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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/01/28 16:39

Shozan Sakuma that octuple older brother Kakuma Yamamoto became disciple.
Gunnery private supplementary school in Kobikicho (current Ginza) comes out in TV saga.
What kakuuma entered
It was this, but opened private supplementary school called "Shozan study" in the bank of Kanda ladle ka pond on June 1, 1839 before opening private supplementary school in Kobikicho.
In thing which came to study under Shozan, there is person who left the name for the history including Kaishu Katsu, Shouin Yoshida, Ryoma Sakamoto, Takasugi new item a lot.


Monument which is found to have had Shozan study

2-7-11, Iwamoto-cho

Explanation of ladle ka pond
Ladle had pond called pond in old days in this neighborhood. We are said to have been bigger than Shinobazunoike of Ueno at the beginning of the Edo era,
It is said that we are gradually filled up and disappeared.
At first, from folk history that cherry tree was called pond, but woman called ladle of tea house which there was in the bank threw the body to pond,
It is said that ladle came to be called pond.
Ladle nearby has explanation board of this neighborhood in pond child play garden.

2-5-1, Iwamoto-cho

Prosperity ladle ka pond Inari
Only in this Inari only as for what is remaining now as ladle ka pond.
As company worshiping ghost of ladle which threw itself into huge pond called "cherry tree ka pond,"
Shinto shrine which is taken away to "Edo Sunako" "koko*shikakomeishodaizen" or "Edo pictorial description of noted places."
Adjacent small shrine enshrines wife of chief zen-priest fortune. To "newly-compiled book Tokyo pictorial description of noted places,"
Dragon King company and shikineshimahibaikoremei write down in ladle ka pond Inari Shrine for a long time when it is done goden,
Tradition of dragon King is written down, too.
Sarasvati is worshiped; because say, is said that there are music, wisdom, delivery, benefit to study.

2-5, Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Xuanwu hall dojo studio trace
Place with monument which there was Xuanwu hall in the same ladle ka pond bank is slightly different from real place.
One, Ryoma Sakamoto of disciple of Shozan for fencing study polestar cutting down with one stroke of the sword style initiator,
We seem to have been to Shusaku Chiba dojo studio "Xuanwu hall".
The neighbor of "Xuanwu hall" is "yoike (house) private supplementary school" of scholar of Confucianism Ichido Tojou,
When both fencing and study could work hard, disciple won both popularity.
Monument of "regarding for literary culture Naotake" (say we play) expresses bumburyodo.

22, Kandahigashimatsushitacho, Chiyoda-ku 1,000 cherry tree elementary school ruins entrance

Temmacho prison mansion trace
Temmacho prison that Shozan Sakuma and disciple, Shouin Yoshida were seized with,
It becomes Chuo-ku of the neighbor, but is in close place from prosperity ladle ka pond Inari.
It was the Edo era, whole country's greatest prison.
It is beginning that we were put outside Tokiwa Hashikado in the Tensho era year (1573 through 1591),
We are moved to this ground in 1677 (Enpo 5),
It became rule of town magistrate of Edo. In 1875 (Meiji 8), we have Ichigaya prisons and are abolished,
Prison trace becomes comfortable temples in juomoikoen, cluster of clouds annex, auspicious day.

5-2, Nihonbashikodenmacho, Chuo-ku

Place of Shouin Yoshida end
It was disciple of Shozan Sakuma and visited octuple home of Aizu in TV saga
There is the ground of the end of Shouin Yoshida next to Temmacho prison mansion trace.

5-2, Nihonbashikodenmacho, Chuo-ku
Nihonbashikodenmacho 5-2 juomoikoennai

Shozan has "we carry" opinion and "zozan" opinion.
Shinano education society is unified in calling "zozan" in 1934.
We call saying it is saying "we carry" in written by Kimata Ohira "Shozan Sakuma" published in 1959.
According to the author, teikokyuhonari of later years of Shozan seemed to insist that "we carry" was right, too.

Edo area map
Person encyclopedia of late Tokugawa period revolution
Chiyoda City Tourism Association web site Ryoma Sakamoto
Cloud on Chiyoda City Tourism Association web site slope



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/01/23 0:26

 All of you are Kanda, and this scenery series is familiar beautiful scenery.
It "Hijiribashi view"

"Pine house town over-road bridge" where introduced lower photograph to in the last time (the 1932 completion)
It is railway bridge connecting 2, Sotokanda pine house town (the right) and 1, Sotokanda Hatagomachi (the left).
Pine house town over-road bridge is Akihabara - Ochanomizu interval of JR. Sobu Line runs.

Road via right under "Sotobori Street."
It becomes "Shinobazu Street" when we sail across the Kanda River with Shohei Bridge
There seems to be much hometown where people call "Shohei Street".


We see only the sidewalk in this way when we photograph Shohei Bridge.
It is used without noticing, but humanity and road become midriff unexpectedly.
In the first place Shinto shrine (as for the potato fault great man) small on Kanda River embankment in this bridge nearby
Because we met, it was called "small bridge" (chopsticks that potato is rough).
It is Aioi Bridge later. And after Yushima temple of Confucius dedicated to Confucius in the Genroku era year moved near
It is said to be "Shohei Bridge" after the fashion of hometown, Shohei Confucius town of China and reaches in now.


We may look at railroad photograph lover well in Awaji Hill in parallel with JR Chuo Line.
Feeling that does not come when we photograph "the pine house town over-road bridge" mentioned above by telephoto lens from the front.
As "small Shinto shrine" was enshrined on the Sakagami right side of Awaji Hill
Awaji Hill was called "small slope" (slope where potato is rough) until middle part in the Edo era, too
It became "Awaji Hill" for reimoku*roshu which set up mansion in halfway up a mountain of slope.


Panoramic whole view from Hijiribashi is superb view which anyone stands still to Hashigami for a while and wants to look at.
However, the history of this view is new unexpectedly.
The Hijiribashi completion is 1927 after the Great Kanto Earthquake. Hongo Street and Hijiribashi which were built by earthquake disaster revival.
Therefore we are told that construction began in 1590 of entering Ieyasu Tokugawa Edo
The history of approximately 80 years when this Hijiribashi scenery stood in comparison with history of Kanda River 420 years.
Still, even if neighboring environment changes by the times
Splendid thing has splendor of scenery of waterside called the Kanda River.

As you know, person dug Hongodai god of the Grand Earth Tayama and broke "the Kanda River" which flowed below
Canal of population. Sendai feudal clan of Masamune Date was made to construct this office from the Edo Shogunate
It seemed to be called "Sendai moats" from thing.
It is said to be approximately 60 years from entering Edo 1590 of Ieyasu to completion during construction period.
Plaster wall (fence with roofing tile) of steps form of "Yushima temple of Confucius" is seen on the left.
Parallel road, slope is "Aioi slope".
Though there is person who calls this slope Shohei Hill well, it is mistake.
Hiroshige describes this scenery in famous place Edo 100 view far in the Edo era.
We see high-rise "DAIBIRU" built by Akihabara redevelopment in the depths "UDX".

On the right side JR "Ochanomizu Station." Chuo Line, Sobu Line run to screen.
kobutetsudo is spread in 1912, and "forever bridge Station" starts a business ahead.
We finished duty in 1943, and forever bridge Station became deserted station.
Transportation Museum of juxtaposition is open in this ground until 2005. We moved to Omiya.
We see figure of "pine house town over-road bridge" where arch is beautiful in the front.
In the bottom "Shohei Bridge." It is scenery that can realize difference in elevation with present location "Hijiribashi".

It is "Hijiribashi view" scenery that you got used to, but you stop carelessly, and leave the body at railing of bridge
We introduced "place" of very attractive Kanda who watched scenery.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/01/20 21:05

Various places including hotel and citizen's group carry out city walk sightseeing tour in Chiyo ward as well as Tourism Association. Only it is attractive gusset and because what we do not notice even if we walk alone participates in tour, we notice and seem to be able to often rediscover. As we go together and reported on tour of Hotel Tokyo of garden in Suidobashi this time, we guide. We may say the New Year, and "visiting New Year, Kanda benefit spots" this waits for the third Edo, and theme seems to walk. Both birth that guide issues town magazine of Kanda and the breeding are Kanda natives! Tateyama Nishihira. It is one of the human resources who are indispensable to guide of town of Kanda.

 At first have delicious lunch of hotel of garden, and as for stomach and the heart full.

Misaki Inari Shrine
 Do serve as calorie consumption? We start on town walk tour for approximately approximately 3 kilos two hours. Because we prayed for security by daimyo's alternate-year residence in Tokyo in the Misaki Inari Shrine Edo era, it is said that there is benefit of security of trip. Wish success of tour!


 Misaki third rank performer in the noh party trace
There were three theaters of Misaki-za, Tokyo-za, upper part of a river-za on this ground in the Meiji era and was full. There will not be few this ground with many students, study sotchinokede in student who went, too either.


Drill hall trace
There was training school of martial arts that the Edo Shogunate set up by the late Tokugawa period.


All Jimbocho love parks
There is monument which listed, "Chou Enlai learned Japanese in this ground" in this park. It is i uyoyodesu only a little with place where there was school (Eastern Asia high cramming school) which actually went. All love guardian deities of children are enshrined on side in reverse that sandwiched road of park.

 Back karuta
Long-established store founded in 1921. Karuta, traditional Japanese playing card, Go, shogi is sold.


Well-established liquor shop founded in 1596. Originally it was in the Kamakura bank of a river of Kanda, but move several times
On this ground.


Kandaogawamachi snowman fair
As it was the day of the snowman fair held on 19th, 20th, we observe snowman.
Is it unfortunate? As it was warm, snowman collapsed a little.


Princess Ota Inari
It is said that there is benefit of smallpox healing by having done prayer of smallpox healing of daughter of tadendo* which constructed a castle in Edo-jo Castle. In addition, it is said that there is benefit to inquire into impurity and evil, and to cleanse.


Nicolai temple
Official name seemed to be the day of "Tokyo revival sanctuary" Easter and served amazake. Designer of church is Josiah Conder who designed Rokumei-kan period and Mitsubishi Building No. 1.


Princess Ota Inari sacred tree
There is Princess Ota Inari around the station before there is JR Ochanomizu Station, and sacred tree is remaining now.


Yushima temple of Confucius
Confucius shrine which was built by General Godai rope good luck. As the Shogunate direct control school "Shohei Hill school" was opened on this ground, it is "the Japanese education birthplace".


 Kanda Myojin
As total local deity of Edo, we received sublimity of Edo general public from general. Because we worship Oguro, we are worshiped with God of prosperity of business, and there are many worshipers of company manager, too.
Three which won rock, paper, scissors had town walk guidebook which medium photographed group photo together, and guide Tateyama produced, and stomach and heart and knowledge became full, and participants was enjoyed, and it was dissolution.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/01/19 18:00

12th Kandaogawamachi snowman fair
On Saturday, January 19, all "snowman contest" work 24 works were all present today.
From tomorrow Sunday, January 20 12:00 in Kanda brook open space venue
It prospers, and a certain grand prix work is finally announced.
Do achieve laurels of this year? We accept referendum in brook open space.
We present "O my pasta" without exception when we vote.
※Number includes limit.

Then let's go! The fastest report, all 24 works are this!

"Mascot ♪"
(group name) Neo-Reeve Luke (team name) Luke
"sho + fortune"
(group name) Kanda daughter (team name) Kanda daughter 

"Dilemma of porcupine" 
(team name) sayokoimazeki
"It snowed! White Cheburashka"
(group name) Jimbocho support corps (team name) Jimbocho support corps

"Serpent (snake) which protects Kanda"
(group name) Metropolitan Police Department Kanda police station (team name) Community Safety Section
"Town light"
(group name) Yasukuni Dori mall alliance society Yukinori society (team name) north stream No. 1

(group name) Association of Yasukuni Dori Store Association society Kazue society (team name) Kanda delight shoe store
(group name) Metropolitan Police Department Kanda police station (team name) traffic section

(group name) Tokyo cable TV network (team name) team arabuncho!
"Good year ... Details...

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/01/18 16:42

Under Kandaogawamachi snowman fair preparations

The twelfth Kandaogawamachi snowman fair is finally held on Sunday on 20 on Saturday, January 19.
Everybody of Tsumagoi-mura and all of Kandaogawamachi snowman fair executive committees are preparing for event public performance on Friday today on 18th.

Slide, Kamakura was completed in brook open space, and children played in lower spirit of the wintry sky.
Mothers watching seem to be cold. We will want to take footbath from tomorrow early. (unfortunately public performance is from tomorrow.)

In snowman contest venue along Yasukuni Dori, some groups were already producing.
It becomes production activity of the inside where cold is severe, but wants work wonderful with effort not to consider to finish.

It was interesting, and, in cold, passerby observed production process, too.

We look forward to Yasukuni Dori colored by finished snowman being watched tomorrow.

We look forward to visit from tomorrow!

The details of event, way of enjoying snowman fairs guide click this

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/01/15 11:17

Noted product event of Akihabara becoming the third secondary to last year "love Akiba! We participated in festival.

Akiba enthusiast! Festival is event that "performing regional activation under the theme of revival of Akihabara as "electricity, electronic parts street" "town of manufacturing support" and coexistence and co-prosperity with Akiba as "sacred place of pop culture" was planned by concept.

A great variety of stores constituting town of Akihabara gather in a hall and are various contents such as demonstration, experience corner and manufacturing classroom, stage live of Akiba system idol as well as product sales.

Main venue from the first floor of Bellesalle Akihabara under the ground to the second floor.

In opening "love Akiba! Reporters of festival channel appears.

In event space on the first floor, omikoshi of Kanda Hatagomachi meeting was displayed.

With opening, many visitors equalled popular booth.

There was row that equalled stage event of idol on street of the bell Sarh side.

In open space on the first floor, kitchen car exhibited.

It became almost noon, too, and visitors using kitchen car increased.

Food menu which we could eat was substantial casually.

The first-floor state to attract booths of product sales. It was full of many visitors.

Shops in Akihabara gather to all members and sell a great variety of goods.

There are usually many lucky finds which are not available.

It is introduced the second floor to next. Various experience-based sections were established.

We collected Nico Nico Douga. We can see with screen in real time.

We included hobby craft classroom, heart base & NFC classroom, earphone work corner.

In Tourism Association booth of the entrance side on the first floor, we distributed brochure about sightseeing in Chiyoda-ku.

In the neighbor, we sold cherry tree goods (food) including tea made with cherry tree.
Because it was cold, sampling service was popular, too.

Of the third "love Akiba! Festival ended in the prosperity, too.
As there are always many events in Akihabara, please go to visit.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/01/13 18:44

Saturday, January 12 10:00 a.m.
"Daikoku enshrines" annual event on the New Year of Kanda Myojin; deha
The 26th "purification ceremony patience society during cold"
It was held solemnly in purification ceremony ground set up before lion rock of the main shrine side.

Including three new adults, woman seven, foreigner two
45 everybodies in total take cold water in purification ceremony ground with three big icicles,
We gave the position to purification ceremony during asceticism Shinto ritual, cold to expel impurity, and to cleanse mind and body.


At first Shinto ritual is carried out in in front of main shrine.
Following greetings of Otorii chief priest, it is daiharaishi*jo with all the participants.
In purification ceremony ground, a large number of news press and amateur photographers have already placed themselves.
It is popular traditional event that as you see visitor flocks to the Shinto shrine precincts one after another.

All the participants run in one lap of Shinto shrine precinct by the guidance of Michihiko (purification ceremony leader) when we finish purification.
Man loincloth (loincloth) or half longjohns (solder comes). Woman is all the members bare foot by white robe wearing!


After warm-up that is elaborate by instruction of Michihiko (purification ceremony leader) in front of purification ceremony ground finally.
By 6 to 7 persons enter purification ceremony ground, and the position saves freezing cold water with pail, too
We pour on my body together with the spirit.
Cold comes only by photographer looking at sightseer, and health is tense.


3-4 times of one is asceticism to enter purification ceremony ground, but are beyond ten times of participation number of times
There are a lot of veterans, and the figure bathing in water is daring.


All the participants accomplished purification ceremony during cold without accident safely.
We photographed souvenir picture with refreshing smile that expelled impurity, and cleansed mind and body and broke up.

In Kanda Myojin from Sunday, February 3 2:00 p.m.
"Setsubun bean-scattering ceremony" that age man woman born under the same zodiac sign as the current year, pious people gather event is going to be carried out.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/01/09 17:50

Cherry tree of eight folds of TV sagas that began on January 6

There is the ground of the birth of octuple the second husband Miss Niijima in Kandanishikicho when we check association between main character Yae Yamamoto and Chiyoda-ku.

Jo Niijima is famous for foundation of Doshisha University.
Those days Yasunaka feudal clan daimyo's mansion in Edo which * was Yasunaka feudal clan daimyo's mansion in Edo, and was born as child of vassal was all neighboring Hitotsubashi SI buildings and half of the next building and area of 4,439 tsubos including three buildings and Kanda Police streets to be next to from bachelor Hall of Kandanishikicho now.

There are monument and explanation version of "place of Mr. Jo Niijima birth" along the Kanda Police street of bachelor Hall.
This se t monument was built in commemoration of birth 100 years, and it was for explanation (commentary), and it seemed to be built in commemoration of Doshisha foundation 90 in 1965 by 3, Nishikicho, brocade leaf elementary school, brook elementary school.

Explanation…Yasunaka feudal clan was Masaru Itakura Yin Sanmangoku, and Yasunaka was located in the castle town, the west side of Takasaki and was post town of Nakasendo highway.
We said childhood name of Jo Niijima with 753 large (we occupied) probably because grandfather who heard news of narration ① boy birth was pleased saying "we occupied".
* may be considered to be the real name by narration ② Seven-Five-Three Festival large ha childhood name, but it is error, and it is the Seven-Five-Three Festival large ga real name. However, we came to use "*" as substitute character of "Joe" of the name called in the United States after returning home from the United States and changed our name from family register to "*" when we moved family register from Gunma to Kyoto.
Narration ③ eight folds may be notation which we sent "Yaeko" and child with, but this was not originally accompanied by "child" by custom expression after the Meiji era, but transcribes in oneself with "Yaeko".

References: Aizu places and names walk Tomihachi Miyasaki
         Life Naoto Yoshikai of Yae Niijima love and fight
              Figure of Oedo watermark which Edo looks like from Chiyoda

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/01/01 16:11

 It is seeing the old year out scenery of Kanda Myojin!

23:45 of the last day of the year to say so that 2012 right closes curtain now
Have there be general worshipers once outside the Shinto shrine precincts
Shinto gate door of Kanda Myojin is shut.

Duty of closing the gate with all of scheme of veneration confraternity of Kanda Myojin-proof, shrine key schemes
All of head fireman people who makes Kanda Myojin post.

Scenery that this Shinto gate door is shut greets the New Year of the last day of the year; is just before
It becomes rare scenery that we can see only in this time.


The precincts of time to wait for opening of a gate of 00:00 a.m.
Person except the Shinto shrine person concerned becomes such a scenery not to let.
Youths of Boy Scout Tokyo sixth corps of the bonfire guard stand in line.


The gate shut with drumbeat to greet the New Year at 0:00 a.m. is open.
Lumber-carriers' work song song of head fireman people resounds in the precincts high, and Kanda musical accompaniment congratulates the New Year, too.
Standing in line entrance to the precincts is carried out by the guidance of the police, fire chief, scheme-proof, shrine key scheme.


And the precincts of Kanda Myojin are pious people of New Year worship in no time
It becomes scenery of prayer that you are watching.

A Happy New Year.
Thank you "town blog Kanda", please in this year.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2012/12/23 14:38

On Sunday, December 23, we performed for "winter Radhi building festival 2012" held in Akihabara for two days on Monday (holiday) on 24th.

While having entertainment only in Akihabara and many event plans, and event being usually studded with devices which can enjoy to people whom there is not of visiting Akihabara too much, and making an excursion in the whole street of Akihabara; from adult to child even as for whom is contents which can participate.

[present from Santa! ]
Even anyone can participate in lottery by finding out Santa doll hiding everywhere of various stores in Akihabara, and wonderful present (premium) hits. 

There is Santa doll in store of MAP in Radhi building homepage.
You meet distribution condition of each shop, and please get Santa doll. (Radhi building homepage)

We go to lottery venue and read bar code which Santa doll has.
Lottery result is called off in large-scale vision, and luxurious prize or coupon are successful.

・Special event space for 23 days for from 11:00 to 19:00 in front of Akihabara Radio Kaikan Building No. 1, camera with built-in radio VISION
・The winter Festival main entrance in 24th from 11:00 to 19:00 UDX Akiba square

We go to paserarizotsu AKIBA entertainment successively.

[idol live "Alice trout live"] ※Pay, reservation required

Based in venue, live by "Alice Project" including "the Alice tenth" of expectation letting popularity increase idol going out together act is carried out for from the daytime to the night during event period. 

State of daytime Alice trout. It was the first live today, but a large number of fans rushed.

There is bar counter and sells liquor. When, by Alice trout live in pasera, we order the drink second cup,
We get limited Alice trout Xmas card. In the hall, there is product sales corner of goods such as T-shirts, too.

Performance was splendid, too, and Christmas version clothes were pretty, too, and venue swelled.

We are overwhelmed in hot encouragement of the audience and gaudiness of psyllium.

Then, we moved to Akihabara UDX which became the tomorrow's main venue.

[Christmas ache car fesuta 2012]

We watched tsusha which gathered from the whole country held at the second floor of UDX basement parking lot.

Including Hatsune Miku, there were many designs of bokaro character.

Mini-shikakeri and special lane of radio control car are installed.

There are product sales corners such as gacha or goods, too.

There were live and game experience corner using tsusha*sai monitor.

On 24th, large class & formula meeting "Aki barbe Ritz sponsorship card game class" of trading card game of popularity is held in future in main entrance venue (UDX Akiba square) in company booth and wide generation that companies attracting attention in Akihabara exhibit a lot tomorrow.

We heap up the whole town of Akihabara like theme park by carrying out various events in plural venues and are event that all the coming people can enjoy. Using consecutive holidays, please investigate Akihabara.

The details of event this (Tourism Association page)