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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/06/25 21:41

When, at 2, Kandatacho, it is now
Rare copper boarded place one-panel structure not a little exists.

In the downtown area of Tokyo, total destruction is totally destroyed by the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923.
What was built a lot early in the Showa era after the earthquake disaster
It was one-panel structure that watched copper sheet as fire prevention measures on the front of building.
Because the monotonous front is like signboard, we are called like that.
It is never meaning called building which attached signboard to the front!

Way which extends straight from the JR Kanda Station west exit to Yasukuni Dori "multi-town street."
2, Kandatacho from Kanda Police street to 2 blocks this side of Yasukuni Dori.
By the way, 1, Kandatacho does not exist and becomes Uchikanda notation.
With rare case which there is only 2 in 2, Tsukasacho similarly.

"Honor shop milk hall" which faces multi-town street
Of two tenement houses go; and half of the left side are milk halls.
Of simple ramen called Chinese noodles until middle part of Showa
It is long-standing local popularity shop that good old taste and atmosphere still remain.

As for the building of copper boarded place, the beginning of new construction shines with beautiful gold
Copper green rust occurs after time and as you see becomes lovat.
It is red color by outbreak of rust whether the side side of this building is iron plate.


At multi-town two orders eyes intersection, we ran greengrocery "salt honor" until just past year
Building of dignified presence is left. As it is corner lot, square with each corner cut off part is the front.
Decoration that there is minute work to wall or wall shelf, and handle was crowded is seen.

In the north side of this intersection until move to Akihabara from the Edo era to 1928
There is vegetable and fruit market of Yoichi Azuma who supported Edo, Meiji, food of the Taisho era
It was place where this intersection was said to be the front gate of bluish-skinned fish market definitely.
"Salt honor" ran the greatest market tea dealer simultaneously in retail and market of fruits and vegetables.


Copper sheet one-panel structure that this ran cleaning business until quite recently.
Originally we hear that it was two tenement houses.


Active tofu maker "Echigo-ya".
Famous shop where coverage of TV enters this shop well.
That reminds me "even bra Tamori" was broadcasted.
In fact, until 1928 half of the north sides of multi-town 2 from the times of vegetable and fruit market
It is old shop of another job in tofu maker and market teahouse in this ground.

As for copper boarded place one-panel structure that was built a lot after the Great Kanto Earthquake
As most disappear by air raid to Tokyo by the U.S. forces of World War II
Being miraculous that that remained in this way avoided air raid.
However, because it is building which says to approach 100 years old
It is not avoided decreasing more and more in future.
It becomes reluctance of leaving of Tokyo downtown area
We introduced copper boarded place one-panel structure of 2, Kandatacho.


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/06/22 21:41

One swallow appeared to usual nest in spring this year in April in 2015.
As approximately a one-third nest of last year is left, at first is it break?

Please give me Kanda native swallow growth observation note fun!

One swallow turned up in den used in last year on April 1.
Would swallow that we were hatched in this den and went for trip come back last year?


April 16 oya! All too soon of pair pair.


May 11
We match power hard and make nests.
Of course is it the enlargement to be based on left nest of last year? It becomes work.
But, who is nest not finished one day mercilessly making? It has been disturbed by this
They pro-swallow remakes nest from the beginning silently again.
The natural world is severe.


June 8
Five young birds were hatched from egg. It is whistlingly considerably lively.
Two parent birds repeat work to take home with it looking for bait all day.


June 16
Five fledglings seem to be brought up smoothly.
We can grasp childishness that child child is still doing.


June 20
Is there den in place of what kind of situation?
It is in condition to stick to beam of the first-floor parking lot of building in this way.
Board was completed in base in this front, and, until several years ago, there was excellent nest.
We do not use after the hideout is attacked approximately three years ago by different wild bird and was broken
We make hideout to this beam for these past several years and are doing child care.


June 21
Is it that? There are only ... two in total though it should be five of them.
Body became quite big, too and seemed to mature into boy from child.
Three of them which were not in den did not leave the nest.
In fact, we fly and seem to train neighborhood with pro-swallow.

These two of them of caretaker will not be surely timings to fly away yet!


June 21
When it is the evening, three of them for elder brother who flies, and trained come back to den in this way.
We do not know which is three of them for elder brother at all!
As body is quite already big, hideout is tight and is gyugyu final stage
Pro-swallow rests feather around nest.

Make both; in the first week of for this one week or July as for the child swallows at the time of leaving the nest.
We easily wrote down growth record of swallow of approximately four months.
Opportunity to see figure of quite good swallow is decreasing year by year now in Kanda.
We leave the nest safely and just wish that we come back again in next spring.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/06/09 22:06

Chiyoda town development support resumption!
Sponsorship: machimirai Chiyoda

In Saturday, June 6 Chiyoda platform square (3, Kandanishikicho)
"The 15th Chiyoda town development support"
was restarted after an interval of two years.
19 groups in total applied, and the public examination committee was held.

Of citizen's level of each group via public examination committee of Chiyoda town development support
Grant of a total of 3 million yen is issued for town development activity.

It starts from 9:00 a.m.
Announcement of activity plan contents of application group is carried out after sponsor greetings promptly.


Announcement time for activity plan of each group is three minutes.
Time for questions and answers with examination committee is seven minutes for it.
Schedule progresses in punctuality.


Right before examination committee sitting in a row in the front row
As for activity plan announcement and the questions and answers, feeling of strain is full.


Mayor Masami Ishikawa Chiyoda visits venue, too and we wait and say hello to celebrate sapo resumption.
It was observed eagerly.

Announcement and questions and answers of activity plan contents of all 19 groups were carried out in the morning.


It is some questions and answers after break for the lunch break.
And decision of furtherance group was made.
At this point, furtherance amount of money has not been decided yet.

In the venue, 100 or more including application group and visitor arrive.
As you see large meeting room became approximately full state.


Furtherance amount of money is announced based on evaluation that examination committee attached
The venue is now glad now sad at, and cheers and stir well up.

 Mr. University of Tokyo specially appointed professor Aya Kubota that examination committee's chairperson is acted as as for the photograph

In the last when furtherance group and furtherance amount of money were fixed at
It is comment of this examination committee each than eight examination committees.

It is 5:30 p.m. that all schedules were over.
It was town sapo exhibition examination committee fatigue state that took whole one day.


Suggestion announcement and examination of activity plan are carried out from 19 groups in total,
For activity of 14 following groups, the furtherance of a total of 3 million yen was decided. 

General section ten groups (application 12 groups)
◎18, Jinden area promotion society
◎Jimbocho community plaza
◎NPO city house and town development workshop
◎Town development promotion meeting to make together
◎Tokyo underpass orbit
◎Kanda living expeditionary party
◎On Any Sunday
◎Till phosphorus pick executive committee
◎Jimbocho film festival executive committee
◎Dream laboratory

Theme section one group (application two groups)
◎Chiyoda town development supporters neo

Section three groups (application five groups) which have never met
◎Meeting to be gurinneibafuddo Chiyoda
◎Reeve with dream
◎Writer street brunch society


Middle activity briefing session of 14 groups via examination committee is scheduled to be held in November!
A feeling of expectation increases for town development activity of citizen level of group which we decided.

It is this "Chiyoda town development support" in detail ↓
The past 14 times of activity groups name is published, too.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/05/21 23:51

It is Friday, May 15 in Kanda Police street, 3, Kandanishikicho
Terrace square opening

It was development of five combination by 3, Kandanishikicho joint rebuilding plan.
SUMITOMO Corporation
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.
Company size Osamu building bookstore
Yasuda Real Estate (joint development architecture of five companies)

As figure that former HAKUHODO headquarters building is solid in the front
It was rebuilt the reconstruction wonderfully.
It is splendid that local symbolic building revived wonderfully!


In space of 1F cafe
Golden miniature shrine of hometown, 3, Kandanishikicho town assembly is displayed.


The murmuring spreads in open space and becomes relaxing space among rich green.


View from 2F terrace facing the open space is beautiful, too.
Individual restaurant of approximately ten stores opens a store in commerce zone of 1F2F.


Nickname of open space "brocade 3.75 Santa Park"
Childhood name of Jo Niijima who was born on this ground, and was brought up "the Seven-Five-Three Festival large", is origin in (occupied).
On May 20, local 3, Kandanishikicho town assembly, Maetamachi chairperson is invited to the field, too
As you see park sign was installed.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/05/19 0:30

Kanda Festival

Finally Sunday, May 10,
Miyairi worship of long-awaited parishioner town assembly miniature shrine.
Once in two years, it is day when way of most heroic miniature shrine is seen as God turnout Shinto ritual.

From 9:00 in the morning at night after 8:00 during day
It is on day when miniature shrine of parishioners does for worship towards Kanda Myojin
The number of miniature shrines is said to be 150 engines in large miniature shrine, godling sedan chair.

It is oldest, and miniature shrine of established old town, Uchikanda Kamakura-cho breaks into the precincts center in Kanda!
It is town assembly which Miyairi is deceived only in men, and can show way of heroic bearer.
(when we go out of shrine, we are carried on the shoulder only in women)


At the center of congestion of the precincts where carry on the shoulder, and do not have limited space in hand, visitors
Miniature shrine was given gorgeously beautifully.
Place where each town assembly competes how way of beautiful bearer is shown here.

On Thursday, May 14
Dedication performance of bonfire noh "light noh play in which the protagonist is a god" was held on the special stage in front of main shrine.
It becomes for revival of "noh as a Shinto ritual" that only Kanda Myojin was forgiven in the Edo era.
Bonfire noh "light noh play in which the protagonist is a god" that revived taking the opportunity of Edo opening the Edo shogunate 400 years of (2003) in 2003
It became the thirteenth performance early at this time.

As for gagaku by Kanda Myojin Shinto priest and the shrine maiden's dance by medium, it was made ho*.

"Lean person pine" by Bansaku Nomura and others was funny, and Noh comedy was played.


Ability "Chikubushima" is staged by Kongo school of noh, Masaru Endo Sane and others
We collected eyes of 500 people who filled seat of marquee.


On Friday, May 15
The most important Shinto ritual "annual festival" was held in one year.
Parishioner town assembly festival committee, people concerned 500 attended.

Shinto priest enters main hall by the guidance of lumber-carriers' work song.
Solemn Shinto ritual is held solemnly.


Parish representative in main shrine and attendant in tent receive purification.


While "dance of Myojin butterfly" is performed ho* of by gods of Kanda Myojin
Solemn Shinto ritual goes solemnly sequentially.

With "annual festival" on 15th
All events of "Kanda Festival" are over in 2015 and become end.
In addition, to enjoy "Kanda Festival" two years later; ...
Report of the Kanda Festival latter half closes curtain, too.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/05/13 21:44

Kanda Festival

Kanda Festival begins on May 7 and closes curtain by annual festival on 15th.
I send report of the first half.

1616 (1616) Kanda Myojin for Edo-jo Castle widening construction
From Shibasaki village (existing Otemachi) is itenutsushiza in the present location of Yushima stand.
In this year, it becomes memory big festival to celebrate 400 years from utsushiza.

Thursday, May 7 portable shrine ornamented with the miniature of a golden phoenix at the top miniature shrine ceremony for moving a deity to a new site
Solemn Shinto ritual of the Kanda Festival beginning was held.

Three God who light of the precincts was turned off, and were led to light of torch
It is done utsushiza by each vehicle fitting into hoyasuko from main hall.
With three God
Ichinomiya daikoku
Two shrine Ebisu states
Three shrine masakado


Friday, May 8 parishioner town assembly miniature shrine divine spirit case
Shinto priest of Kanda Myojin goes to all sacred sake place of parishioner, and pay divine spirit; is saiko by Shinto ritual.
Ceremony of Kanda Sarugakucho town assembly which photograph let you look good for utsushiza 400 years, and had miniature shrine made newly.


Saturday, May 9 shinkosaihatsuren
In in front of 8:00 a.m. Akira Kanda Kamimoto
hatsurensai on the occasion of departure of God good luck festival was held.
Earnest veneration person, worshiper, visitors filled the precincts in spite of early morning.


God good luck festival surrounds parishioner area after day from 8:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night.
The trip becomes long scene more than well 30km.
Ichinomiya portable shrine ornamented with the miniature of a golden phoenix at the top which passes away as for the photograph in 3, Nihonbashi Echizen Chuo-dori.


We acquire line of God good luck festival, and festival increases,
We cross forever bridge from Nihonbashi Chuo-dori and come back to Kanda Myojin
This time from the evening becomes largest-scale and becomes gorgeous.

Photograph drives Noma, Soma; with warrior
It is festival person of participation from Yokosuka, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka that sits, and meets, and sends God good luck festival line.
Is parishioner people of Enshu Yokosuka, three Kumano Shrine; participation first for Kanda Festival in 16 years.


Afternoon 8 jishinkosaichakuren
Portable shrine ornamented with the miniature of a golden phoenix at the top miniature shrine which finished God good luck festival cruise of 30km safely for 12 hours returns to Shinto shrine.
shinkosaichakurenshinji was held solemnly.

Let's tell about article of Miyairi worship of parishioner miniature shrine for the future again.
It was report of the Kanda Festival first half.




Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/05/01 22:59

From today Friday, May 1 until 11th Monday in arts Chiyoda 3331
Special plan exhibition "person and town of Kanda Festival - Edo, Tokyo"

The people concerned gathered in opening reception.

Opening greetings of Masato Nakamura of 3331 unification directors.
3331 venues where hometown, miniature shrine and drum float of Kanda Gokencho town assembly are displayed.


Speaking of Kanda Festival, it is Kanda Myojin.
A word for Kanda Festival of Kanda Myojin, Otorii Miyaji and greetings of display celebration.


Greetings of Mr. University of Tokyo, Naoyuki Kinoshita that were supervised of this display.
And the bouquet presentation that we celebrated this Purple Ribbon Medal receiving a prize was carried out.


We toast by hometown of venue, leading of Kanda Gokencho Ishidacho chairperson!
Friendship of interchange of various people who gathered in venue spread.


Tone of musical accompaniment that everybody of Kanda musical accompaniment "*ko" plays on terrace is comfortable.


Let's introduce small portion of display.
In the left, what genuine sacred sake place is made.
It is displayed Japanese towel that Kanda Myojin parishioner town assembly made an elaborate plans to the right.

Kanda Festival picture scroll or Kanda Festival old photograph after the Meiji era are displayed.
There is no rest during session until Monday, May 11. From 11:00 to 19:00

Special plan exhibition "person and town of Kanda Festival - Edo, Tokyo"
Detailed information including event and workshop during display, session
Please refer to the following homepage



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/04/21 22:09

Feeling of reserve parishioner town assembly becomes lively with Kanda Festival close at hand, too.
Until Kariya is completed sacred sake place in vaunted miniature shrine of town assembly
As there is town assembly displaying in each area, let's introduce!

Miniature shrine display information on the verge of Kanda Festival

From the morning of Sunday, May 10 to evening one after another
Parishioner town assembly miniature shrine is Miyairi worship in Kanda Myojin
Upsurge of Kanda Festival reaches at the climax!

Uchikanda Kamakura town assembly (association of 13 middle Kanda-cho)
We are displaying in Kamakura Bridge intersection Toyota showroom


2, Kajicho town assembly miniature shrine (the Kanda Station east alliance)
We are displaying in 2, Kajicho Tokuriki Honten Building 1F entrance


Sacred sake place of the 2, Kajicho town assembly in old Imagawa Junior High School under arrangement
kontohisageto more than 200 has been already given glory to wonderfully there!


3, Kandanishikicho town assembly miniature shrine (association of Kanda center)
We are displaying in 3, Nishikicho bachelor Hall 1F lobby
We are displaying Momotaro doll drum float that children pull and turn at the same time.


2, Kandaawajicho town assembly miniature shrine (association of 13 middle Kanda-cho)
2, Kandaawajicho waterasu 3F entrance hall


1, Nihonbashimuromachi town assembly miniature shrine (1, Nihonbashi district)
Mitsukoshi new building 1F entrance entrance

Miniature shrine which we introduced is April 20 present status.
Please note that you change on account of each town assembly during display period.



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/04/13 22:01

Monday, April 13 11:30

In the front of the Transportation Museum entrance entrance of the 1, Kandasudacho past
Former Ikedaya (Mt. Kashiwa house) which was place of time for life and business for 90 years.
This building which was demolished in September in (2012) autumn in 2012 three years ago
We were appointed in Chiyoda-ku scenery town development important article.

At the door of Sotetsu forever bridge building built newly in place of the memory
Monument was built in order to honor former Ikedaya publicly, and unveiling ceremony was held.

Site released on former Ikedaya monument construction is this place↓

Former Ikedaya was built after the Great Kanto Earthquake
As for the mansard roof which is pretty by copper boarded place one-panel structure
It was individual 3-story wooden building.



While cold rain drizzles in unveiling ceremony held at the door of Sotetsu forever bridge building
Approximately 40 earnest people concerned attended.


Kazuko Kashiyama who was the ex-present head of a household do not see and is unveiled that monument.


Mayor Masami Ishikawa Chiyoda came, too, and celebration of monument construction was spoken.


Monument is built in place where Kazuko Kashiyama was clogged up with memory
He/she was satisfied in photograph with peaceful smile.

We stared at historic time in this ground for 90 years
It is former figure of former Ikedaya (Mt. Kashiwa house).

Former Ikedaya which we can remember when we happen to pass by this ground by walk and town walk
It will be to remain in memory of everybody still more because monument was built!

Former Ikedaya site of memory↓



Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/04/08 23:06

 Wednesday, April 8 arts Chiyoda 3331 sponsorship
Introduction to Kanda Festival lecture
... smart festival fashion & make demonstration ~
But, it was held.
Approximately 50 people participated in this woman-limited lecture.

Firstly greetings of spring water right Miyaji of Kanda Myojin where saiko does Kanda Festival.


While torii right Negi of Kanda Myojin looks at picture in the same way successively
There were Kanda Myojin and story of culture and the history of Kanda Festival.


Main hall of arts Chiyoda 3331 of venue is in a full state.
We are put to bearer stick of miniature shrine backward.
It is ... to say this!


It is finally lecture of festival fashion.
We learn longjohns and waistcoat having a front but no back, the way of right cool wearing of short coat.


Furthermore, we learned kind and winding of obi, way of Japanese towel headband.
Of course as for the makeup when we go out to festival!


The last is lecture of bearers of miniature shrine.
By instruction and commentary of Takeuchi of gaishindenjuni* woman camp of participation
We carry miniature shrine stick on our shoulder with smile happily, and program of this lecture is finished.
We closed one Kanda with all the participants and were similar and turned out to be the closing happily.