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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/04/25 22:16

The amusement center where it was got close to Okuyama in the west whole area of Senso-ji Temple from the Edo era.
The Asakusa amusement center birthplace where street performance and show booths formed a line from the Edo era.
We reproduce cityscape harking back to the Edo era here
Mise such as Edo accessory, print, toy, lantern, armor-back held-flag, Japanese towel is more than 60 shops.
Teahouse or stage of street performance where we spread scarlet rug appear.
When pass through Okido; is Times lip in town of Edo.
It is
"Asakusa Okuyama scenery" to be able to enjoy taste of Edo in the Senso-ji Temple precincts. 

Well, it is Asakusa why though it is town blog of Jinden, Chiyoda-ku?
In fact, Kanda native opens a store in this "Asakusa Okuyama scenery".
We hold private exhibitions before in Jimbocho Sanseido Bookstore
It is famous person in Kanda. The one is ...
Festival illustrator Kazuhiro Funabashi (on earth)

Both birth and the breeding are 3, Kandasakumacho of truth
It is person describing in festival and fair, year of downtown area in painting with watercolors with full of atmosphere.

Well, we hit Hozo-mon Gate when we pass through Kaminari-mon Gate and go ahead through Nakamise rapidly.
Large lantern of Nihonbashikobunacho dedication is tradition having been continued since the Edo era.
It is the main hall of a Buddhist temple of Senso-ji Temple when we sink in Hozo-mon Gate of the large lantern.
Hold prayer to the Kannon a little if you came with much effort to here
We turn to the left if we look up!

The gate in the left hand (the west) is entrance of "Asakusa Okuyama scenery" towards the main hall of a Buddhist temple.
As for 60 several, shop of craftsman and shops of vegetables with dressing form a line in this.

Old and new watercolors line up in shop which does not let you be which went to festival illustrator, Funabashi closely.
There is product of reasonable price including tip bag and ichihitsusen and picture postcard, too; and ...
Many pictures full of festival and the old downtown atmosphere that are happy and excited just to look.
Seasonal season. We had carp streamer and invitation of Kintaro last as the Boy's Festival was imminent.

Such a scenery is seen from venue, too.
Skytree and Senso-ji Temple Five Storeyed Pagoda which we had with opening close at hand

Wife of beautiful woman and pretty young lady (friend) may sometimes tend the store.

And tachibanamigikorekichi which is famous for Edo letter, variety hall letter calligrapher for the neighbor!
We took two-shot with much effort.

Of branch which does not let you be which went to Funabashi
"Asakusa Okuyama scenery" until Monday, May 7!


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/04/19 23:02

It is one of the culture business of Edo total local deity Kanda Myojin
"Myojin private supplementary school" reached the 15th year, and the first scheme was held on April 18.
We feature the theme of "leader and crisis control of Edo" a year this year
Six times of lectures in total are made to November.

Shinto shrine lecture by spring water right chief priest begins in kaikoshindemmeishinsaimusho hall at 18:00.

Lecturer and student attending a lecture proceed to main shrine and go and worship after Shinto shrine lecture formally at 18:45
There is commentary of the history and structure of main shrine by Shinto priest in this.

Principal of a private school of Myojin private supplementary school this year is Yuichiro Ando.

Lecture by Yuichiro Ando principal of a private school began at 19:00.

Title of today's first scheme "crisis control of disaster city, Edo"
◎Central figure Sadanobu Matsudaira of generous politics reform that Eiichi Shibusawa loved and respected
It was central figure Sadanobu Matsudaira of generous politics reform that changed town of Edo attacked time and time again by earthquake or fire to city that resisted disaster. Eiichi Shibusawa who supported the economic world of Meiji respects such Sadanobu deeply. Shibusawa is ... by crisis control of Edo by Sadanobu whom we loved and respected clearly

◎It is performed in the following schedules afterward than the second scheme.
The Meiji Restoration of second scheme Wednesday, May 16 shogun's retainers 
National defense and national remodeling theory of the third scheme Wednesday, June 20 Edo era
Businessmen of Meiji that lived in revolution by the late Tokugawa period on fourth scheme Wednesday, September 19 
Medical reform and welfare of the fifth scheme Wednesday, October 17 Edo era
Bureaucrats who supported the Shogunate on the sixth scheme Wednesday, November 21

As single time attendance after the second scheme is to be possible, too
Please refer to Kanda Myojin for attendance applicant.
Telephone 03-3254-0753

☆Kanda Myojin homepage → This



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/04/12 21:52

We go out the Showa-dori Exit of JR Akihabara Station and advance to the left.
Walk Showa-dori in Ueno direction; and approximately five minutes.
It is kokoiraha, Kandamatsunagacho.
There is "MATSUYA" there. (1, Kandamatsunagacho, Chiyoda-ku)

There is dark blue letter on green tract of land vividly with "Japanese-Western style cake MATSUYA".
Okay, we do not determine in beef bowl shop.
Besides there is not even noodle shop absolutely.

Ground of founding is 2, Nihonbashihoncho.
When say now; in side of Joban bridge gate of a palace, the Edo era of the neighborhood of Bank of Japan
It is excellent location of upgrading.
And the times anything and the Edo era around the culture year. (about 1800)
Founding age is not sure, but it is said that slip, documents at the time are left.

It is 1894 that "MATSUYA" more than founding 200 years moved to Kandamatsunagacho of the present location.
It is the history of awful business that moves to Kanda, and is after, and passes through time of approximately 120 years.
It is "dorayaki" now even if one of popularity says anything here.
It is Western-style, and "coffee dorayaki" which we made gives good taste.
In addition, bring in data and plan; in consultation with the master
As wrap dorayaki in original package; to auspicious occasion or souvenir
As can make individual present to send, is great; is popular.

Oops, we forgot to say taste of "rusk".
Popularity revives rusk recently, but rusk of Matsuya regardless of boom
Try once anytime as you are popular. That which you want even three times even twice.

We tell classic case in shop about the history of business of Matsuya
Shoe tree of cake for cancer taking its ease for celebration and slip and photograph of the Meiji era, permit of business are displayed.
We are impressed a little!

It is the master of "Japanese-Western style cake MATSUYA" to smile in front of noble signboard.
Person calls biography Hyoe for the seventh generation.
Though the seventh generation easily says, it is terribly great thing!
As for the original dorayaki package, it is devised biography Hyoe! It is idea man.

Popular blog "dorayaki father photo studio" of biography Hyoe → This


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/04/10 21:56

At hotel of Michelin official guarantee
We display miniature shrine!

 Is it oya - a?
Person and head fireman of town assemble miniature shrine.
Will it be preparation for festival?

It is excellent miniature shrine. Cinnabar red decoration rope is clean.
We are attaching small bird to the four corners of roof now.

Is it o, completion? . . It was display of miniature shrine not preparations for festival.
As can be seen, it is miniature shrine of 1, Misakicho town assembly in paper lantern with a bow-shaped handle.
In miniature shrine made early in the Showa era by Master master of miniature shrine of Gyotoku, Naomitsu Goto
It is dignified miniature shrine of 3 sun of architrave dimensions two shakus (approximately 68cm) of total unvarnished wood total sculpture.
It is to piece bill of large pattern and miniature shrine of back of short coat with "Miyamoto".
This expresses that 1, Misakicho town assembly is town of home territory of Shinto shrine.

Delicate sculpture is given by roof of Chinese gable of miniature shrine,
We boil circumference of Inari God crest and stiffness which dragon coils itself around in torii and do.
Around trunk of miniature shrine is door, but Japanese myth is carved from side to side.

Well, when say display place hato; 1, Misakicho, Nihon Univ. and striking distance of Kanda church
It was hotel which was comfortable in that Michelin and "Hotel Tokyo of garden" of authorization.

At this hotel unified in concept full of sense of quality of the sum
This miniature shrine is going to be displayed until May 3 (celebration) on the day before annual festival.
We have lobby enter, and please see miniature shrine of display.
・・It was thing with ...

Hotel Tokyo of garden → This

1, Misakicho, 3, Jinden Sakimachi, Nishikanda, 3, Nishikanda, Jimbocho 3
Ujigami of nine society of God west, northern part of Jimbocho 1, one God, north God
Misaki Inari Shrine
As for the annual festival, it is done saiko for from 4 to 5 on May.
4th is alliance cruise and Miyairi worship of each parishioner town assembly miniature shrine.
On 5th, shikokakuchotogo and Miyairi worship of shrine miniature shrine are held.
In addition, Misaki Inari Shrine big festival type is performed saiko of on Wednesday, May 9.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/03/28 21:38

Arrival of this spring is chilly late, but follows
Depending on day, there is day felt to be a bit warm.

Well, it is spring when delicious shikuchatchatto pulls in soba which is chilled if it becomes warm!

What there is in bystreet like the inside of lily of the valley street of Jimbocho 1
Of the entrance which is slightly stylish in Western food restaurant style
Teuchi soba "manryugasei*" (lend circle, and is loss)

We distribute noren, and let's enter shop!
The wide, clean shop (as it was rather late in the afternoon, it is slightly not crowded)

manryugasei* saws soba with independent mortar to regard texture and flavor as important.
We are particular about closing a bargain, and taste, eminent drinkability are unique because we thin with stick.
suo where we saw and stand and establish and boil and are for customer by length,
We seem to always hit side 10 times a day because we keep in mind.
Everybody hitting soba to know
Great energy and warm consideration are necessary work.

This is large serving.
Some soba are a bit big; is stronger; is chewy, and is smooth, and impact of eminent drinkability is strong.
Briefly, it is thing when "delicious!".
We may not get tired even if we eat this every day. (← personal impression)

Spice set (sesame anyone, quail egg, leek, wasabi, sharp taste lowering)

This storekeeper has even member of "meeting of Edo Kanda soba"
We serve for the spread of soba of downtown area Kanda by events of samazana area.
Event of soba that upper photograph was performed in Sudacho "pine" and the other day
From the left
Pine (Sudacho) and Yabu soba (Awajicho), thicket sen (Ogawamachi), Asano-ya (Sarugakucho) ・
Noodle shop of Kanda of manryugasei* (Jimbocho), morning sun shop (Matsunaga-cho), Sarashina (Nishiki-machi).
(18 noodle shops become member in "meeting of Kanda soba")


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/03/23 23:00

 Thing "specialty of Edo" tchaa which there is much in Edo
Samurai bonito Daimyokouji straight sardine tea house purple fire fighter color woodblock print
It is shit of dog in fire quarrel Iseya Inari 
There was much Inari all over Edo City to get this, and to drink!

However, where is dark
When there is the Kannon, we get Chizo moaryaao Fudo and, in Kanda, are thing!

[success in life God of Fire]
The God of the Fire whom name of immediate success in life firmness street is derived from from the Kanda Station west exit.
It is enshrined at 2, Uchikanda, and we worship, and it is done after the war by local Store Association.
We invite the Ueno Kanei-ji Temple priesthood in February, and Setsubun bean-scattering ceremony type is held every year.

[Goddess of Mercy]
We enshrine in Kannon Sakakami, and Kandaawajicho is done.
When Yoshigaura Kanonji or the House of Kannon ever had the name of Kannon Hill on this ground
We seem to be name that is said, and was acquired, but reason with this small shrine is unidentified.

[all love guardian deities of children]
Mr. Fukuo Kishibe who founded Orient housekeeping girls' school in north Jimbocho in the Meiji era
We are said to worship this Chizo, and to have done.
Festival is held every year even now in August by neighbor inhabitants.

horiryukyo which appears in the Nihonbashi River damaged by the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923
When we build again, *zo of the leader of carpenter at the time prays for security of construction
Because we worship Chizo and did, it seems to be called by this name.

Of small shrine of Inari enshrined much in this way in Kanda, besides
Chizo and the Kannon and the God of the Fire who introduced here worship, and they are worked as,
We are managed carefully even now by all of you of neighborhood,
Each ceremony is that it is done saiko.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/03/19 22:17

 "Chiyoda sightseeing & local barrier-free map"
We introduce the second (vol.2).

On o theme that "town easy to walk around will be what"
Person feeling inconvenience in various barriers, people not to feel to be gather
Group which moved into action which made town walk map produced.

Name of the group
"Live With Dream"
(Reeve with dream)

When we walk town in one side B5 size *8 X omoteura, it is full of necessary information.

It is barrier-free map around "around Akihabara Station map" Akihabara Station on this plane.

This is sightseeing map around "around Imperial Palace, Otemachi map" Imperial Palace, Otemachi.

On map as for the step of slant and road of slope
Angle of inclination and difference in elevation are transcribed in just number.
Necessary information is provided to a minimum to appear to town by wheelchair and stroller.

Information of Akihabara Station of destination is written as transportation carefully, too.
For example, as for the number information of space between train and home.
Let alone information of elevator and restroom when we move with wheelchair
We understand step and the slope of doorway of store and commercial building at first sight, too.

With moving information of wheelchair and stroller
If people are easy to use or look at icon in map whether it is hard to do
The facility is clear at a glance how much barrier-free correspondence is accomplished.

Let alone user of wheelchair and stroller elderly and everybody with children
It becomes indispensable map to go back and forth in town safely happily.
This barrier-free map
◎Each Chiyoda-ku government office ◎ Chiyoda-ku branch office ◎ Chiyoda City Tourism Association
As it is distributed nadode free, please use.
※It is during distribution preparations about Vol.2.

It is not administration to issue this map.
Group name
"Live With Dream" (Reeve with dream)
machi-aruki-chiyoda@clubneco .com


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/03/03 22:41

1905 (1905) first generation "dragon Goro",
We found "kame*do" on this ground of Kandajinboucho intersection.
When run early in the Showa era from the Taisho era; from the head family of Kandajinboucho
kame*do which we deleted as much as we could not get on the whole country seemed to be ten several.

We reached the 107th year since its formation
It is Japanese sweet "kame*do" of taste.

Anyway it is a 10-second walk from Jimbocho intersection. It faces Shiroyama Street.
As is expected, we encounter with the day of the Doll's Festival on March 3, and signboard of sakuramochi is outstanding.
Shop gave wagon outside, and was sold.

In shop, we smell good ... as if spring has already come.
Various Japanese sweets are displayed with great relish beautifully.
"Bean Daifuku" is sold out with popularity in this shop on the same day through half a year.
We are proud of high popularity in "the Kanda middle" when God crest of the crest of three comma-shaped figures in a circle was created.

As you see the shop overflows in clean feeling very brightly.
We purchase "sakuramochi" without any hesitation today, and let's celebrate the Doll's Festival!

Let's say Doll's Festival constant seller, or necessary "sakuramochi."
Spring came over to room with fragrance that should open box.

It was today recent "town blog Kanda" whom spring was impatient for.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/02/28 23:49

Photograph of four seasons cage cage of Chiyoda except photograph of time of cherry tree of application object
Work of "four seasons of Chiyoda" photograph contest,
Gallery Kofu Ochanomizu that is close to sports shop town of Ochanomizu
It is displayed at (2-8, Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku) at.

※"Cherry tree photograph contest" recruits photographs of cherry tree.


Thoroughly enjoy beauty of cage cage in the four seasons of Chiyoda-ku;, too.
Admire photograph technology of prizewinner;, too.

It is improved on HP. Look at splendid photograph with PC as it is; ⇒ winning a prize anthology is this
And please go to visit trace, gallery. ⇒Gallery is this place
We can taste different atmosphere when surrounded by photographs in gallery.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/02/28 9:59

※This is blog of this association student internship having you carry out tourist attractions investigation.

When it walks town of Kanda, it is Inari to stand out well.
Crowd zone with Inari that Kanda is more what than in 30 big things and small things alignment.
There is Shinto shrine with the history that is not known still more that does not appear in guidebook when back alley receives for one step either a lot.

At first it is this.

It is Matsuo Shrine of 2, Kandatacho.
It was this Shinto shrine, Shinto shrine where after checking, enshrined deity worshiped Inari God in "ukakoregokommei", and it seemed to be in additional post Corporation of Kanda Shinto shrine for the Meiji period.
Fox appears and disappears in relief here and there.
We like this atmosphere enshrined quietly by one of the depths of dark T-shaped road personally.

Next is this.

It is 18 Inari Shrine of 2, Kandatacho.
The foundation seemed to be called new silver Inari Shrine before the war in the early period of Edo era.
According to authenticating certificate, there is while fire prevention theft benevolence of the gods that is is high in this Shinto shrine, and the whole Tokyo becomes sea of flames at the time of Tokyo blitzkrieg when only Kandatacho avoided disappearance.
In addition, we seemed to be rebuilt by cooperation of local volunteer after the war as concrete main shrine by wooden your company.
It is Shinto shrine which loves, and is loved definitely by people of multi-town.

The last is this.

It is 2, Kandatsukasamachi truth virtue Inari Shrine.
This place faces very small alley.
Staple grains are fertile and are worshiped as akuekichimmamori, God of business prosperity, local guardian deity.

Originally Inari was God of agriculture according to the name of "Inari".
However, the Middle Ages later, we came to be worshiped as industry, all-around God including agriculture as it became commercial society.
It is not difficult for Inari Shinto shrine to have been believed in in town of Kanda where merchant supporting the Edo Shogunate in that, a lot of craftsmen gathered in imagination.
Site was cleaned neatly, and even small Inari whom I saw in town of Kanda was managed well.
In addition, local event is carried out led by these Inari and functions as the center of local community.
We feel that it is relation that I do not cut even if town of Kanda and Inari cut to know from these things.

Chiyoda City Tourism Association intern H T