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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/06/28 19:20

 At from Thursday, July 3 to 4th Friday Kanda Station west exit mall

The twelfth Kanda, Akita Yuzawa
"Star Festival picture doroumatsuri" holding!
Sponsorship: Kanda Station west exit mall promotion association 

We come over to picture doroumatsuriga Kanda of Akita Yuzawa after an interval of two years.
It is connected by relationship that mansion of Satake feudal clan was ever in Kanda
Interchange event once in two years of Kanda and Akita Yuzawa.

Picture dorouni light which burnt which was raised at mall when positive declined
We bring on bewitching atmosphere with atmosphere and laying upon anything of the picture.


Star Festival decoration and picture dorouo are people who come for sightseeing to see, and vigor overflows at mall


The skill and rhythm of force of Satake drum of Yuzawaminami house attract many people, too


We can see Nishimonai Bon festival dance (doing cries) to be said to be fantastic Bon festival dance in Kanda
Much Bon festival dance enthusiasts seems to pay attention to choreography or clothes.


Product direct sale society of Akita Yuzawa is popularity as people overflow every time, too.
Besides, great lottery and Akita dialect conversation classroom or pub crawl Larry
Pleasant event is held at the same time during session!

It is held at Kanda Station west exit mall
Please go to "Kanda, Akita Yuzawa Star Festival picture doroumatsuri".

The details are this↓



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/06/23 23:23

 Go up Awaji Hill from sleeve of Shohei Bridge appearing in the Kanda River; when cut; on embankment just before Hijiribashi
Big Aphananthe aspera soars.

Summit level of Awaji Hill.
Let's talk about this big tree in front of JR Ochanomizu Station St. Hashiguchi!


As you see Shinto straw festoon is put on big trunk of Aphananthe aspera, and God bill is raised.
Bill can read letter of "Princess Ota Inari Shrine".
Okay, Princess Ota Inari Shrine has been ever enshrined on this ground.

In the first place military commander, daidendo* prays for smallpox (smallpox) recovery of princess (daughter) in the Muromachi era
kansei does Inari Shrine of village of one share of Kyoto Yamashiro country
It is like opening to have worshiped as "small Inari Shinto shrine".

We read small Inari Shinto shrine with "potato rough Inari Shrine".
We mean scab (scab) which occurs when we suffer from illness of potato, emoha smallpox,
There is considerably feeling of game of rhyming to wash it off neatly.

Such as slope now small in city valley, washing muddy taro slope in Roppongi the place name is left
The history about smallpox is almost said to be the left place name in the past.

"Small Inari Shinto shrine" where it was enshrined erection in former Edo-jo Castle where tadendo* built
When it is the Edo era of Tokugawa, at first we move to present 1, Nishikicho for Edo-jo Castle extension works.
Furthermore, we were made to do move, utsushiza in the ground on the mountains of this Surugadai.
It is about 1600, the Tensho era, story in the days of the Keicho era.
We transfer Kanda Myojin or Sanno honorific title of a Japanese god to Kadoyama (Surugadai) at the time these days.
Time passes, and is in the middle of the Edo era; company name
We are changed to "Princess Ota Inari Shrine" by "small Inari Shinto shrine".

For company name of Shinto shrine this on the ground this small Inari Shinto shrine in the times of enshrining
Current Awaji slope when Shohei Bridge was called "small slope" "mouthful bridge", say.

Railroad is spread using embankment of this Kanda River when it becomes at the end of the Meiji era.
The first departure and arrival kobutetsudo station was fixed in 1912 by completion of forever bridge Station.
Furthermore, in 1931 by extension works of Ochanomizu Station Sobu Line
"Princess Ota Inari Shrine" became next move again in halfway up a mountain of Surugadai that was the present location.

Figure of Princess Ota Inari Shrine before restoration.
Parishioner town becomes Surugadai east and west town assembly, 2, Ogawa-machi Minamicho meeting, 1, Nishikicho town assembly.


kanseidateritsu did small Inari Shinto shrine which became Princess Ota Inari Shrine later from village of Kyoto mouthful
Bronze statue of military commander, tadendo* of the Muromachi era is built in Tokyo International Forum.
The smart and manly a silk garment attire fixes its eyes on direction of Edo-jo Castle definitely.


In November, finish main shrine restoration and shrine office new construction, construction of precincts maintenance last year (2013)
Princess Ota Inari Shrine who renovated the figure,
saiko does annual festival grandly after an interval of cause, two years of four parishioners-cho in this May,
It is new in memory that shinyotogo was performed in high spirits.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/06/18 21:24

Arts Chiyoda 3331 special plan exhibition
"World festival and Sanno"
=It is = = = = = = = = = this weekend until Sunday, June 22

This plan exhibition that began on May 25 finally puts away at the end of this week!

We are concerned with "Sanno festival" named world festival in the Edo era
Not only festival car doll, sacred sake place curtain, festival picture scroll are displayed, but also
Head fireman pictures of votive card and Okada parent are displayed, too.

Furthermore, allied events were varied, too.
Display commentary tour, lumber-carriers' work song experience lecture, picture scroll commentary tour, Edo bodily sensation town walk
Sanno festival, Kanda Festival, votive card lecture that Sanno festival to see to picture in old days, person of town recite

Event to leave on most whole day Sunday, June 22
Only as for two of "world festival and Sanno exhibition commentary tour" and "letter to learn from Edo letter calligrapher"

Let's introduce some allied events carried out so far!

"Sanno festival, Kanda Festival that person of town talks" about is held on Sunday, June 8, and approximately 40 people arrive.


Mr. Yamase one man of Suzuki Shodo and festival researcher of Higashikanda town assembly's chairperson appears.


We used festival document abundantly and commented on Sanno and festival of Kanda enthusiastically.


Lecture to recite the history and culture of votive card "votive card Night" on Sunday, June 15 was opened.


Masaya Takiguchi (Chiyoda Ward Hibiya book culture building) that lecturer supervises this display


Venue was buried under this event because of visitors of a lot of 40 people and capacity.
On day when shinyotogo which should be called climax of Sanno festival on that day was performed
Earnest visitors who visited venue with the foot which participated in festival were seen a lot.

As for the display left only as for another four days.
Please go out.

◎Display venue and contents (partly) are this↓

◎Venue access or detailed display contents are this↓


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/06/09 22:13

There is Chiyoda; Chiba
June 4 opening!

Satelite shop which attracts appetite of various parts of Japan at 2, Kandanishikicho, Chiyoda-ku
"There was Chiyoda, and Chiba" opened.

In "spirit in area! We are active on o theme supporting meal and new encounter of agriculture!
It is familiar so far in "Chiyoda blue sky city" and "waterasumarushie" in Kanda area
"NPO agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation support center" runs!

Uncle of apron of photograph, always big with smile at the top; speak
It is Yoichiro Otsuka of "NPO agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation support center" representative director.

Visitor flocks with opening; and turnout came true, and became the beginning of Chiba.


There seems to be fresh, rare attributive quality not to be readily seen in other place.


Please drop in at shopping of everyday ingredients and souvenirs casually!

Place 2-7, Kandanishikicho, Chiyoda-ku Maruyama Building 1F
Business hours from 11:00 to 18:00
Inquiry 03-5259-8097


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/05/26 22:04

        Arts Chiyoda 3331 special plan exhibition
"World festival and Sanno"
    ... Edoite is lumber-carriers' work song song ... to picture scroll to festival car

To Nagatacho "Hie-jinja Shrine festival Sanno festival" performed of *ko in June
Venue during holding is 6, Sotokanda arts Chiyoda 3331 until Sunday, June 22
Venue is 6, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku 11-14 old training junior high school
The nearest station Suehirocho (Ginza Line) Yushima (Chiyoda Line) Okachimachi (JR)

Access, display contents, the details including event in period are this 
Cf. official site↓

When we set foot in training park
Created poster of big elephant jumps into eyes in the front!


Admission is 300 yen
Chiyoda inhabitant of a ward, less than high school student, 65 years old or older,
Person having disability certificate can enter free.


Is it tunnel? We can pull this and enter venue.
There is "Shinto shrine, Inari of Chiyoda-ku" map in wall surface and looks at small head fireman!


"Tengu" (Mount Kurama) owned by Uchikanda Kamakura town assembly where this side appears for Kanda Festival drum festival car doll
We pulled that town of Nihonbashi owned the depths in the past and was similar in occasion of Sanno festival and were turned
Festival car doll "Sarasvati" that height becomes approximately 2 meters (Kanamarumachi, Ishioka-shi, Ibaraki possession)


"Curtain" to display sacred sake place owned by Kojimachi three orders eyes town assembly orchid King Ryo (Kyosai Kawanabe image)


Figure of Edo world festival screen


Scenery of venue display

Besides, it is corner of display in votive card which featured the theme of festival relations
A lot of works of Edomachi fire fighter (head fireman) whom Okada parent drew are displayed.

As, within session, pleasant lecture or workshop are planned a lot
Please go out to "world festival and Sanno" display.

Access, display contents, the details including event in period are this 
Cf. official site↓


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/05/23 21:33

Great admiration now being held

From today Friday, May 23
The 70th "Higashikanda, Iwamoto-cho family bazaar" start

Session 5/23 gold 5/24 soil 5/25 day 5/30 gold 5/31 soil Sunday, June 1
Time from 9:00 to 18:00

Pleasant events including river circulation are varied during session.
For more details, please check in official site! This ↓

Venue is striking distance of Iwamotocho intersection. Big two-pole banner facing Showa-dori is mark.
From JR Akihabara Station Showa-dori Exit as a 5-minute walk!
It is walked from JR Asakusabashi Station.
It is striking distance from Akihabara Station of subway Hibiya Line and Iwamotocho Station of Shinjuku Line!

There was not with vehicle traffic stopper today on Friday,
Still a large number of everybodies enjoyed shopping.
It was easy to almost walk in vehicle-free promenade state.
As car cannot enter on the weekend, you can enjoy shopping slowly.

We have everything!
It is ... other than the few thing!

As for person being full as it is bargain sale, and shop of any place being crowded, there is no help for it!

Is it colorful shawl? You pick this up, and please check article!

Socks of pretty colorful design for child are these prices?

A lot of good men's shirts lined up in coming season!

We stay, and are there a few crepe long underpants for summer, too? Oh, is there not either?

There were a lot of shops where shoes for gentleman, woman formed a line abundantly!

This is jacket and suit of summer. Of course try-on is OK, too!

Despite Cool Biz, we will stock tie at this opportunity!

Mark where is popular among articles for dishes to use in kitchen for woman.

It is woman miscellaneous goods to gentleman miscellaneous goods with clothing for gentleman, woman, child in such condition in Maine
It is ... truth from household goods, miscellaneous goods, cosmetics to socks, shoes, hat and fur coat!
It keeps anything other than the few thing!

"Iwamotocho, Higashikanda family bazaar" where is annual in spring and summer
Please go out!

During session, pleasant events including river circulation are varied.
For more details, please check in official site! This ↓


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/05/12 22:07

Following "Misaki Inari Shrine annual festival" performed *ko of for Golden Week of last week besides
Omikoshi was carried on the shoulder in high spirits in each place on Sunday on 11th on Saturday on 10th of the weekend in the second week in May.

Miniature shrine of 2, Kandasudacho town assembly is had made newly last year in 2013
Thing that did by Kanda Festival with shrine is place that is new in memory, but ...
Nana will be to say how what?
We participated in festival of Shitaya Inari Shrine on Saturday on 10th and did Miyairi worship.

As for the upper photograph, miniature shrine of Kanda is diving for the first time in history at red torii of Inari Corporation characteristic from Asakusa Street
It is scene that miniature shrine is carried on the shoulder lively for Shitaya Inari Shrine.
And lower photograph finally meets Miyairi and is moment to right go at torii of Shinto shrine now!

Why is it?
Does miniature shrine of Kanda participate in festival of Shitaya Inari Shrine? Why is it Miyairi?
In fact, this is because part of 2, Sudacho town assembly becomes parishioner area of Shitaya Inari.
Let alone being parishioner of willow forest Inari Shinto shrine enshrined in town assembly
There is parishioner part of Kanda Myojin and is specific town assembly which is parishioner of Shitaya Inari Shrine.

Some constructed towns are merged till then early in the Showa era
New 2, Sudacho town assembly was formed,
Ujigami is three in one town assembly, it is very unusual; local!

On the day Shinto ritual is held in Nishimachi Park close to Shinto shrine in minute at 3:30 and goes to Shinto shrine
We accomplished the long-cherished first Miyairi worship safely happily.

We are enshrined in Surugadai and assume town assembly of Surugadai east and west and 2, Ogawa-machi south and 1, Nishikicho parishioner
In "Princess Ota Inari Shrine" which did main shrine restoration, shrine office new construction last year
Annual festival is held after an interval of two years, to everybodies early in the morning a large number of miniature shrine of Shinto shrine
We were carried on the shoulder lively and togomeguriko did all of parishioner area and turned out to be return to the office safely in evening.


As for God good luck festival and God turnout event including miniature shrine Miyairi, Kanda Festival is not held this year in year of shade
Miniature shrine (Masakado miniature shrine) big in major Marunouchi town assembly with Saturday, May 11 Masakado mound preservation society
Around Masakado mound was carried on its shoulder in local company from morning by hand of all of works.
Photograph returns to Masakado mound at 3:30 and is scenery of the end of miniature shrine in front of mound.

In addition, annual miniature shrine bearer does in town, and divide line into age of shade of Kanda Festival in Kandaizumicho
It was performed by cooperation of all of alliance town assemblies in eastern Akihabara noisily around Izumi-cho.

When May begins, festival continues in each place in Kanda and neighboring so-called downtown areas
We catch sight of scenery that miniature shrine is carried on the shoulder well in high spirits.
It was ever called world festival in Chiyoda-ku in the Edo era in June
As there is the first main festival of Hie-jinja Shrine (Nagatacho) in 2 years, as for this in fun!


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/05/05 22:21

 [Misaki Inari Shrine festival]

It is in front of ferry Suidobashi Station for two days on holiday of from 4 to 5 on May
shinyotogo of Misaki Inari Shrine does, and break line
Jimbocho, Nishikanda around the Shiroyama Street, the Misakicho area did well.

Parishioner town assembly of Misaki Inari Shrine becomes 9 following town assemblies.
One God, God one north, God west, north God, God three, Nishikanda, 3, Nishikanda, 1, Misakicho, Misakicho

On the afternoon of May 4, town assembly miniature shrines of nine parishioners society gather at Jimbocho intersection.
Yasukuni Dori, Shiroyama Street became full-scale traffic stopper and carried on our shoulder with miniature shrine and overflowed in hand and sightseers.


Miniature shrine of each town assembly leaves Jimbocho intersection for numerical order of piece bill.
Spend time, and rotate in town, on street in front of Misaki Inari Shrine
In miniature shrine of each town assembly waiting for Miyairi of great congestion it was in a situation.


Place that town assembly miniature shrine of the Jimbocho 1 north of the piece bill second finishes worship with Miyairi, and leaves Shinto shrine.


May 5 (Children's Day) 
It is made getting out shrine early in the morning, and Shinto shrine shrine miniature shrine is day over all the parishioner town assemblies on that day.
Child taking part in a festive procession line of small children gained popularity with attention of photographer; was.


Point that entered some bystreets at Yasukuni Dori of Jimbocho 2 in evening.
Head office shrine miniature shrine was finally carried up towards Shinto shrine.
Scramble of fierce heroic bearer stick begins in front of miniature shrine!


Finally, it is orderly, and it is Miyairi in parishioner young man party of Misaki Inari Shrine solemnly.

It turns out that we are going to hold next Misaki Inari Shrine annual festival two years later!

Festival of "Princess Ota Inari Shrine" enshrined next week in Surugadai halfway up a mountain on Sunday, May 11.
Miniature shrine of Shinto shrine surrounds parishioner area for one day.
Parishioner town assembly is Suruga Taito, Surugadai west, the 2, Ogawa-machi south, 1, Nishikicho.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/04/28 21:16

 Agency for Cultural Affairs registration tangible cultural property
[bachelor Hall] We observed visit tour!

We exist in a grand manner at corner where 3, Kandanishikicho Shiroyama Street and Kanda Police street cross
Old-fashioned, solid building of appearance clearly different from neighboring buildings [bachelor Hall]

Old building that 4-story building of right this side was built in 1928 in 1928
The left back 5-story building becomes new building enlarged in 1937 in 1937.
Sadataro Takahashi that design dealt with Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Imperial Hotel new building.


Visit starts from new building front desk lobby. Guide is bachelor Hall public information.
We learned the history of hall which began in bachelor society in exhibition room of seven national universities of the lobby side.


Corridor which leads from new building to old building on the first floor.
We understand that architecture delicately changes in the middle of corridor.


Entrance hall of old building which ceiling is expensive, and the skill of elaborate craftsman catches sight of everywhere.
Door, ceiling, all standing out including pillar overflow in solid feeling.


We go out of the old building entrance hall once.
There is "University of Tokyo birthplace" monument on the entrance side.

And there is "place of Jo Niijima birth monument" on Kanda Police street side of the hall side.


There is "Japanese baseball birthplace monument" of impact strong at one corner of parking lot close to new building.


We come back in hall and rise to the fifth floor of new building at a stretch and at first observe marriage ceremonial hall.
It is gone on a business trip Shinto priest of Kanda Myojin at wedding ceremony, and marriage seems to be held.

And we appear to the roof of 4-story old building.
We can enjoy urban view which gangs are different from ground view in.
Space where atmosphere of timeworn scratch tile of old building is felt close.


We have you go down floor sequentially and show around hotel guest room.
Wooden door and doorknob of brass let you feel the times and are preferable.
We seem to rest the room with calm atmosphere slowly!


Every scene which it gets into eyes during movement of visit is attractive with calm atmosphere.
It is appearance to be attractive even if we take where.
Stained glass of stairs landing brought on precious beauty now, too.


Room 201 where is familiar by finally recent popular drama and movie of visit.
We say the bank head office meeting room of drama "Naoki Hanzawa" in question or are between kneeling.

We told about design of approximately visit as things mentioned above.
Please refer to following bachelor Hall homepage for the detailed history of bachelor Hall↓

Please refer for inquiry of visit to bachelor Hall in hall "public information" sauries.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/04/24 0:30

 "Otemachi Kawabata city park" that opened on Tuesday, April 22

It is promenade completed on Otemachi side along the Nihonbashi River separating Kanda and Otemachi.

Bridge built over the Nihonbashi River from Nishiki-machi bank of a river intersection of Uchibori Street to Otemachi is brocade bridge
We left this brocade bridge.


It shows such a scenery when we turn glance to the left across bridge.
The left side is the Nihonbashi River and the Metropolitan expressway.


There was bench where we filled with stones. There is bench to sit on towards surface of a river.


There is bench to sit with river as back if we think of this and is instant and is Kanda Bridge!


Such Otemachi-like scenery soars in front.
After all scenery seems to be quite different from Kanda in same building street.

gyogyo! There is straight no signal across Hongo Street.
We come back to Kanda Bridge intersection or cannot but detour to signal of Otemachi gathering.


There is verboten in green walk in various ways. Let's follow rule!


It is good that position relations are compared on seeing area map of the Edo era now.


Only the Metropolitan expressway gets into eyes on the left side when we pass Kamakura bridge and does not see the surface of the water.
We faced with JR high shelf, and Otemachi Kawabata green walk was to here.
Is it with 500 meters from here to Tokyo Station and Mitsukoshimae Station? It is return ... to Kamakura Bridge


Go and worship at Kamakura-cho enshrining, Onjuku Inari of Prince Ieyasu Tokugawa connection
We finished walk of Otemachi Kawabata city park.

Route to become line of flow of person connecting Kanda and Otemachi until now of just what
It was only brocade bridge, Kanda Bridge, Kamakura Bridge.
Trees and green of was laid out beautifully, planting greatly grow after time of 2-3 years
We look forward to that scenery of promenade changes atmosphere more!