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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/07/29 17:48

Summer is Bon festival dance ... in Kanda♬
August when Bon festival dance lovers had been waiting came over.
We introduce a planned part of the Bon festival dance in Kanda area of August!

◎There may be changes such as schedule, venue, time by circumstances of diversity. Thank you for your understanding beforehand!

[2, Tsukasacho enjoying the cool breeze Bon festival dance meet] Kanda children's park (2, Kandatsukasamachi)
From Friday, August 4 to 5th Saturday from 18:00 to 21:00

[enjoying the cool breeze meet in eastern Akihabara] Izumi performance (1, Kandaizumicho)
From Friday, August 4 to 5th Saturday 
Bon festival dance 4th from 19:40 to 20:45 5th from 18:15 to 20:15

[Kanda Myojin enjoying the cool breeze Festival] The Kanda Myojin precincts (2, Sotokanda)
Friday, August 11 12th Saturday 13th Sunday from 18:00 to 21:00

[Nishikanda family summer festival Bon festival dance] Nishikanda Park (2, Nishikanda)
Tuesday, August 15 from 18:00 to 20:00

[horinkoen*ryobonodori ri] horinkoen (3, Sotokanda)
From Thursday, August 24 to 25th Friday from 18:30 to 21:00

[association of Kanda Daimon Street child society enjoying the cool breeze Bon festival dance meet] (Iwamotocho smile plaza)
Saturday, August 26 Bon festival dance 17:00 ...

※The following is image photograph

[2, Tsukasacho enjoying the cool breeze Bon festival dance meet]
Oar is assembled in Kanda children's park of 2, Tsukasacho, too; and of Bon festival dance completely

[Kanda Myojin enjoying the cool breeze Festival]
As for the Bon festival dance of Kanda Myojin held for the first time last year this time of the second become held

[Nishikanda family summer festival Bon festival dance]
Nishikanda family summer festival that nishikanda leading of local limitation can dance happily

[association of Kanda Daimon Street child society enjoying the cool breeze Bon festival dance meet]
Children enjoy summer festival from 15:00 on last Saturday in summer vacation

Please enjoy August by Bon festival dance in the midsummer of Kanda, everybody!

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/07/20 14:15

"Day after tomorrow morning glory project"
Morning glory project
will be plunge how the day after tomorrow in the 15th year in this year.
It says flower blooming in the midsummer, and at first it is "morning glory" to occur.
Morning glory of various parts of Japan is growing up quickly and healthily on terrace of arts Chiyoda 3331!

Arts Chiyoda 3331 is art facility of 6, Sotokanda (old training junior high school).

Katsuhiko Hibino of 3331 commission work artists
We began with local people in Niigata thistle flat (azamihira) in 2003
"Day after tomorrow morning glory project."
Participation area of project to reach the 15th year in this year the north Hokkaido,
The south entered to Okinawa in the 15th year in to 29 places of whole country and this year.

Seeds of morning glory are carried to the whole country to call activity in each place of Hibino
Person is connected to person and becomes big network.

Morning glory which grows to fill the terrace of arts Chiyoda 3331
We grow quickly and healthily towards the sky.

When we look at terrace from 3331 halls
Bright green leaf and vine of morning glory seem to look at one picture beautifully.

When it is August, morning glory greatly grows more and yet more, too, and a lot of flowers are going to bloom, too!
As for staff of arts Chiyoda 3331 that it is familiar in area
We said, "we came and looked at morning glory are uncool!" with smile♬

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/07/07 17:52

The July 7 Star Festival
Shinto ritual of Star Festival was held in Kanda Myojin.
Waver in near the eaves, and star do not do ... gold and silver bamboo leaf shiningly at all; ...♬

Man and woman, foreign tourist dressed in yukata, much all of worship
We decorated to bamboo grass that strip of paper which we wrote in wish at was provided for main shrine both sides.

Appointed time 4:00 p.m.
Shinto priest and mediums appear by the guidance of gagaku in sansusumi.

It becomes shukushi*jo of Star Festival by Lord Custodian of the Great Shrine of Ise, and all of attendance is performed low brain of.

Shrine maiden's dance by medium is performed *jo of.

Strip of paper decoration ceremony by medium

We expelled, and Star Festival decoration of bamboo grass which was full of strips of paper was cleansed by Shinto priest.

It was performed Star Festival Shinto ritual of saiko without delay.
Among young various places and worshipers dressed in yukata as for the tourist from foreign country
We hung strip of paper and seemed to enjoy photography of culture in year in Japan.

As for such old seasons and years, event of Japan recently
We were seen only in kindergarten and elementary school, mall and Shinto shrine.
Wish comes true and should be able to come across wonderful person♬

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/07/03 17:06

The 17th Chiyoda town development support [public examination committee]
We were started at 9:00 with Kudan lifelong learning building until 5:30 on Saturday, July 1.

Issuing grant for town development activity in Chiyoda-ku
Seven examination committees examine whether it is proper by exhibition.
It is a maximum of 500,000 yen in "general section".
It is 50,000 yen in "section having never met".
It is 100,000 yen in "the building section first". Grant is issued of this.

It is 17 groups in general section. It is 2 groups for the first time in section. In building section of 2 groups
There is application; 21 groups in total in front of seven examination committees and visit visitors
We challenged public examination committee of strain to give presentation.

General section [local key person visualization project team] presentation
Of key person of town where theme makes Chiyoda-ku interesting
Project to produce interview video

General section [around Kyoritsu Women's University Jimbocho activation design team] presentation
Theme is Jimbocho gourmet karuta project - Jimbocho neighboring activated designs

General section [THEATRE CONCIERGF] presentation
Help that theme ties ... town and stage of person doing living of person wealthily

Building section primary [Cafe where Akihabara old inn "east hall" Chiyoda becomes mew] presentation
Design to assume old inn of Akihabara community cafe which featured the theme of cat.

Primary examination by seven examination committees determines furtherance group of general sections.
Examination committee puts seal in reference to past presentation and questions and answers.
Red is good for the furtherance. Yellow wants to examine activity contents closely more.
Blue is not good for the furtherance. We will say this.

Furtherance amount of money to approved group is decided on furtherance group.
It was decided to issue grant to 11 groups among general 17 groups.
We decided each amount of money to support in 11 groups.

It is decided to issue grant of Chiyoda town development support by the following groups.
・Kandajinboucho, Tokyo film festival executive committee (450,000 yen)
・Writer street gallery cafe (390,000 yen)
・Kanda professional wrestling (450,000 yen)
・PCN Akihabara ASSEMBLAGE (490,000 yen)
・Meeting (340,000 yen) which is amused by Kanda
・Kanda town nishiyono society of wine (420,000 yen)
・Local key person visualization project (400,000 yen)
・Meeting (370,000 yen) which makes Chiyoda location service
・THEATRE CONCIERGF (180,000 yen)
・Collaboration platform (280,000 yen)
・It was Kanda museum (230,000 yen).
It is also for each 50,000 yen in two "section having never met" groups.
The furtherance of 100,000 yen was decided on cafe which became mew in "the building section first".

Middle activity presentation is planned in November.
It is this Chiyoda town development support in detail↓

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/05/18 10:06

"Kanda Festival" to be said to be "world festival" that began on May 11, 2017.
It was the last day with annual festival on 17th today.
As for Kanda Festival that festival cruise is carried out, next is two years later.
We introduce some photographs of miniature shrine Miyairi that shout of smart deinasena Edoites echoes.
As we heard photo courtesy if there is favorite photograph, we look forward to application.
Application method →





Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/04/18 11:23

We issue grant to group working on town development in Chiyoda-ku and support
(public interest incorporated foundation) machimirai Chiyoda sponsorship
Chiyoda town development support activity result presentation
In Sunday, April 16 Chiyoda platform square
The 16th activity result presentation was held.

Venue becomes full of approximately 60 visitors
Activity result announcement of start was observed eagerly at 1:00 p.m.
The grant total sum to this town development activity was 8,890,000 yen.
(section 3,440,000 yen, theme section 400,000 yen, building section 5 million yen for the first time general section 50,000 yen)
13 groups which moved into action in the previous year passing through public examination committee of July
We announced while developing questions and answers with seven examination committees.
We introduce 7 groups which features the theme of Kanda, and assumed Kanda area activity place.
※() Inner ha entry is section and furtherance amount of money that we did.

Jimbocho community plaza (general section, 500,000 yen)
We carry out Jimbocho Soseki festival. We held various allied events.

Kanda living expeditionary party (
general section, 220,000 yen)
We performed town walk or workshop under the theme of the making of next-generation leading figure.

Jimbocho film festival executive committee (general section, 500,000 yen)
We carried out Jimbocho film festival for movie culture promotion and regional activation.

PCN Akihabara Assemblage (general section, 350,000 yen)
We worked on electronic work & programming targeting at children.

Kanda professional wrestling (general section, 500,000 yen)
Conduct of Kanda Myojin child Festa & Kanda Myojin dedication professional wrestling was the best part.
◎We refer to town blog Kanda on 3/25 date

Meeting (theme section, 400,000 yen) which is amused by Uchikanda
We carry out event for mediation in apartment cafe to connect local resident and new inhabitants with.

Meeting (building section, 5 million yen) making use of Ebihara store
We performed repair work to do to utilize rare one-panel structure in area and completed.
◎We refer to town blog Kanda on 3/28 date

After the announcement of all 13 groups
I that vote is line by examination committee and each group
This Chiyoda town development support "support award" was decided.
The 16th Chiyoda town development support "support award"
Kanda professional wrestling won!

Social gathering is held after presentation, with interchange of each group
It became place of information exchange.

※There were six following activity groups here other than 7 groups which we introduced.
・Graffiti PROJECY (public, 220,000 yen) to spread in the world
・Writer street gallery cafe (public, 300,000 yen)
・gurinneibafuddo (public, 330,000 yen)
・okutopashi (section, 50,000 yen having never met)
・Kojimachi Elementary School work is heated; club cheering party (public, 200,000 yen)
・Sophia Information For Visitors (public, 320,000 yen)

Chiyoda town development support
Inquiry is machimirai Chiyoda 03-3233-7556

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/04/13 11:36

Wednesday, April 12 18:30 ...
Chiyoda Chiyoda library museum seminar hosted by library
We read Kanda Festival
Now and the bygone days ... of Kanda Festival to know in ... book

Chiyoda-ku government office 4F meeting room in venue
We invited Masanori Kishikawa of Kanda Myojin Shinto priest to lecturer and were performed.

Seminar began with profile introduction of Kishikawa of lecturer by sponsor.
Venue as for Kanda Festival concerning in front of eyes
It is popular yellowtail which is full of 50 capacity applied for in advance.

Line of Shinto shrine miniature shrine and festival car was the leading role by former Kanda Festival,
In fact, it was charge festival that one which we attracted made an elaborate plans every time and was reflected on line.
While introducing books which such an example appears in
The details of Kanda Festival are talked about in reference to record and color woodblock print at the time.

Social backgrounds where Kanda Festival big festival of 1884 became lively are talked about in detail
He/she introduced pictures of charge festival to handle kite which person played the part of a lot.
Program with element to tell to provoke laughter seemed to be considerably popular.

The history of collaboration of Kanda Festival from the Edo era to the present age was recited, too.
He/she introduced color woodblock print which Kabuki actor performed Kanda Festival and collaboration of.
Kikugoro Onoe or shikawadanju*
Shape of a coin flat next, keroro sergeant, love live, kochi tortoise
There is commentary of flow of collaboration with Kanda Myojin, Kanda Festival, too,
It is with "SORD art online" and collaboration by Kanda Festival of this May.

tei is to say that binding goes to Kanda Festival.
Person who cannot come looks at Internet live concert broadcast
We were gathered up when we enjoyed Kanda Festival.
It became Kanda Festival seminar of instant 90 minutes.
Questions and answers that we surrounded Kishikawa of lecturer after lecture became lively.

Kanda Festival until from Thursday, May 11 to 17th Wednesday
Various Shinto ritual, events are held.
For details, please see Kanda Myojin homepage.
This →

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/04/08 16:23

Saturday, April 8
It revived in Kanda Myojin after an interval of approximately 25 years
Worship and The procession going slowly of child in a Buddhist procession were carried out.
41 children from 3 years old to 8 years old participated.

Kanda Myojin callithump

Children of child taking part in a festive procession design that dressed up neatly go and worship Noboru.
We acquire new design and are made to sit in main hall of Shinto shrine and are state of strain.
As for father, mother, grandfather, grandmother of attendant
We sat down in the seat of one after children.

It is shukushi*jo of Shinto priest from purification of purge
The name of all children is read aloud
Health of children and healthy growth were prayed for.
Photograph is scene where fortune bell is granted to children.

We were separated after worship by three groups, and souvenir picture was photographed.
And it becomes The procession going slowly around the precincts.
It was today of gentle rain design, but gentle rain stopped only then, too.

We parade around the precincts of cherry blossom full bloom from main hall.
It becomes atmosphere that cherry blossom petals may occasionally flutter down flutteringly.

Horse dedicated to the shrine light of miniature pony which is quite popular with children
We usually do different formal fashion and dress up and participate in The procession going slowly together.

Of Kanda Myojin character who is more popular among children
Miko she went round children and the precincts that steps were light and danced.
It became quite popular when with souvenir picture together after callithump was over.

We sent Kanda Myojin callithump that revived after an interval of approximately 25 years.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/03/28 18:44

Of 2, Kandasudacho, Yanagihara Street that repair work always advanced
Repair work of "Ebihara store" is completed as one-panel structure to the people in the know.
On March 28, 2017
"Ebihara store" announcement visit meeting was held!

Ebihara store is founded as secondhand clothes store early in the Meiji era,
We discontinue our business afterwards though we live by wool cloth shop.
Yoshiya Ebihara of the existing present head of a household decided repair work for utilization in area.

Frontage adds the third floor to 2 stories approximately two ken after the war visually.
Door of the entrance was reproduced in reference to old door where only one piece remained.

Large earthen floor spreads tile of square all and we seem to be stylish and are finished.
The height of the platform of the entrance is overwhelming and is surprised.

Colonnade runs to roof; light ritoritonatteiru.

There are stairs going up to the second floor in corner between the first-floor tea.
Color is dark, and flavor of Showa is attractive on old stairs approximately angle of inclination 50 degrees.

Briefing session from the repair work person in charge fitted Ebihara of the chief mourner from 15:00.
The history of family and business of the Ebiharas,
In addition, surprising fact including fire and crane accident was told.
From the construction person in charge, pleasure or trouble of old folk house remodeling were talked about.

Plan spent for local meeting or display in future is ...
In addition, design as vacation rental facility seems to be worked out in the future, too.

Four one-panel structure linked the eaves like photograph here once
In late years it was instant, and three houses of copper sheet tension have been demolished.
Demolished three houses are becoming parking lot now.
We look forward to development of future activity of building of precious rare Ebihara store.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/03/25 17:35

Special ring be put on Kanda Myojin hall on Saturday, March 25
Kanda professional wrestling 2017
But, it was held.

At first "Kanda Myojin child festival" where is full of programs that firstly are pleasant
We talk and are meeting, dotchibi, music live, little child professional wrestling classroom.

Many little children get nervous on the genuine ring
We were taught training of basic professional wrestling by genuine wrestler.

For game to run flying disk of dotchibi into mark
A large number of children participated and enjoyed.

From 2:00 p.m., it is finally game of professional wrestling.
Female wrestler appears for the first game! While occasionally taking laughter
We made highlight with hard-bitten body and skill, and venue swelled.

The second game is tag match.
Sense of speed of heavyweight division boy wrestler was plentiful and became game of force.

The third game is today's main event.
Play of the curry combination VS god of thunder, Fujiwara mask combination to make Kanda.
You were able to show attractive game when it unfolded outside second intrusion and ring.

Much encouragement splashes on venue in each game; acquaintance
Force and speed, charm of Kanda professional wrestling is sometimes shown when we take laughter.
Venue was day when we swelled very much.