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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/10/30 20:01


Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/10/23 21:51

It is in progress and it is held from now on now
We introduce pleasant various events of autumn Kanda.

[trance arts Tokyo 2015]
From Friday, October 9 to November 3 (celebration)
Venue where various art display and events are carried out
◎Former Tokyo Denki University ruins (Kandanishikicho) ◎ waterasu (Kandaawajicho)
◎50 ways of area (Kandanishikicho, Ogawamachi side) ◎ cafe & sake N3331 (Kandasudacho)
The details of display, event are

◆Opening event that photograph was performed in Kandaogawamachi on Friday, October 9


[specialty of the 56th Tokyo, Kanda secondhand book Festival]
Venue is ◎ Kandajinboucho secondhand bookstore town for from Friday, October 23 to Sunday, November 1
It is various events about book by blue sky bargain at the start
・The details of event are

◆Photograph is bustle of secondhand book Festival of Jimbocho intersection of opening night on Friday for 23 days

[Oedo Tokyo full festival]
From Sunday, October 25 to Saturday, November 7
It is event of true downtown area of Edo Tokyo that Kanda and Nihonbashi performed collaboration of.
Event of seisawasan is held around happiness and prosperity Shinto shrine or according to Kanda hardware of Nihonbashi
・The details of event are

◆Photograph with map of Kanda, Nihonbashi-cho walk
He/she shows lumber-carriers' work song, acrobatic performances on a ladder, fireman's standard swing daylong on Saturday on 7th
It is image of all of Edo firefighting memory society.

Event inquiry and town walk participation application
Secretariat 03-3238-1197 (except 10-17:00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)


[the 25th Jimbocho book Festival]
From Saturday, October 31 to Sunday, November 1
Venue ◎ Jimbocho lily of the valley street, Sakura Street, Jimbocho Mitsui Building open space
Corner of popular child book became Mitsui Building open space!

・The details of event are


[Kanda sports Festival 2015]
Venue is ◎ Kandaogawamachi Yasukuni Dori sports shop street and former Tokyo Denki Univ. ruin
As for skiing area campaign and fun lottery and Kanda professional wrestling

・The details of event are

◆The neighborhood of gate of sports Festival of Yasukuni Dori where photograph does well
(and we pass through gate the left side venue of Kanda curry Grand Prix)


[the fifth Kanda curry Grand Prix]
From Saturday, October 31 to Sunday, November 1 11:00 ... (on 30th the eve)
Venue ◎ brook open space (3-6, Kandaogawamachi)
Curry Grand Prix this year is decided by vote of everybody.
We try out curry streets, and stamp rally is performed, too.

・The details of event are http://kanda-curry .com

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/10/16 16:13

Area information free paper "walk Jimbocho" of Jimbocho issued from 2006 reaches the tenth anniversary in this year, and "walk Jimbocho Thanksgiving Day of the tenth anniversary" is held from October 10 to November 3.

In Tokyo temple bookstores of Jimbocho, big "walk Jimbocho map" is displayed as the plan exhibition "ten years history of Jimbocho to look back toward in walk Jimbocho map". Until November 3.

Big "walk Jimbocho map" for ten years from 2006 through 2015 is seen!
Area put on map during ten years spread out.

Illustration of "Jimbocho yum-yum diary" introducing good shop of Jimbocho to in "walk Jimbocho" is displayed in Jimbocho Kanda Coffee.

It was colorful or is ... all and, with work of illustrator Ami Wakabayashi who draws cover of "walk Jimbocho", is really appetizing illustration.
In tasteful calm atmosphere of Kanda Coffee, it is good to look slowly while drinking delicious coffee.

In addition, there are events such as tours, too.
The details are ⇒

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/10/10 22:58

The twelfth
Ochanomizu art picnic

Venue is neighboring areas in the JR tea no suiekizemme;meikeitsu rio center
We are holding until Sunday, October 11 tomorrow!

suime;meikeitsu ri of tea full of crowds of much one from the morning on Saturday on 10th

Culture art from Ochanomizu and festival of learning were the twelfth year in this year, too.
Picnic is theme by art in town!


In open space before Ochanomizu Station St. Hashiguchi, it is music Festival.
Bands various with two days of event now being held in full-time are live performances.


Portrait corner is quite popular this year.
Display and workshop of various art are unfolding in venue.


And parade of public wedding ceremony goes through event site today on 10th.
A lot of messages of celebration that is full of colors drawn with chalk in the ground.


Scenery of Surugadai medium-grade articles to create of genuine row of trees and row of trees of art object.


We are concerned with this "Ochanomizu art picnic" realization deeply more at first
me;meikeitsu rio parades by the guidance of Hongo santoerenasanga band
We were blessed by a lot of everybody and staff who visited venue.
Wedding ceremony was held peacefully noisily in open space of SORA city of the station square.

"Ochanomizu art picnic" will be holding until Sunday, October 11 tomorrow!
The event details including program are this ↓

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/10/09 23:17

grew and opened and chewed,
From Friday, October 9 to November 3 (celebration)

Venue of trance arts Tokyo 2015,
Former Tokyo Denki University ruins, waterasu, 50 ways of areas
Arts Chiyoda 3331, cafe sake N3331
The details → http://www.kanda-tat .com

Friday, October 9 16:00
Opening reception
We meet a large number of guests and say south light seat (south light hall) in the past
Of 50 Inari Shinto shrine adjacency of Kandaogawamachi where the oldest movie theater was in Kanda
It was performed at parking lot facing 50 ways (street between Ogawamachi and Nishiki-machi).

Greetings of the start of arts Chiyoda 3331 unification director Masato Nakamura

In all the members who visited guest, guest, participant, venue including the staff
We pray for success of event and toast by leading of Kurebayashi, chairperson of association of Nishiki Kanda.


There are booth and kitchen car of various eating and drinking in venue
Atmosphere became peaceful at a stretch.


Install screen in venue from 18:30
Of ex-movie theater, south light seat times
Photographs of news film and festival were projected.

Shigeru Torii of 50 Inari Shrine chief priest where commentary was born and raised here.


After screening party
We reeled, and gorgeous fashion show was widened with 50 ways.


As you see it is full of people who came to see fashion show to 50 ways.
Fair of 50 Inari stood, and it was bustle outstanding in Tokyo before the war.
The bustle was after a long absence, and there was feeling that revived.

Former Tokyo Denki University ruins, waterasu, 50 ways of areas
Arts Chiyoda 3331, cafe sake N3331
The details such as schedule, display, event in each venue
This → http://www.kanda-tat .com

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/09/24 21:14

Masakado mound annual festival

Today Thursday, September 24
We cheer up the spirit of a dead person of Masakado Taira life of three shrines enshrined deity of Kanda Myojin and do
Shinto ritual "Masakado mound annual festival" was held.

Place of Masakado mound (Otemachi 1-2),
It is former ruin of Kanda Myojin and is said to be the ground of the foundation.

Rotation is constructing all building architecture in the situation right in the middle of Otemachi redevelopment.


Line of worship of earnest veneration person continues before the appointed time of festival in front of Masakado mound.
Great thing has popularity of Prince Masakado Taira in the present age.
Incense and flowers of Masakado mound are found even not to die out anytime.


Festival in front of Masakado mound began at 2:30 p.m. of the appointed time.
Photograph is Kanda Myojin, Otorii chief priest that congratulatory address is performed *jo of.


It is sutra-chanting by the chief priest of Kadoyama, sun temple which is still connected by Kanda Myojin and close relationship.
Festival in front of Masakado mound is finished without delay, and it travels venue to Kanda Myojin.


With Tokuko Hirano who became historic spot Masakado mound preservation society's chairperson from this April
It is two ways of Akira Kanda Kanagawa Univ. torii chief priest (the right) and spring water right chief priest (the left).


Masakado mound annual festival was held solemnly in main hall, and there was dedication of shrine maiden's dance, too.
After annual festival, we move venue to Myojin Hall
Masakado mound preservation society general meeting and feast were held and turned out to be the closing.

In addition, anniversary of death of Prince Masakado Taira on February 14 (the old calendar)
Buddhist memorial service of 1076 anniversary memorial service is carried out in Kadoyama, sun temple of Nishiasakusa in this year.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/09/15 22:00

On August 25
"Water transportation social experiment between Haneda - Akihabara" was announced.
On September 15, the experience-based embarkation suitable for press was held today.

About surface mail navigated for eight days of from 19 to 26 on September
Status is almost with seat.
For more details, please refer to homepage of jiru of water transportation navigation.

Anchorage of forever bridge of bridging becomes revival in 1930 after the Great Kanto Earthquake.
Camera, two boat are two boats of video camera, and one boat becomes departure.


We leave forever lighter landing place.
Scenery to look back from the water of the Kanda River, and to see is fresh.


It is small break in Yanagibashi appearing downstream in the Kanda River.
There was commentary of the local culture history by the master of small MATSUYA of sleeve of Yanagibashi.
Samisen is played at pier of Komatsuya,
There was sale in noted product of here, ship of foods boiled down in soy of Edo, too.


Atmosphere changes completely when we appear in the Sumida River.
I see figure of the Skytree very well to the left hand, and traffic of water bus is outstanding.


Two boat of video camera coverage chases trace.


Opportunity to look at Rainbow Bridge from right under is not a certain thing very often
Sound to press the shutter of camera of one boat did not break off.

From forever lighter landing place in route of anchorage of Haneda
Pass through bridge of 33 what; it is attractive one of this water transportation that can experience.


When pass through the Rainbow Bridge, and enter Tennozu canal; of way place
Anchorage of Tennozu shop pine peer is near at hand, too.


It is arrival in Tennozu shop pine peer anchorage.
The time required from forever lighter landing place to Shinagawa Tennozu anchorage is approximately 90 minutes.
It is approximately 60 minutes from here to Haneda Airport anchorage.
Total embarkation time for forever bridge - Shinagawa Tennozu - Haneda Airport is approximately two hours 30 minutes.

We got off by convenience by this experience-based test ride in Shinagawa Tennozu.

For more details, please refer to homepage of jiru of water transportation navigation.

Refinements are investigated by water transportation social experiment beginning on 19th
Inspection for future full-scale navigation seems to be carried out.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/09/04 22:59

Annual event to give glory to summer end in Kanda
Success in life firmness street "Kanda art festival" hosted by Store Association

It is held "Kanda umaimon tour" on Wednesday on 2nd on Tuesday, September 1
"Kanda fear imon tour" is scheduled on Saturday, September 5!

This "adult fair" is Friday, September 4
It was held on success in life firmness street in time until from 18:00 to 21:30
It was on the road great banquet for adult!

Sugizaki of success in life firmness street Store Association is greeting of the opening of a meeting.
Giant balloon of symbol of success in life dances in the stage rear.


Greetings of celebration were done Mayor Masami Ishikawa Chiyoda of guest successively.


On stage from samisen to electric guitar sound, belly dance of fascination
Various performances are developed.


As for the lottery that luxurious premium is from meal ticket of 10,000 yen to folding fan, Japanese towel
While I cut line, it was few quite popular yellowtail.


"Success in life God of Fire" who should say symbol of street
Meiji University, university student of sumo club of Senshu University go and worship this time.
We imitated historical fact to succeed in life when sumo wrestler went and worshiped.


Bustle of success in life firmness street which on the road great banquet right reels, and is opened.

On tomorrow Saturday, September 5
"Kanda fear imon tour" is held in area of Kanda Station from Ochanomizu Station!

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/09/03 22:05

From today Thursday, September 3 until 8th Tuesday (from 10:00 to 20:00) 
Sightseeing photograph contest choice exhibition of Chiyoda containing
Nine steps of venues are lifelong learning building 2F halls

 Design of award ceremony of winner that, oh, the following photographs were performed in the place on Wednesday, September 2

Mayor Masami Ishikawa Chiyoda appreciates prize-winning work eagerly.


We describe everybody whom Mayor Ishikawa Chiyoda was selected for congratulations and best wishes and open.


Greetings of Chairperson Seishiro Morikawa of Chiyoda City Tourism Association which is sponsor.
In the next fiscal year, it was announced becoming two part system of photographic contests of the first half year, the latter period.


Honor grand prix, Chiyoda City Tourism Association chairperson Prize whom there was having been won
It was "art object and miniature shrine" Kazuo Tanaka.

Commencing with the grand prix, the associate grand prix, Mayor Chiyoda Prize
17 points of splendid beautiful photographs in total display and are unfolded.
Carry foot to Kudan lifelong learning building.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2015/08/27 22:24

 It lasts for two days on Thursday on 27th on Wednesday, August 26
"waterasu summer festival" was held.

Venue is waterasu open space of 2, Awaji-cho.
It was 2, Awaji-cho town assembly and sponsorship of the Awaji area management.

Of three levels of Edo model Shoki the Plague-Dueller doll festival cars which settled down in open space in large quantities at 5:00 p.m.
Getting out sound of musical accompaniment is signal of beginning of summer festival.
A lot of children come in bright this time, and is child corner; joyride.
University students of waterasu student apartment play an active part as the staff.


14 stores of waterasu restaurant tenants open a store in open space in venue.
Delicious smell drifts in open space and provokes appetite.
It is ... to wine in beer to roasted meat, pizza, sausage, cafe


Kuremachi, chairperson of 2, Awaji-cho town assembly and Matsumoto of the Awaji area management
Smile spills for bustle of venue!


While Shoki the Plague-Dueller doll festival car plays musical accompaniment, we pull waterasu open space and are turned.
We were certainly surprised as festival car thought musical accompaniment to be accompaniment sitting formally by display.
Everybody enjoying eating and drinking in venue leaves and comes over by festival car.


Tone of musical accompaniment surrounds town of Kanda as if we regret summer to leave, and to pass away.
We followed until 9:00 at night, and bustle of "waterasu summer festival" turned out to be the closing.