really the Kanda River? Scenery called "spreads.
That mamushi appears, too!

And we arrived in Suidobashi.
Both sides of river were lined with buildings, and there was a feeling of coercion.
Atmosphere is quite different from Ochanomizu of neighbor Station.
It is refuse dump to carry by ship to be seen on the photograph right.

We enter the Nihonbashi River at here.
There are most of the Nihonbashi River in underpass of the Metropolitan expressway.
Flow of river worsens under the influence of pillar of overhead wire, and this neighborhood seems to be easy to be muddy.
The riverbanks fish market include stone wall or bridge of the Edo era, and there are many secret famous places.

We finally arrived in Nihonbashi of the last destination.
The history of this bridge was old and was completed in about 1603 and was arch-formed wooden bridge in those days.
And we see only from ship, but the ruin of a fire of Tokyo blitzkrieg is seen, too.
Letter called "Japan zero milestone" is buried in central part of bridge, and there are other replicas to sleeve, and there is the secret highlight a lot.

Popular Kanda River, Nihonbashi River Cruise finished being two days, but seems to be planned at time of cherry tree of the next spring on the next time.
Please expect one with interest.

Chiyoda City Tourism Association intern K H, S Y

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/10/31 23:20

Edo total local deity Kanda Myojin
saiko did "higashinichihondaifuruiwazawaifukukyochinwazawaikiganshinyotogosai".

From Saturday, October 29 18:00 in the main hall of the Shinto shrine
Among parish representative, person concerned with parishioner town assembly, veneration group, majority three lines including the public
Shinto ritual "Great East Japan Earthquake revival Rogation Days" were held solemnly.

Divine spirit of Kanda Myojin becomes "ceremony for moving a deity to a new site" to move in large miniature shrine after Rogation Days from main hall.

Divine spirit was performed utsushiza of by large miniature shrine which fitted into hoyasuko.
Akira Kanda Kanagawa Univ. miniature shrine comes to just wait for tomorrow's appearance o.

Large miniature shrine on the 30th early morning of Sunday,
We are carried to place of old two countries Kariya of 2, Higashinihonbashi from Shinto shrine
Ceremony of togosaidego was held, and we carried on our shoulder, and advance was done by Nihonbashi parishioner.
Miniature shrine surrounded Higashinihombashi, Meijiza, Hamacho, Ningyocho area in high spirits in the morning.

Large miniature shrine which arrived at Chuo-dori in the afternoon is the tail of "Nihonbashi bridging 100 anniversary" miniature shrine parade
We arrive at Kofunecho, Muromachi one, 1, Nihonbashi, 34, Kyobashi, position after Kayabacho 23.

In front of Akira Kanda Kanagawa Univ. miniature shrine in humped-head goldfish festival car, front of it with two-pole banner
Parish representatives of Kanda, Nihonbashi sit in a row in Otorii chief priests of Kanda Myojin at the start.
Of "catfish very much and main point" "Onikobe" that children pull and turn to there was, and festival attracted attention, too.

shindemmeishindaishinyotogo is that divine spirit is togo of moved Shinto ritual
Without going to parishioner area of Sanno Hie-jinja Shrine of the Nihonbashi south
It makes a U-turn in mark by Japan road former vote of the Nihonbashi center and turns down Chuo-dori.

Large miniature shrine was handed to Kanda parishioner around Imagawa bridge of Chiyoda, Chuo-ku boundary by Nihonbashi parishioner.
13 middle Kanda-cho, Kanda Station east alliance, central combination are charge of bearer from ward world.
The Higashikanda, Iwamoto-cho alliance carries on its shoulder from 2, Sudacho and crosses Izumi Bridge appearing in the Kanda River
We carried on our shoulder, and hand was delivered to the alliance in eastern Akihabara.
It is Sotokanda alliance, kokoshinshahosankai from forever bridge 1 to intersection under Myojin.
And we finally turn out to be Miyairi who can carry only white short coat of Shinto shrine designation on the shoulder from Myojinshita.
(Akira Kanda Kanagawa Univ. miniature shrine which, as for the photograph, passes away in the neighborhood of Showa-dori Akihabara Station)


Carry out Miyairi of force wonderfully, and carry large miniature shrine on the shoulder at 19:00 on schedule; worship of the hand

Large miniature shrine "chaku*sai" does while all people concerned watch, and break line
Curtain of "higashinichihondaifuruiwazawaifukukyochinwazawaikiganshinyotogosai" for two days was closed.

"gambarou Japan"


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/10/31 15:02

Round-trip ship proceeded from Akihabara to Nihonbashi for two days on Sunday on Saturday, November 29, 30th.
It was every day five flights, but was full by all schedule advance reservations.
Unfortunately one that was not able to go on board gave a lot of voices to face holding on the next time to.

In the neighborhood of Izumi Bridge disaster prevention anchorage of departure place

Amount of red brick shelf of neighborhood of forever bridge JR which we looked at from ship

Hijiribashi of Ochanomizu that we looked at from ship

In transportation that commentaries such as bridge or stone wall to see from ship were with, and former ship was important
We think with pleasant cruising while we think of the times that there was having been possible.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/10/28 17:53

The fastest report!

We went for holding, "Kanda sports Festival" today until Sunday on 30th from Friday, October 28.

Kanda brook open space where photograph becomes main venue.
We may say the first day today, and it looks like it is not crowded still more.

However, from tomorrow featured plan first Kanda curry Grand Prix of this year
We hold!
Two days of dream that curry of individual new store, curry people of royal road gather from well-established curry of Kanda!
Of curry eat, and can compete!
This time started in earnest and was taken a lot up in media that we tried for the first time!
The photograph is booth of curry Grand Prix. We should have long lines here tomorrow.

This "fun lottery" of sports Festival common usage. Various sporting goods hit!

Furthermore, it is sold early reservation discount ski lift ticket only in sacred place Kanda sports shop street of winter sports!
From each skiing area sale. Pleasure of this winter is this!

This is Yasukuni Dori venue. There is PR booth of skiing area on street much.

The details of 2011 Kanda sports Festival, Kanda curry Grand Prix
Please see link as follows.
From Friday, October 28 to Sunday, October 30. As for the neighborhood, Ogawamachi Station, Jimbocho Station are convenient.

Sports Festival      → The details click this.
Kanda curry Grand Prix → The details click this.


It is held in neighbor Jimbocho what we want to enjoy in conjunction with sports Festival,
"Kanda secondhand book Festival" (blog introduced yesterday) "Jimbocho book Festival"

Book festival this,
It is held on "Jimbocho lily of the valley street" with entrance in Suruga Her Excellency intersection from tomorrow!

This is state of secondhand book Festival. Along Jimbocho Yasukuni Dori, bookshelf is already already full!

Kanda secondhand book Festival 
From Thursday, October 27 to Wednesday, November 9 → The details are this

Jimbocho book Festival
From Saturday, October 29 to Sunday, October 30 → The details are this 

Kanda of the end of this week is really hot! !
Carry foot by all means, everyone.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2011/10/27 17:31

Secondhand book Festival is carried out today until from October 27 to November 9, various events about book
It is held.

It was the first day on weekdays today, but was full of a large number of one in time of the lunch break.

The mountains and price of the collection of books which we want to pick up just carelessly.
Because there is book of every field, can come across book which surely arouses interest; or
A lot of events in particular include wagon sale too on Saturday and Sunday, too.
Marunouchi shuttle which usually operates Marunouchi free only on Saturday and Sunday on 29th 30th particularly
We extend as "autumn festival issue" in Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara.

The end of this week is Sunday, Jimbocho bukkufesuti in others for from Friday to 30th for Kanda sports festival 28 days
Baru 29th from Saturday to 30th Sunday, music Festival 29th from Saturday to 30th Sunday Kanda
There are full of events including Sunday for from Saturday to 30th for curry Grand Prix 29 days.