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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/09/27 22:22

Friday, September 27
Musashi country Toshima county Edo Kanda Myojin foundation town Shibasaki village said to be the ground
In Tokyo historic site designation "Masakado mound" of current Otemachi 1

"Masakado mound annual festival" was held solemnly.

It is said "festival before mound" in "tomb for the war dead" of Prince Kanda Myojin Sannomiya enshrined deity Masakado Taira saiko.
Festival in front of the mound is festival that anyone can perform participation, prayer of.


We move venue to MITSUI & CO. hall which is adjacent after festival in front of the mound
"Masakado mound annual festival" is held solemnly.
In this venue, it is representative of guest, Masakado mound preservation society, parish representative, parishioner town assembly ・
Only the Shinto shrine people concerned can attend.


"Masakado mound annual festival" goes solemnly while participant more than 200 watches.


"Dance of Urayasu" by medium of Kanda Myojin was dedicated.


"Masakado mound preservation society" general meeting was held after annual festival.
All events are settled without delay, ahead of feast of Otorii Akira Kanda Jinguji
There were greetings of thanks.

Photograph from the left
Director house Hirano of NPO Kanda
The Kadoyama sun temple chief priest
Akira Kanda Kanagawa Univ. torii chief priest
Chairperson Chiyoda City Tourism Association Takagi

We closed one, and peaceful feast was similar to lumber-carriers' work song after 4:00 in the evening and turned out to be the closing.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/09/14 22:46

Following person concerned preview on other day 12th
The opening of business is finally open today on Saturday, September 14!

mAAch ecute Kanda forever bridge (mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge)

Ceremony of tape cutting of opening was held from 10:30.
The second is the Horitamachi chairperson of local town assembly attended at as guest in northern Sudacho from the left.


Long before the appointed time of 11:00 opening; can stand in line, and size of expectation of everybody is felt, too.


Cafe "N3331" where popularity was established on old forever bridge Station home even if we said anything
Entrance first to come already settles in seat and seems to watch scenery.
By entrance applicants having increased more and more after this
Entrance restrictions were carried out on stairs, and setting of sojourn time in shop was accomplished, too.


View from deck adjacent to cafe looks such.
This toward the public let alone railroad enthusiasts very; is
It is a supreme time to be able to eat and drink by positioning of home!


Nobody including old home and railroad siding can be full of eyes just a while ago
It was grass booboono scenery in this way.

We cannot miss in reciteing the history and culture of Kanda
We reused valuable old facility and reproduced, and this ground of Sudacho was able to refresh
These commercial facilities "mAAch ecute Kanda forever bridge" finds new value
We accumulate the new history for the future and are smart
We want you to become symbolic "place" for area.

"mAAch ecute Kanda forever bridge"
There was opening of business congratulations!


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/09/12 22:31

Commercial facilities where utilization regenerated old forever bridge Station remains of an ancient structure
Mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge
But, we open on Saturday, September 14.

Forever bridge Station which started a business as the starting station of kobutetsudo in 1912
We closed curtain by duty as station in only 31 years in 1943.
However, we existed in Tokyo first-rate downtown, Sudacho at the time
Hero of Russo-Japanese War that dignified appearance of the brick station building is built in the station square
It was noted product of Kanda with bronze statue of Lieutenant Colonel Hirose and Sugino petty officer.

In brick high shelf, match with Kanda riverside and Sudacho side
11 individual stores are open by fashion.


Pretty arched tunnel connects store and store
It becomes line of flow of visitors.


It is fresh, and familiar scenery is seen when we appear on terrace established newly along the Kanda River!
Brick high shelf from this angle and the Kanda River, Shohei Bridge and pine house town over-road bridge,
And are five points of sets of Kanda River bridge not scenery of the first audience?


When we go up old stone stairs among old tiles
We appear in old home of forever bridge Station which ever did well by the getting on and off of train.


Vehicle of Chuo Line that old home is maintained as observation deck and passes away, and to buy
We can do in one of eyes.
In addition, as cafe is founded in old home, too
Sacred place ninaruyamo of railroad enthusiast and building enthusiast appendix slaver does not become known!


We can see symbolic scene which utilized remains of an ancient structure again everywhere in brick underpass.
Of bare steel frame high shelf and brick which was arched, and was piled up and tile at the time
Combination brings on atmosphere that nobody knows.
Mind nisahenattekimasu which totally air at the time flows through there.

We were surrounded by tasteful bricks in such a massivity on entrance entrance side close to Chuo-dori
Stylish cafe is going to open.

Anyway the first day becomes open in 3 consecutive holidays on Saturday, September 14.
In reciteing the history and culture before the Edo era reaching in the present age in place of Kanda
It is one of "place" of prime point that we cannot miss.
Opening in fun!



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/08/31 22:06

Saturday, August 31
In arts Chiyoda 3331 1F lounge,
It was done saiko after an interval of four years in this May
We stop by on Kanda Myojin official DVD who recorded 2013, Kanda Festival
"Kanda Festival projection party" was held!

Projection society began with greetings of 3331 staff at 14:00 at the appointed time.
Approximately 50 people visit venue and are approximately full.
Nihonbashi and Asakusa that person was in more distantly from Kawagoe came.


At first we appreciate main story of Kanda Festival 90 minutes.
Begin with solemn ceremony for moving a deity to a new site, and hold town assembly miniature shrine divine spirit, rainy God good luck festival,
Picture of heroic miniature shrine Miyairi and Kanda Festival is projected in sequence.
Besides, states such as oblatory tea type or light noh play in which the protagonist is a god are recorded beautifully, too.
Curtain was taken down by annual festival on Wednesday, May 15 by Kanda Festival picture this year.


Even as for all Kanda Festival which it was parishioner to see Shinto ritual, event, but came for sightseeing
As we can hardly see, he/she wants you to look at with this record picture.
In addition, Kanda Myojin does utsushiza in the present location two years later, and it is at commemorative year of 400 years.
There were greetings than Shimizu of Akira Kanda divinity chief priest.


Today's guest
Hard luck story and inside story of shooting were shown than supervised Sato of picture production.
When report of six sets of shooting teams by rainy God good luck festival on Saturday in particular was serious.
What an overall picture record seemed to be over 200 hours lightly!

There were how many people in Manager of parishioner town assembly in pursuance of Kanda Festival, too or were actually attended.
Impression is different in seeing Kanda Festival with conduct, one and picture to sense bodily on the site
In this, impression was said.


There is introduction of many guests who were able to come for Kanda Festival with privilege picture of approximately 30 minutes
The best part was aerial photography picture record from helicopter photographed by miniature shrine Miyairi!
Design of world big city, Kanda Festival to sweep over super downtown area of Tokyo, Kanda, Nihonbashi
We were able to thoroughly enjoy picture of force from the sky in big screen.

Closing is greeting of Nakamura of the director of unification at arts Chiyoda 3331.
Curtain of Kanda Festival picture show for approximately two hours was taken down.


The way home, many customers bought "Kanda Festival DVD".
Surely you will look at picture of miniature shrine Miyairi of own town slowly and carefully at home.

Kanda Festival DVD is now on sale at Kanda Myojin rest station stand!
Inquiry is Kanda Myojin 03-3254-0753


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/08/26 23:03

Chiyoda volunteer center sponsorship
We went together and participated in event to clean Akiba!

Reception desk & meeting point is in front of DAIBIRU of Akihabara station square
Approximately 50 people participated from junior high student to one of the prime of life.
In bibb of Chiyoda-ku Council of Social Welfare becoming mark of participation
It is tong and garbage bag of garbage picking in both hands. Preparations are perfect.


We are divided into four groups and start cleaning of town at each start point.
Goal meeting point is forever bridge branch office.

Oh, it is dirty!
The messiest town hears rumor named Akihabara well in Chiyoda-ku, but ...
When shrubbery of the sidewalk in particular may totally mistake for dump site; ...
Person who sits down on wall of shrubbery while we do garbage picking, and eats and drinks is outstanding!


Garbage bag swells with wastepaper, bottle, can, every garbage including corrugated cardboard.


The situation that causes garbage one after another when there is crime of conscience-like illegally parked garbage is this↑
This state is sad town of Akihabara that became world-famous sightseeing spot now.
I really see garbage very well when concerned with such a cleaning event and it is dirty and sees town.
In other town shopping and the present situation that come to play, and cannot process garbage
Impression as sightseeing spot is bad when we do not do something
We will be sorry to live in this town for living people!

Let's treat garbage properly!
Though take-out will be the best; ...


Quantity of garbage which approximately 50 people gathered for by cleaning of town of just a little over one hour is enormous.
The proper situation to be was able to confirm in particular that we abandoned to shrubbery in this town.

We must do something!

When participant arrives at forever bridge branch office of goal, as for the next, classification work of garbage is also great!
Approximately 50 people who participated as volunteer voluntarily thank you!

Time to want to know information of volunteer who wants to do volunteer activity
Please to Chiyoda volunteer center
This →


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/08/18 15:31

 We talk about lingering summer heat visit.

Dedication Izumo noh dance

On Saturday, August 17 in Edo total local deity Kanda Myojin
By shimakonkendekumoshi*kawachomankyusensharitsumushishinshashindaishingakushachu
Shinto priest enlarged rooms on the second floor of Izumo noh dances having the history of approximately 400 years were dedicated.

※mankusenshatachimushijinjakamiyokagurashachu  ※kannushikagura

Company in the banks of a river of ten thousand 9,000 Hii River. "Izumo country topographical record" knit in the ancient times "Engi era type"
Company name appears as nadoni "Kojiro Corporation" "Kojiro Shrine"; is old; historical Shinto shrine.
8 million God of the whole country gathers last in this company in the tenth lunar month (old calendar October) of Izumo.
You hold shingi and feast and are back to each country on the next morning.

Firstly Shinto ritual dance "seibei" where is sober as for dedicating (come, and read)
Dance to expel with bell with Gohei, and to cleanse all people, places, sacred treasures which gathered in this place.


We had effort for realization of this dedication noh dance
Greetings from His Imperial Highness Prince Mikasa Queen Akiko.


"Every direction sword" another name "sword dance" to do, and not to be lost in
We hold sword in hand and dance intensely and play and we cut wicked thing by power to have of weapon and expel.


Dance of yamatanoorochi extermination by **koredammei susanoonomikoto


"Abdication" kuniyuzuri another name "fierce god" does not grow on
Dance of competition in strength of messenger of Japanese Olympus, Takemi Kazu Chino Cami and matchmaking god of Izumo bamboo Mina Katano Cami

Mythical dance of interesting Izumo is danced in sequence, and it is played
Kanda Myojin of 150 including with small child who came for appreciation in main shrine
Near at hand by noh dance dance to have both force and elegance; admired close, and thoroughly enjoyed.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/08/15 17:14

On August 9, comic artist total number 25 participated in easy kid meeting in the first floor of the dismantling planned Jimbocho, Shogakukan Building reception lobby.
It is state on the day.

© Shogakukan

© Shogakukan

We see a great number of people for visit by bringing with camera now to look after comfortable kid one.

We take a picture from the side and upper gap in order to take not only glass of the front but also photograph of the inside!

Mirror is put in the room for consideration to such all of you and becomes easy to see from the outside.
Visit seemed to be plan until 16th at first, too, but we extend by 25th and we release lighting, shutter until from half past eight to 20:00 and seem to show the lobby.
※General person cannot enter the inside. There are the person concerned and journalist who got permission in the room.

Including thing which picture of the person and picture of different author were drawn on as for the comfortable kid is various.

Cyborg 009 is Mr. Naoki Hanzawa (003 girls), vying of Mr. Kazuhiko Shimamoto (009, 002, 004, 006) as respect to Mr. stone no Taro Morimasa.

Q Taro of the left ghost with signature is Fujio Fujiko Ⓐ teacher you image. It is work of other comic artists in hommage other than it.

Mr. Kuromaru of mojarra author was drawn in this place.

Person with interest carry foot to Jimbocho by all means.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/08/03 0:45

Solid building covered on scratch tile at 3, Kandanishikicho exists.
It is Agency for Cultural Affairs registration tangible cultural property designated bachelor Hall.

Design of Sadataro Takahashi who designed Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Imperial Hotel new building.
It is built in 1928 and has heaviness of the history of 85.
This ground is famous as the University of Tokyo birthplace, the Japanese baseball birthplace.

The entrance of old building built in 1928.
New building (Jimbocho intersection gathering) is enlarged in 1937 nine years later.

There seemed to be beer hall in this historical precious building and came.


We meet with waitress of beer hall suddenly in hall old building entrance hall.
Uniform (maid clothes) which is pretty in spite of being calm classic appearance that he/she comes to call
Design which was used in this hotel in the times of Showa for beer hall
Reproduction seems to be uniform which revived than this year and collects topics.


Beer hall is Room 201 on the second floor.
This grand large hall seems to be used for banquet or meeting room, lecture.
However, location divide line into TV drama "Naoki Hanzawa" frequently in this room
We appear in important scene of drama, and this becomes big topic recently, too.


Of delicious beer drink while pouring, and learning one, drink, drink!
Proud Japanese, Western, and Chinese style chef creates confidence of bachelor Hall
Substantial eating and drinking to have various types of delicious dishes and dessert!


Frozen sake is popular, too!



We feel historical solid building and room to be and are beer hall of atmosphere of calm adult
We drink and eat and are over while we say with a at happy time to talk laughingly.

We looked back in the first-floor entrance hall and left hall while regretting trace.

Bachelor Hall homepage


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/07/29 23:07

 Chiyoda-ku designation tangible cultural property "house of Kanda"

2, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku
It is solid and luxurious wooden construction building built in Miyamoto Park who is next to Kanda Myojin.

It was held this time in precious wooden construction architecture "house of Kanda" that was extreme in this gorgeousness
We send state of rakugo society!

Whole view of "house of Kanda" which receives summer setting sun, and shines
Ground cherry (cheeks enthusiast) is displayed, and the cinnabar red is beautiful shiningly!


Refined room etiquette (we do and are hard) like summer of the entrance meeting customer
Consideration that room etiquette entertains customer from Japanese ancient times, decoration of consideration.


Because is rakugo society, there is comic storyteller by all means, and do; and ...
This is Shunputei one Nobusuke
It is energetic popular comic storyteller promoted to qualification given to comic storyteller without 21 people last year (!) .

Venue of rakugo society is Japanese-style room on the second floor.
Is it stage that is not high? It is close not to feel a feeling of coherence of this distance with visitor in this at all.
Well, 30 people that capacity of visitor was made even if we connected two Japanese-style rooms.
It becomes very wonderful luxurious space.


When we say story hato tonight
"We praise child" lightly and begin to appear, and, speaking of summer, the second material come with ghost story thing
It seemed to be become a lot cool everybody in "we congratulate real scenery trouble ka deep water, Toyoshi" of late Japanese yen dynasty forte.
And though it was plan of the closing with kusu and laughable "hemp noren."

Is hit by torrential rain of guerrilla by example, and great service of teacher another one seat
Come with "professional jester of eel"; and point doubling profit day lucky as for the visitors!

Of harufuteiichikorehoshitakumi said to be at the height of the popularity, and to have difficult ticket acquisition
It became advantageous rakugo meeting which was able to hear classical storytelling in four seats of Nantes!


Of mechanism doll displayed in "house of Kanda" casually
"Tea progressing doll" saw off customer!

Sponsorship: New day shop → This venue: House of Kanda → This


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/07/20 0:43

There was ever forever bridge Station of kobutetsudo in Kandasudacho, forever foot of a bridge.
It was the 1912 opening of business, the 1943 closure and short time
There is bronze statue of Lieutenant Colonel hero, Hirose and Sugino soldier tank of Russo-Japanese War in open space of the station square, too
It is certain that we formed plot of downtown, Sudacho of Kyoichi Azuma.

Solid station building of red brick of construction disappears by the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1912.
By the way, red brick Tokyo Station is the opening of business of 1927 that is later than forever bridge Station for two years.
Design of these two stations is Kingo Tatsuno.

Ruins of old forever bridge Station are in JR Kanda forever bridge building
Construction advances that old underpass and old platform revive in commercial facilities!
For this autumn 9 14 days a month
[mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge] We say this
We are going to open as commercial facilities.

Tenant is going to enter Kanda riverside and approximately 20 brick arches part on the land side


Fine-view cafe and fine-view lounge are established on old platform


We are seen in brick base at the time of the opening of business in 1912 when we look in round glass of open space.


Active high shelf and red brick and figure of arch are still beautiful in station building


Tunnel-formed part connecting tenant space becomes line of flow of person


Open feeling is full brightly on big glass surface to the Kanda River


Back wall surface is red brick of the Meiji period. Atmosphere of station building remains of an ancient structure is felt enough.


Entrance part of entrance close to forever bridge. Town of backward Akihabara is dazzling.


It faces the Kanda River, forever bridge from founded waterside terrace.


Stairs going up to fine-view lounge (old platform) leave old figure enough.


Train of Chuo Line goes through both sides of fine-view space frequently.


It being the whole country to have established cafe and fine-view space on platform, and this being the first time.


We still went down stairs with full of nostalgic feelings under construction and became the end of sneak preview visit.

For this autumn 9 14 days a month
[mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge] We say this
We are going to open as commercial facilities.