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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/02/19 13:11

 Evil Chiyoda City Tourism Association sponsorship
  Soseki Natsume birth sesquicentennial
"in Chiyoda which follows achievement of Soseki"
Tour is held on Saturday, February 18, and it is had participation by 22 people
We went round places of connection including Soseki Natsume and friend, acquaintance with guide.

Meeting, starting point is JR Ochanomizu Station 
Modern map was distributed from now on with the local Meiji era that rotated.
Guide Misuzu Watanabe (Jimbocho concierge)

JR Ochanomizu Station → tochinoki street → Former Bunka Gakuin → Surugadai steeper slope of the two → Kaede Street→
saikachi slope → Athens France → Surugadai gentler slope

We look at Surugadai steeper slope of the two from the top and go down gentler slope.
It is two stone stairways that difference in elevation of cliff of the Surugadai west is felt.

According to medieval noh farce → Brocade bloom street

Agency for Cultural Affairs registration tangible cultural property designated Catholic Kanda church
Kanda learning for women garden High School, the inside is in direction looking at.

Former Sarugakucho police box of nostalgic feeling full loading that restoration became the other day on the same side of Kanda learning for women garden.
It is used now as crew room of Sarugakucho town assembly.

Old police box → Soba, Tomita leaf, pine old man → According to medieval noh farce → Toshimaya Head Office (1596 1596 founding)

Monument which "we learn from Soseki Natsume brocade bloom" in Ochanomizu Elementary School (old brocade bloom elementary school)
It is Soseki Natsume-related and becomes monument which is the most famous, and is impressive in area.

Soseki Natsume monument → Meiji Univ. Street → Meiji University (we take a break at museum) → Loss to both slope→
Apricot cloud temple Hospital → According to Surugadai relation → Nicolai temple → Japanese apricot with red blossoms slope → Inoue ophthalmology hospital→
Awajicho waterasu → Kaisei school birthplace monument → Shoei bower (goal)

It depends on guide every point more while walking tour
Anecdotes of Soseki Natsume and old friend, acquaintances were talked about.

Goal of tour western dishes restaurant "Shoei bower" in Sudacho long-established store street
Western-style kakiage of menu which comes when Soseki Natsume loved deeply is famous.

"Western-style kakiage lunch set" which is related to Soseki Natsume as for all of participation
We enjoyed while looking back on tour friendly.

In addition, after lunch eats; as optional tour by applicant participation
We repaired Sudacho long-established store street and old forever bridge Station remains of an ancient structure and opened
Commercial facilities "mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge" where brick of the Meiji era is stylish
We had you enjoy visit tour more.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/02/13 10:51

There is "shinshima*sakiseisei*korejihi" in bachelor Hall (3, Kandanishikicho) site.
It is Yasunaka feudal clan customs shed comp. on February 12 for Tenpo era 1,843 years a year of the Edo era that Jo Niijima was born.
It was school teacher and, on Sunday, February 12 of the birth, founded Doshisha

"shinshima*sei*korejihizensai" was held.

Including President Doshisha University, Kei Matsuoka the Doshisha University person concerned, the bachelor Hall person concerned,
A large number of everybodies including local person concerned with town assembly and public gathered in sei*korejikinenhizen.
Ceremony began with unison of the hymn 312th.

Greetings of President Doshisha University, Matsuoka.
The manager of Doshisha alumni association, Kodama Tokyo branch. 3, Kandanishikicho, Maetamachi chairpersons sit in a row.

Offering of flowers by Mikata was held while large number of everybodies watched.

It was monument covered to hedge before
We were repaired, and the whole of monument came to be seen, and offering of flowers stand was installed, too.

We represented venue in bachelor Hall 210, and, after the festival in front of the monument, commemorative lecture was held.
It is coming down of spirits from the other world eshiteno for lecturer in Hiroaki Ichikawa of Edo Tokyo museum
"We learned title of lecture from private elementary school of the Edo period of Edo".

Father of Jo Niijima ran private elementary school of the Edo period, and, as for the person, teacher was done
Record remaining. High standard of general public education that foreigner was surprised at of Japan.
State of learning of considerably tolerant private elementary school of the Edo period. nadonado
We had you talk about interesting private elementary school of the Edo period.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/02/09 10:32

Wednesday, February 8 14:00 ... (venue: shindemmeishinsaimusho hall)
Symposium hosted by Kyoritsu Women's University

"It is cleared by animation pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Activation of new culture resources and Chiyoda-ku"
Symposium was held.

On the opening of a meeting, there were greetings than Kazuo Irie of Kyoritsu Women's University's president.
Venue is crowded with 150 participants, and high interest is indicated.

Person in charge of seminar professor that progress studied this theme
It is Mr. Yayoi Kitamura of Kyoritsu Women's University literary arts department's professor.

Mr. Associate Professor at Tokyo Denki University, Hiroyuki Yaguchi
Under the theme of animation sacred place that sightseeing guest looked at, where did you come from?
It was had a talk that was based on data how much you spent money.

Akira Kanda divinity Shinto priest, Masanori Kishikawa
In culture, history, sai* of Kanda Myojin from the Edo era
Only love live that raises Shinto shrine and example of collaboration with character, and in late years is slightly heating up
When it is not special phenomenon, ... Shinto shrine is sacred place
It was talked about being place of culture, information dispatch having element of the amusement center.

Chiyoda City Tourism Association secretary general, Yasuo Yoshida
It is ... from the population present situation of Chiyoda-ku from situation of sightseeing company
We raised examples such as "cherry tree Festival of Chiyoda" held in spring, and example was talked about.

Three persons of each stood and was talked from position approximately 20 minutes.
It is more inner Chiyoda-ku in Mr. Kitamura and Mikata
We swelled in story of animation pilgrimage to the Holy Land of 8 points.
◎Animation sacred place (8 titles which underwent a survey by student this time) in Chiyoda-ku
・Gourmet accelerator world of loneliness confers, and take the ease; tapir man
・It is important thing, excellent detective Conan for pre-cure love live, magician

We finished questions and answers with visitors and became adjournment after 16:00.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/02/03 19:20

In Friday, February 3 Kanda Myojin
Setsubun festival bean-scattering ceremony type was performed saiko of.

Everybody and parishioner and general Fukuo fortune women enter at 2:00 p.m.
The precincts were states that were full of people who came to be given fortune that you are watching since before the appointed time.

At 2:00 p.m., line enters signal by drumbeat from the Shinto gate.
Head fireman people to lead in lumber-carriers' work song bring on downtown area taste of Edo, Tokyo.

Shinto ritual is held in main shrine, and, as for the next, ornamental scented ball is broken.
Ornamental scented ball is broken by the central head of a ward, hand of the police, firefighting, the tax practice head Chiyoda.
It is Otorii chief priest, parish representatives in the center.
Junko Tomizuka and a grandchild are seen, too.

The bean-scattering ceremony began.
From the left Mayor Ishikawa Chiyoda, daikoku, Kanda Myojin, Otorii chief priest,
It is Junko Tomizuka and grandchild, bean-scattering ceremony scenery of Mayor of Yata center.

Age man, woman born under the same zodiac sign as the current year more than 400, parishioner relations, general everybody
We did the bean-scattering ceremony by full dress of old ceremonial dress hakama in sequence on Hoo 2F terrace.
All of fortune that we receive that winding hand is given fortune is shift.

"Hit house - fortune ... as for the fortune" "ogre is outside - "
All events were finished without delay at 4:00 p.m.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/01/21 14:35

Saturday, January 21 Kanda Myojin daikoku festival
Purification ceremony patience meeting Shinto ritual during cold was held solemnly.

Akira Kanda Kanagawa Univ. torii chief priest is greeting of the New Year for participant at 10:00 a.m. at the appointed time.
42 people including two new adults participate in purification ceremony during cold.

Stand in line, and Shinto ritual before purification ceremony is held toward main shrine, and is all the participants by great purification words; *jo
Loincloth, woman are a white clothing, and man is bare foot while cold wind rages.

Purification ceremony Shinto ritual during cold goes by instruction of Shinto priest called Michihiko.
The precincts are greatly moved by one round run, purification ceremony ground before lion rock.
Big ice and cold water are poured into purification ceremony ground.
Warm-up to concentrate body and heart more elaborately is carried out in purification ceremony ground; and ...

We dip the body into cold water in by around five people
We sprinkle cold water to expel mental and physical impurity.
Occasionally cold wind is venue which cold raises through purification ceremony ground.

Participant of brave woman is these five people.
We are innocent, and all of sightseeing that visited venue in figure bathing in cold water spends applause.
New adult seems to come, too.

It is photographed souvenir picture with all the participants led by Shinto priest made Michihiko (leader).
Shaking person comes by cold.
It is expression that finishes purification ceremony during cold of the everybody beginning of the year, and is refreshing.

We hope that one year becomes splendid age for everybody this year.
Thank you.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/01/11 16:26

From origin of the place name of Akihabara history ... and
Book which knows ... Akihabara that covered all history of Akihabara electronics quarter
"From electronics quarter of autumn this underpass" was issued!

The writer passes from (2006) for a long time in 2006
Shiori Makino who served guide of guidance and town walk of town in Akihabara.
No person who lets you show around Akihabara, and lines up to the right of person of cod roe.

(we photograph with Ayaka of the second daughter)

In the first place Makino in free paper "this in autumn" of Akihabara
We are publishing column named "from electronics quarter of underpass" serially.
We made thing which compiled conventional manuscript this time book.
As for interview and coverage article, the precious photograph of Akihabara of the old times
The finish which is full of Akihabara "love" in what is published in comparison with the present age.

Let's introduce a part of the contents!
We take away origin of the place name of Akihabara and household Shinto altar of radio center in this page.
Nobusuke Yamamoto (Akihabara station square mall promotion association's chairperson) who is legendary son of person, Mr. Nagashi Yamamoto storehouse who let you found Akihabara electronics quarter where photograph man had you talk about mystery of household Shinto altar.

Story of Mr. Nagashi Yamamoto storehouse (1908-1973) and Yamamoto radio appears in different page.

In this page
"Uchida radio" which the left woman (the Hisako Uchida deceased) ran
Story succeeded by Kazumori Ikenoya who was ex-visitor appears.
Current name becomes "ikekoretani radio firm".

From this this "electronics quarter of autumn this underpass,"
In electronic work space "asemburaju" which Makino runs
Is sold. (there is Amazon sale plan)

Underpass of going out way over-road bridge where asemburaju appears in Chuo-dori
Underpass holds from under signboard of yellow radio center of photograph
Electronic parts street which were ever called Akihabara radio store
We go and are the right electronic parts work space that is secondly located.

Issuance HAM masu Committee
Author Shiori Makino Akiba photo
46 pages of B5 size oar colors (42 pages of text) tax-included 2,500 yen

We put spot on underpass electronic parts street to be able to tell to be the origin of Akihabara
From outbreak that is enthusiastic book, but is after the war already time of 65
It becomes precious book knowing the history of Akihabara that passed.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/01/05 18:05

Wednesday, January 4 14:00 ...
Chiyoda-ku tangible cultural property designation building which is built in Miyamoto Park who is next to Kanda Myojin

Annual event to congratulate the New Year by NPO "house of imatsurigotoshinden" sponsorship
Transfer, acrobatic performances on a ladder of lumber-carriers' work song, fireman's standard
Wonderful skill was shown by all of koko*bokinenkaidaiichi*.

Each "yo" "i" "ro" "se" "mo" "su" "ni" "ha" "100" "1,000" group
Performance of going out together becomes wonderful skill to introduce the skill of town fireman of the Edo era into in the present age.

With daiichi*sodai in the lead, we enter with lumber-carriers' work song song. It becomes array at door front of house of Kanda.

Transfer of "fireman's standard" which is symbol of Edomachi fire fighter at door front
Ornamental streamers of a fireman's standard to be energetic, and to be performed, and to pay sparks to turn around neatly round and round.

Next is performance of acrobatic performances on a ladder.
The many skill is shown toward blue sky in sequence.
A large number of visitors who gathered keep on turning to the top well, and cheers break out.

Greetings of New Year's celebration of Director sponsor NPO "house of imatsurigotoshinden" Tokuko Hirano.
Director Tokuko Hirano is Otemachi "Masakado mound preservation society" chairperson.

We close, and all performances resemble leader of lumber-carriers of settlement, celebration one wonderfully and complete happily.

On seeing the traditional skill and culture of Edomachi fire fighter handed down to head fireman people,
Large satisfaction that there are a lot more smiles to all of sightseeing for these gorgeous customers.
At first what luxurious guest is Otorii chief priest of Kanda Myojin. It is also ...
Junko Fuji, the master and pretty son of Shinobu Terajima & French.

It became event like New Year holidays blessed with beautiful weather warm weather.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/01/04 11:08

A Happy New Year.
In this year Chiyoda City Tourism Association site "wait blog"
Thank you we would like.

The New Year blog first,

From 2016 to 29 (2016-2017)
We send scenery of seeing the old year out of Kanda Myojin.

Traffic regulation is held on 11 on the afternoon of 31st on the last day of the year, and vehicle stops traffic.
In Yushima slope in front of Akira Kanda Kanagawa Univ. torii already line of all of New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine worship!
The left side of front truck becomes position of Otorii of Kanda Myojin.

Shinto gate door was shut at 11:30 on the last day of the year.
Door is shut only at this time to greet the New Year in one year.
But, it was exceptional early time this time as it was always about time when for 40 minutes from 11:30.

Line of all of New Year's visits to a Shinto shrine is range on approach to a shrine spreading out from the Shinto gate to Otorii
We leave Otorii and go down Yushima slope to the left and we compromise and turn to Myojinshita side street
We seemed to grow to Kuramae bridge street.

Groups of the Nantes top seemed to begin to form a line from 4:00 of the evening.
It should be wonderful one year!

2017 (2017) New Year's Day 0:00 a.m.
It is the beginning of new age. It is opening of a gate of the Shinto gate for signal by drumbeat of Shinto shrine.
With all of scheme-proof, shrine key schemes in the lead, voice of lumber-carriers' work song is entrance by standing in line loudly, too.

They are over in here and there, and greetings of congratulations are exchanged, and the precincts are crowded with people.
Power of prayer of the New Year is full of the whole Shinto shrine and overflows.

So that this year becomes good age for all of you; ...

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/12/22 14:08

[sequel to] New Year holidays, the New Year, Kanda event of the New Year!
waterasu and mer wisdom are cute and are played Masakado drum!

New Year holidays January 3
12:30 p.m. - waterasu open space (2, Awaji-cho)

"Kanda Masakado Myojin drum" performance

We develop performance of drum which all of "Kanda Masakado Myojin drum" are heroic, and is splendid!

There is lion dance performer congratulating behavior and the New Year of casked liquor of the cutting of the New Year's rice cake in waterasu open space!

New Year holidays January 3
2:00 p.m. - mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge open space (1, Sudacho)

"Kanda Masakado Myojin drum" performance

All of Masakado drums moves mer wisdom cute he venue from waterasu.
All of "Kanda Masakado Myojin drum" against a backdrop of brick of old forever bridge Station remains of an ancient structure
We develop performance of heroic, splendid drum!

Small girl becomes wonderful performance listening attentively to ground by sitting straight, too.

Photograph: 2016 New Year holidays

※At schedule and time, events may be changed.
Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2016/12/19 14:06

We show around event to be carried out in Kanda in January!

We visit a shrine for a new year for New Year holidays.

Ujigami of lasting four companies enshrines parishioner in Kanda area and is done.
It is Princess willow forest Inari Shrine Ota Inari Shrine Misaki Inari Shrine and Kanda Myojin.
Is seeing the old year out in willow forest Inari Shrine, Misaki Inari Shrine; rice cake making and behavior!

In Edo total local deity and declared Kanda Myojin, is one year on seeing the old year out; only at this time
Shinto gate door is shut, and it is opened a gate by drumbeat at 0:00 a.m. in the New Year by signal.
Kanda Myojin:

It is acrobatic performer on a ladder at door front of house of imatsurigoto, Kanda.
Monday, January 4 2:00 p.m.
In "house of Kanda" where head fireman people of koko*bokinenkaidaiichi* are built in Sotokanda, Miyamoto Park
We assemble in full force and come from lumber-carriers' work song, transfer, acrobatic performances on a ladder and the Edo era of fireman's standard
We show the traditional skill. (Miyamoto Park: the neighbor of Kanda Myojin)
imatsurigoto "house of Kanda:"

Kanda Myojin daikoku Festival.
In Kanda Myojin, annual "daikoku festival" is held on the New Year.
"Purification ceremony patience meeting during cold" which takes cold water on Saturday on 21st, and cleanses mind and body
"Four Jo style kitchen knife ceremony" "prayer skewer accomplishment festival" is performed saiko of on Sunday on 22nd.
Kanda Myojin:

Kandaogawamachi snowman fair.
Snowman fair that is quite popular with little children on Sunday for 22 days on Saturday, January 21.
Approximately 25 original snowmen produce, and they are displayed in Ogawamachi (Yasukuni Dori).
Little child play with snow open space develops in brook open space; and as for snowy slide and Kamakura!
The Grand Prix of snowman is decided by vote on Sunday.
Kanda Myojin:

※At schedule and time, events may be changed.
Thank you for your understanding beforehand.