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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/04/23 0:33

In the ground of 3, Kandanishikicho where Shiroyama Street and Kanda Police street cross
The solid presence to overwhelm new building is splendid
Current Agency for Cultural Affairs registration tangible cultural property "bachelor Hall"
Construction of 1928 after the Great Kanto Earthquake. It is landmark architecture of 85 in this year.

"Bachelor hall" judging from Jimbocho side
With the University of Tokyo birthplace, the Japanese baseball birthplace and place of Jo Niijima birth
It is important land and building which played their part historically culturally.


At the old building (police street gathering) entrance, lantern hung on the eaves of Kanda Festival is jolted for wind early.
Paper appendix (we do and appear) breaks off by rain and strong wind on Sunday when we see well.


While, uh-oh, we take a ceremonial photograph when we appear in lobby where we pass through the entrance hall, and red carpet was spread all over.
Visitors coming out of restaurant early in the afternoon
It is ... by photography, taking a ceremonial photograph one after another in front of miniature shrine
Popularity of omikoshi is great thing. Flow of person does not readily break off!


Omikoshi which is displayed local 3, Kandanishikicho town assembly Oga sedan chair (5 sun of architrave two shakus)
This miniature shrine is perfect gem of "kyu*" (Kanda Kuromoncho) product in 1933.
Treasure of former town which we followed people of town letting miniature shrine evacuate in wartime.
Even Miyairi of Kanda Festival is miniature shrine of dignified presence that popular name "golden miniature shrine" and popularity are high in.


This being the first time that miniature shrine was displayed in bachelor Hall of building in 1928.
Perfect gem which master of miniature shrine of Kanda where the miniature shrine was made in 1933, kyu* made!
Is it not historic encounter to feel heaviness of what time? (exaggeration?)
In addition, drum float which we put Momotaro doll on aside of miniature shrine is displayed.
It is rare doll drum festival car which we cannot look at very much in the present age.

Origin commentary of miniature shrine, please read notice board, authenticating certificate on the site.
As brochure of the history of bachelor Hall is in hall, we must see it!

Early building of the Showa era and miniature shrine realized Kanda Festival for relationship
It was miniature shrine display of splendid combinatorial bachelor Hall entrance lobby.
Display is plan until May 7.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/04/20 1:04

Friday, April 19 that was under one month until "Kanda Festival" performed of saiko after an interval of four years
In opening warm Awajicho waterasu 3F hall
"Introduction to ... festival lecture to enjoy Kanda Festival"
But, it was held, and more than 120 customers visited venue!

Sponsorship NPO corporation Kanda society Kanda Myojin

At first we get nervous to three men and women from customer than ... this on the dais and have
Please change your clothes in appearance to enjoy festival. . . We announce this!


Fortunately? These three people were chosen.
We changed our clothes in form of festival promptly!


It is also greeting of sponsor.
We were granted word greetings with spring water right chief priest of Kanda Myojin.


Three general customers like point get nervous on the dais
By master of professional dressing, please instruct longjohns, how to wear waistcoats having a front but no back.
Furthermore, we have winding, getting covered headband are small, and they tell.


We put on short coat, and there are both kind and how to close obis in various ways
As you see it became the cool finish each, and expression of everybody softened.


Parishioners of Kanda Myojin goes on the platform by different clothes and dressing each.
It is commented minutely, and ... lecture finally becomes instruction of miniature shrine bearer.


There is no miniature shrine. Here slightly spatially concerning unreasonableness
It is "bearer stick
". . . So-called air miniature shrine.


Closing had all all of you who were in hall stand up
We close lumber-carriers' work song of Edo firefighting memory society, head fireman and Kanda one.
We became Kanda Festival play Bent of the large prosperity!


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/04/12 23:13

Today Friday, April 12
Awajicho waterasu and Ochanomizu SORA city
We opened at the same time.

Redevelopment of land where waterasu ever had Awaji Elementary School and Awaji Park.
The ground of SORA city in front of Ochanomizu Station is place where there was former Hitachi headquarters building.

When leave JR Ochanomizu Station (St. Hashiguchi), and look up at the sky from open space; this scenery.
The left is Ochanomizu SORA city. The right waterasu (tower ridge) of Awajicho.


When we look back toward the downhill back with escalator from ground of SORA city
We can feel refreshing space where comfortable blue sky is wonderful.
There are full of restaurants in this B1.
No, there is strange space that gangs are different from restaurant in in the front!


Can it become community base with area?
It is "navigator" telling information of around neighborhood area like the information desk spot!
There is service that he/she prints free when we set walk course with monitor.


Communication bridge which connects SORA city and waterasu when we walk connecting walkway
We appear on the ghost Hill.
The people concerned gathered from 11:30, and ceremony of opening ceremony of bridge was held today.


It is Awajicho waterasu when we cross bridge.
Cafe of waterasukomon for the purpose of local community is wonderful!
Ceiling is expensive and is comfortable.
Ceiling is finished with ceiling of hall of ex-Awaji Elementary School as motif.


In common gallery space that went down stairs from cafe
Ahead of Kanda Festival performed of saiko after an interval of four years in May,
Large miniature shrine of local 2, Awaji-cho town assembly was displayed in large quantities and attracted attention!


For the lunch break open on terrace of the waterasu front on the second floor for the first day
Live concert of saxophone quartet is held, and it is a time of rest.
Various pleasant events are planned for a while in waterasu by opening.
For more details, please see homepage of waterasu!


And leave waterasu; and view from Sotobori Street is this.

The left is comprised of tower ridge in office and house
333 households of people will live.
Community space is prepared for abundantly, too.
Student apartment where 36 people live in 2 floor of the top floor with annex ridge in the right.
Point system recommends local action to become topic in the media.
12 points a year of local alternating current is done in various activities!
In addition, we enter, and store of many various types of industry opens, too.

In front of Ochanomizu Station to waterasu for the Awajicho intersection area
By there having been line of flow of person who could walk without almost getting wet even on rainy day
How will this area and neighboring towns change?
It is a lot of feeling of expectation as redevelopment area that does not look at example so far.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/04/12 15:36

We went to "WATERRAS" (waterasu) of Kandaawajicho that opened on April 12.

"WATERRAS TOWER" of 164.8m in height to become symbol of new town.
Office and house and hall, cafe, library are installed, too,
Holding of various events and lectures is planned from now on.

This "WATERRAS ANNEX" consisting of commercial facilities.
We comprise restaurant and supermarket and student apartment.

Shop which opened earlier was full of many visitors.
At lunchtime, neighborhood can stand in line in various places of work.

Atrium connecting two buildings is extensive open space.
According to the name of waterasu, it becomes into a terrace (terrace) form.

Concerning theme, trees are planted here and there, and water plays water and green.

When sandwich ghost Hill, the neighbor is SORA city. This is compound facility which opened on April 12, too.

Opening ceremony of bridge which linked SORA city to waterasu was held.
Company, ward office, the local people concerned gathered.

To celebrate bridge opening, tape cutting was carried out.

In the third floor of WATERRAS COMMON hall, "memory exhibition of Awajicho" is held.
By the change of cityscape, we compare the present age and past photograph.

We carried out "waterasu Japanese towel design contest".
Please vote for favorite Japanese towel.

Miniature shrine of 2, Awaji-cho town assembly was displayed.
In next month, first Kanda Festival in 4 years is held.

In atrium, performance by saxophone kuurutetto was shown.

By ensemble with four kinds of saxes, it was enjoyed everybody.

From 19:00, "dream of WATERRAS BLOSSOM water" is going to be held tonight in waterasu open space.
By performance of noh player, we can enjoy ability, Noh comedy, dance, music.

The details are this ⇒

Please participate from now on as various opening events are planned for one month.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/04/10 0:11

When we walk Sotobori Street in the Kanda Station area
Is right front, and ... mind that discovered shining favorite dish makes; and ...

We go to confirm across signal as we cannot overlook!


It is here there
Miniature shrine of big things and small things of "Uchikanda Kamakura town assembly" was displayed.

Here is Tokyo Toyopet Chiyoda shop of Kamakura Bridge intersection corner of Uchikanda.
We are magnanimous to let you put miniature shrine in best position of showroom!

But, we enter when I'm sorry in shop as it is hard to look at glass etsu shideha naan attendant.
Of course it is reason to do not mean to see mind to buy car for (I'm sorry)!


It is latest and sees miniature shrine of "Kamakura-cho" where town was formed in Kanda in the oldest Keicho era year.
Splendid large miniature shrine solid in 1963 in splendidness of 6 sun of architrave dimensions 2 shakus of Asakusa, Shigeyoshi Miyamoto product.
Similarly small miniature shrines of 5 sun of architrave dimensions 1 shakus form a line.

It is another one month until Kanda Myojin, Otori ren miniature shrine ceremony for moving a deity to a new site on Thursday, May 9.
Miniature shrine display is carried out after this in each place, too, and be finally suitable for Kanda Festival and swell.

It is during miniature shrine display, but of course is selling car of Toyota!
Opportunity to purchase car while we observed miniature shrine is ... now!



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/03/28 0:27

Morning Kanda Myojin of Tuesday, March 27 great lucky day
Temperature continues to fall without cold gentle rain stopping low.
Front area of a Shinto shrine full of worshipers from morning is very usually quiet this morning!

Freshness increases by this shower and sees cherry tree of the precincts beautifully more gorgeously.
We want you to be until "Kanda Haru Myojin Festival" of the weekend in sakurahana** somehow.


10:00 a.m.
Purification is held in main hall.

It is Shinto ritual of purification of "robe of an angel" attire new making!

First "Kanda Festival" that it is performed of saiko by azalea in 4 years
Not being exaggeration even if we say popular one of Kanda Festival
Miyairi scenery of robe of an angel doll festival car of Matsue Kanda town assembly.
Even as for Kanda Festival that miniature shrine of 100 is heroic one after another, and thing doing with shrine is famous
Miyairi of the only doll festival car stands out and is popular great "robe of an angel doll festival car".

Doll float which was made in 1938 by hand of Kanda, shrine Osamu.
Attire of the robe of an angel doll was had made newly after an interval of 75 years at Nantes this time.

Attire of old ability "robe of an angel" doll
Kanda Myojin museum seems to have displayed plan at the time of Kanda Festival (undecided)
As for the padded silk garment of this side, dressing called "lower wall of godown" is considered to be doll.
Back cinnabar red clothes called "long silk" (choken) is so.

In Miyairi of Matsue Kanda town assembly on May 12
Robe of an angel in gorgeous attire which was new along with miniature shrine
We can see such a scene circling on festival car!

We cannot overlook!
Miyairi worship of Matsue Kanda town assembly "robe of an angel doll festival car."


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/03/24 0:05

 Cherry blossom coming out disorder The air is full of spring

Is saved by heart, and is isolated; season of cherry blossom full bloom
As for the Sakura Festival of Chiyoda, popularity is great upsurge plover deep water!

It is very close to deep water, Yasukuni Shrine Kudan, plover of popular spot
Let's introduce row of cherry blossom trees of Jimbocho.

In front of terrace park tower of town "J city" of Jimbocho redevelopment
Young row of cherry blossom trees facing the Shiroyama Street seems to be good and is in full blossom.


Scenery to face Jimbocho intersection from the next bachelor Hall side is this.
As it is younger tree, both the volume and forms seem to be unified somehow!


Feeling that does not come when it faces the bachelor Hall area from Jimbocho intersection side.
Beautiful taste with unity is only good snugly
Person passing away looks at way leisurely and becomes wonderful space when we take photograph.

Direction of right-front Kyoritsu Women's University turns pink, too.


Four young weeping cherry trees are in full glory in front of the front entrance of Kyoritsu Women's University.
Flowering of cherry tree was too early and became in full blossom this year in graduation ceremony not entrance ceremony.

It is young row of cherry blossom trees of Jimbocho growing up still more,
It will be that we are if tree grows year by year, and this row of cherry blossom trees attracts person's attention?
In the next spring, what kind of; will turn up, and look forward to.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/03/18 0:49

With waterasu (ruins such as 2, Awaji-cho redevelopment, the former Awaji small)
Completion is imminent SORA city (former Hitachi headquarters building trace, the Ochanomizu station square).
Modern high-rise scenery and space that here thinks whether it is Kanda.

From Awaji Hill along the Kanda River of one south
Slope of east side slope of Hongo plateau Surugadai is "ghost slope".
If it becomes such a bright super modern scenery
Ghost can appear, too, and twice and ghost already do not seem, too!

waterasu 2, Kandaawajicho


SORA city 4, Kandasurugadai


Left this side SORA city right depths waterasu was connected by pedestrian bridge.
The front is Kanda post office!

With the north corner of two waterasu of site
This skeleton pedestrian bridge that it was built over "ghost Hill" that we tied the south corner of SORA city.
Both buildings open this spring
It is a pleasure how Ochanomizu Station and flow of people around Awajicho change.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/03/12 11:44

We participated in press tour of Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction aid it "living to make" Tokyo exhibition that we held in arts Chiyoda 3331 now.

We are introducing continuous approach by people and artist concentrating power on revival activity in Tohoku now.

There was explanation about purpose of display than Nakamura of director.
Panel of the rear is photograph of Kanda area at the time of the Great Kanto Earthquake.

We reflect photograph after 3.11 of Rikuzentakata-shi, Iwate and photograph before it at the same time on the front and back of screen.

The actual situation of Meiji Sanriku University tsunami. We display genre picture which terrible sight of tsunami was drawn on.

The setting situation of temporary housing is shown by plain three-dimensional document.

Chronological table when support activity in the field of art design, building was written down for 18 years by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

Display of art object produced using scrap wood of stricken area.

Display booth of "yappeshi festival" held after the earthquake disaster in Ofunato, Iwate.

Traffic signboards which bent which were collected by 3.11 memorial project.

We can watch interview picture that leader revival of stricken area talks about the current situation.

Live painting to fishing boat by future artist, Ichiro Endo.

It is introduction of ADBOAD project that is active aiming at revival of fishery in Iwate.

Paint is given while many audiences watch.

Letter of FUTURE (the future) was completed.

Star is created successively. It seems to become colorful fishing boat.

During only several minutes, color was painted one side of ship in steadily.

As various workshops and events are planned during session, please go to visit.

The details are this ⇒

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/03/09 20:19

We seem to call town of Nihonbashi, Kanda area "Edo old town".
Festival that was exhaustively idle in Edo old town began on March 1,
We reached the last day today on March 9.

Bodily sensation! Edo old town walk - Kanda edition ...

Gather at Ochanomizu Station at 2:00 p.m.,
It is Bridge station building - Sudacho long-established store street - multi-town main street - JR Kanda Station - Imagawa Bridge - old town festival venue in sacred tree - Yushima temple of Confucius - Kanda Shrine - Shohei Bridge - former all generations of Princess Ota Inari
It was various walk tours for approximately two hours 30 minutes.

Tateyama Nishihira who was born and raised in Kanda where Kanda pictorial which was town magazine of Kanda district was made as for the guide.
Guide contents were very pleasant tours including historic thing and local back information.

Guide of Yushima temple of Confucius
We seemed to be reading all "bridge" with "chopsticks" in old days.
"Shohei has" and is hard to say.
It is easy to say "shoheibashi".

We guide around Kanda Myojin for one week

Bottom guides stairs next to hotel about complicated boundary of Chiyoda-ku and Bunkyo-ku on slope


Guide of the neighborhood of Shohei bridge

Guide of milk hall of multi-town main street


We guide with the master in front of Echigoya who is famous for bucket tofu in multi-town main street


According to Kanda hardware "vigor perfect score! We photographed group photo in turnout stand venue and became dissolution.

We drink cold thing with each stand after the dissolution and do good flavor and eat thing and. And of 6:00 start
Projection mapping "Edo old town that revives" of Edo old town festival final event
We observed this.

Mapping began after greetings of Mayor sponsor and Chiyoda.

Projection mapping "Edo old town that revives"

Mapping that depth was deep, and was fascinating was very pleasant event.