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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/07/30 22:57

Baker of Kanda who opened invited opening anniversary last year under Myojin. 
It is "bread selling handmade bread under Myojin made of Mitsui".

There is laundryman on the right side when we go down "steeper slope of the two" in cliff of the Kanda Myojin precincts east side.
When we turn right at the corner and advance a little, there is bakery which is pretty "0 signboards in character of odd number".
A feeling of beautiful cleanliness is felt in door and wall and grain of wood.
Pretty wooden bench is put in front of shop,
There seems to be person eating bread which we just bought here!


Way of prosperity that there is big advantageous value sale of the first anniversary, and visitor is always in shop!
The woman staff is doing correspondence of customer with smile skillfully.

Two ways where bright window is cut can eat bread which they bought on the spot
As ten seats of eat-in seats are made, it is unbearable for bread enthusiast to want to eat immediately!


It becomes kitchen of bread which the depths of shop produce, and completion length is set by shop.
It seems to be delicious! It seems to be delicious! It seems to be delicious!


Mitsui of manager accepted shooting with smile.
(we always make bread with the back hard)
We feel like being had a look such as bread somehow if we say so nn ...!


It is whole view of building of shop which is impressive coloring.
We explained directions from Myojin steeper slope of the two in the beginning
(gentler slope) We appear in the front of this "bread made of Mitsui" when we walk from this for way.
Or there are directions from immediate Myojin medium-grade articles from Myojinshita intersection.
Detailed place, please refer to homepage of the following shop!

In closing,
"Bread made of Mitsui" is Mitsui sanchino baker of local Kanda.
2-8-2, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku 03-6206-8565

Homepage of bread made of Mitsui → websight


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/07/25 22:10

There is "cafe Erika" at Jimbocho 1.
There is it in corner lot in front of "hotel Hotel Villa Fontaine Jinbocho" which turned to bystreet from Shiroyama Street.

"Erika" of Nishikanda closes shop if we say so, and will 3-4 years pass? . . Jimbocho store is in good health!

This appearance of Erika being wonderful.
As we put shop on corner lot, "square with each corner cut off" part is the entrance (doorway).
When there were many wooden houses before age, in all houses and stores, this square with each corner cut off was the entrance!
"Square with each corner cut off" be established in Building Standard Act for security of traffic of person and car
Building of corner lot had to cut building diagonally in this way.

When it goes down a little and looks, elegant stubborn feeling to hide behind inside is seen!
Brick-colored building of the next-door houses on both sides leads to L shape; then is there?
Even if these scenes walk, we do not notice.
This ground is feeling when "we do not hand over!".

Is it more wonderful ... without vending machine of cigarette of the front?
(because shikashimaa Erika is place of recreation and relaxation for smoker, there is no help for it)


Classic coffee mill (we saw bean) that it is classic when we enter shop
We jump into eyes. Luster to glisten with the reddish yellow being wonderful.


Floor and clean feeling of table that the shop was polished up to a bright shine cleanly are comfortable.
Chair of the heart-shaped back of seat at a table is pretty!
Capa can enter to counter seat, and is it around 40 seats?

Storekeeper makes in counter, and wife progresses with smile
There is good fragrance in it, and calm time can have the coffee too much, too.
(we say, but person whom we are hard for to deal with as cigarette is OK cafe takes when we are available)


Storekeeper will send out with smile by back accounts (surely probably)

Something is insufficient.
We had hot coffee of blend, but forgot to take.
I'm sorry.
It was cafe "Erika" of nostalgic calm reddish yellow image of the Showa era.

@Leader JJ

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/07/19 22:21

@Scenery series of leader this time again "over-road bridge" (guard).
How about the last "pine house town over-road bridge?"
It was the Kanda River, Shohei Bridge and the splendid scenery beauty!

Scene to be like some diorama, and to like is this.
There are few green iron bridges of "pine house town over-road bridge" which we introduced in the last time, but sees.
It is "Kanda River bridge" we greatly open leg on the left side, and to step over gashi and the Kanda River.
On this side where vehicle of Chuo Line toward Ochanomizu Station is seen
You can see home remains of an ancient structure of old forever bridge Station, do you know?
Atmosphere that Shohei Bridge that brick-colored humanity, road built over the Kanda River is separate is good for.
Hijiribashi is seen in high place of the depths for an instant, too.

When go to the right side, Akihabara direction by Kanda River bridge, Sobu Line of pine house town over-road bridge; lower photograph.
We see over-road bridge stepping over Chuo-dori.
It is "going out way over-road bridge" which this introduces this time.


It is ordinary over-road bridge stepping over Chuo-dori in front of Akihabara Station.
In fact, good name that the name of over-road bridge swells or harks back to the Edo era!
"Going out way over-road bridge"
Way where Tokugawa family to inherit the shogunate passes away for visit to a grave in east Enryakuji Temple "Kanei-ji Temple" of Ueno in the Edo era
Say avenue of honor or going out way, and route hatoiuto
Edo-jo Castle - Kanda Bridge gate of a palace - Ogawamachi intersection side - sprain gate of a palace ... (the area of photograph) - Kanei-ji Temple.

By when over-road bridge was built in 1932, having been named "going out way over-road bridge"
In this ground, we can feel reluctance of leaving of the history and culture of the Edo era.

As state of vehicle-free promenade which revived appears in this photograph
We understand that place where I cut forward average says intersection of Suehirocho.
As bottom of this over-road bridge becomes pedestrian crossing of Chuo-dori
We do duty of umbrella to finish without getting wet and are enough and do on what a rainy day!

Scene which we draw glance and greatly looked at is lower photograph.


It is home trace that the left brown part sticks out with trace of old forever bridge Station at the left edge.
Excellent forever bridge that width has a bigger than length. Chuo-dori which bends.

We see the total picture of Sobu Line.
In pine house town over-road bridge and going out way over-road bridge vehicle of the top and tail of Sobu Line
We see, and is it emashitakkene? (but we feel like having shown unconfirmed ...)


Well, evidence of name is this!
Information of the painting is written finely and seems to be heartwarming for some reason.

Still, "going out way over-road bridge" is the good name.
It was good and named. . . Really!

(no, of course this is article of splendid scenery of Kanda)


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/07/10 10:47

On Thursday, July 5, we went to "Kanda, Akita Yuzawa Star Festival picture doroumatsuri" held on Friday on 6th.

Opening ceremony started by performance of Yuzawaminami house, Satake drum in in front of Satake Inari Shrine in Kanda Station west exit street. It is relationship that there was daimyo's mansion of Akita, Satake feudal clan on this ground in old days and, once in two years, is held picture doroumatsuriga in Kanda.

In venue, there was plan called "Yuzawa whole experience-based classroom" and observed Akita dialect conversation classroom.

We participated in lacquer inlaid with gold carving experience lesson. Gentle teacher who appeared and disappeared of craftsman spirit told.

There was product direct sale society of Yuzawa, and there was turnout in many visitors.

Lacquerware, Inaniwa Udon, Akitakomachi, pickle & stewed dishes, kokeshi doll were sold.

Nishimonai Bon festival dance that is appointed in important formlessness folk cultural assets of country, and is the Japan's three biggest Bon festival dance. It was shown twice in every day. Dancer who covered face with hikosa cowl and sedge hat thinks that it was high in attention degree of spectators.

Satake drum was shown in in front of Institute of Kanda university of foreign languages from 7:00 in every day, the evening.

Including office worker of work return, many spectators gather.
For performance of Riki Osako, it was overwhelmed everybody.

Day begins to go down, and picture dorouni light which is higher than 20 big things and small things is turned on.

July 6 was unfortunate rain, but festival was held on schedule.
West exit mall, entrance that we looked at from Kanda Station.

Satake Inari Shrine and picture dorou.

We played everybody umbrella and appreciated picture dorouo.

When it was past 7:00 in the evening, the area became dark, and picture dorouno light came to shine.

In Chiyoda City Tourism Association, we carry out picture dorou contest on Facebook.
Favorite picture dorouni, please vote.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/07/04 23:41

This is "guard" of railroad of place to say commonly.
As it is bridge to appear on the way, it is called "over-road bridge" definitely.

Name of this over-road bridge connecting 1, Sotokanda and 2
We say "pine house town over-road bridge",
There is now between Akihabara Station and Ochanomizu Station that Sobu Line of JR East runs.
We are proud of symbolic scale and beauty in over-road bridge of Japanese railroad.

Of over-road bridge completion those days of 1932
Because the name of town of 2, Sotokanda side was "pine house town"
This name is included.
(of course exception has the name of over-road bridge, too, but old name of a street at the time of the completion is almost often on)

Part of the bottom comprised of straight line of the steel frame painted in deep green.
It is powerful masculine image. Full length of bridge is approximately 72 meters.
And height that steel frame is made on the 3-story building is great.

Impression of whole view which we looked at from the side is splendid scenery having both strength and beauty
We adapt ourselves to road and cityscape of the circumference and can feel even elegance.
Way where bridge steps over Shohei Street, and the front leaves for Chuo-dori. It is Akihabara.

 Beauty that wears well no matter how much we look at beauty of arched bridge without supporting beam.

It is scenery that tasting of "pine house town over-road bridge" which we looked at is more splendid to filter Shohei Bridge.
We appear in the population canal "Kanda River" which continues watching development of Edo, Tokyo
Atmosphere to have of "Shohei Bridge" that was ever called "small bridge" (chopsticks that potato is rough)
We show "pine house town over-road bridge" more attractively.

Think of this, how


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/07/03 14:06

In hotel section of "Michelin Guide Tokyo, Yokohama, Shonan 2012" as "comfortable hotel"
In Hotel Tokyo of garden getting evaluation of 2 pavilions consecutively for three years,
We concentrated invention that could spend summer elegantly even slightly happily
Plan only in Japan is prepared for.

We went to see one of the plans "Star Festival decoration" today.
We write wish to bamboo displayed in the first-floor lobby with strip of paper and are displayed,
There were a lot of foreign languages, too.

Can understand Japanese culture to be called the Star Festival toward foreign country,
Explanation of English sentence of the Star Festival is put.


We were able to see the Star Festival that was full of international atmosphere only in hotel of garden with many overseas customers.


In addition, yukata is kimono "check-in "sprinkled water" "curtain of morning glory" with yukata"
Becoming has rate in 10% OFF when we have a meal.
Though ask with friend of foreigner; excellent; in elegance that do, and ancient rite is refined between Japanese of Japan
It is good to be filled with deep emotion!
You go to visit, and please see by all means.
The details are ⇒

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/07/03 10:03

It is hosted by Kanda Station west exit mall promotion association
We went for "Kanda, Akita Yuzawa picture doroumatsurihashigo liquor rally".

Period is three days on Wednesday for Tuesday, four days for Monday, July 2, three days.
At first we purchase pub crawl rally card for 2,700 yen. (we can purchase in ⇒ rally participation shop.)

Okay, to Kanda west exit mall.

The head office where the first house registers Ise.

We had Yakitori of fresh chicken which we brought up by pasturage.

This shop which there is usually on the basis of course. It may be good to use by trial during pub crawl rally period.

The second house right by Satake Inari is bower steadily.
It is the immediate front of place becoming ceremony, lottery venue on Friday on Thursday, July 5, 6th.
It is six seats of counters, homey shop called two seats of tables.

After having had rally menu, from recommendation of manager, we had sparerib.

There seem to be many customers of regular customer in this shop of the opening of business from 1988. Please use taking the opportunity of this rally by all means.

The third house is 88CAFE&BAR. From rally menu, we had "Japanese radish steak".


There were additional drink, additional dishes, but it was for 2,700 yen at evening of great satisfaction.
We wait to enjoy lottery afterward.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/06/30 22:17

 Saturday, June 30 3:00 p.m. ...
On this day when half of one year is over
Of this half a year when we received without knowing without Edo total local deity being Kanda Myojin, and knowing
"kaetsudaiharaishiki" to cleanse crime and impurity, and to expel was held.

Ring kugurio of Japanese nutmeg is Shinto ritual to perform in conformity with historical fact.

Shinto priests sit in a row in the front of "ring of Japanese nutmeg" installed in the precincts center.
Approximately 500 worshipers who put on clean clothes (white robe) facing the ceremony of great purification backward stand in line.
Attendance worshiper is finally 600 moninatta.


"Great purification words" by Kanda Myojin, Otorii chief priest (pay words) *jo
... and the time when Shinto ritual goes solemnly are ...!



Small girl comes over on the spur of the moment in the height of Shinto ritual; and ...
When we got on ring of Japanese nutmeg and jumped, we have begun to play.
It was time to show smile to attendants for an instant.
Of course please leave to girl politely.



As for the important Shinto ritual made cause saiko of hot weather which harked back to midsummer
Time to finally evade ring of Japanese nutmeg in everybodies came over.

It is tradition to semiusually surround fence of both sides of ring of Japanese nutmeg one lap small
Is it today's public performance? Then we evade ring of Japanese nutmeg and greatly go rounds of the precincts for the left, and it is returned by the Shinto gate
In addition, we evade ring of Japanese nutmeg and greatly go around the precincts to the right and come back from the Shinto gate to the precincts
We evade ring of the third Japanese nutmeg and greatly perform circling to the left of the precincts again and come back from the Shinto gate
We would accomplish one round and a half of great rotation in this.


With Shinto priest in the lead, we enter main shrine and go and worship, and "kaetsudaiharai" Shinto ritual is finished without delay.

All of attendance worship of this year becomes 600 people
Worship in main shrine is distributed between three sets and proceeds to main shrine.

Be year that is good in the latter half of this year of everybody!


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/06/27 0:36

Cash voucher ticket shop to see by all means around of what JR Station.
There is surprisingly around many tickets shop of Kanda Station in particular.

Therefore ticket person of Kandaogawamachi that it is Tokyo to introduce this time, but is old in eminence.
"You Laon Corporation"

Speaking of founding 1933
Tokyo is totally destroyed by the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and is only ten years later.
While wooden store and houses form a line on street in those days
nanka is great to have opened rare ticket person for those days!
Popularity of movie as entertainment would be considerably high. (and there is not on TV)

Person who knew where here is immediately thinks that a lot of is not so, but ...
Shops of showy coloration form a line. Really!

Place is store of 1F of big "new Surugadai building" facing Yasukuni Dori under Surugadai.
Shoemaker, public lottery person, stamp person, world mountain link the eaves.
Over Yasukuni Dori, the entrance hall of that Sanseido Bookstore is place to see in front.


It is small when we enter shop at entrance of around one frontage. Considerably small.
However, it is good in this because it is ticket person.
Be to signboard with cinema guide when you say what tickets you sell
It is almost ticket person which is specialized in movie.
Tickets such as play or art museum are put as such, too, but ...
Most of the tickets of movie working in Tokyo seem to be covered!

Storekeeper of almost this smile sits on counter in shop.
You should order "... ..." n piece and desired ticket here.
Then movie ticket is available with advance sale rate.

Attention: We do not sell cash voucher and tickets of means of transportation including train, airplane!


There is visitor one and two by all means in shop in all time
Poster and flyer put on wall in shop
You may walk street and understand that we look at put movie magazine.

Well, it is what there are a lot of movie theaters in Kanda, and was full in old days
There are Jimbocho theater of bystreet and Iwanami hall of Jimbocho intersection according to lily of the valley now.
(but we think that it varies according to the times ...
Orient cinema, Kanda Nikkatsu, Kanda news cinema palace, south light seats in memory)
Therefore most people who purchased ticket go to see movie in other town.


We sometimes watch even favorite movie and would like to relax!

Ticket shop which Kanda native raised in local birthplace that passed since its formation in 80 runs
We introduced "you Laon Corporation" of Ogawamachi.

Attention: We hope that we do not ask about too enthusiastic movie to storekeeper!



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/06/15 23:12

At 3, Kandajinboucho since its formation 128 years
What continued business in this ray land as store specializing in footwear
It is "Yamato shop footwear shop"!

To men and women young recently
People who put on yukata when we went for summer fireworks and Bon festival dance increased.
How about sometimes choosing footwear in such a historical specialty store?

※Only as for two houses, store where is specialized in footwear is left in Kanda.

Shop is Jimbocho 3. It is at corner of Senshu Univ. intersection.
It is position sandwiched between "Doutor" and "tenya".

In bright shop, it is unbearable toward this kind of hobby
Cute Japanese-style miscellaneous goods and accessory gatakkusan.

However, main profession is footwear for Japanese binding.
Clogs and sandals or leather-soled sandals form a line in shop; and ...
Of course the master fixes if we choose favorite sandal thong.
(are There is to boots!)
In old days, town matches quiet and disquiet bystreet in Nihonbashi,
Because there were many shops which handled both footwear on rainy day on fine day there
It is not still strange at all even if boots are put.

This is the master.
Atmosphere of merchant who continued business by a footwear ray successively for several generations is unbearable.

I see, is it with backward Japanese towel of the master or sandal thong of this side?
It is work of Mitsuko Ogura who is famous as printing writer.
I mean the parents' house of Mitsuko Ogura is this "Yamato shop".

Of Mitsuko Ogura
Profile and work or event schedule refer to this ↓↓↓

We introduced "Yamato shop footwear shop" proud of founding 128 years.