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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/05/27 10:48

From Thursday, May 26 to Sunday, June 12
"Now, mirai of Sanno festival" special plan exhibition
Venue: Arts Chiyoda 3331 6-11-14, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku (old training junior high school)

First day, Chiyoda-ku, Hie-jinja Shrine, many including person concerned with parishioner are attendance shiteno
Opening reception was held noisily.
By gallery talk of Masaya Takiguchi of the supervision,
There was introduction of purpose and showpiece of display that established important point for Sanno festival of Edo.

Painter that we maintain, and the Edo official approval first class is the also best while being familiar architect.
There was gallery talk of Eizo Kinoshita who overflowed in various talent.

Newly written painting for this display is the splendid completion.
Parishioner area of Sanno Hie-jinja Shrine is described in unique touch and is fun
Look at big screen where is full of atmospheres of festival slowly!

Japanese towel of parishioner town assembly and relations about Sanno festival is displayed in a row.

As for the display of picture about figure of town fireman of Edo downtown area of Okada parent of Kyobashi.
Of photograph, besides, is displayed with sum by wall surface.

Humped-head goldfish shining with gold of Ginza Shinwa-kai donation Hie-jinja Shrine possession meets visitors.

Document which affixing cho of votive card of the Edo late Tokugawa period is terrible, and is valuable.
Besides, label of theme was displayed Sanno festival of the 30, Showa generation.

Lecture and talk show concerning Sanno festival.
Workshop of musical accompaniment and Japanese towel which can participate is already popular
Participation application and inquiries seem to flood in.

The details of special plan exhibition are this↓

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/05/21 14:50

In Saturday, May 21 Suidobashi, Misakicho "Hotel Tokyo of garden"
[making of meeting - self-praise lecture of koji banashito lunch]
But, it was opened. (sponsorship: hotel Tokyo of garden)

It became quite popular lecture, and there were 40 participants. (as for two men)

Lecturer is Kametaro Amano for the sixth generation of well-established well-known store "Amano-ya" president of 3, Myojin, Jinden way

While looking at DVD; koji banashioukagaimasu of professional Amano of koji.
As for sky Noya, business of production and sale of natural fermented food using koji is done.
Because founding is (1846) in 1846 of the late Tokugawa period, it is the history of 170 years in this year.
As for the popular item of sky Noya, amazake and natto are famous let alone miso, too.

Materials of self-praise salt with koji and soybean specially made by Amano-ya.
At first we stir koji and salt well and then add soybean.
We move about venue, and Daisuke Amano of the seventh generation gives advice made with miso, too.

Work to knead earnestly, and to work out continues.
We add hot water and knead to the softness like hamburger steak and sleep.
While Mr. Amano regulates quantity to add hot water, we advise.

We squeeze up in bag for take-out respectively if each self-praise is completed.
As it causes outbreak of mold when air enters miso, it is to watch out.
That is all for laying in house for half a year.
It will be that one's own self-praise is completed deliciously in the new year of the next year.

Meal time of hotel where is full of cooking using koji after work.
It was lecture of the making of self-praise of harmoniousness.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/05/17 20:37

Tuesday, May 17
Shinto ritual that is the most important in Kanda Myojin through the year
Kanda Myojin "annual festival" was held.

Big tent becomes venue of annual festival in the main shrine front of the precincts.
On yesterday Monday, May 16,
Dedication of tea of Omotesenke. There was dedication of light noh play in which the protagonist is a god.

The tent venue inside looks such.
Chair seat of 400 is prepared and is crowded with the parishioner people concerned.

Annual festival begins at 2:00 p.m. at the appointed time.
By the guidance of lumber-carriers' work song of head fireman people, Shinto priest, parish representative, Shinto shrine people concerned enter main shrine.
All the attendants receive purification than Shinto priest by Purification Ceremony ceremony.

Expression advances by annual festival order of a ceremony.
Between offering, Edo ordinary kagura is performed ho* of by Wakayama coterie.

shukushi*jo is made by Akira Kanda Kanagawa Univ. torii chief priest, with Japan
Parishioner, peace and happiness of veneration people were wished.
Furthermore, we are equal by medium of Kanda Myojin for ten minutes
Solemn "dance of Myojin butterfly" was performed ho* of beautifully.

When annual festival ceremony is finished without delay, we move venue to Myojin Hall and become feast.
Greetings of Otorii Miyaji and parish representative,
It became place of peaceful talk by toast.
In underground hall of shindemmeishinsaimusho,
Is Chairperson Ogawamachi north Nicho; of "Kanda Izumiya" management
Tatsuyuki Yokota dedicated
We are holding some "ten moves exhibitions" of collection of arms.
It is sudden in session when it will be until 16:00 on Wednesday, May 18 tomorrow
Person who is interested, please go out.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/05/16 15:20

It is the seasonal arrival of summer festival in Kanda!
Princess Ota Inari Shrine Annual Festival
Princess Ota Inari Shrine annual festival once in two years on Saturday, May 14 15th Sunday
It was held. It is haha kyushinyotogo for Shinto ritual annual festival, 15 days on 14th.
Of four parishioners-cho (Surugadai east and west town assembly, 2, Ogawa-machi Minamicho meeting, 1, Nishikicho town assembly)
Everybody carried shrine miniature shrine on the shoulder to Miyairi well on Sunday on 15th and turned around.

Shrine miniature shrine of Princess Ota Inari Shrine passes horizontal Sotobori Street of Nicolai temple.
It becomes rare scene which is not readily seen.

It is Miyairi journey from row of cherry blossom trees (Surugadai smell) of Mitsui Sumitomo marine horizontal do*do.
Head fireman people in charge of area sing lumber-carriers' work song and lead miniature shrine to Shinto shrine.
Shinto shrine and large paper lantern hung on a pole, Shinto priest of four parishioners society, shrine miniature shrine spread out.

Shrine miniature shrine wears in Shinto shrine at about 6:00 in evening; sedan chair.
Annual festival of Princess first Ota Inari Shrine in 2 years turned out to be end without delay.

[Kandaizumicho town assembly miniature shrine cruise]

Sunday, May 15 1:00 p.m.
Vaunted town assembly miniature shrine goes up after ceremony, lion dance dedication in town assembly sacred sake place.
We are proud of dignified size as 5 sun of architrave dimensions two shakus and town assembly miniature shrine.
All of town assemblies of neighborhood of the alliance in eastern Akihabara puts on each town assembly short coat
We come for help of shinyotogo.

Kanda musical accompaniment to lead miniature shrine is sensho* of hometown.

Miniature shrine goes round without dark circles in the town with Izumi Elementary School, Mitsui Memorial Hospital.
tsunereishinyotogo of year of shade has finished swelling Kanda Festival very much in the evening.

[Kanda Miyamotocho child shinyotogo]
Kanda Festival shade festival
common usage child shinyotogo

This is annual event of year of shade of Kanda Festival, too.
Miyamoto town assembly of Kanda Myojin home territory went togo of child miniature shrine grandly this year.
Miniature shrine paraded around the Kanda Myojin precincts well and did Miyairi worship magnificently well.
All of general worship that visited Shinto shrine heaped up by applause beating time with hands.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/05/10 18:07

The Japanese Red Cross Society (Tokyo Red Cross blood donation center)
akiba: F blood donation room

"The history of Kanda Festival!" tenkaisaichu

Venue leaves JR Akihabara Station Denkigai Exit; and the front (forever bridge police stations form a line)
Morning breeze Building No. 2 building 5F akiba: F (Akiba flat)

Red Cross mark glistens in the front of entrance.
Exhibit space of column glass tension to totally hark back to aquarium in the depths
Parishioner of Sotokanda district of Kanda Myojin who cooperated with this display in this
Color and pattern gatoridorino town assembly short coat of 12 town assemblies are displayed.

It is bright clean space wiping out image of blood donation center.
And it is Tokyo blood donation room from masterpiece to new item like Akihabara
Popular comics proud of quantity of first-rate collection of books is prepared!

In counter space by the window bill and lucky charm of Kanda Myojin
It was displayed compactly.
Of course there was PC defense appropriate for cyber city Akihabara, too.

In the counter space culture, the history of Kanda Festival and
In schedule of parishioner town and Shinto shrine of shindensaisaikoji, the preparations are posted.

Become topic last year if is the first among Shinto shrine world released in the Shinto shrine precincts from New Year holidays; of popularity
We were surprised that "Kanda Myojin mascot figure" was displayed!

End schedule of display has not been fixed yet.
As for Kanda Festival that God good luck festival and miniature shrine appear in year of shade, there are none this year.
Please enjoy display.

akiba: F blood donation room ↓

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/04/25 18:49

Enjoy in families on Saturday on 4/29 (celebration) - 30th of Golden Week
What can be fully idle "waterasu open space" of Awajicho!

In waterasu open space of 2, Awaji-cho
"Mini-train" "Marchais" "mobile child base" comes over.

As for the bustle as mini-train which is quite popular with children can sometimes stand in line
He/she picks up adult in vacant time, and is it ~ replacing with child's mind?
In open space next to rail, we can feel season of various parts of Japan
waterasumarushie selling seasonal fresh special product is held at the same time.

While looking at grove and lawn shining in the fresh green; on mini-train
We do shopping in Marchais. It keeps a lot of restaurants to be able to make meal into!

Holding simultaneous in a more mobile child base.
Truck which we loaded a lot of toys onto comes over to open space.
In mobile child base "waterasukizzu"
We will play with older brother and older sisters at the end of smile!

Let's play in waterasu on April 29, 30th!
The details of waterasuminitorein are this↓

In 4/28 - 4/30, it is quite popular jazz event of waterasu common usage in the open space
"waterasujazumyujitoriamu 2016 is held, too"!

Photograph was photographed in last November.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/04/19 15:21

It is instant and is going to pass in season, April of sakurahana**.
It is called May of the fresh green,
Speaking of May of Kanda, it is season of festival.

Let's introduce festival of three Shinto shrines!

[Misaki Inari Shrine annual festival] 2-9-2, Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku (the Suidobashi station square)
We are enshrined here from 1905 in foundation 1905 of the Heian era in 1182 in 1182

Miniature shrine of May 3 (celebration) parishioner 9 town assembly consecutive Godo. We do Miyairi worship one after another.
togo which miniature shrines of 9 town assemblies gather at Jimbocho intersection, and is developed is sight!

Shrine miniature shrine of dignified presence of Shinto shrine performed getting out shrine of early in the morning on May 4 (celebration) after day
Go round parishioner town assemblies one after another; from the evening Miyairi journey of force.
We become Miyairi by all of parishioner young man society solemnly.

Princess Ota Inari Shrine Annual Festival 1-2-3, Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku
We found in Edo-jo Castle of tadendo*jidai in 1457 in 1457
We are doing itenutsushiza for railroad construction here in 1931 in 1931.
Old company name was called "small Inari Shinto shrine" (potato fault yes-man as for pitching a camp).

Shinto shrine shrine miniature shrine performed getting out shrine of early in the morning on Sunday, May 15 is parishioner 4 town assembly after day
We go round Suruga Taito, Nishimachi meeting, town assembly in southern 2, Ogawa-machi, 1, Nishikicho town assemblies without dark circles.
In the evening, we become Miyairi by the guidance of lumber-carriers' work song of head fireman people of here.

It is the second after main shrine of Princess Ota Inari Shrine is restored, and the precincts and shrine office are maintained.
Shout of first cheerful kyushinyotogo in 2 years echoes all over the area.

[Kanda Myojin annual festival] 2-16-2, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku
One of the old shrines of Edo, Tokyo called 730 730 foundation Edo total local deity.
"Kanda Festival" that was called world festival is famous, but miniature shrine does not appear this year in year of shade.

As this year is year of shade, there are not God turnout events such as God good luck festival or miniature shrine Miyairi.
On Tuesday, May 17, the most important Shinto ritual "annual festival" is performed *ko of through the year.
The Shinto shrine person concerned, people concerned with parishioner town assembly gather in marquee put on main shrine, the precincts
It becomes ceremony to pray for the world, Japan, Shinto shrine and tranquility and peace of parishioner.
On 16th Monday on the day before "oblatory tea type" of Omotesenke service.
Furthermore, "Myojin bonfire noh of Kongo school of noh Noh service is held, too".

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/04/12 16:16

Chiyoda City Tourism Association, Chiyoda-ku sponsorship
Chiyoda cherry tree Festival

It has been over! (from March 25 to April 3)
"Chidori-ga-fuchi city park" and "Yasukuni Shrine" of famous spot of cherry tree which Chiyoda-ku is proud of
Person who enjoyed much cherry blossom viewing came and was full very much.

We put spot on cherry tree that flower bloomed in Kanda area with this blog.

Edo total local deity is Kanda Myojin until Monday for from Friday, April 1 to 4th
"Spring festival" was held.
We may say spring vacation, and, let alone parishioner, there is many
Young people came for worship and enjoyed cherry tree of the precincts and Miyamoto Park.

"House of imatsurigoto, Kanda" to look at to filter cherry blossoms in full bloom from Kanda Myojin rooftop garden
Solid wooden building matches scenery of cherry tree of The air is full of spring well.

Cherry tree of two embankments overlooking subway, Marunouchi Line across the Kanda River is beautiful, too.
Become symbolic scenery of Kanda, but, in fact, embankment of cherry tree is Bunkyo-ku.

As for the cherry tree of Chiyoda Elementary School of 2, Kandatsukasamachi, Kanda children's park
We attached bloom to graduation ceremony and entrance ceremony literally.

Cherry tree that pink close to lily of the valley street entrance is bright in Yasukuni Dori Jimbocho
As probably we are cut, we are afraid that ramifications fill road.

"Kanda waits" well-established well-known store of soba of Kandasudacho; triangle zone before
He/she patronizes matsuyasanno atmospheric wooden building still more.

On the weekend of period of Chiyoda cherry tree Festival, Chiyoda cherry tree Cruise travels
Beauty of row of cherry blossom trees of the Nihonbashi River to look at from surface of a river became very popular.

Also classic Chiyoda-ku (not Kanda)
Scenery of cherry blossoms in full bloom from Chidori-ga-fuchi boat ground observation deck spots best
Taste, atmosphere that a large number of people visit Chiyoda-ku this year, and cherry tree blooms
We think whether you were thoroughly enjoyed. We seem to be able to enjoy late-blooming double cherry blossoms!

We will enjoy cherry tree again next year!

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/03/29 15:30

"Cherry tree teatime Cruise of Chiyoda" report

We performed to "cherry tree teatime Cruise" performed following last "cherry tree Cruise" on Sunday, March 27!

In cherry tree Cruise of Chiyoda
・Cherry tree Cruise
・Cherry tree lunch Cruise
・Cherry tree teatime Cruise
・Going to see cherry blossoms at night full bloom Cruise
Four courses are operated of this.

Departure and arrival place is Izumi Bridge disaster prevention anchorage. And, "cherry tree lunch Cruise," as for "cherry tree teatime Cruise," it is traveled using "pleasure boat" "cherry tree full bloom Cruise"!

This time is Izumi Bridge disaster prevention anchorage → Yanagibashi → The Onagi River → The Sumida River → Sumida Park (the Skytree) → The Sumida River → It turned around in course of Izumi Bridge disaster prevention wharf!

We finally leave!
Atmosphere of wharf where there is atmosphere. Wonderful!

Performance by i* (we are and carry) of old koto (it seems to be dark) player began in ship promptly!
Elegant sound echoes in ship.

And dumpling of well-established Japanese sweet shop "tortoise shop Yamato" of Kanda includes concerning teatime!
It is luxurious time to be able to enjoy with tongue with ear with eyes.

And it is row of cherry blossom trees along the first cherry tree spot Onagi River!
It begins to still bloom as of 27th and should be able to see surely wonderful scene in Cruise in teatime of two or three days in April as it was the time!

It is also the second cherry tree spot Sumida Park!
Collaboration of cherry tree and the Skytree!

And is doubletree seen with luck? ?

Cruise is going to start at 15:00 for two or three days in April in next cherry tree teatime!
"Cherry tree Cruise of Chiyoda"
For more details, it is "cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda" formula guidebook
Or it is "Kanda Riverside project" homepage
Please see

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/03/26 16:05

This year from Friday, March 25 until Sunday, April 3
"Chiyoda cherry tree Festival"

From today Saturday, March 26 until Sunday, April 3
"Cherry tree Cruise of Chiyoda started service, too"!

In cherry tree Cruise of Chiyoda
・Cherry tree Cruise
・Cherry tree lunch Cruise
・Cherry tree teatime Cruise
・Going to see cherry blossoms at night full bloom Cruise
Four courses are operated of this.

Departure and arrival place becomes Izumi Bridge disaster prevention anchorage of photograph.
Pink ship is the chic person-maru managed in "cherry tree Cruise".

In cherry tree Cruise, leave the Kanda River, Izumi bridge
It is course of 90 minutes to return to Izumi Bridge in reply in Nihonbashi anchorage of the Nihonbashi River.
Photograph is drooping cherry tree in full glory neatly with Misaki Bridge every year.

When advance from the Kanda River to the Nihonbashi River; Shinkawabashi is row of cherry blossom trees from Misaki Bridge.
State that has begun to turn pink faintly is indicated
From 2 to 3 on April of the next weekend are fun at the cherry blossom viewing time in full blossom!

The chic person-maru of cherry tree Cruise is 40 capacity-passenger.
We can feel spring warmth and surface of a river and the sky to be directly.

Leaving a ship in Nihonbashi anchorage on the way is possible in cherry tree Cruise, too.
"Nihonbashi long-established store sight-seeing town walk tour is planned with option, too".

As can get off in Chiyoda-ku disaster prevention anchorage, from this
We extend a trip to Kudan, Yasukuni Shrine, Kitanomaru-koen Park and can enjoy cherry tree!

Of pattern that is pleasing by scenery from ship which is not seen by daily life
"Cherry tree Cruise" who looks at riverside cherry tree
It will be service only for Sunday for three days on Sunday and Saturday, April 2 for 27 days tomorrow.
Please enjoy!

"Cherry tree Cruise of Chiyoda"
For more details, it is "cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda" formula guidebook
Or it is "Kanda Riverside project" homepage
Please see