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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/05/28 21:24

In fact, we published this article that waited, and did not come to blog Kanda in December, 2010.
"Doubtful one-panel structure"

In boutique stylish that doubtful one-panel structure? It became.

We understand the previous state for approximately one and a half years if you can read link article
It was doubtful in such a feeling.
By some appearance of right side one-panel structure of two tenement houses changed a little!
And ... which was worthless because the shutter opened

It was this year and noticed!
Lion is opposite to top of roof how.
Shutter closes as ever; and ...
We go, and the left house does not have change particularly!

If, on the other day, we go along this way after a long absence,
As for the shutter of how what house, bright light spills from all over the difference.
It is some stylish atmosphere!

It is English sentence in the shutter box
We are carved with "Ananda kobo" (ananda studio).

Only, shazam, we called out with "hello ...", but nobody is in 1F!
Floor of unvanished wooden flooring seems to be good.
In loud voice "hello ~!"
Then visit you tap-tap to ton and 2F because 2F says "even ..."; fool.

As went willingly discernibly though it was stylish boutique for woman and put
Come, come, this this deer dimosquito which we said in this way and always paid attention to in this building.
We heard story.
Skylight of a lot of handmade feelings is very pretty when we pay more attention to ceiling.

Well, it is Nishioka couple of owner.
We treat original handwoven textiles, dyeing of Indian natural material, clothes and scarf of embroidery
Website of "ananda studio" which opened in this March (Sudacho store) This

ananda studio 1-17-11, Kandasudacho, Chiyoda-ku 03(6206) 9474 (before peony slant to like bird)



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/05/28 12:55

After the Skytree opening of business, Sumida River cruising was carried out from Akihabara disaster prevention anchorage on the first weekend.

Blessed with good weather, all flights are approximately full. Sea voyage of approximately 45 minutes was enjoyed.

In Asakusa anchorage, Himiko of sightseeing in Tokyo steamship sailed.

 This ticket is necessary.

 The Skytree is seen from Chiyoda-ku Yasukuni Dori.

 Lucky find is full of family bazaars. Have bustle.

Iwamotocho family bazaar is held on 3rd on 2nd on June 1. Please go to visit ※Cruising only on Saturday and Sunday.
The details are ⇒

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/05/28 12:11

The 26th lily of the valley Festival was carried out on lily of the valley street for from 11:00 to 17:00 on Saturday, May 26.

It was called off under the influence of earthquake disaster, but there is booth exhibition from branch from stricken area this year last year, too.

It is booth of Tohoku reconstruction aid.

It is finally opening. It is opening with "Ochanomizu drum" by Ochanomizu Elementary School child "rich year drum" "Hachijojima drum" noisily.

It is performance by brass band club in Kanda Hitotsubashi. There was music of storm and AKB48, too.
There is joint with Salvation Army Japan staff band, too.

It is branch from bachelor Hall.

Both child and adult are a lot of smiles.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/05/25 12:18

Family bazaar that is held in Iwamotocho, Higashikanda neighborhood from today.
We cross Showa-dori from Akihabara Station and are arrival in venue in approximately three minutes.

With opening of 10:00 a.m., there is already turnout in many visitors.
Around Yanagihara Street, approximately 170 stores are opening a store.

By division of Fukushima farm products, we sell fresh vegetables.
There is Wajima, Ishikawa product exhibition in the neighbor.
Local sake of Tohoku, Fukushima is going to open a store on Saturday and Sunday, too.

From men's wear to ladies' wear, children's clothes, lucky find is opened in front of each store.
Of clothing, besides, in the shop of miscellaneous goods and life article, it was a lot.

We are surprised to look at price tag! It was na pricing. When we buy at a time in this chance?

With from Friday, May 25 to 27th Sunday of the end of this week,
                 We hold on Sunday for from Friday, June 1 to 3rd of the end of next week.

The details⇒
Sponsorship: Iwamotocho, Higashikanda family bazaar executive committee

At the same time, meeting [Cruise looking from the Sumida River] which watches the Tokyo Skytree
But, it is carried out (only on Saturday and Sunday).

※Photograph is anchorage of Izumi Bridge. On the day we sell embarkation ticket in the headquarters of family bazaar.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/05/23 22:23

"Famous place Edo 100 view exhibition" now being held (sponsorship: Chiyoda-ku)

== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

From Wednesday, May 23 to Sunday, June 3 from 10:00 to 18:00
Kudan lifelong learning building [no charge for admission] (in front of Kudanshita Station Exit 6)

== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Of Hiroshige collector, Yoshiya Mochizuki possession resident in Jimbocho
It is good opportunity to appreciate all famous place 120 view pairs of the Edo era!

Go up Exit 6 stairs of subway, Kudanshita Station; and building of the front
"Kudan lifelong learning building" of venue

As large size poster of guidance is put in the front of the entrance, we know immediately.

When one step sets foot in venue on the second floor; scenery of Edo of 120 points of the best part is ...
It becomes sense that is watched than we say that we watch. . . Awful force.

Yoshiya Mochizuki of person of possession to be known as Hiroshige collector was broken by venue.
It seems to be in most venues during display period there.

Anyway display score is 120 points.
Masterpiece which takes 2 hours to appreciate all when we see one work by one minute.
Even appreciation of one point of 30 seconds needs time of one hour (commonplace!)

Person who wants to appreciate slowly and carefully cannot but go to visit venue many times.
It is nice place to be no charge for admission.
There are five points of works about Kanda in 120 views.
It may be pleasant to open the frames in Chiyoda-ku, and to appreciate.
"Famous place Edo 100 view exhibition" that you can indulge in to the full in the Edo era.

Please go out!



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/05/15 23:18

 Tuesday, May 15 14:00 ...
Kanda Myojin annual festival was held.

In the first place, as for Kanda Festival and the annual festival of Kanda Myojin, it was done saiko on September 15 of the old calendar.
Having prayed for the victory when Prince Ieyasu Tokugawa went to the Battle of Sekigahara
It was Kanda Myojin enshrined by Shibasaki village (existing Otemachi side) in those days.
And it is to say September 15 of Kanda Festival that we won wonderfully
Call Kanda Myojin and Kanda Festival world festival with cause Sanno honorific title of a Japanese god of protection of the Shogunate afterwards
It became grand festival that was allowed to enter Edo-jo Castle.
※September 15 is about October 20 with current calendar in the old calendar.

Though annual festival is held as handed-down convention in September in 1892
For unstable climate in September of the solar calendar with many landings such as typhoons
Kanda Festival came to be held on May 15.
1948, annual festival was changed to carry out on May 15.

Huge tent is pitched in the Kanda Myojin precincts smoking in the rain.
As for the annual festival, it is done saiko from 2:00 p.m.

The enormousness understands well that we look at tent from this main shrine.
It is approximately 300 seats only at chair seat.

All of chair seats is crowded with parishioner, veneration person, the people concerned before the appointed time.
As for a lot of one that stands backward, and attends annual festival. It became attendance of approximately 400 people.

Ordinary kagura by Wakayama company is performed *jo of on the special stage.
Parish representative, Shinto shrine people concerned watch progress of Shinto ritual by taking a seat in main shrine.
Kanda Myojin, shukushi*jo of Otorii chief priest spread in the whole Shinto shrine.
We pray for peace and prosperity of parishioner and the person concerned of Kanda Myojin
It is climactic scene in Shinto ritual that is the most important through one year.

Dance that Kanda Myojin is original by four mediums on the special stage
Dance of Myojin butterfly is dedicated.
Time for dance is like hard dance for medium for a long time with approximately 12 minutes.

Parish representative, people concerned are gyokukushihosan in this main shrine.
We give sprig of a sacred tree to parishioner and the person concerned in tent one after another successively, and two beats of two etiquette bows.
Kanda Myojin annual festival was performed saiko of without delay.

Parishioner all concerned moved to feast venue of Myojin Hall and turned out to be party of celebration.

@Leader (festival-related articles increase by all means in May of Kanda. By understanding!)

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/05/13 21:02

We do not have Kanda Festival in this year (2012) on year of shade
By major Marunouchi town assembly "Masakado mound preservation meeting"
shomontsukaho*kaidaishinyotogo was performed on Sunday, May 13.

In Tokyo historic site, tomb for the war dead "Masakado mound" of Prince Masakado Taira in front of Otemachi 1
Flat stand, gabled and hipped roof roof and sedan chair festival from unit-related rich large miniature shrine were held.
This ground of Otemachi (old Shibasaki village) is the ground of the Kanda Myojin foundation.
We wrap the body in matching white short coat, and all of member of Masakado mound preservation society companies of major circles participates
Are what and the number of people with approximately 1,000 people?
Large miniature shrine was carried up.

Business district where is lined with big companies taking the center of Japanese economy
With Shinto priest in the lead, line of large paper lantern hung on a pole, Kanda musical accompaniment preservation society and large miniature shrine advances.
Kanda musical accompaniment preservation society of Tokyo intangible cultural asset designation
We serve by traditional musical accompaniment so that everybody can carry miniature shrine on the shoulder comfortably and put up.

Large miniature shrine advances against a backdrop of former Edo-jo Castle (the Imperial Palace) Ote-mon Gate.
We carry on our shoulder, and voltage of the hand keeps on rising.

Large miniature shrine does togo in the following red lines and rotates.
... MITSUI & CO. - promise - Mitsui Fudosan - Marubeni - Palace Hotel Tokyo in front of Masakado mound
Mitsui Mutual Life Insurance Co. - Mitsubishi Estate - Sankei - Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ - Takenaka Corporation - Masakado mound

A lot of woman camps of work participate in Otemachi, Marunouchi district, too
We carry large miniature shrine on our shoulder with fewer smile happily.

Putting is in front of "Masakado mound".
Carrying on the shoulder shows the last upsurge, and feeling the sorrow of parting to large miniature shrine comes.

"We wear, and it is Masakado mound preservation society Oga sedan chair that finishes togo safely, and returned on sedan chair feast day".
University of festival practice chairperson closes and closes no way, and be similar
Today's shomontsukaho*kaidaishinyotogo turned out to be the closing.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/05/09 14:19

We are holding blue sky city by Pratt four muskware of Kandanishikicho today

We can purchase directly from fresh vegetables and northeastern seaweed and kombu, producer including bread of rice flour.

It seems to be opened a store in "hote city" held at tomorrow's Grand Palace.
In addition, satelite shop of Miyagi, Gunma and local producer open a store in hote city. We compare by eating with one coin,
We drink, and there is comparing or is a pleasure.

Detailed information of hote city is this →

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/05/08 16:48

It is past Golden Week, and warm day continues.

Speaking of natural scene or object which adds poetic charm to the season of Chiyoda of this time wrapped in the fresh green… "Festival"!

"Kanda Shrine big festival" to be held this weekend in Kanda Shrine  … The details are this
"Princess Ota Inari Shrine annual festival" that is held more in Surugadai area …The details are this

Festival week that Kanda neighborhood becomes right hot!…Therefore we must prepare this!

At first to Princess Ota Inari under Ochanomizu Surugadai.
For two days on 12th, 13th, annual festival is carried out here.

togo of miniature shrine is Sunday for 13 days. We go round in Ochanomizu, Surugadai area.
Cruise route and detailed time → This

Next to Kanda Myojin.

On day of Kanda Shrine big festival, "Myojin ability" is performed every year here. (prior ticket system)

In the rooftop garden of Kanda Myojin whom we want to recommend to in addition more at time of the fresh green.
Many plants bloom.

And "house of Kanda" of Chiyoda-ku tangible cultural property comes out when we pass through rooftop garden.
Kanda drum festival and lucky find city are conduct in 12.13 days (Saturday and Sunday), Miyamoto Park with family of Kanda.

It is decoration of "carp streamer" to want to see at this time.
To a lot of May as seem to be going to display, want to check this by all means.

... which swims comfortably

In family of Kanda,
For 12.13 days (Saturday and Sunday) of Kanda Shrine big festival, we plan opening in particular.
Sneak preview of building is not possible, but can appreciate garden. At this opportunity by all means.

We had display of helmet in Children's Day in addition.

Air which is good for porch flows.

By the way, if, by the way, we can come to family of Kanda
Souvenir which we want to recommend by all means is this.

"House limited sale Masakado Taira kewpie (500 yen) of Kanda"
Big giant Masakado kewpie guides everybody.

This is product. All bills that is different in six kinds are available.
That we put this charm in the neck, and wish comes true when we tie neck.
We completely right reproduce tomb for the war dead legend of Masakado!

It is souvenir of worship of Kanda Shrine and limitation that we want to purchase by all means in addition.

It is one as souvenir in Tourism Association.
The contents of bill entering neck…We make secret.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/05/05 21:51

We are enshrined in front of Suidobashi Station
Misaki Inari Shrine annual festival was performed saiko of!

With shrine in high spirits miniature shrine of nine parishioner areas society on May 4; do, and go and worship.
Huge shrine miniature shrine of Shinto shrine went round in parishioner area on May 5.

 The foundation is sho, or Misaki Inari Shrine is not released
Before Kenkyu, we are informed with (the Kamakura era) in the Ninan era.
In foot (existing 1, Hongo) Musashi country Toshima county Misaki village of Kadoyama (existing Surugadai) at the time
Is said that was worshiped as company of local deity, after the afterwards many changes,
It is done utsushiza for railroad construction in the present location in 1905 by material along the Kanda River.
(Shinto shrine agency homepage quotation)

The afternoon of May 4, miniature shrine of parishioner 9 town assembly
We met to all members on the street of refurbishing in front of Jimbocho three orders eyes town assembly office where it became (sacred sake place).
Scene toward Shinto shrine in front of Suidobashi Station is the best part by one line of column line!
By unfortunate weather, rain fell more in dribs and drabs just these days on that day.

When line of miniature shrine reached Nishikanda intersection, it presented aspect of heavy rain
We carried miniature shrine which met festival once in two years on our shoulder, and, as for the heat of the hand, there was splendid thing.
In the miniature shrine where attached the ninth piece bill to from the first, with shrine one after another; go and worship; and is return to each town assembly
We turned miniature shrine in hope of flourishing endlessly in the town block to every corner of town.

Nine Misaki Inari Shrine parishioners society
Northern part of Misakicho (Miyamoto) town assembly 3, Jinden Sakimachi town assembly Nishikanda town assembly Jimbocho 1 town assembly
God Nishimachi meeting north Jimmachi meeting 3, Nishikanda town assembly one Jimmachi meeting Jimbocho three orders eyes town assembly

Handing over of shrine miniature shrine of Shinto shrine in the town block was carried out on May 5, the following day.
Shrine miniature shrine performed getting out shrine of at 8:00 a.m. go round parishioner 9 town assemblies one after another for one day
Day almost climax of Misaki Inari Shinto shrine annual festival to return to Shinto shrine in evening.
All of God west (result to pitch a camp) town assemblies who photograph is Jimbocho intersection, and carries shrine miniature shrine on his shoulder with smile well

Of course it is Misaki Inari Shrine Miyaji to lead shrine miniature shrine cruise.
We change completely with the yesterday's rain-threatening weather on that day, and strong sunlight harks back to summer.
People of Kanda musical accompaniment play musical accompaniment with good condition right in front of shrine miniature shrine.

Shrine miniature shrine over parishioner 9 town assembly finally from 4:30 becomes cruise to Miyairi in evening.
Of street in Jimbocho 2 to raise,
Designated red headband wearing is selected as short coat of Shinto shrine parishioner young man society.
To see excitement and force of Miyairi journey that spend a good one hour, during parishioner from the start
Because festival, miniature shrine lover come for sightseeing, Miyairi journeys overflow in frightful bearer hand and sightseers.

There is photograph when we right work as diving Miyairi now at torii of Shinto shrine. (this side main shrine)
Of Misaki Inari Shinto shrine annual festival performed of ichidosaiko for two years during period in consecutive holidays in May
We told about state of chonaishinyotogo and kyushinyotogo.

On Sunday, May 13 of next week
With "Princess Ota Inari Shrine" enshrined in Surugadai festival
There is togo of Otemachi 1 "Masakado mound" preservation society Oga sedan chair.
Season of festival is the arrival!