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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/02/28 23:49

Photograph of four seasons cage cage of Chiyoda except photograph of time of cherry tree of application object
Work of "four seasons of Chiyoda" photograph contest,
Gallery Kofu Ochanomizu that is close to sports shop town of Ochanomizu
It is displayed at (2-8, Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku) at.

※"Cherry tree photograph contest" recruits photographs of cherry tree.


Thoroughly enjoy beauty of cage cage in the four seasons of Chiyoda-ku;, too.
Admire photograph technology of prizewinner;, too.

It is improved on HP. Look at splendid photograph with PC as it is; ⇒ winning a prize anthology is this
And please go to visit trace, gallery. ⇒Gallery is this place
We can taste different atmosphere when surrounded by photographs in gallery.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/02/28 9:59

※This is blog of this association student internship having you carry out tourist attractions investigation.

When it walks town of Kanda, it is Inari to stand out well.
Crowd zone with Inari that Kanda is more what than in 30 big things and small things alignment.
There is Shinto shrine with the history that is not known still more that does not appear in guidebook when back alley receives for one step either a lot.

At first it is this.

It is Matsuo Shrine of 2, Kandatacho.
It was this Shinto shrine, Shinto shrine where after checking, enshrined deity worshiped Inari God in "ukakoregokommei", and it seemed to be in additional post Corporation of Kanda Shinto shrine for the Meiji period.
Fox appears and disappears in relief here and there.
We like this atmosphere enshrined quietly by one of the depths of dark T-shaped road personally.

Next is this.

It is 18 Inari Shrine of 2, Kandatacho.
The foundation seemed to be called new silver Inari Shrine before the war in the early period of Edo era.
According to authenticating certificate, there is while fire prevention theft benevolence of the gods that is is high in this Shinto shrine, and the whole Tokyo becomes sea of flames at the time of Tokyo blitzkrieg when only Kandatacho avoided disappearance.
In addition, we seemed to be rebuilt by cooperation of local volunteer after the war as concrete main shrine by wooden your company.
It is Shinto shrine which loves, and is loved definitely by people of multi-town.

The last is this.

It is 2, Kandatsukasamachi truth virtue Inari Shrine.
This place faces very small alley.
Staple grains are fertile and are worshiped as akuekichimmamori, God of business prosperity, local guardian deity.

Originally Inari was God of agriculture according to the name of "Inari".
However, the Middle Ages later, we came to be worshiped as industry, all-around God including agriculture as it became commercial society.
It is not difficult for Inari Shinto shrine to have been believed in in town of Kanda where merchant supporting the Edo Shogunate in that, a lot of craftsmen gathered in imagination.
Site was cleaned neatly, and even small Inari whom I saw in town of Kanda was managed well.
In addition, local event is carried out led by these Inari and functions as the center of local community.
We feel that it is relation that I do not cut even if town of Kanda and Inari cut to know from these things.

Chiyoda City Tourism Association intern H T

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/02/27 9:30

※This is blog of this association student internship having you carry out tourist attractions investigation.

We got off train in Akihabara and, across the Kanda River, walked the neighborhood of Kandaiwamotocho.

In here Iwamotocho, a lot of office building and stores are standing in a row now, but we hang from Edo in the Meiji era and prosper in clothing industry and change to kimono and made-to-order clothes after World War I, and even the country is "the ready-made clothes birthplace" which came to produce ready-made clothes at considerably early stage.

There is small child play garden when we cross pedestrian bridge of the Izumi Bridge south, and there is explanation board of "the ready-made clothes birthplace" there.

Furthermore, we discover explanation board of glass open space of Iwamotocho horse beside intersection when we advance to the south!

It seemed to be base that was important as drinking fountain of horse which carried baggage from the Edo era and rest station of person here.
There are not resources at the time, but we have this corner even now and are doing.

We will walk more and more.
When we advance to the Kodemmacho area and enter small alley,

Shinto shrine where seems to have history what in just gap of building!
Place where it is said to that originally ladle had pond called pond in this neighborhood.
That originally pond was big pond called cherry tree ka pond, this ladle came to be called ladle ka pond because daughter called "ladle" threw the body to the pond.
It is somewhat slightly sad story.
Ladle ka pond is already filled up in old days, and correct place does not seem to be sure.
This "ladle Inari great gracious god" is enshrined in the ruins.

It is Kandaiwamotocho visited this time, but understands well that it is town with the history when we walk.
It is pleasant to look for various history resources.

Chiyoda City Tourism Association intern H M

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/02/23 22:39

On March 3, it is the festival "Girl's Festival" of girl.
We display doll of hina doll if we say this.
Let's introduce hina doll which we can look at in Kanda.


Because "Amano-ya" by 3, Myojin, Jinden way torii is founding of 1846 of the late Tokugawa period in the Edo era
It is long-established store eminent Kanda who accumulated the history of approximately 170 business in this ground.
Products such as amazake, natto, miso cooked in underground kojishitsu attract attention as health food some other time.

This hina doll of Tokugawa Reimei-kai authorization doll of princess indispensability of the Owari Tokugawas by limitation
It is doll called return cause produced precious silk garment look having a Court post young bird.
◎There seems to be amazake free service of store paper cup in sky Noya the same as in the past only for March 3.

Bachelor Hall

The history that it is more than 80 years in because soaring "bachelor hall" is right called building of 1928 at 3, Kandanishikicho.
It is Agency for Cultural Affairs designation registration tangible cultural property and is known as the Univ. of Tokyo birthplace, the Japanese baseball birthplace.

Do not yield to luxurious solid atmosphere of building and interior either; is greatly excellent
Old building, the old entrance are displayed in the included front hina doll of seven steps of decorations.
It is said that we lease doll of a certain prestigious family of Kyoto and display.
We think that we can taste more charm when we match with atmosphere to have of building and appreciate.

House of Kanda

Exaggerated wooden building is in "house of Kanda" in municipal Miyamoto Park who is next to Edo total local deity Kanda Myojin.
Because we removed and rebuilt store combined use house of lumber dealer "the Endos" of Kamakura-cho having been continued since the Edo era and built
It is luxurious, valuable wooden construction architecture that used wood which is good for Chiyoda-ku designation tangible cultural property, and is luxurious abundantly.

Noble hina doll seven steps decoration coming to the Endos is displayed at the entrance.
When it is now to a lot of outskirts, rare precious accessory and toy are set.
It is space that can feel warmth of tree and the fascinating clothing of hina doll at the same time.
◎Day when house exhibition of Kanda gains 8. As for the sneak preview, pay, guide is with. We can observe garden and the entrance hall free.

Chiyoda-ku government office

Chiyoda-ku government office is not Kanda regionally. As many people of Kanda went in and out, we published.
As it is displayed for the middle to go from the entrance to inhabitant of a ward hall and elevator hall, time of relief is popular.
We think whether we put together as 9, library and dining room on the tenth floor are excellent at view and may be observed.

Hotel of garden

Of concept of the sum of 1, Misakicho that is close from Suidobashi Station while being refined; of friendly feeling is popular
"Hotel Tokyo of garden" receives "comfortable hotel" of that Michelin authorization.
Hina doll of seven steps of decorations is displayed in lobby where there is a feeling of cleanliness with neatness and brings on cute atmosphere.

Is doll with product of early craftsman of the Showa era? To small place elaborate in simplicity
It becomes the beautiful finish and adapts ourselves to space of hotel wonderfully.
◎We think display of luxurious, rare doll warrior displayed in the Boy's Festival of May to have to see it.

☆"Doll's Festival of Chiyoda" of Chiyoda City Tourism Association special feature → This


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/02/23 11:06

※This is blog of this association student internship having you carry out tourist attractions investigation.

It is Kanda to have gone to visit aimlessly.
Gusset which has not gone down though we went by train well.
The looks of the sky are quite dark when we arrive at that, station. Is it all right?
It is Kanda Station west exit mall we pass through Kanda Station west exit wicket, and at first to have got into eyes.
Language school seems to be near, too.

Office worker seems to come to eat rice in noon.
Anyway, there are many ramen shops. Celebrity shop opens a store, too.
As well as ramen shop, we had an impression that restaurant was really many areas.

When go ahead through such a mall for a while, scene only in this area.

Language school is nearby, or there are very many signboards of foreign language.
As it is in various places, how about this when we look for?

Pass through mall; and to the Otemachi area.
There are o, bridge when we take a walk what there is here.
Named "Kamakura Bridge" is. We want to see what it is Kanagawa.

As there was sign close to bridge, we saw casually.
When do; there…

It was written down once that it was place that was for air raid.
The scratch was left in bridge.

All the traces of such a hole seem to be things with bullet.
Innumerable traces are left in the whole bridge.
There do not seem to be many people to see this situation and passes by everybody now.

We bumped into place that we were made to think about in various ways in Otemachi neighborhood.

It turned out that it was greatly different in characteristic every area even if we said Kanda to a mouthful.
There are various kinds of old face, current faces.
As the highlight of Kanda is not only place that we introduced this time, you have you take a walk by all means, and please discover pleasure only for oneself.

Chiyoda City Tourism Association intern A T

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/02/22 9:44

※This is blog of this association student internship having you carry out tourist attractions investigation.

We introduce "willow forest Shrine" in Kandasudacho this time.
This is quiet Shinto shrine surrounded by apartment or small stores.

It is not greatly at all outstanding Shinto shrine, but is atmosphere that green is full and calms down very much.

"Raccoon dog state" this one which is famous in this Shinto shrine.
It is advancement in the world, success in life, God of game.

Why will God of raccoon dog be said like that?
It is ...
"Raccoon dog" → "It goes without others" → "We pull others"
Coming from nice ring called this.

Letter of "preeminence" is written based on raccoon dog state.
As we have a meaning "by far", we can see the word "preeminence" here and there in the precincts, too.
We visited you in the morning, but person who came for prayer came consistently.
Office worker making a point of stopping by in the middle of commuting or age that gathered from neighborhood when it is fine vary.

We who are writing blog are juniors now and look for a job in this way.
We want to come for prayer again to do well at job hunting.

Raccoon dog looks forward to in Shinto shrine which is full of hit, green if solar light is warm.

And such a pretty customer came.
We relax so as to already think to be resident not customer.

This is raccoon dog-shaped lightener.
We seemed to turn on light in old days and are put now elsewhere in boundary.
Please look for.

And ornament (lucky charm?) of raccoon dog which is very small in this Shinto shrine, and is pretty We seem to be able to purchase this.

Willow forest Shrine nestling to Akiba who is strong in image of electronics quarter quietly.
As it is in immediate place on foot from JR Akihabara Station, please go to visit if you have time.

Chiyoda City Tourism Association intern S Y, M M

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/02/19 23:53

Shop of Kanda native
Let's introduce "dig which we do not sentence Japanese dishes" to of 3, Kandasakumacho!

We go out the Showa-dori Exit of JR Akihabara Station and cross Showa-dori,
Of Sobu Line elevated; when walk a little to go, there is "sanhore" in point of hotel friend.
This old brick building is old warehouse of bunshodo founded in hometown.
When it is now, we show solid, valuable presence as building.

There is "sanhore" in diagonal house opposite of this brick building.

This place is entrance.
Curve becomes soft wonderful square with each corner cut off while being corner lot.
Signboard of lunch menu appears on the face and can choose substitute from 5-6 points at the start on day.

What ordered "fried prawn and chicken cutlet set meal" of today's today's set meal (840 yen)
As you see we see, and reckoning and small dish are with fruit.
Volume was enough, too and was had enough deliciously.

Watercolor (the original picture) of town assembly miniature shrine of local 3, Sakumacho is built over wall.
This general is festival enthusiast, but is famous.
And "sanhore" designs store, and logotypes are authors of this watercolor
On earth that Funabashi raised in birthplace of local 3, Sakumacho is him.

Homepage that does not let you be that went to festival illustrator Funabashi → This

Is it seeing off of general? We received this and we finished lunchtime of satisfaction and left shop.
(there is not generally seeing off of general. . . I beg you to understand my position!)

3, Kandasakumacho was lunch of "dig which we did not sentence Japanese dishes" to.
Of course, by night business, we offer delicious liquor and elaborate seasonal dish.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/02/16 22:58

 "myohoeimamoriinekashinsha" Hatsuuma festival

Inari stands still calmly in bystreet of loser of Jimbocho 3.
Way where bystreet of Kyoritsu Women's University does not so even usually have the coming and going of person.
"myohoeimamoriinekadaimeishin" and unfamiliar company name are engraved into the framed picture.

Mansion of the daimyo, Koides is at our position when we look at area map of Edo of the late Tokugawa period.
In patron god of a residence of small priest that was remained indifferent to when the Meiji era began, and this area became house in the town
When inhabitants of town protect, and they did us considered to have met again, we are imagined.
Still, we do not understand the origin at time of the foundation as it is Inari God either
It is mysterious Shinto shrine "myohoeimamoriinekashinsha".
Is it meaning that we follow marvelous law of Buddha (strange power) of Glory to the Sutra of the Lotus of the Supreme Law and do?
It is company name that firm's name seems to be extremely Buddhism-colored rich name, and is rare.

Atmosphere that as you see company door is usually shut, and is sad.
However, site is very beautiful, and there are cleanliness, refreshing feel.

Right and left of company and backward Mikata cannot deny formal feeling among buildings.
It is come out of street, but, seeing from which entrance, company is position collecting that they are hard to see.

February 16 is festival "Hatsuuma feast day" of annual Inari.
Everybodies of neighborhood gather for familiar red flag noisily.

Shinto ritual is held solemnly by Shinto priest of Misaki Inari Shrine.
Neighborhood inhabitants who protect this shrine go and worship and celebrate Hatsuuma now.

Finish festival without delay on Shinto ritual, Hatsuuma, and is everybody; souvenir picture.
(we put shading off in the face in consideration of right of likeness of each personal all of you although being rude)


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/02/10 17:02

This time when winter cold is severe,

Hina doll is displayed early in Kanda.

We heard such a local local information and went

"House of Chiyoda-ku designation tangible cultural property Kanda"

In Miyamoto Park that there is this next to Kanda Myojin
Building which removed and rebuilt house of lumber dealer of former Kanda.

The seasonal decoration is always carried out,
(clothing blog → "cheeks enthusiast and summer clothing, house of Kanda" when we visited in July)

We can feel Edo culture and atmosphere and taste of Japan,
It is very recommended building.

By the way, by the way, where is the hina doll?

On earthen floor on the first floor in this…

Oh! There was!

It is this! We wanted to see this.
Gee, it is tiered stand for dolls which we did well. Quite powerful.

Furthermore, when look in step, injury with small decoration.

Small decoration of food is pretty.

Information was surely true.

In fact, the decoration of hina doll of family of Kanda,
It seems to be displayed to a lot of March.

Day when there is 8 is sneak preview day. Person who wants to taste the Doll's Festival quickly,
This month 18 and 28th are recommended.

We did not visit you this time,
Tiered stand for dolls of famous doll writer called Heizo Oki seems to be on the second floor. We can see by sneak preview.

Homepage of house of Kanda is this place → "House of Kanda" official homepage
Account of Twitter is this → @kandanoie

By the way, next

In Akiba, Osaka appears from today.

Based on information called this, we went.
Higashiosaka product exhibition in Tokyo.

This is performed in Akiba square of Akihabara UDX2 floor from today
It is product exhibition of Osaka full loading.


Booths form a line in venue in this way.

In Higashiosaka, manufacturing industry seems to be prosperous.
This garnished doll with Swarovski.

Robot of armor doing in Shanghai.

Is it specialty of Osaka? We discover thing named gal mom product Development Division.
We can actually thoroughly enjoy product which we dealt with.

This "Higashiosaka product exhibition in Tokyo"
Until from Friday, February 10 to 12th Sunday. → The details of event are this

As there seems to be live of comedy, too,
Come by all means on the weekend.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/02/05 18:07

Kanda Myojin "Setsubun festival" Friday, February 3 14:00 ...

☆The appointed time
It depends on
one ward of Edo firefighting memory society four wards five wards head fireman a large number of people about parishioner area of Kanda Myojin
Voice of lumber-carriers' work song is loud, too, including
red ogre, blue ogre, koshikibujin,
Following daikoku, Ebisu state, court musician playing gagaku, Shinto priest of ancient attire,
Parish representative who dressed fully with old ceremonial dress look to hakama, special veneration person, entertainer, each parishioner town assembly,
Line of age man women born under the same zodiac sign as the current year goes to sansusumi, main hall of Myojin in the precincts from the Shinto gate.
Setsubun bean-scattering ceremony participant of one of this year became approximately 440 people how.

Line top in head fireman a large number of people of Kanda, Nihonbashi to sing lumber-carriers' work song of Setsubun festival celebration in loudly,
We go ahead through the precincts crowded with a large number of people who came to be given fortune full.

Parish representatives of Kanda, Nihonbashi of Edo total local deity "Kanda Myojin" sit in a row in the main shrine front
We watch Mayor Ishikawa Chiyoda, Mayor of Yata center, ornamental scented ball percent of Chief police, firefighting, tax practice.

The Setsubun bean-scattering ceremony of participation begins in parish representatives one of 440 beginning.
The precincts overflow with person to be given fortune from quite popular Kanda Myojin, and excitement is in a state.
We divide people who receive this time, and we regulate, and rope is shift.
Security and relief are the first. . . When there are accident and injury at the bean-scattering ceremony, it becomes nothing.

Otorii Miyaji watches the bean-scattering ceremony with smile on terrace on Hoo the second floor, too!

In the precincts of charge festival of Kanda Festival pull, and familiar "Onikobe" is good for Setsubun in thing.
There were many people who took souvenir picture in front of Onikobe. It was popular person.
Three clear high-rise buildings to see forward soar in front of Akihabara Station
From the right, it is DAIBIRU, UDX building, tower apartment.

Because it is dangerous, we announce when we will do not pick up falling article.
Please take only fortune home with you.

Because though a large number of sightseeing, visits came, anyway people sprinkling fortune are 440 people
We think to be that we were given fortune in everybody it.
We change and pray so that one year becomes happy age without evil ability safely this year!

Everybody who finished the bean-scattering ceremony becomes feast (there is me) in Myojin Hall.
Such dishes associated with Setsubun are served.

Is Kanda this year, Kanda Myojin beginning Misaki Inari Shrine, willow forest Inari Shinto shrine
Setsubun festival was held grandly in Inari Corporation and temple which lay scattered in each area.
February 4, the following day is Risshun.
However, self-regard physical in day colder continuing.