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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/10/29 23:01

It is event of Kanda sports Festival on Sunday for from Saturday, October 27 to 28th
The second "Kanda curry Grand Prix"
But, it was held in "brook open space" of Kandaogawamachi

In venue of TCN Tokyo Cable Network when "is taba ☆ GO" is reporting
Popularity is high in Arakawa-ku, Bunkyo-ku, Chiyoda-ku (popular name arabuncho)
We discovered "tabachan" of mom idol caster!

This cannot but chase coverage! (as it is not stoker, I beg you to understand my position)
Coverage was by TV program coverage this time by saying this.

At first, tabachan, it is charge da in "SAPANA" of ethnic restaurant of 3, Jinden Sakimachi!
This is shop providing Thailand, India, Nepalese dishes, but reputation of curry is high, too.
Smile matches curry well!


With curry which got soshitetabachanha
It becomes taking a ceremonial photograph that is full of the staff and smiles.
As we use for homepage and blog of TCN, photograph is required, too.
Smile matches curry well! (the second!)


Curry is like popular basic butter chicken and saguchizu in SAPANA.
Plane naan and Rice are lucky, too.
Quantity looks rather slightly less to be able to eat curry of many shops.


One of the points that program is important to asking visitors story.
It is trouble that venue looks for place that it is such congestion as it takes entrance restrictions and sits.

Well, it is male one, young group of two women that acquired tabachanga eye.
We occupied if we threw on buttocks with a jerk in gap of bench. Steadily!
Take coverage permission by smile fully opening. . .
Where did you come from? What kind of friend is everybody? What does toka eat? toka
Coverage advances with tabachanno smile and good attitude nicely hard.


It is right smile of ending.
If there is stone, both scissors and par are smiles together; camera glance.
It is surely ...

"We are holding this time in brook open space of Jinden, Chiyoda-ku
visited you for the second Kanda curry Grand Prix.
Curry restaurant of 24 stores exhibits in venue,
Both really look delicious. We want to eat ze - mbu.
As for the Grand Prix to be decided by vote, what shop is acquisition sunondeshonee?
Result is decided on the evening of Sunday on 28th tomorrow!
It is a pleasure. Will we come to eat curry tomorrow? Hi!"

Imagine without permission, and think that may be gen how; and ...
Please confirm airing in site of TCN Tokyo Cable Network!

Coverage surutabachano collected data on "the second Kanda curry Grand Prix"!


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/10/27 18:12

In Chiyoda-ku, many festivals are held on these Saturday and Sunday.
We report "autumn festival 2012 of Chiyoda" around Ogawamachi and Jimbocho.

On October 27, route of "Marunouchi shuttle" extends only in 28th.
"Autumn festival" travels every 15 minutes and is available free.
We are connected to the Marunouchi area with much-talked-about Tokyo Station and the Nihonbashi area.

In Chiyoda City Tourism Association with Kanda Riverside project,
We carry out "Kanda River, Nihonbashi River Cruise".

53rd Tokyo Kanda Secondhand Book Festival
By blue sky bargain, we perform big sale.

Secondhand bookstore street of Jimbocho. It had just started, and many people gathered.

22nd Jimbocho Book Festival
Around lily of the valley street, Sakura Street, we hold.

On lily of the valley street, brass band club, opening of cheerleading department parade.

Other than book, it does well at event or branch.

In Surugadai intersection neighborhood, we play New Orleans jazz.
Appearance is canal street band.

In Shogakukan and Shueisha, we hold event for children.

The 18th Kanda sports Festival.
In Ogawamachi sports shop street along Yasukuni Dori,
We hold wagon sale and lottery.

Advantageous information of winter sports in this.

It depends on Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chiyoda Branch sponsorship,
Tohoku revival support product is fair. On the Victoria side, we sell local special product.

The second curry Grand Prix.
In venue of brook open space, 24 curry restaurant exhibits.

In noon, it was crowded very much. All shops stand in line very much.

On stage, we hold music Festival.

In Hibiya Park, we hold Akari terrace today (10/27).
Candle arranged to large fountain is very beautiful.

As (10/28) will hold "autumn festival of Chiyoda" tomorrow,
Person who was interested in come by all means.

For reference of visit!
Op-ed page of Tourism Association is this place

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/10/23 23:04

When is the comic artist top born in Kandatsukasamachi; person
We published "ringleader of collection of pictures downtown area!" in July.

In 2-2000, Kandatsukasamachi Daita ward Kanda Park branch office 2F gallery
Until from Saturday, October 20 to November 3 (celebration)

We describe the good old 30, Showa generation
"Ringleader of collection of pictures downtown area" publication is commemorative
Original painting exhibition now being held!

Venue is this place
Jinden, Chiyoda-ku Park branch office 2F gallery in 2-2, Kandatsukasamachi Kanda children's park

It is venue which is not so large
Many original pictures which we describe, and person saved so far when it is the top are displayed.

Class scenery of Kanda Elementary School who did not provide after writer, but went (Chiyoda Elementary School forerunner)
It was wooden school building in the 30, Showa generation.
It is desk, chair of tree on floor of tree. Do not invite window feeling by fully opening, and wind flows through classroom.
Students are different colors and clothes without uniform in those days.


This is work about scene of public bath.
Child who glides on floor with back.
Child who shoves both legs in pail, and walks about.
Two uncles who carried tattoo (carving) on his back are drawn.
The 30, Showa generation is the time when craftsmen took public bath with carving look commonly.
Scene which bathman spreads back in is described.


Collection of pictures and postcard are displayed, too.
Is that you sell ...?


When this uncle is the top of writer; person.
You seem to almost come to venue during session.

Of four seasons folds of the 30, Showa generation when we cannot see in the present age
Scenery of town, manners and customs, play or learning of person
We guarantee that the good old world revives to old and middle age.
In addition, sincerity jirarenaiyona which we have not seen to young people
It is opportunity when we can discover scene of Tokyo, Kanda approximately 50 years ago newly.
Please go to Kanda Park branch office!

Person wanting "ringleader of collection of pictures downtown area" calling.
Telephone 090-2934-1549


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/10/22 13:08

Kanda community art project "TRANS ARTS TOKYO" is held in former Tokyo Denki University (2-2, Kandanishikicho) for from October 21, 2012 to November 25. In all former Tokyo Denki University Building No. 11 (the second floor of + basement above the ground on the 17th floor) demolished session later floors, various people gather across genre, area, generation, consciousness and are art project to share memory and expectation. Please see state of preview held on October 20.

Chairperson at Kanda community art center design Committee
Greetings of Professor Tokyo art university art department Ichiro Sato

Greetings of committee's vice chairperson Kanda society vice-director Kinji Kubo

Greetings of arts Chiyoda 3331 generalization director Masato Nakamura

Exhibitor, participant gathered

Please see many modern art using classroom or equipment of university.

As for the extra temporary wall for art

Please see art rooting in Kanda a lot of work which does not lose in capital Museum of Contemporary Art either by all means at this opportunity.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/10/17 22:52

Meeting of well-known stores "tree bowl society" of soba established in 1958 (tusk oath)
We cross noren of well-known store and learn the skill and tradition of soba and aim at technical improvement.

Detailed thing of "tree bowl society" is this →

The most are well-known stores of Tokyo, and 28 are members now.
As seven noodle shops of those come with long-established store, well-known store in Kanda, we introduce!

Yabu soba (Sudacho) pine (Sudacho) and Owari shop (Sudacho) Asano-ya (Uchikanda)
It is seven stores more than Sarashina (Nishiki-machi) Asano-ya (Sarugakucho) Yanagiya (Jimbocho).

It is noodle shop "Yanagiya" of Jimbocho park tower 1F to introduce this time.
Semi-Western style tasteful entrance, mustard-colored noren are stylish.


Wooden signboard which is so excellent on wall per stab in shop.
Certain kamaboko carving and gen imashitakkene where it seems that letter of name "Yanagiya" rises.
I'm sorry if wrong. . . Letter signboard of lacquering is excellent!


What ordered lunch menu "mini-tempura bowl set."
Combination of tempura bowl and soba of cute size is classic in which noodle shops.
Soba can choose either cold soba or hot soba.


Prawns and pumpkin and laver tempura appear in small-sized tempura bowl in a good balance.


Soba is as you see. Eminent drinkability was delicious without habit clearly.
We think whether habit ganaiitenoha is important taste unexpectedly.
Side stew was rather deep strictness. (as there are individual differences in taste and preference each ...)
Well, it is price hatoiuto 1,050 yen.
We wanted to eat soba a little more! (in there being individual differences in quantity each ...)


Feeling that atmosphere of shop does not come.
Small rise to be seen in seat at a table and the depths of chair of red cover (the right side immediate as for the door case).
Adopt the sum here and there including lighting and bamboo and bamboo blind wrapped in round Japanese paper
Appearance is clean and is full of a feeling of cleanliness.

We say to reach founding 100 years of Jimbocho 1
We introduced well-known store "Yanagiya" of soba.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/10/15 16:44

We went to "IMF, the World Bank annual meeting 2012 holding memory yurari sight-seeing Skytree" carried out today.
We gather in Izumi Bridge disaster prevention anchorage in Akihabara. Foreign visitor visited Japan for IMF participated.

Pleasure boat of Miuraya. The inside was extensive very much in room.
From guide, there was explanation about scenery to see from ship.

We go down the Kanda River and appear to the Sumida River. To aim suha, the Skytree area that started a business this year.

Kuramae bridge. It features yellow reflecting the image of rice.

Stable (horse) bridge. It features three green arches.

Komagata Bridge. It features blue arch.

Azumabashi. It features three red arches.

Asahi Breweries headquarters building and Super Dry hall. It features art object of flame.

It anchors when we approach the Skytree. We appear on board and enjoy the Skytree and scenery.

The double Skytree which was reflected in the Asahi Breweries head office led by Sumida-ku government office.
We turn down the Sumida River from here.

The neighborhood of Asakusabashi. A lot of pleasure boats stay. We go up the Kanda River and come back to anchorage of Izumi Bridge.

Is not Cruise of the Skytree area, but is Chiyoda City Tourism Association, with "Kanda River, Nihonbashi River Cruise"
It recruits participants of "over cultural assets" (stone wall and Edo-jo Castle walk of Edo-jo Castle Sotobori).
There is little, but, as of October 15, 2012, there is vacant seat. Please participate.

◎Kanda River / Nihonbashi River Cruise
The details are ⇒

◎Visiting cultural assets "stone wall moat of Edo Castle and Edo Castle tour"
The details are ⇒

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/10/15 11:16

On 14th, we aimed at area interest shio in "fetish", and characters more than 20 groups gathered from whole country each place, and Moe1 Grand Prix - area character product sightseeing exhibition in Akihabara ... was performed noisily on October 13, 2012. We were examined each in sightseeing section, souvenir section, and championship, runner up was commended. Even Chiyoda City Tourism Association publicized a lot of autumn festivals event as the site.

It is said hello by Secretary of Japan Tourism Agency in front of the sulcular field on opening

It is opening with teachers of judge, image character of Moe1 Grand Prix well.

Venue is Bellesalle Akihabara

It is exhibitors. Shirakawa-shi, Fukushima (association of sightseeing in Shirakawa product)

Ogaki-shi, Gifu (NISSIN Corporation chemistry)

Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi (Ashikaga himetama production Committee)

Fujiyoshida-shi, Yamanashi (sightseeing in fujiyoshida promotion service)

Yuki-shi, Ibaraki (sign liquor project)

Character participates in particular what from the Self-Defense Forces

There was booth of niconico LiVE, too and publicized Chiyoda City Tourism Association.

Sightseeing section championship association of sightseeing in Shirakawa-shi product "Komine Shiro"

For two days, this event was held. It was performed including the live concert of voice actor and local idol and was arrived lot.

We are thinking that we can cooperate by various events as perfect opportunity, Chiyoda City Tourism Association touching sightseeing product and character of each places of the whole country in future.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/10/11 0:21

 The "house of Kanda" Endos painting of beauties collection

"Young girls exhibition whom the master loved" now being held
Until Sunday, October 14

"Family of Kanda" which house of NPO Kanda runs
Store of the Endos who ran lumber dealer at the Kamakura bank of a river from the Edo era and house.
Because we removed and rebuilt building of 1927 after the Great Kanto Earthquake
With wooden building which we poured the skill into of materials, material and craftsman who exerted ze;zei as lumber dealer
We are appointed in Chiyoda-ku tangible cultural property.

It is in Miyamoto Park who is next to 2, Sotokanda, Kanda Myojin.

Earthen floor is at the store entrance, and hanging scroll of scroll of large size is displayed in the front.

First by display of three points of ukiyoe prints of Toshikata Mizuno that edge is deep in Kanda Myojin
We display Kiyokata Kaburaki, Yumeji Takehisa, Shinsui Ito, Seien Shima, hanging scroll and others of Gyokuyo Kurihara and others!


The entrance hall for the family is on the right side of store entrance. Beautiful woman whom Yumeji Takehisa drew meets.
We pay attention to elaborate housing part made which complicated crosspiece on the left side of hanging scroll was fitted in!


Flavor of tea-ceremony room provided for the first floor is splendid.
Painting of beauties matches Japanese-style room which was elaborate for ceiling and dormer-window, the making of of nijiri Exit well.


Ten points of painting of beauties hanging scrolls are hung on the second floor.
Bamboo blind is lowered from hall to adjoining room and wants to pay more attention to craftsmanship of ranma.


Delicate rays to come in through dormer-window in room create space of the soft sum.


We had you show around "house of Kanda" of wooden store and house and this display
To beautiful woman staff K which does not lose to painting of beauties,
We had indoor and permission of photography of artworks and were taken care of very much.

The "house of Kanda" Endos painting of beauties collection "young girls exhibition whom the master loved"
The details → This


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/09/29 0:14

 saate, today's lunch are meal beyokaanaa ... in anything anywhere?
When it is what messy to think; recommended lunch is here. . .

Jimbocho "Shanghai morning market" shanhaiasaichi

Across Yasukuni Dori; and system of Chinese well-known store "new world Chinese restaurant" in front
We are caught in intersection of Jimbocho, Iwanami book center and ancient book center Building.


Sensitivity up which likes not failing in store of restaurant one Chile!


Can order even everyday constant seller lunch and a la carte, but this recommending menu!
The most right dim sum is optional, but from substantial assortment of goods of noodles (on cold
) and rice
It is free to do combination and can order in half & half.
Well, it is a feeling of discount of great satisfaction in 0.5+0.5 = around 1.5 being substantial quantitatively!

Half & half lunch 800 yen or ...


Today's order is braised vegetables noodles and seafood fried rice.
Please see.
It is this. . . ... which will look delicious!


As we put off time for lunch, the shop is vacant.
A feeling of cleanliness overflows in shop, and the staff moves quickly, too.
As there is counter seat, even lunch per person is reliable.


Thank you for the delicious meal!
By half & half lunch, eating up of Jimbocho 2 "Shanghai morning market"!

Lunch! We introduced "Shanghai morning market" when we were at a loss.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/09/23 11:46

1073 anniversaries to enshrine divine spirit of Prince enshrined deity Masakado Taira of Kanda Myojin, and to cheer up, and to do
"Masakado mound annual festival"
But, it was held on Masakado mound (Otemachi 1) on the afternoon of Friday, September 21.

"Festival that one general than 1:30 p.m. can attend in front of the mound"
However, the looks of the sky become overcast in the appointed time whether turn is sudden; umbrella is ritsu tanaihodono in position, too
We were hit by bad weather that heavy rain poured into, and we delayed start for 15 minutes, and expression began.


Prayer follows general people in bad weather by festival in front of the mound one after another at the person concerned beginning.
Photograph lectures on scheme (the left) and shrine key called "both schemes"-proof by veneration scheme of Kanda Myojin (the right)
It is old ofusegikoumiyakagikouto Shrine service veneration group summoned to.
Because colors of large pattern of Tomoe of back of short coat are different, we are distinguished even from the rear.


We move venue to MITSUI & CO. hall after festival in front of the mound,
saiko is done "Masakado mound annual festival" only in Masakado mound preservation society, town assembly, the parishioner others people concerned.
It was attended a lot of king Shrine people concerned of Bando-shi, Ibaraki this year.
In Tokyo Otemachi "tomb for the war dead."
"Trunk mound" of Prince Masakado is in Kadoyama (kadayama) of Iwai, Bando-shi
Kanda Myojin is deep land of relationship.

Photograph: shukushi*jo by Kanda Myojin, Otorii chief priest


Photograph: Is danced dedication shrine maiden's dance "dance of Urayasu"; and scene


"Masakado mound annual festival" continues saikogo safely, and "Masakado mound preservation society, general meeting" is held.
It becomes "feast" (there is me) secondary to toast after general meeting was settled without delay.

Photograph: Greetings of Otorii chief priest in front of Masakado mound preservation society general meeting

Of the closing of feast closing is go seteno in lumber-carriers' work song "Manazuru" of shrine head
We close appreciative clapping, one Kanda by shrine key scheme, scheme-proof, affiliate, foreman of a gang and are similar and put
We turned out to be each adjournment.

It was Prince Masakado Taira 1073 anniversary "Masakado mound annual festival" report.