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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/10/29 18:04

Two major events that town "Jimbocho" of world's best book is proud of
The 57th Kanda secondhand book Festival (10/28fri-11/10sun)
The 26th Jimbocho book Festival (to 10/30sun)

But, we praise highly and are holding.

For more details, it is this →

A large number of everybodies who love book coming and going at Jimbocho intersection

Crowd that Kanda secondhand book Festival of great Yasukuni Dori Jimbocho of advancing is awful though we walk

Jimbocho book Festival which is held for today and two days tomorrow
This is event of new book book, and a lot of local gourmets open a store, too
Venue Jimbocho lily of the valley street, Sakura Street, Mitsui Jimbocho building

Large prosperous yellowtail in lily of the valley street venue that you are watching
We will aim at book of everybody guide for two days until 30th tomorrow as it is held

In Sumisho Jimbocho building of Sakura Street
Award ceremony of the eleventh Chiyoda literary prize, Chiyoda youth literary prize was held.
Shining with Chiyoda literary prize, and having got prize money 1 million yen
Work which Shion Aiuchi dressed in photograph center kimono wrote was "bud of apple".

The 57th Kanda secondhand book Festival is held until November 10.
The 26th Jimbocho book Festival will be held until 30th tomorrow.
Please go to town, Jimbocho of world's best book!

For more details, it is this →

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/10/17 11:40

Festival of art. Trance arts Tokyo 2016 began!

Session is Sunday for from Saturday, October 15 to 30th
Venue from Kanda Hongo, Yushima, Ueno, Taninaka, Nezu, Sendagi
Contents of program are ... in one which is various so as not to be able to write with blog
You refer to following ↓ official site, and please go out.
kanda-tat .com

Saturday, October 15 17:00
Opening ceremony was held in venue in ruins of former Tokyo Denki University.

It is greeting of Masato Nakamura of unification director.

In this venue, Tokyo will camp in the middle of Kanda! We say this
There is in venue of "Urban camping Tokyo 2016"
Higher than 20 are already standby tent staying overnight at - 16 Sunday on Saturday on 15th!
In venue, with parent and child or group participating in camping seem to take their ease!
It is peaceful atmosphere.

It is souvenir picture in everybodies who participated in opening ceremony.

Trance arts Tokyo 2016 of this year finally began!
Schedule programs
Please go out with reference to this ↓ official site.

kanda-tat .com

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/10/14 15:37

From Thursday, October 13 18:30 in waterasuhoru
Lecture that "thinks about living of Kanda" from "Kanda judging from eye of student"
But, it was held by sponsorship of NPO corporation Kanda society.
In venue, visit was able to be considered to be customer more than 60.

Host progress Yukio Nishimura (University of Tokyo's professor) of NPO Kanda society's director
To guest Kumi Matsumoto (the general Awaji area management secretariat)
Student (three) resident in waterasusuchudentohausu
Two University of Tokyo city planning laboratory "Kanda living expeditionary parties"

Program is as follows.
◎waterasusuchudentohausu fill-in, resident student talk
University of Tokyo city planning laboratory Kanda project "Kanda living expeditionary party"
Discussion by guest
Questions and answers from participant

Than Matsumoto of the Awaji area management
Community development and local contribution of waterasu and explanation of eriamamejimento.
Of waterasusuchudentohausu (student apartment) which is first Japanese attempt
Motive and expectation of entering of three university students entered now by explanation,
It was local action, and story of activity in future area was done.

Host progress Yukio Nishimura, director of NPO Kanda society
(University of Tokyo's professor)

Activity of waterasu alumnus of the University of Tokyo has begun to be a chance
It depends on one of two university students from Kanda project "Kanda living expeditionary party"
Activity contents were announced.
We explore the desirable way of the downtown area residence from 2014.
In 2015, we get grant of Chiyoda town development support, and activity is fulfilling, too.
While, in this year, excavating local resources through town experience of children
There was story that we were active to make leading figure of town 20 years later.

Local three Manager of town assembly who participated in lecture in time for general question
From (town assembly, 1, Awaji-cho town assembly, Uchikanda Kamakura town assembly in northern Sudacho)
Question to university student played an active part activity in area, future development or expectation
It was spoken, and there was story when we welcomed local action of university students.

From the left
Yukio Nishimura Kanda society's director of host progress (University of Tokyo's professor)
Two university students who are active as University of Tokyo "Kanda living expeditionary party"
It is three university students of entering in waterasusuchudentohausu
Kumi Matsumoto of general Awaji eriamamejimento, Yasuda Real Estate

◎Jinden-cho walk that it is hosted by "Kanda living expeditionary party" on Saturday, November 5
Holding of "the Kanda child town exploration" for primary schoolchildren is planned.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/10/13 14:11

Chiyoda City Tourism Association sponsorship
Attractive discovery of Chiyoda! [the first Tokyo big turn corridor photographic contest]
Display of prize-winning work lower than the grand prix began on Thursday, October 13 today.

From Thursday, October 13 to 20th Thursday: Chiyoda-ku government office 1F lobby
From Tuesday, November 01 to 30th Wednesday: ECOM Surugadai
From Monday, January 02 to 06th Friday: KITTE B1 Tokyo city eye

Grand prix work others selected carefully in venue by all 741 points of entries,
The associate grand prix, Mayor Chiyoda Prize, Chiyoda inhabitant of a ward Prize, Tourism Association long prize,
Tokyo big turn corridor prize,
youth Prize, support companies prize are displayed.

At schedule, time, venues, please refer to this ↓ in detail!

Display venue of prize-winning work becomes in front of Chiyoda-ku government office 1F inhabitant of a ward hall.

Taking picture of each prize winner point
It is marked on the map of Chiyoda-ku.

Work which shined in honor of grand prix, Chiyoda City Tourism Association chairperson Prize is this↑
We cut and took heartwarming scenery of 753 celebrations in Kanda Myojin
Toshio Sekiya shooting work is "musical accompaniment and contact".

In prize-winning work display venue of Chiyoda-ku held in three venues
If we have means of transportation progress, and you can see photograph of various Chiyoda-ku, we are happy.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/10/09 14:42

It is finally the autumn arrival of event in Chiyoda-ku!
2016 enters in October of "autumn festival of Chiyoda"
There are full of pleasant events in each area.
The following brochure is Chiyoda City Tourism Association, Chiyoda-ku business and industry Tourism Division
We are distributed in each branch office, each event site.
It is full of information including contents and schedule of event!
We are showing around event on homepage of evil Tourism Association.
Please enjoy autumn colorful event of Chiyoda.
(Chiyoda City Tourism Association 03-3556-0391)

For three days of from 8 to 10 on October in Jimbocho, Iwanami Building open space
Tent of "Jimbocho, Soseki festival" be pitched after Soseki Natsume death for 100 years
Map, history display of Jimbocho about book notice sale, Soseki of Soseki is line me
People that way passed away dropped in and it was interesting and looked at exhibit.

Sunday, October 9 from 12:00 to 16:00
On special stage of the Suruga Her Excellency kitchen calorie side,
3, Kandaogawamachi live event "wakuwaku festa" was held.

Ryudo Uzaki rushes, too and shows one piece.
Eight groups developed performance and performance of song in sequence.
Photograph of Meiji University cheering party, cheerleading and Hawaiian Ann
It is state of stage of Waikiki dreamers.
Big applause and cheers echoed in venue!

For from 7 to 9 on October, it is me;meikeitsu ri mall in front of JR Ochanomizu Station
Annual "the thirteenth Ochanomizu art picnic" was held.
Went to this area; wagon gazurarito of work about art lines up to be
Even family with child became peaceful event to be able to enjoy.

Still more
Kanda secondhand book Festival, Jimbocho book Festival, Kanda sports Festival
Ochanomizu ardent musical instrument festival, TRANS ARTS TOKYO 2016,
Jimbocho film festival, Kanda curry Grand Prix, Jimbocho Soseki festival
Holding of nadonado one after another delightful event is planned.
For more details, please confirm on evil Chiyoda City Tourism Association homepage.
Please enjoy autumn event of Chiyoda-ku!

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/09/21 18:45

Equinoctial week Wednesday, September 21
We cheer up and do divine spirit of Prince Masakado Taira of shrine enshrined deity of Kanda Myojin, three
"Festival in front of the mound" "Masakado mound annual festival"
But, Otemachi "Masakado mound" was Kanda Myojin and was held solemnly.

Kanda Myojin, Otorii chief priest is *jo by congratulatory address by festival before mound performed saiko of on Masakado mound.
It was chanted sutra the chief priest of Kadoyama, sun temple in front of mound.

On Otemachi "Masakado mound,"
Masakado mound preservation society, sun temple, a great number of people including person concerned with Bando-shi king Shrine gather,
All did gyokukushiho* including general veneration person and was gone and worshiped.

Worship of Tokuko Hirano of Masakado mound preservation society's chairperson.

We moved venue to Kanda Myojin, and "Masakado mound annual festival" was held in main shrine.

Shrine maiden's dance was performed ho* of by divine spirit of Prince Masakado Taira.

Afterwards in Myojin Hall feast (there is me) by person of attendance of 120
It was held noisily peacefully, and the matter of "Masakado mound annual festival" was settled safely.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/09/12 13:49

Walk Akihabara; and exploration ...
Electronic work & programming experience meeting

On Saturday, September 10, it was held.
Sponsorship PCN Akihabara Assemblage (Representative Shiori Makino)
We want children to know Akihabara as electronics quarter!
We want children to experience pleasure of manufacturing!

Participant gathers at JR Akihabara Station Denkigai Exit
20 people participated including six sets of with parent and child in total.
At first we take a walk through Akihabara by guidance of Makino.
Course of walk Denkigai Exit, radio center, radio hall,
Forever bridge, Ono den, Orient measure, TSUKUMO VR, Sengoku & Akizuki electron,
Shohei Bridge, waterasu Awajicho intersection, Ogawamachi,
And soldering experience venue, beautiful soil charges town RENBASE are goal points!

We enter into parts street radio center of underpass which can be called the origin of Akihabara electronics quarter.
We observe robot shop "robot aisle" that there is robot manager.

Through underpass radio center that low ceiling, passage are small!
The second floor peeped out for an instant, too and heard story of Akiba Shrine derived from the Akihabara place name.

Participants whom opportunity when specialized shop of measure enters very much does not have either
It is interested in explanation to measure to plan to enter shop, and to measure.

As a lot of maids sit in a row on road; of electronic parts and electrical component
We understood well that shop opened shop.
In TSUKUMO VR, experience of VR (virtual reality) was possible, too.

Along Yasukuni Dori spreading out right after war from Awajicho to Ogawamachi
It is the origin of "Akihabara electronics quarter" that shops selling electrical component and vacuum tube formed a line.
It made by opening that the shop was accommodated in 1950 by Akihabara Station underpass.

Soldering venue of Kandamitoshirocho RENBASE was Japanese-style room how.
PC kit for child called IchigoJam be prepared for participant
Electronic work finally began with soldering.

As for with parent and child, as for the participant of adult group, delightful harmoniousness
We concentrate on soldering work.
Instruction of the staff approximately five is careful, and kit of all the members is completed.
It is state of the enjoyment in time when we make sound each and make signal and are fun.

Raise IchigoJam kit which made by oneself; and souvenir picture.
Smile of everybody shows that it was substantial time.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/09/03 14:50

It lasts for four days on Saturday on 3rd on Friday, September 2 on Wednesday on 31st on Tuesday, August 30
Hosted by Store Association according to
success in life firmness that became annual event of Kanda of summer end
Kanda art festival
was held.

It was held on success in life firmness street for from 18:00 to 21:30 on Friday, September 2
We send bustle of on the road large banquet "adult fair"!

■On the road great banquet
Annual street beer garden that we make success in life firmness street full-scale traffic stopper!
Father mother contributes to the fact that we are born and appeared in the world.
With feeling of thanks for "success in life" to your health!
Huge balloon swimming in the sky is symbol of adult fair!

Greetings of opening by Chairperson Doi of success in life firmness street Store Association

In "adult fair," such a pleasant entertainments were full!
■Success in life firmness lottery lottery
■Success in life live stage

■The kitchen car concentration of Japanese dishes! Success in life size relationship society!
■Any people regardless of age or sex will play! Old days play corner
■Future sumo wrestlers come over!
■Dance of success in life of huge balloon

■See success in life to tell success in life; lottery (once 100 yen)
■Success in life stamp rally

nadonado ... ... ..., ...

Mayor Masami Ishikawa Chiyoda appears in venue every year, too and will have greetings of celebration.

"Success in life God of Fire" that reason of the name of street and Store Association is on street for a long time
In conformity with historical fact which succeeded in life, and sumo wrestler prayed, and ever gained success
University student of sumo club of two major study in Chiyoda-ku participates in event
We clash with each other on stage and show lesson.
And we went and worshiped at success in life God of Fire and put votive tablet of success in life prayer.

Success in life sake of Kanda art festival-limited had votive tablet which hung wish, and did.

And it is success in life lottery size lottery to be quite popular every time.
Long in luxurious prize premium being able to get; can stand in line.

Of genres various on main stage from the sum to yo
Live performance is developed; and as for adult as for the child
It becomes upsurge as we begin to dance in front of stage♬
■Tuesday, August 30 Kanda umaimon tour
Woman limitation: Visiting public houses which bean jam of vegetable store, butcher shop, fish shop shows around
■Wednesday, August 31
Kanda umaimon tour
Woman limitation: Shop walk ... nostalgic Kanda ... to feel homesickness and warmth
■Saturday, September 3 Kanda fear imon tour

Guided tour around ghost of Kanda!
We explore town from Ochanomizu Station to Kanda Station with bear and Kirby!

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/08/27 20:38

By some summer heat of eagerness softened, too.
In this August, it varies in each area of Kanda

"Enjoying the cool breeze event" was carried out.
We will introduce only a little.

Three days until from Wednesday, August 3 to 5th Friday
"Summer festival of waterasu" was held in waterasu open space of 2, Awaji-cho.
Iwami noh dances (eight Gifu Univ. snake extermination of **koredammei) of traditional arts were played.
There was scene where children touched actor.

On Thursday, August 4 5th Friday Kanda children's park of 2, Tsukasacho in venue
2, Tsukasacho enjoying the cool breeze Bon festival dance meet is held.
This Bon festival dance meet held soon after the war in Chiyoda-ku
It is one of the oldest Bon festival dance meets.

Four days on from Thursday, August 11 to 14th Sunday
"Kanda Myojin enjoying the cool breeze Festival" was held for the first time in the Kanda Myojin precincts.
Bustle of gourmet & beer fair of course
It was prosperity yellowtail that Bon festival dance of 12-14 days was danced with up to five folds of rings.

Long-established store is town assembly accumulating in northern Sudacho predominantly in Kanda.
"Enjoying the cool breeze evening enjoying the cool air party" of common usage was held on Friday, August 26.
Local people and neighborhood inhabitants and all of local companies gather in town assembly five tine road.
It became very grand street beer garden & gourmet meeting.

9 town assemblies of Kanda Station east alliance town assembly hold every "Kanda omen city" annual in the summer.
Venue is school ground of old Imagawa Junior High School.
Friday, August 26 is beer garden of adult this year.
We have children enjoy Saturday on 27th, and two of "naughtiness festival" are for show.
We enjoyed with water slider on the last weekend in summer vacation.

What planned enjoying the cool breeze Bon festival dance in smile plaza of 2, Iwamoto-cho in venue
Association of Daimon Street child society. It is likely to rain on Saturday, August 27, and Bon festival dance is canceled.
It completely became fair state for children.
Of trace which drank, and ate, and was idle
As for the lot lottery meet, extreme popularity was crowded very much.

Besides, is each area; Bon festival dance or child fair
Enjoying the cool breeze event to come to town of Kanda for a long time was carried out.
It was local adults fatigue state who prepared for enjoying the cool breeze event, and held!
Children brought up in area will be that there were many memories!

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/08/05 19:30

We wash Kamakura Bridge bridge
Friday, August 5
Bridge washing of Kamakura Bridge that appeared in the Nihonbashi River which connected Kanda and Otemachi was carried out.

Kamakura Bridge is Great Kanto Earthquake revival plan; with construction of Sotobori Street
It was built over the Nihonbashi River in (1929) in 1929.
We were caught in Kanda Bridge and ryukankyo at the time of in the ground called so-called Kamakura riverbank fish market.
As ryukankyo was buried after the war, it is located between Kanda Bridge and new Joban Bridge now.

We washed bridge and were fired up in all the members before start.
With mop and scrubbing brush "o!"

We wash the second bridge secondary to last year.
It washed the left side since bridging last time towards Otemachi from Kanda after an interval of 86 years.
It washed the right side this year after an interval of 87 years.

We clean railing of bridge with scrubbing brush roughly.

A lot of daughters of an upper class family of yukata come in participation from company, too
We polished dirt of tile of the sidewalk with mop with smile roughly.

As you see the sidewalk becomes beautiful in a moment, too.
A lot of coverage of the media including TV seemed to come, too.

By bridge washing for one hour railing and the sidewalk of Kamakura Bridge
We became beautiful beyond recognition.
We close one Kanda by volunteer, and putting resembles Manager of town assembly of Uchikanda Kamakura town assembly and is finished.
We washed, and bridge under eagerness hot weather was all of you fatigue state.