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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/10/23 22:21

Saturday, October 19
The 68th "meeting of Kanda barge" was held.

"Revive; "meeting of Kanda barge" which was founded under the theme of the Kanda River" in 1979
We go round twice of spring and summer, the Kanda River, the Nihonbashi River, the Onagi River, the Sumida River in year.
It is group shining in honor of winning Tokyo environment prize.

On the day we cross five fleets in total and are the second flight sea voyage of the morning, the afternoon
We put together, and participant of 340 enjoyed trip of the water, ship of Tokyo.

Dragoman guide of one boat is Fukumatsu Hayashi of "meeting of Kanda barge" chairperson.
We take 4 boat backward and run at the top.

Fleet starts from Mizukami, Tokyo bus anchorage of the two countries!


We pass through Yanagibashi immediately and flock to the Kanda River.


Commercial facilities which utilized old forever bridge Station remains of an ancient structure when we passed through forever bridge
Beautiful figure of "mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge" gets into eyes.


When look back from under Hijiribashi; is pine house town over-road bridge in bridge and there of subway Marunouchi Line.
We see JR Ochanomizu Station on the right cliff.
Ship looking like photograph is two boat and three boat.


Five fleets gather in front of waterway doorway for a certain Ochanomizu beside Suidobashi.
Participant photographed diverted water road and took fleet and enjoyed!


Five fleets advance to the Nihonbashi River near Suidobashi.
We go ahead through bottom of the Metropolitan expressway for a while
We can feel the far-off history in figure of former Edo-jo Castle stone wall in Hitotsubashi.

It is made of stone, and, in the oldest Joban bridge, restoration is under construction now.
One boat is bridge kuguritonarimashita of thrill perfect score by width that is last-minute passage.


View opens out when we appear from the Nihonbashi River to the Sumida River, and wave and wind become somewhat strong, too.
The Skytree is seen in direction where all of two boats points camera to.
We seem to be able to photograph the Skytree over Kiyosu bridge only from this position on ship.


Fun continues.
Ship advances from the Sumida River to the Onagi River which does not change from the Edo era to the present age, and spreads out.
Structure which Ougibashi is to open and close water gate in this way at the gate, and moves by adjusting quantity of water
We were able to experience structure of Panama Canal.

Fleet makes a U-turn and comes back to the Sumida River and is gemmonkyofukin in this way
We observed the Skytree whether you were serious and came back to two countries anchorage of starting point.
We were able to enjoy trip of ship to enjoy from surface of a river, the water of Tokyo of approximately two hours 30 minutes.

Next "meeting of Kanda barge" is planned in May of the next year.
Meeting of Kanda barge is this↓


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/10/21 10:56

Early afternoon on the last day of the October 3 consecutive holidays to feel autumn arrival for calm climate. Ochanomizu.

Lecture that was held in Ochanomizu Nicolai temple
"Value of cultural assets of Nicolai temple (Tokyo revival sanctuary) and affiliated building"
Blog reports this this time.

It is completed in 1891 by basic design of Mikhail shichurupofu and conduct design of architect "Josiah Conder" to be called "father of our country architecture world" by. "Sanctuary" of Byzantine style appointed as important cultural property of country in 1962,
"Value of architecture of affiliated building" to exist that was used at the time of construction again as bishop building, presbytery, gate-keeper place, library
We were assigned to this and were gone on the platform Mr. history of Chiba Institute of Technology professor architecture specialty Kawahigashi known as authority of condor doctor study.

A little less than 150 participants gather in venue, and "full thanks" are right in a state. Many participants about "construction of Nicolai temple,"
We send big interest.

It is the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 to have become big knot after the completion if we read the history of architecture of Nicolai temple.

Nicolai temple at the time of the completion

Dome of temple of Confucius and spire of bell tower, affiliated building damaged by fire. In the case of the revival, some buildings are modified and lead to current form. It is architect "Shinnichiro Okada" to have been in charge of this repair. It is person who designed Meiji Mutual Life Insurance Co. building of the important cultural property-maru of country. "Josiah Conder" who introduced in the beginning is person who designed Mitsubishi Building No. 1 that everybody knows well.

In the church building group sewed by "two architects" who were popular figure, it is in those days in building group which is valuable for Japanese building world without still losing the splendor and force.

This is design drawing of "sanctuary" of condor handwriting. There seemed to be plan to build five domes in those days.

Temple of Confucius which we are building

It is common that Byzantine style usually carries dome on board on the square, but it is octagonal and picks up dome in Nicolai temple, and it seems to be style of condor original. We used length expression such as measurements interval of Japan in drawing from the first so that Japanese craftsman could undertake construction clearly.

On the other hand, in "the affiliated building group," French architectless refuse designs bishop building and presbytery before the temple of Confucius completion, and condor designs gate-keeper place, library after the temple of Confucius completion. Most put iron bar in the brick and give seismic strengthening and are "steel frame building in brick" that we painted with mortar from the top. After the Great Kanto Earthquake, building will be repaired each by Shinnichiro Okada, but is leaving a lot of parts with those days on now. Bishop halls which we designed of reply refuse are the 1875 completion, and there is some remodeling, but is "the oldest building" in building in brick to exist in Tokyo.

This is old bishop building. Reply refuse design. It was 2 stories, but we are repaired, and the second-floor part is changed to 1-story one-storied house after the earthquake disaster by Shinnichiro Okada. It is Tokyo oldest building in brick.

Old gate-keeper place. This is regarded as design due to condor. After the temple of Confucius completion, it was built soon. It is valuable condor work which leaves under the eaves decoration expression called "Lombardy Zone" on those days although restoration and the enlargement are accomplished.

The last is old library. It is thought with design due to condor. It was 3 stories, but we removed the third-floor part by earthquake disaster and became 2 stories in those days. Our country's first "firebed which condor recommended-proof" was still used, and this floor seemed to be restored in Mitsubishi Building No. 1. It is remains of an ancient structure which are precious as a few works of condor.

Through difficulty and the times various by hand of best building and great men at the time,
Nicolai temple which lets the bell sound through town without still changing.

When, as symbol of Ochanomizu, the precious building is taken a walk through in spite of being feeling some other time; how.

[as for the Nicolai temple details this]

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/10/15 10:49

It is ... by Hotel Tokyo "beautiful lecture" of garden - massage neatly

"We were beautiful", and o body having a try, lecture to be able to learn happily were held in wonderful Hotel "Hotel Tokyo of garden" of taste of the sum that was close to Suidobashi Station.
We experienced ... by the first ... massage neatly.

Holding from September 19 10:00. He/she let participants eyes dazzle.
Hidetake Fujimaki of lecturer made a contract with new brand Say of anti-aging and announced massage that "we lowered and achieved" based on original theory. Lesson in Ginza seems to be quite popular shop which is hard to make reservation.

At first we hear story of Hidetake Fujimaki of lecturer.

Well, it is practice. All of you are earnest.

Become strange face during massage a little, but amiability.
Face which we lowered seems to be restored for approximately 30 minutes. When we massage in the morning and leave every day.
Face returns and seems to be effective because it becomes more beautiful.
We could not learn here, and this (DVD) was on to be all right.

It was with drink at hotel and became beautiful relaxedly.

We look forward to beautiful lecture in the future very, too.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/10/14 23:50

Tokyo wide area support type mall business "hangs island in Bunkyo, Chiyoda"

We get on night service of Kanda River Cruise and report light up night view 

Service flight is departure from port in disaster prevention anchorage of water supply foot of a bridge at 19:00.
Over the Suidobashi, Ochanomizu bridge, Hijiribashi, Shohei Bridge appearing in the Kanda River, forever bridge
It is course that makes a U-turn, and comes back to starting point.


Light up of Ochanomizu bridge is the backside of bridge.
Gradation of vivid light glistens, and the beauty is reflected in the surface of the water.
We see Ochanomizu Station and figure of Hijiribashi forward.


Ochanomizu Station where Hijiribashi and Chuo Line train lighted up stop at.
Ochanomizu Station is barrier-free, and it is at the height of repair work now.


Whole view of Hijiribashi where arch is beautiful when we look back.


Pine house town over-road bridge which we regarded as roadway of Shohei Bridge from gap of department of humanity.


We see forever bridge lighted up earlier of steel frame, Kanda River bridge of force.


We understand the state that color of lighting up changes every moment.
We just opened in the right side of forever bridge in September
"Mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge" which utilized brick underpass remains of an ancient structure of old forever bridge Station
He/she created sceneries with attractive atmosphere that nobody knew.


We sink with forever bridge, and ship of Kanda River Cruise makes a U-turn
We come back to sleeve of Suidobashi of starting point.

This Kanda River Cruise during event period of 10/4 - 10/14
The 40th flight service is carried out in four flights *10 day a day
All of embarkation of each 30 flights enjoyed small trip to Kanda River water.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/10/12 22:00

Tokyo wide area support type mall business
"Bunkyo, Chiyoda catches island"
From Saturday, October 5 to 14th (celebration)

Bus tour & town walk
Culture history sight-seeing course was performed by participation of approximately 90 people (three times).
Guide dragoman
It was Shiori Masuda of Kanda pictorial publisher, Tateyama Nishihira and Akiba guide.

Deluxe bus for exclusive use of tour to leave Bunkyo Civic Center at 10:00 a.m.


We get off bus according to royal visit in front of Tokyo Station and are start of town walk.
We pass through Wadakura-mon Gate while looking at Tokyo Station that revived in figure at the time of the opening of business and go to Ote-mon Gate.
It is aim suha Kanda Myojin birthplace "Masakado mound" from visit to Ote-mon Gate next.

And we take bus again in front of "Masakado mound" and go to Bunkyo-ku.


We arrive in "Kichijoji" that we relocated to Komagome in front of Suidobashi.
Originally we seemed to meet around metropolitan industrial arts High School in front of current Suidobashi
We move to Komagome after big fire 1657 of the Meiryaku era.
Merchants of door front were made to move to Tama, and current Kichijoji remained as the place name.
Name of Kichijoji bridge changed after big fire with "Suidobashi".


We came over to "high Hayashiji" through one of Edo five colors firmness "eyes red God of Fire".
It is temple of relation in the place name of "Ochanomizu".
Hidetada Tokugawa had a short rest at the time of falconry, and "Ochanomizu seemed to be called high Hayashiji".
Still, though is thing that "high Hayashiji" seems to become the place name if is ordinary; ne!


Walk free only as for the time when we take a walk through Teramachi of Komagome and arrive at "Nezu Shrine", and there is few.

And we rest foot at lunchtime of one hour.


We put lungful with lunch, and beginning of part of the afternoon is finally "Akihabara" walk.


Guide of Akihabara is rule in this Shiori Masuda.


You get off bus at Suehirocho intersection, and observe gachapon Hall
Point where we went to is specialized shop of bipedal robot.
We did operation experience of robot with controller.


At parking lot next to drugstore that there is maid
Visit of Akiba noted product "tsusha" (itasha)!
It seems to be meaning to be called hurting car. (this red car was Ferrari!)

Observe monument of the Kanda market birthplace; and ...


We were able to experience omission according to the underpass from radio store which closed soon, too.


Popular spot where terminal of Akiba course opens, and one month does not pass
Mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge
We were able to observe platform using free time.

We go to "Kanda Myojin" of last visit place on bus.


After Chiyoda-ku designation tangible cultural property which is next to Kanda Myojin observed "house of Kanda"
Worship and shopping in Kanda Myojin were enjoyed freely, everybody.


We observe one precinct and leave Kanda Myojin from back approach to a shrine to Kuramae bridge street.

We go to goal dissolution point on bus
Curtain of bus tour & town walk for from 10:00 to 17:00 and seven hours went down!
Town walk was trip approximately approximately 6 kilos in total.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/10/11 17:22

"Oh, island fishing" to bind Bunkyo-ku Chiyoda-ku which is finally finished on Monday (holiday) on 14th together
Though light up of Nicolai temple lights up Yushima temple of Confucius which we showed around several times. We fell into situation to say that we could not see light up well because closing the gate time was early. However, closing the gate time is 8:00 p.m. by the kindness of Yushima Seido for three days on Monday (holiday) on 14th on Sunday on 13th on Saturday on 12th.
You go to visit, and please look at with interest.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/10/09 16:16

Link Chiyoda-ku to Bunkyo-ku performed from October 5 to 14th;, "oh, island fishing" is performed.
Bunkyo-ku and Chiyoda-ku are the neighbors across the Kanda River.
"Oh, festival around "bridge" linking both wards is island fishing".
Many events are free that Bunkyo-ku, Chiyoda-ku comes over to many people as well as one where he/she lives and is set to work and has you know Bunkyo-ku Chiyoda-ku and enjoy.

As main event, it is lighted up Yushima temple of Confucius and Nicolai temple across Hijiribashi by Bunkyo-ku.

And it is light up of bridge linking Chiyoda-ku to Bunkyo-ku.
Kanda River cruising while we look at bridge lighted up is the first attempt.

We leave, and, as for what stood out, forever bridge march is cute first. Light of store is beautiful.

Of, "oh, island fishing" to appear on the brick clearly having been continued since the Taisho era letter.

It is kuha sequel to, famous Hijiribashi next. Saint o of Nicolai temple and Yushima temple of Confucius is "Hijiribashi" to tie up.

It is done color reason to several colors, and Ochanomizu bridge is very gorgeous.

In Suidobashi, illuminations of trees which are horizontal than bridge are beautiful.

It is Shohei Bridge and restaurant of underpass.

It is state of forever bridge.

We were reborn this autumn in commercial facilities using remains of an ancient structure with those days when forever bridge underpass was completed in 1912 on. Head office Building of all generations of meat is seen on the other side of bridge, too.

It is state of Izumi Bridge.

After having enjoyed light up and cruising, please visit shop of around Kanda River (it is good that you extend a trip aimlessly).
You can provide wonderful accommodation.
There was shop where forever bridge mer wisdom that we were able to see from Cruise was wonderful cutely a lot.
We went to one of the inside "Fukumori".
There is satisfaction that vegetables are enough for the central healthy cooking though they are healthy and is dish which is good for man worried about not only woman minding diet every day but also health.
A young man was actually seen in shop a lot.

And it is bus tour & town walk tour
This leaves at 10:00 a.m. and is dissolved at 5:00 p.m. and can enjoy on full day.
Three kinds of courses were in this tour, but went together in "culture history sight-seeing tour - Edo-jo Castle bottom and hilly section ..." which became full very first.

We walk Sakurada-mon Gate - Niju-bashi Bridge - Ote-mon Gate - Masakado mound ... to leave the cause of guide of popular expert guide Tateyama Nishihira making town magazine of Chiyoda-ku, the history of Edo for densely and are asked about story by genuine sword, and a lot of questions are ardor, too.

It is movement on bus in Bunkyo-ku.
We waited around Shinto shrine Buddhist temple which moved to Bunkyo-ku now which there was and ever did walk under Edo-jo Castle, the castle in Bunkyo-ku.
It stops, and Kichijoji - making a face temple - Takabayashi temple, cleaning person called Okanda on the way think about eyes without permission whether there are Kanda and anything connection of Chiyoda-ku and they listen to story of guide and walk happily.

In addition, we ate favorite lunch on bus in Ichigaya toward Ichigaya of Chiyoda-ku.
After noon, it is walk of Akihabara.
Here Akihabara is enthusiastic guide by guide Shiori Masuda of Akihabara.
While, here, enjoying tour with handling (hospitality) of master, young lady being done
We tasted the pleasure highlight of current Akihabara, and now and the bygone days of Akihabara of your memory were compared, and many customers were enjoyed.
Is it hina doll in canned dorakkusutoa, tsusha - oden - present age that there is gachapon Hall - robot visit - maid? ? Shop - forever bridge mer wisdom cute ... of doll

It is guidance from bus in all of you who were tired enough on foot to here. We are dissolved in Yushima temple of Confucius - Kanda Myojin and last soil Sendagi.
We were able to enjoy very happy significant day.

By the way, tour that this reservation needs is full.
Still, as for the that it wants to be made inquiry about some tour, 0120-409-008, please contact island fishing call center.

Alternatively, on the day there is event that we can participate in.

Real treasure hunt "Utopia legend"
Until from 5 to 20 on October
Place is each site in Bunkyo-ku Chiyoda-ku
At first we get map of treasure! We infer whereabouts of treasure with the help of map.
We put down keyword if we find box of treasure.

We fill out application paper which has map of treasure if we check all keywords and we drop on application box in discovery report place and mail. We get hawk rush card to the first 3,000 people when we mail in discovery report place.
It does not need to keep all the keywords, and there is from 1 area prize. (premium varies according to ※ clear numbers.)
We are distributing map in shop belonging to mall promotion association of Chiyoda City Tourism Association and Bunkyo-ku Chiyoda-ku.
Discovery report place is AIZUYA/JR Kanda Station / Chiyoda City Tourism Association (only on weekdays).
Chiyoda City Tourism Association becomes stamp venue of EDO ART EXPO.

Yayoi rice good side dish championship
October 14 Monday (holiday) from 11:00 to 15:00 Nezu Shrine
Which is side dish which is good to ancient Yayoi rice of rice? Is the Grand Prix decided by your vote?
Of course gourmet experience is free. It is the end as soon as we disappear.
Why is it? Is it Yayoi rice? This? ? Is it revealed by this championship? When do not know, is Bunkyo-ku Tourism Association; confirmation!

Well, local one rediscovers charm of “ area in autumn season that it is easy to spend! "
And present visit to reruatatanimachino spirit, such;, "oh, please participate in island fishing". < ...

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/10/08 0:24

Kandasurugadai charm of evening
Light up that Nicolai temple (Tokyo revival sanctuary) is the first time in history

Tokyo wide area support type mall business
"Island fishing as for Bunkyo, Chiyoda" now being held (until October 14)

Nicolai temple of the completion is lighted up wonderfully in 1891
Way pleases people passing away.

Five bridges built over the Kanda River connecting Bunkyo-ku and Chiyoda-ku are lighted up!
It is forever bridge, Shohei Bridge, Hijiribashi, Ochanomizu bridge, Suidobashi.
Furthermore, "Yushima temple of Confucius in the opposite bank of Nicolai temple lights up across Hijiribashi, too".
Please enjoy scenery which is light up around the Kanda River.



"Bunkyo, Chiyoda catches island"
The details are Chiyoda City Tourism Association sites↓


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/10/03 11:45

We went for "3331 Chiyoda art festival 2013" of arts Chiyoda 3331 who began from this week.
Place is ruin of old training junior high school in Sotokanda.

We observed "3331 independent exhibitions" of display section.
It becomes held annual exhibition three times ever.

Approximately 180 sets of works are displayed in exhibit space based on white crowdedly.

It is picture and paint, photograph, and there are many works from small thing to big thing using all over the wall.

It means that artists of wide generation are exhibited.
Color is placed in a good balance; had an impression.

Work using thing which is common in surroundings routinely is outstanding.

Not only wall but also three-dimensional work was displayed.
This enters inside and seems to admire.

Seeing from the distance, this looked like tree, but was made with crane of origami when it approached.
There were many works that production seemed to take enormous time.

There is picture which describes in comparison with time when we visited before, and is added.
When as admission is free, we go to visit several times and enjoy change?

There are monitor and work using electronic equipment including iphone,ipad, too.
Picture work was broadcasted, too, and there were some experience-based art, too.

Public comment party to become lively most is planned this weekend.
Writer, guest, visitors are that they develop hot talks about work.

333 cities (market) and live, many plans including theater are planned in future.

The details of 3331 Chiyoda art festival 2013 are this

There is cafe & restaurant "Food Lab 3331" in the neighborhood of entrance.
Please use lunch and cafe again as you seem to be able to enjoy liquor.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2013/09/27 22:22

Friday, September 27
Musashi country Toshima county Edo Kanda Myojin foundation town Shibasaki village said to be the ground
In Tokyo historic site designation "Masakado mound" of current Otemachi 1

"Masakado mound annual festival" was held solemnly.

It is said "festival before mound" in "tomb for the war dead" of Prince Kanda Myojin Sannomiya enshrined deity Masakado Taira saiko.
Festival in front of the mound is festival that anyone can perform participation, prayer of.


We move venue to MITSUI & CO. hall which is adjacent after festival in front of the mound
"Masakado mound annual festival" is held solemnly.
In this venue, it is representative of guest, Masakado mound preservation society, parish representative, parishioner town assembly ・
Only the Shinto shrine people concerned can attend.


"Masakado mound annual festival" goes solemnly while participant more than 200 watches.


"Dance of Urayasu" by medium of Kanda Myojin was dedicated.


"Masakado mound preservation society" general meeting was held after annual festival.
All events are settled without delay, ahead of feast of Otorii Akira Kanda Jinguji
There were greetings of thanks.

Photograph from the left
Director house Hirano of NPO Kanda
The Kadoyama sun temple chief priest
Akira Kanda Kanagawa Univ. torii chief priest
Chairperson Chiyoda City Tourism Association Takagi

We closed one, and peaceful feast was similar to lumber-carriers' work song after 4:00 in the evening and turned out to be the closing.