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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/01/30 22:02

We released display today than Friday, January 30 [until Saturday, March 22]
2014 cultural assets temporary exhibition
Topography ... of slope and bridge - Edo, Tokyo of Chiyoda

Venue: Hibiya book culture building


It is Hibiya book culture building 1F venue entrance (no charge for admission)


We will observe along the regular route which there is guide map of venue in the front!


Slope and bridge are drawn on ukiyoe print as famous place in the Edo era
Photograph Hiroshige Utagawa "famous place Edo 100 view"
Scene of slope and bridge of Chiyoda-ku is displayed (Yoshiya Mochizuki possession)


Ranking of rating of bridge and slope
In the bridge, in Nihonbashi slope, Kagurazaka is advocated in the top


Display of model which neighboring areas were three-dimensional, and was expressed around the Imperial Palace (Edo-jo Castle)


Subject is quiet with "slope" "bridge"
The topography and the history of Edo Tokyo, relation with festival
We display clearly tight and are commented


Picture of 15 minutes when castle gate and bridge, stone wall of Edo Tokyo commented is recommended!


There is interesting panel display in corridor having been continued since exit and can enjoy.

Lecture is held within session, too (as for the time from 18:30 to 20:30)
Slope and Mr. bridge Masaya Takiguchi of Chiyoda to look at to ukiyoe print on Thursday, February 12
Teacher who opens slope and cliff Haga of Edo Tokyo on Thursday, February 19
Bridge and Mr. open space Shinya Kobayashi of the Thursday, March 05 Edo era
◎Lecture attendance application is Hibiya book culture building cultural assets office 
 Telephone 03-3502-3348
 Or it is email

In Hibiya, we learned historical "slope" and "bridge" of Kanda (Chiyoda-ku)!
Would you like to go out once by all means?




Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/01/27 16:22

We performed in preview of "Hitachi field bluing laboratory" which did OPEN to mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge on Tuesday, January 27.

It is totally a new type of craft beer bar which can learn process of manufacture of the Tokyo's first beer.

Hitachi field nest beer of factory direct shipment and beer of mer wisdom cute limitation are that it is prepared approximately ten kinds.

In preview, talk show by Fujiwara of association of Japanese beer journalist's chairperson was held.

We actually had you show process of manufacture of beer in laboratory in shop.
We coordinate with favorite bitterness, color, fragrance, the alcohol frequency finely.

"BIN' s" where dishes were filled bottle of cup liquor with as for the food menu. We can enjoy kind-rich snacks.

As for the person who wants to study one, beer liking beer deeply, it seems to be spotted recommendation.

■Mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/01/10 21:47

 Saturday, January 10 from 10:00 to 11:00
Kanda Myojin "purification ceremony patience party during cold" was held.

42 pious people who wrapped the body in white clothing perform Shinto ritual of the beginning in the precincts.
We receive purification in all the members, and *jo does great purification words.


42 participants
67-year-old people participate in five new adults, woman eight from 14 years old.
15 first participation participates.

As warm-up to warm body after Shinto ritual as bare foot
We do one lap of running on the outside in the precincts of Kanda Myojin and leave for purification ceremony ground.


Cold water which three big icicles soaked in waits in special purification ceremony ground of lion Yamamae

It is *jo shinagarano by 31-syllable Japanese poem after the fashion of "Michihiko" of instruction of purification ceremony and Shinto priest supervising
We perform preparations exercises called bird ship carefully.



Great performance with regular customer participant having abundant purification ceremony experience standing up
Cheers are heated from people of sightseeing.


We are fired up, and woman participant takes cold water hard, too.
We take cold water and cleanse heart and body and are severe ceremony expelling crime and impurity.

New Year holidays common usage for approximately one hour, event of daikoku festival
"Purification ceremony patience meeting during cold" was over safely.
We just pray for your health and flourishing endlessly that participated.
Thank you.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/01/05 23:05

Sunday, January 4
It is built on site of Miyamoto Park who is next to Kanda Myojin
In "house of imatsurigoto, Kanda" appointed in Chiyoda-ku tangible cultural property
We convey tradition of Edomachi fire fighter in now
We stop at head fireman people of Edo firefighting memory society [the first ward]

Wonderful skill of transfer acrobatic performances on a ladder of lumber-carriers' work song fireman's standard was shown.

NPO corporation "house of Kanda" (Director Tokuko Hirano) does operational management
Solid wooden building has ever done lumber dealer in Kanda Kamakura-cho
Removed and rebuilt building of the Endos, and material and structure are things of the highest grade.


Lumber-carriers' work song journey of head fireman people comes over for gate of "house of Kanda".
With long lantern of Edo firefighting in the lead
It is Kanda "Class yo" foreman of a gang and foreman of a gang of Nihonbashi "we are group" in the center
Executive people of the first ward follow and are gone from one to another with fireman's standard of "Class yo" afterwards
And the youth with fire hook comes over.


At first it is transfer of fireman's standard at door front. Announcement of this wonderful skill New Year's parade of fire brigades on January 6
Stuff which is famous, but is rarely seen in downtown.


We put up ladder at door front, and a large number of people support ladder with fire hook


And scenery of Edo is developed very at door front of solid wooden building reviving in the present age
Spectators turn to the top to many wonderful skills of acrobatic performances on a ladder, and applause applause and cheers just well up.


Scenery to be completed is this photograph.
Long lantern and fireman's standard and acrobatic performances on a ladder, very antique-looking wonderful scenery.
It was announcement of the traditional skill of Edomachi fire fighter appropriate for New Year holidays.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/01/04 20:32

View of seeing the old year out of Edo total local deity "Kanda Myojin"
2014 last day of the year - 2015 New Year's Day

New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine of 10:30 p.m. of the last day of the year is parade of going and worshiping on December 31.
The Shinto gate closed at about 11:30 was closed at 10:30 in average year.
Line is prolonged in the Myojinshita intersection area in Yushima slope from Otorii.


The guard is in the precincts with the Shinto shrine person concerned.


As for this scene being seen only in once a year, this person of the last day of the year.
A little time before Shinto gate door being opened at 0:00 a.m.


0:00 a.m.
A Happy New Year.
Drumbeat resounds in the precincts, and Shinto gate door is opened and becomes the beginning of the New Year.
Against a backdrop of lumber-carriers' work song song of head fireman people, Kanda police station, the head of Kanda fire department are central
Shrine key scheme, schemes-proof form a line on both sides and become beautiful standing in line entrance.


And the precincts are filled with person, person, people.


During period of New Year holidays, designated Tokyo intangible cultural asset in Kagura of the precincts
All of Kanda musical accompaniment preservation society serves.


Kanda Myojin that a lot of parishioner and people of general worship visit until 4th for New Year holidays
It is worship of man of business dressed in suit after 5th to be when it is the gai neno first business day of the year
Color to fill up the precincts becomes full of dark suit as clean as a whistle.


Line of worship of evening was prolonged endlessly to Myojinshita direction on Saturday, January 3, too.

It be good one year this year, everyone!



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/12/27 20:11

We assume 108 towns parishioner in Kanda, Nihonbashi
Edo total local deity "Kanda Myojin"

The foundation is (730) in 730 of the Nara era
In 1616 (1616) for Edo-jo Castle expansion maintenance construction
From Shibasaki village (around existing Otemachi, Masakado mound) of place of foundation
It is done utsushiza and will become commemorative age called tojiutsushiza 400 years next year here.

We are said to have never met Kanda Myojin in Shinto shrine world
It releases figure of noisy cricket from December 31 on the last day of the year.

It is scenery of seeing the old year out worship toward New Year's Day from the last day of the year of last year of Kanda Myojin.
Shinto gate door is shut then at one-time 11:30 for one year.
It becomes unmanned state not to offer other than the Shinto shrine person concerned in the Shinto shrine precincts.
When drumbeat to inform seeing the old year out at 0:00 a.m. echoes
Door is opened with song voice of lumber-carriers' work song of head fireman people, and curtain of the New Year opens.


In the last day of the year, special tent in front of morning from 9:00 to 16:00 shrine office
What nine noisy cricket machines are put, and is sold
"Kanda Myojin mascot figure skating"


We concern Kanda Myojin in semitransparent capsule of globe
Mascot figure skating enters, and is kind of the mascot with seven kinds?


Seven kinds of mascots "daikoku" "rake" "masakado votive tablet" "Chinese phoenix"
We are full of "medium" "main shrine lantern" "love live votive tablet" and variety,
We do not know what really comes out as it is noisy cricket!
History and origin, event of Kanda Myojin seem to appear in commentary book, too.
And "life guideline myth lottery" which seems to be able to be called the original of paper fortune seems to enter!

How about favorite one trying even in occasion of worship of the New Year?
Noisy cricket once 400 yen



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/12/19 22:24

In Chiyoda-ku Miyamoto Park who is next to Edo total local deity "Kanda Myojin"
Wooden store house of the lumber dealer, Endos of Kanda Kamakura-cho from the Edo era is built.
Name "imatsurigoto"
Precious wooden building that "house of Kanda" is appointed in Chiyoda-ku tangible cultural property.

At "house of imatsurigoto, Kanda" this in the New Year on Sunday, January 4 door front
It depends on head fireman people of Edo firefighting memory society to introduce the traditional skill of Edomachi fire fighter into in now
Wonderful skill of "lumber-carriers' work song" "fireman's standard transfer" "acrobatic performances on a ladder" will be shown.

"House of imatsurigoto, Kanda" which is built in 2-16, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku Miyamoto Park majestically


Fireman's standard transfer by head fireman people and line (image photograph) of lumber-carriers' work song


We get nervous on two kakaride ladders and show the traditional skill in the air (image photograph)


We handle wonderful skill for outstanding sense of balance in sequence
Applause and cheers of having an interminable chain of visitors go up from spectators (image photograph)


The date and time: Sunday, January 4 14:30 plan
Venue: In front of whole family of imatsurigoto, Kanda (2-16, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku)
Sponsorship: House of imatsurigoto, Kanda
Cooperation: Kanda Myojin

It becomes gorgeous event like New Year holidays.
In "house of imatsurigoto, Kanda" by all means neighboring for the way home of New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine to Myojin calling!
Please expect traditional wonderful skill of Edomachi fire fighter!

House of imatsurigoto, Kanda
For more details, it is this →



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/12/17 21:14

When we cross Takarada Bridge appearing in the Nihonbashi River from Jimbocho 3 of Kanda
Soaring in front "Chiyoda-ku government office"
We introduce curry and rice of dining room of Chiyoda-ku government office!

Oh, it is building of good view.
Let's go to ton and 10F by elevator tap-tap!
When when see reputation, go to the right side; corner of "noodles, set meal."
We advance to section of "cafe, bowl, curry" when we go to the left side.
Well, internal seat is connected only by it being said that counters to receive are different!


Menu is dekoreto with seasonal pattern Christmas specifications at corner of noodles, set meal
We are pretty, and sense of the seasons is expressed with great relish!


Feeling that the inside does not come!
We receive sunlight and are spirited and are considerably wide!


Well, it is counter that this orders noodles, set meal and receives.
Money becomes deferred payment.

Flavor of curry of Japan of Showa strongly remains for today's purpose
As it is curry and rice which are popular with all people, order returns to cafe, bowl corner.


We recommend that we get seat to counter where bright sunlight pours into brightly.
I am sorry that light is too strong, and photograph does not come out well.


Point of window.
We see "the Shimizu gate" of important cultural property designation of moat and country of the Imperial Palace under eyes.
Green of forest of Kitanomaru-koen Park looks scene which is kind to the lunch break to, too.
Winter day to project state that skyscrapers mushroom earlier of the Imperial Palace clearly.

Curry has slightly sweet feeling, but really suits all tastes
It is delicious curry and rice recalling me to curry of ordinary household of Showa.
Fukujinzuke is sei ttekudasane in being service as much as desired!
It is 400 yen.

It was curry and rice of good old taste and with Imperial Palace scenery of Chiyoda-ku government office dining room.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/12/01 23:54

It is in decided Misakicho recently that "Kanda" crown designation is included in name of a street
Michelin ☆☆ "Hotel Tokyo of garden"

Sunday, November 30 
Special plan of the fifth anniversary of the hotel Tokyo opening of business of garden
"Visiting Edo Tokyo Rivers" was carried out!

It is popular, and 14 times are finished by conduct so far every time approximately every month
"We waited for Edo and walked", and Hotel Tokyo of garden was holding as special version!
By the way, from for the 15th December "Edomachi walk" of the 18th next March
The situation that we reach capacity and do not accept participation application!

40 participants get on the Miuraya "chic person-maru" from Izumi Bridge disaster prevention anchorage

"Higashikanda, Iwamoto-cho family bazaar" is holding in facing of Showa-dori.
Family bazaar Kanda River Cruise fits departure from here, too
It was atmosphere that person was full, and this anchorage was very lively.


Dragoman on ship is guide of ship; of reputation is high
Kunio Okada of Kanda Riverside project.
We pleased participant by commentary such as water on standing board.


"Forever bridge" which was built over Chuo-dori which stepped over the Kanda River
The right side is Uchikanda side including Sudacho.
The left side is the Sotokanda area of world Akiba.


In the Kanda River, the Nihonbashi River, go-around course around the Sumida River
We enjoyed river Cruise of approximately two hours!

While photograph looks at Ochanomizu Station to the left
Scenery which is classic in Ochanomizu Valley to look up at Hijiribashi, and to pass through.


One participant who enjoyed visiting rivers of Edo Tokyo is foot from anchorage
We came back to Hotel Tokyo of garden and had hotel specially made Shokado lunch.


After lunch, it is hotel Tokyo "Edo town walk" of garden
Vertical mountain Nishihira who acts as guide from the first for one hour
We talked about the history and way of enjoying Kanda Festival with title of "Kanda Festival now and the bygone days".

It was visiting rivers and delicious meal and lecture and plan to be able to enjoy variously!

Hotel Tokyo homepage of garden →



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2014/11/27 23:38

Founding is (1886) in 1886
Fukuo store of 1, Sudacho of Anmitsu, tokoroten, kudzu starch cake
It is long-established store continuing business of 130 years here as production, wholesale, specialty store of retail.

This place at the time of founding is the main street of Kanda bluish-skinned fish market.
Kanda bluish-skinned fish market passes to (1928) for approximately 270 years in (1657) - 1928 in Meiryaku
We were proud of the prosperity in this ground, but we move to Akihabara, and there is now in Tokai, Ota-ku.

Building where three ken of frontages are semiatmospheric faces 18 ways.
Address is 1-34-4, Kandasudacho, Chiyoda-ku
It becomes town assembly in southern 1, Sudacho when we express by town assembly name of Chiyoda-ku.


This signboard is mark.
Place where green goodwill is spent is place of retail.
There are many people who do not know that we retail unexpectedly
Person of agar enthusiast, please pass through noren!


Kanji of 11 characters is vertical neatly, and the number of the letters forms a line
Beauty of invitation board style of association got a lot of looks.


Menu of retail is as you see.
We do not collect to carboholic.
Because there is alone entering cup for one which we can eat in secret, it is convenient at all!


Well, as for the present come-on, time limit and the sale number set Matcha Anmitsu three portions of limitation.
Sale period until Saturday, December 13
The sale number is ten sets-limited a day. . . 900 yen (the photograph left side)

The photograph right side sets kudzu starch cake three portions (600 yen)

Filter agar of Fukuo store, black mitsu, red peas; all the bean jam
We inherit the manufacturing method at the time of founding in additive-free home brew.


Matcha Anmitsu (as for the photograph, as for the borrowing, the ice cream, optional than Fukuo store site)

"Fukuo store" founded in 1886 homepage is this place↓