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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/04/21 22:09

Feeling of reserve parishioner town assembly becomes lively with Kanda Festival close at hand, too.
Until Kariya is completed sacred sake place in vaunted miniature shrine of town assembly
As there is town assembly displaying in each area, let's introduce!

Miniature shrine display information on the verge of Kanda Festival

From the morning of Sunday, May 10 to evening one after another
Parishioner town assembly miniature shrine is Miyairi worship in Kanda Myojin
Upsurge of Kanda Festival reaches at the climax!

Uchikanda Kamakura town assembly (association of 13 middle Kanda-cho)
We are displaying in Kamakura Bridge intersection Toyota showroom


2, Kajicho town assembly miniature shrine (the Kanda Station east alliance)
We are displaying in 2, Kajicho Tokuriki Honten Building 1F entrance


Sacred sake place of the 2, Kajicho town assembly in old Imagawa Junior High School under arrangement
kontohisageto more than 200 has been already given glory to wonderfully there!


3, Kandanishikicho town assembly miniature shrine (association of Kanda center)
We are displaying in 3, Nishikicho bachelor Hall 1F lobby
We are displaying Momotaro doll drum float that children pull and turn at the same time.


2, Kandaawajicho town assembly miniature shrine (association of 13 middle Kanda-cho)
2, Kandaawajicho waterasu 3F entrance hall


1, Nihonbashimuromachi town assembly miniature shrine (1, Nihonbashi district)
Mitsukoshi new building 1F entrance entrance

Miniature shrine which we introduced is April 20 present status.
Please note that you change on account of each town assembly during display period.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/04/13 22:01

Monday, April 13 11:30

In the front of the Transportation Museum entrance entrance of the 1, Kandasudacho past
Former Ikedaya (Mt. Kashiwa house) which was place of time for life and business for 90 years.
This building which was demolished in September in (2012) autumn in 2012 three years ago
We were appointed in Chiyoda-ku scenery town development important article.

At the door of Sotetsu forever bridge building built newly in place of the memory
Monument was built in order to honor former Ikedaya publicly, and unveiling ceremony was held.

Site released on former Ikedaya monument construction is this place↓

Former Ikedaya was built after the Great Kanto Earthquake
As for the mansard roof which is pretty by copper boarded place one-panel structure
It was individual 3-story wooden building.



While cold rain drizzles in unveiling ceremony held at the door of Sotetsu forever bridge building
Approximately 40 earnest people concerned attended.


Kazuko Kashiyama who was the ex-present head of a household do not see and is unveiled that monument.


Mayor Masami Ishikawa Chiyoda came, too, and celebration of monument construction was spoken.


Monument is built in place where Kazuko Kashiyama was clogged up with memory
He/she was satisfied in photograph with peaceful smile.

We stared at historic time in this ground for 90 years
It is former figure of former Ikedaya (Mt. Kashiwa house).

Former Ikedaya which we can remember when we happen to pass by this ground by walk and town walk
It will be to remain in memory of everybody still more because monument was built!

Former Ikedaya site of memory↓



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/04/08 23:06

 Wednesday, April 8 arts Chiyoda 3331 sponsorship
Introduction to Kanda Festival lecture
... smart festival fashion & make demonstration ~
But, it was held.
Approximately 50 people participated in this woman-limited lecture.

Firstly greetings of spring water right Miyaji of Kanda Myojin where saiko does Kanda Festival.


While torii right Negi of Kanda Myojin looks at picture in the same way successively
There were Kanda Myojin and story of culture and the history of Kanda Festival.


Main hall of arts Chiyoda 3331 of venue is in a full state.
We are put to bearer stick of miniature shrine backward.
It is ... to say this!


It is finally lecture of festival fashion.
We learn longjohns and waistcoat having a front but no back, the way of right cool wearing of short coat.


Furthermore, we learned kind and winding of obi, way of Japanese towel headband.
Of course as for the makeup when we go out to festival!


The last is lecture of bearers of miniature shrine.
By instruction and commentary of Takeuchi of gaishindenjuni* woman camp of participation
We carry miniature shrine stick on our shoulder with smile happily, and program of this lecture is finished.
We closed one Kanda with all the participants and were similar and turned out to be the closing happily.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/04/04 19:34

Period (3.27 gold ... 4.5 days) of cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda
Saturday, March 28 29th Sunday Saturday, April 4 5th Sunday of the weekend
Cherry tree Cruise & cherry tree full bloom Cruise is held
Many everybodies enjoyed spring of cherry blossom in ship from waterside.

Departure and arrival place is Izumi Bridge disaster prevention anchorage
Sponsorship: Kanda River river project ship: Asakusabashi, Miuraya

Cherry tree Cruise went and was navigation of every day four flights by left chic person-maru.
Cherry tree full bloom Cruise went and was navigated in the right pleasure boat.
Cherry tree full bloom Cruise is every day three flights of lunch Cruise, teatime Cruise, going to see cherry blossoms at night Cruise
In sea voyage of approximately two hours to appear to the Sumida River, and to enjoy cherry tree and the Skytree of dike, it is time emergency measure of each flight
Eating and drinking that made an elaborate plans ran out, and performances of Chinese racial musical instrument "old koto" were carried out in ship, too.

This report is "cherry tree Cruise"
We make a round trip to Izumi Bridge - forever bridge - Ochanomizu Valley - Nihonbashi River - Kanda Bridge - Nihonbashi
We became Cruise of approximately 90 minutes.

The chic person-maru is full 40 capacity and is departure. Of course commentary of guide is with.


This splendid scenery is around Kanda River, forever bridge.
Commercial facilities which utilized old forever bridge Station remains of an ancient structure on the right hand "forever bridge" in the front
"Mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge."
We can see "forever of meat", also known as meat building over there.


Scenery that there is a lot of spring from the Kanda River to the Nihonbashi River with row of cherry blossom trees which is wonderful when we bend.
We were able to look at row of cherry blossom trees which met from Misaki Bridge, and continued to the neighborhood of bridge from the water.


When pass Kanda bridge and Joban bridge during piling-stones repair work; Nihonbashi of the turning point.
Big cherry tree of open space of the riverside fish market birthplace was way of wonderful coming out.
It was able to overlook Mitsukoshi new building in Nihonbashi Kitazume, background here.

One that gets off in this Cruise in Nihonbashi, and takes a walk through town
There was person that we got off in Chiyoda-ku disaster prevention anchorage, and Kudan, plover left for the deep water area.
We were able to enjoy scenery of town and scenery of sakurahana** from spring day, water.

By Kanda Riverside project, it is held on the weekend of end of May and early June
We have plan of Cruise navigation in "Higashikanda, Iwamoto-cho family bazaar".


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/04/03 23:12

Kanda Myojin is the height of spring festival, and cherry blossoms of the precincts are in full bloom, too.

In Kanda Myojin, it is annual as Shinto ritual spring on Thursday, April 3
"Spring big festival" (prayer festival) was held noisily solemnly.

"Kanda Festival festival Committee" was held after big festival in spring.

Cherry tree of the precincts is the height and states in full blossom now, too
He/she pleases people coming for worship.


At first big festival event spring in main hall.
Parish representative of Kanda Myojin, festival committee and the person concerned of each parishioner town assembly
Shrine key scheme, scheme-proof, head fireman people attend.


After big festival, we move venue to Myojin Hall in spring
It is said to be 108 towns that we wait with Kanda Festival close at hand
General meeting with all parishioner festival committees gathering is held sequentially.
Person of attendance is full state more than 250 concerning the last general meeting.


Formal guidebook of Kanda Festival of this year is shown at place of committee
Meeting went as document to grasp the whole of Kanda Festival of this year.


With wagon of the precincts Kanda Festival formula guidebook as the beginning
We are selling lucky charm, Japanese towel and shirt, towel, folding fan, round fan, bangle.
(there is part of thing which has not been received yet)

Kanda Festival finally approached after January.
Opening is ceremony for moving a deity to a new site on Thursday, May 7.
Putting becomes annual festival on Friday, May 15.
"Kanda Festival formula guidebook" as for the details of event and event during Kanda Festival period mentioned above
Or please confirm in the following Kanda Myojin official site.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/03/26 22:14

Finally from Friday, March 27 of ten days on Sunday, April 5
The "cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda" start
Detailed official information is fully loaded with by this↓↓↓

It was cherry tree information of Kanda last time, but may say the day before cherry tree Festival
We went the Kudan outskirts for reconnaissance this time across the Nihonbashi River from Kanda.

The former Edo-jo Castle Shimizu gate which was reborn in beautiful figure in the front of Chiyoda-ku government office.
Castle gate of square that stone wall and white wall where cow is reflected in the surface of the water of deep water are impressive.
Way of branch of cherry tree on stone wall of castle gate improves towards the surface of the water.
It turns pinkishness slightly.


When we pass with the Korai gate of the Shimizu gate and pass through passage under a turret and go up sudden stairs of the right hand immediately
We can come across cherry tree of castle gate stone wall.
The surface of the water seen on the other side is Shimizu moat.


We went round to the field cheap gate which could be called the front entrance of north circle.
Graduation ceremony of university seems to be held day after day recently in Budokan.
Tree of this cherry tree dehapochipochito cherry tree flowers and can see cute figure.


Condition that does not come when we look at the Korai gate from open space of square of the field cheap gate.
As for person who has been looking at cherry tree for a long time and the person working hard at shooting eagerly here and there.
Trees of cherry tree here became old age considerably, too,
It will be to create scenes of cherry tree of beautiful Chiyoda this year.


When go out of the gate Korai gate down field outside castle, and look at the right side; this scenery chinarimasu.
Kudan slope where the surface of the water of deep water spreads out, and cow is colored under eyes on the left side by row of cherry blossom trees.
Building to see in the front is Showa building. Old Kudan hall is seen in the right side.

It will be surely crowd of great congestion on Sunday on 29th on Saturday on this weekend, 28th.
We go up Kudan Hill from Kudanshita Station, and course of choice that plover enters deep water green walk is quite popular.
Please enjoy cherry blossom viewing of cherry tree carefully enough.

Bureau of Chiyoda City Tourism Association is street in average year
Plover sets tent in open space of deep water city park entrance this side.
Please enjoy The air is full of spring "cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda"!



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/03/23 21:52

Today to say so that the spring equinoctial week is over tomorrow
On Monday, March 23, blossom declaration of cherry tree of Tokyo was made.
This was set of standard tree of the Yasukuni Shrine precincts
The Meteorological Agency observes state of flowering of Yoshino cherry tree and is announced
When he/she lets you feel full-scale coming of spring of annual!

It is famous spot of cherry blossom viewing of cherry tree proud of popularity predominantly in Chiyoda-ku
Deep water, Kudan, Yasukuni Shrine are nationwide, and plover is famous
Let's introduce cherry tree which we can look at this time in downtown of Kanda!

It was set well-established noodle shop of Kandasudacho in front of the as soon as "Kanda waited"
Cherry blossoms are already in full bloom, and way pleases people passing away.
There seems to be one called both Prunus subhirtella (cold scarlet cherry tree) and early-flowering cherry, but ...
Which will it be?


"House of Kanda" which is built in Chiyoda that is next to Kanda Myojin Ward Miyamoto Park
It blooms against a backdrop of black plaster wall said to be Edo black of this building
We hang down, and cherry tree brings on very beautiful taste, too.
It will be still to be in full glory more and more as coming out from now on for three minutes!


Yoshino cherry tree of the precincts of Kanda Myojin
Because he/she will flower to Sakura Festival of Chiyoda, it is point a little more.
The flowering situation of Yoshino cherry tree to surround around rooftop garden is as you see.
Bud which appeared from trunk seemed to begin to finally bloom with two one.


Look at the Akihabara area from Hijiribashi built over the Kanda River
Existing in form to add flower to scenery of waterside literally
Two Yoshino cherry trees which were planted on embankment of Kanda river bank.
This cherry tree which has begun to turn pink slightly is in full bloom at any moment; Resona atmosphere.
By some existence of this cherry tree come to be known every year, too
People who match with railroad scenery over wire netting of Hijiribashi and road, and take photograph increase!
In fact, this place is delicately Bunkyo-ku.

As there is such a cherry tree spot, too
Please mind at the time of outing near.

In addition, we gain scenery of cherry tree in photograph and are raising works now
It is pleasant to apply for "sightseeing photograph contest of Chiyoda".
The deadline of application must arrive by Thursday, April 30
The details are this ↓

Let's enjoy shibarakunoaida, splendid, vain beauty of cherry blossoms!



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/02/26 21:49

From Friday, February 27 to Wednesday, March 4
The "hina doll of imatsurigoto" - Endos collection ...

It is the kimono-dressed wooden doll beginning of Kiyoji Yoshino said to be eminent scholar of the early period of Meiji - Showa,
As for apprentice to a priest hina doll of fifth Heizo Oki (to circle), the tool of lacquer work,
We display modern work in cathedral from the Meiji era.

It is display of doll precious only then now of "the Girl's Festival"!

House wooden construction architecture of imatsurigoto, Kanda of solid, grand Chiyoda-ku tangible cultural property designation
It is opportunity when doll appreciation and sneak preview of laying upon building are rare.


Kimono-dressed wooden doll


Gift doll of court nobles


Shigeto Saga form
The right trousseau


Hina doll seven steps decoration


In Miyamoto Park who is next to Kanda Myojin
"House of imatsurigoto, Kanda" which brings on various taste seasonally
Official site →

Date and time from Friday, February 27 to Wednesday, March 4  
      ※We open a gate for reservations in the morning from the afternoon on 3rd
Time from 11:00 to half past 16 (last entrance 16:00)
Admission public 1,000 yen ※ Chiyoda-ku residence, working 500 yen (about the certificate presentation)
kaijosendaidenkuyubiteiyukeibunkazaiimatsurigoto (house of Kanda)
      TEL 03-3255-3565 in 2-16, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku Miyamoto Park



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/02/12 22:32

Festival in front of place of Jo Niijima birth monument and commemorative lecture

Founder, Jo Niijima of Doshisha
We are born in Edo Yasunaka residence of a lord (place of existing 3, Kandanishikicho, bachelor Hall),
We grew up until 20 years old in the ground of Edo (Kanda).
In commemoration of the birth (172 years) of Thursday, February 12 Jo Niijima,
"Festival in front of place of birth monument" and "commemorative lecture" were held.

Festival sponsorship in front of place of birth monument: Educational foundation Doshisha
Commemorative lecture sponsorship: Doshisha Tokyo alumni association, Doshisha class reunion Tokyo Branch
       Support: General bachelor society, bachelor Hall Seiyoken, Chiyoda City Tourism Association, 3, Kandanishikicho town assembly

"Place of Mr. Jo Niijima birth" monument
It is built in 3, Kandanishikicho, place of bachelor Hall. (the police street side)


"Festival in front of Jo Niijima birth monument"
Attendant sings hymn in unison with all the gatherings before monument.
There are greetings of Director Doshisha University, Mizutani.


Jo Niijima in 1843 (Tenpo 14),
We were born at place of current 3, Kandanishikicho, bachelor Hall.
We learn calligraphy from 5 years old as child of amanuensis, and Osaka of father is away on business at the age of 16 years old,
We serve professor of calligraphy private supplementary school.
In addition, it is mansion out of Yasunaka feudal clan of Kandasakumacho in Chinese classics,
We learn the navigation and mathematics in warship drill institute of Tsukiji.

We stowed away at the age of (1864) 20 years old in 1864 and went over to the United States.
We are baptized in the United States and graduate from amosuto University.
We accompanied Tomomi Iwakura trainer diplomatic delegation clause and, after the Meiji Restoration, investigated education system of each country.
After returning home, work hard at missionary work activity based in Kyoto, 1875 (Meiji 8) Doshisha British school,
We found Doshisha girls' school for ten years (1877) and aim at university establishment sequentially
We closed the life during effort in 1890 (Meiji 23).
Birth festival is carried out in front of birth place, bachelor Hall on birth day on February 12 in average year. 

Hometown, Manager of Tomohiko Maeda town assembly of 3, Kandanishikicho offered flowers with greetings in in front of monument, too.


After festival in front of the monument, we move venue to bachelor Hall Room 201
Memory lecture "Edoite, ~ to display brocade in dream - Kanda of Jo Niijima"
But, it was held, and audience more than 100 gathered in venue.
Lecturer is playing an active part as professional reciter of Jo Niijima
Yasuhiro Motoi (former Doshisha University divinity professor) was served.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/02/10 23:10

Of space picture study seminar of Professor Waseda University Yoichi Sato
"Research & project 2015" display
It is held in gyararikoruso of Jimbocho 3.

Until Jimbocho three orders eyes, gyararikoruso Saturday, February 14

Mr. Yoichi Sato "that sun-god field, Jimbocho" "Nihonbashi on that day"
Of "on that day ... series", as author, is famous in the world of town study.

In gyararikoruso, next Senshu Univ. intersection, Jonan Shinkin Bank
Nikken Jimbocho building 3F (in 1F coffee building)

By this display, each school year displays project of each theme.
"What in Tsukiji" which third grader worked on But, it was very interesting display.


Tsukiji riverside fish market where it is decided that we move to Toyosu in the autumn of 2016 of next year
Tsukiji riverside fish market which spun the history of approximately 85 years
We study from the history, now and the bygone days, picture, sound, map, various angles including the future and observe!


Hall, outside area of Tsukiji riverside fish market is displayed with three-dimensional model.
Various coverage points are marked.


We collected data on person who went in and out of person who worked in Tsukiji riverside fish market, Tsukiji riverside fish market
Picture for 100 minutes is interesting by very interesting contents!


The left is Waseda University social studies department space picture study seminar charge teacher
Professor Yoichi Sato


As for the contents of "research & project 2015" "introduction to market observation studies" pamphlet
As record of Tsukiji riverside fish market which disappears in knowing Tsukiji riverside fish market and
It will become valuable!