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Town blog

The town blog "Kanda, Jimbocho, Akihabara" outskirts

The name: machiblog3 Making day: 2008/07/07 13:48
It is town blog of Chiyoda-ku

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/12/28 16:57

Do already sleep how many; New Year holidays?
Curtain raising of 2018 approached in evening 2017.
Having been continued since the Edo era of downtown area, Kanda
We show around event like New Year holidays!

We play Kanda Masakado Myojin drum in waterasu
Wednesday, January 3 12:30 - 2, Awaji-cho waterasu open space
All of Kanda Masakado Myojin drums
It is heroic and shows performance of sharp drum.
We seem to be ready for sake offered like New Year holidays!

We play Kanda Masakado Myojin drum with mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge
Wednesday, January 3 from 14:00 to 14:20 1, Kandasudacho
Against a backdrop of brick of old forever bridge Station which started a business in 1912
All of Kanda Masakado Myojin drums is heroic and shows performance of powerful drum!

At NPO imatsurigoto "house of Kanda" door front all of Edo firefighting memory society first wards
We show lumber-carriers' work song, transfer, acrobatic performances on a ladder of fireman's standard! You can see the skill and tradition of fire fighter.

Thursday, January 4 14:00 - 2, Sotokanda Miyamoto Park
Wooden building that "house of Kanda" is appointed in Chiyoda-ku tangible cultural property.
We transferred store house of old lumber dealer.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/12/25 17:41

Christmas is finally over, too; and figure of kadomatsu is ... here and there in town, too
Sound of countdown to the New Year drew near in the way that we heard!

Therefore we will tell about state of seeing the old year out New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine to Kanda Myojin.
It is New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine of Kanda Myojin who people coming year by year increase, and adds to bustle.
Kanda Myojin seeing the old year out New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine

When it is past 23:30, Shinto gate door is shut.
General person cannot enter the Shinto shrine precincts at that point.
Scenery that Shinto gate door is shut is one year; slightly
Only approximately 30 minutes and this until 0:00 become valuable scene in this in this New Year.

Long line has already lengthened to direction of Otorii in front of the closed Shinto gate.
Line moirutokade ... that top people line up from about 3:00 p.m. of the last day of the year

Just before New Year 0:00 a.m. from all of New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine worship of line
Nature and voice of countdown to well up echo in the sky.

At 0:00 a.m., drum of Shinto shrine resounds and becomes opening of a gate of the Shinto gate.
By the guidance of shrine key scheme, scheme (we prevent, and miyakagikou grows on) that is Shinto shrine veneration group-proof
New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine worship begins in voice of lumber-carriers' work song of all of black kites by beautiful standing in line entrance loudly.

The precincts are in a condition that you are watching in several minutes.
There was entrance regulation this year in Shinto gate and two places of Otorii.
We are divided into both sides, and person who finished worship becomes leaving by one way.
At this time, there seems to be much one where bill and mascot are demanded from!

Line following approach to a shrine is if we pursue time and grows.
We go down Yushima slope last year to the Myojinshita area from Otorii
We compromised with Myojinshita medium-grade articles and extended to Kuramae bridge street direction.

So that we have you warm and go out, and a cold does not go down
Please do New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine worship of the
New Year without trouble without injury without accident!

Have good age!

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/12/15 11:27

Second Tokyo big turn corridor photographic contest hosted by Chiyoda City Tourism Association

Display of winning work begins in 12/15 today!
From Friday, December 15 to 20th Wednesday Chiyoda-ku government office 1F inhabitant of a ward hall
From Tuesday, January 2 to 5th Friday       KITTE B1 Tokyo city eye

This inhabitant of a ward hall (display until 20th) of Chiyoda-ku government office
Approximately 100 points of prize-winning works are displayed including grand prix work.

Award ceremony was held prior to display in the venue on Thursday, December 14.

Commemorative shield and supplementary prize were given each one to prize winner.
Ryosuke Tomita that photograph won youth Prize is Mayor Ishikawa and souvenir picture shooting scene.

Overall comment was spoken Keisuke Kumakiri the chairperson of Japan Photographers Society at examination committee.

Kuniaki Hosoda and Mayor Masami Ishikawa Chiyoda who won the grand prix.
Work title "the center of Japan"
Mount Fuji, skyscrapers and Diet building ... of silhouette appearing for ... sunset

All prize-winning works are displayed in Chiyoda-ku government office inhabitant of a ward hall.

Please see wonderful prize winner which we cut tourist attraction of Chiyoda-ku in photograph and took.

From Friday, December 15 to 20th Wednesday receiving a prize exhibition now being held!

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/12/08 15:39

The Imperial Palace, colored leaves of former Edo-jo Castle which we can rarely see and chance that takes a walk through scenery
We open to the public "according to Imperial Palace Inui" in the autumn of 2017
So-called "Inui Street passing through" exhibition is carried out.
It is good opportunity to go out from Kanda!
Weather is pretty good, too, and congestion is expected for public last two days of the weekend.
As waiting time of line of entrance may become long
You do cold measures enough, and please go out (there is restroom)

Open period until Sunday, December 10
The walk-in of Sakashita-mon Gate is limited for from 10:00 to 14:30
In Sakashita-mon Gate by JR Tokyo Station, subway Hibiya Station, Nijubashimae Station,
He/she goes from Hibiya Station, Sakuradamon Station.

It is Sakashita-mon Gate of entrance entering Inui Street to be seen at the left edge.
There is check of belonging by tent to see in the front.

We open to the public according to Imperial Palace Inui which is opened to the public in spring in autumn from 2014
Sakashita-mon Gate is usually used as doorway for entrance and exit of staff of Imperial Household Agency.

This building which is seen on the left as soon as we sink in Sakashita-mon Gate is Imperial Household Agency Government building.
His Majesty seems to have possibilities to extremely rarely turn up from window glub-glub.

We go ahead through Inui Street by one way for the Inui gate of exit.

The backside of Fujimi becoming known to the public is seen on the right.
Unlike scenery from main enclosure open space of Imperial Palace East Garden which is always released
Powerful stone wall, it is also Hasuike moat under eyes.
This scenery is scenery that we can see only by this general release of spring and summer, too.

The station gate is on the left.
These depths become so-called Momijiyama and place summoned to.

It is gate tenement house in point of the station gate.
Tenement house affects right and left of the gate.

It is do*go of natural feeling full loading that color is dark and leaves feature of ex-Musashino for.

seikitsukyo which spread out was seen to castle tower of Imperial Palace East Garden the right hand ahead.

kitsu ne is seikitsukyo where device to put up was given in the past.
kitsu neageno device is left in one kitakitsukyo of doorway of Imperial Palace East Garden.
It is scenery of former Edo-jo Castle which looks at this bridge only at the time of this exhibition, and can pass.

It is usually route we enter from Sakashita-mon Gate, and to lead straight to the Inui gate.
We see the Inui gate becoming exit in the front over Inui moat from seikitsukyo.
Turn right on the way from Inui Street to come back to the Kanda area this time
We chose course of route to lead to main enclosure open space, castle tower across seikitsukyo.

Stone wall with step and beautiful colored leaves met in the front across seikitsukyo.

Closed castle tower Yokote usually becomes exit and appears in Imperial Palace East Garden.
Castle tower stone wall, main enclosure open space spreads out on the right hand in the front.

There was the castle tower of former Edo-jo Castle on this ground once.
There was not revival of the castle tower after we disappeared by big fire of (1657) in 1657.
We can look at splendid urban scenery when we go up Ishigaki of force.
This back can look at kitakitsukyomon, Kitanomaru-koen Park, Budokan.

We go down famous Umebayashi Hill as spot of plum to come back to the Kanda area this time.
He/she lets plum blossoms begin to bloom, and coming of spring feel that new year begins.

Built wooden bridge leaves the beautiful Hirakawa gate. We came back to the modern society.
As the gate which ever enters traffic person from dead person and criminal with "side gates"
The Hirakawa gate where we have been summoned to.
It is palace side building in front.
If cross Hitotsubashi stepping over the Nihonbashi River, Kandanishikicho, Kandajinboucho.

"Imperial Palace Inui Street general release" that can watch valuable, rare scenery
Autumn exhibition left only on tomorrow 9th and day after tomorrow 10th.
Certainly ...

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/12/02 16:34

Season when illuminations to glisten shiningly in winter are beautiful.
Let's introduce only some light ups of Kanda area!

waterasu (to 2, Awaji-cho 2/28)
Pattern of rare sum pattern is lighted up on the escalator

Forever bridge and town of Akihabara
It is lighted up bridge and the whole town of large-scale Akihabara by forever to step over the Kanda River

Forever bridge and Akihabara to look at from mer wisdom cute forever bridge
We can enjoy light up of mer wisdom cute no terrace from forever bridge

Jay city Tokyo (to Jimbocho one order eyes 2/14)
This is entrance of terrace, but neighboring light ups are wonderful, too

Bachelor Hall (3, Nishikicho)
Beauty that it is refined light up only for blue, but solid hall building becomes more attractive

The Kanda Myojin Shinto gate (2, Sotokanda)
We give off solemn beauty that wooden building of rebuilding erection does not turn into in 1975

In Kanda area, in addition
☆Akiba UDX 
Ochanomizu SORA city Surugadai, Hill-Top Hotel
Ochanomizu sun Clair 
Kanda River, Hijiribashi
There are a lot of spots that can enjoy nado light up.
We introduced illuminations light up to glisten in winter Kanda.

◎We may be changed during period of lighting up. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/11/27 15:49

It is right today 13 years ago!
November 27, 2004 (2004)
*fujitsuki*kyotakuato, honoring monument,
It was built at 2, Kandatsukasamachi!

Monument "saitougesshinkyotakuato"

Mansion trace that *fujitsuki* right lived in place built in the Edo era.
Place that was called pheasant town in those days.
When say at modern position, of Awajicho intersection and Kanda children's park (Kanda Park branch office)
It is built in halfway point, place facing Sotobori Street snugly.

Honoring monument epitaphs are as follows.
== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Gesshin Saito in 1804 (1804)
We were born in this ground (2, Kandatsukasamachi).
Person of Saito is pheasant town, 3, Mikawacho, back street district, 4, Mikawacho ・ of Kanda from generation to generation
It was village headman who ruled over six towns of the back street district, four towns.
We inherited birthright at 15 years old, and, under the pretense of the ninth generation, city Court Security Office, real name was called Yukinari.
We completed large letter "Edo pictorial description of noted places" which grandfather Yukio, father Yukitaka dealt with and,
In, today including "higashitosaijiki" "bukonenhyo", studying merchant culture of Edo
We leave many books which we cannot lack in.
"Edo pictorial description of noted places" of Edo and suburban Shinto shrine, Buddhist temple, famous place, historic site
It is thing which is illustrated, and explained origin or historical fact,
It is valuable book necessary for Edo study.
Gesshin Saito is cultured person representing Edo and is pride of Kanda. 
In addition, stone of stone wall of former Edo-jo Castle outer moat is used for monument.
== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Big masterpiece of *fujitsuki* where Edo and 209 points of suburban famous places are described in
"Edo pictorial description of noted places" almost his masterpiece (edomeishozue).

12 places are introduced as famous place of Kanda.
Let's introduce only a little.

[in Kamakura-cho Toshimaya liquor shop sacred white sake figure of dealing in]

Of Toshimaya liquor shop founded in 1596 1592
Way of prosperity of business of sacred white sake in the Girl's Festival is described finely.
If "Fuji, sacred white sake became if mountain became, it was Toshimaya" and business as it was declared.
Toshimaya liquor shop is founding of the Kamakura bank of a river, but still exists!
Sarugakucho continues careful business solidly in in front of Kinka Park.

[Akira Kanda Shrine] kandamyojinnoyashiro
Kanda Myojin for expansion construction of Edo-jo Castle in 1616 1616
We are doing utsushiza in the present location via temporary company from Shibasaki village (Otemachi) of place of foundation.
The foundation comes with 730 in 730 and is old shrine reaching foundation 1300 in 2030.

[Ochanomizu] ochanomizu

Because there was well (spring water) of famous clear water which made tea of general favorite
When there was the rare place name called Ochanomizu, we come.
Tap water "Kanda water supply Kakehi" across the Kanda River is described, is Suidobashi on the other side.
Mount Fuji is drawn far far away.

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/11/20 15:17

Sunday, November 19 venue: Chiyoda platform square 5F
The 17th Chiyoda town development support
[middle presentation & building section second examination]
Receive grant (up to 500,000 yen) via public examination committee held in July
13 groups and building section 1 group which worked on town development in Chiyoda-ku participated.

Hope for the furtherance of 5 million yen in building section
Of design to rebuild old inn, and to be redecorated, and to make community cafe under the theme of cat
It is state of the second examination of "Cafe where Chiyoda in Akihabara old inn "east hall" becomes mew".
◎We would reconfirm security of building itself and became reexamination.

13 groups which receives grant, and is moving into action are divided into three groups
We announce current activities and future development in front of examination committee and other groups and visitors

We swelled by questions and answers and advice, interchange with other groups.
We introduce part.

Kanda professional wrestling (grant 450,000 yen)
Game by "Kanda sports Festival" that was held for 28.29 days in October
We announced activities of little child professional wrestling classroom.
"The second Kanda Myojin dedication professional wrestling" is planned in next March.

Kandajinboucho, Tokyo film festival executive committee (grant 450,000 yen)
We announce activity of movie lecture and screening society. We announce 20 works of the primary examination passage in August.
Award ceremony and the work screening of the third Kandajinboucho, Tokyo film festival are planned in November.

Local key person visualization project team (grant 400,000 yen)
We finished collecting, delivery of two key person interviews and did live streaming.
We will plan interview of Masato Nakamura of arts Chiyoda 3331 soon.
We are thinking about key person interview from eight to ten in this year.

Misakicho SMILE project (section grant 50,000 yen having never met)
We make free paper of Misakicho. It is opened a store by fair of Misaki Inari Shrine.
We increase activity members and deepen local interchange and are going to hold dinner party in Misakicho in future.
We want to discover charm of Misakicho that we cannot discover still more.

Group where is less than the beginning in the group mentioned above
We wait, and grant is issued in sapo and works on town development.

◎Writer street gallery cafe (grant 390,000 yen)

The making of place to stay of people of Bancho, Kojimachi area of activity feature the theme
◎PCN Akihabara ASSEMBLAGE (grant 490,000 yen)
Let's heap up Chiyoda-ku by electronic work to base in Akihabara electronics quarter
◎Meeting (grant 340,000 yen) which is amused by Kanda
Can connect to problem solution to town while being amused by Kanda area, but theme
◎Kanda town nishiyono society of wine (grant 420,000 yen)
Project to make Kanda wine color, and to do in town with connection of warm person
◎Meeting (grant 370,000 yen) which makes Chiyoda location service
We perform activity to introduce charm of Chiyoda to the world by picture
◎THEATRE CONCIERGE (grant 180,000 yen)
... which does town and living of person and help ... person tying stage wealthily
◎Collaboration platform (grant 280,000 yen)
We work on construction of Chiyoda, Kanda digital archive
◎KANDA MUSEUM (grant 230,000 yen)
It is chi Dan museum for Kanda by Kanda in closure 100-yen shop
◎chiyotomo (section grant 50,000 yen having never met)
Activity to help the making of with opportunity when working person living in Chiyoda leads to happily

All activity groups gather at the end of the middle presentation
We shared problem, activity plan toward the future with activities of each group.
Seven examination committees sent comment and advice each and became closing.

Chiyoda town development support last presentation is scheduled in April, 2018.
The inquiry details are machimirai Chiyoda 03-3233-7556

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/11/04 14:51

The climax contained autumn great occasion of Kanda each, too!
Kanda secondhand book Festival
Jimbocho book Festival
Kanda curry Grand Prix

We are holding until Sunday on 5th tomorrow♬

Kanda secondhand book Festival

Kanda secondhand book Festival
Wagon of ancient book that lined in Jimbocho secondhand bookstore street along Yasukuni Dori is grand!

It is good for autumn of reading, and a large number of everybodies visit blessed with good weather today on 4th!

Jimbocho book Festival

Venue of book festival of new book publishing company
It is lily of the valley street, Sakura Street, Jimbocho Mitsui Building open space.
Child book is sold in Jimbocho Mitsui Building open space and is popular among families!

It is not only sale of book in book festival
As a lot of local gourmets open a store, there is further fun!

Kanda curry Grand Prix

Venue is one back, open space in Ogawamachi from brook open space Yasukuni Dori.
20 curry restaurants of Kanda which fought successfully through qualifier gather in brook open space!
Shop of the grand prix is decided by vote of everybody on the evening of 5th tomorrow.

Make incense to fill the venue, and is, and curry smell drifts; all the curry fans are smiles!
You eat a lot of curry, and please vote. It is ... until tomorrow

Kanda secondhand book Festival
Jimbocho book Festival
Kanda curry Grand Prix
It will be until 5th tomorrow. Please go out.

The nearest station Jimbocho, Ogawamachi, Awajicho, Ochanomizu
You can enjoy all three events in the starting point at Suruga Her Excellency intersection!

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/10/29 15:18

Today Sunday, October 29
Knit Kanda area under the influence of typhoon all day! Rain! Candy! We do in this!
But autumn event of delightful Chiyoda-ku continues still more!

Jimbocho secondhand bookstore street "Kanda secondhand book Festival"
It has just begun more! Holding until Sunday, November 5!

Wagon is covered on blue seat in spite of being today's Jimbocho intersection regret because of rain.

Wagon of secondhand book of Jimbocho secondhand bookstore street, Yasukuni Dori is such a scenery, too.
Because is rainy, give up this rare scenery with seen view today; and ...
Please go for fun tomorrow because it is fine forecast from 30th.

It is held in Jimbocho lily of the valley street, Sakura Street
"Jimbocho book Festival"
It is held for three days on Sunday for - five days on November 3 (celebration)!

Weather forecast of 3-5 days seems to be pretty good in November, too.
As for the Jimbocho book Festival which new book publishing company exhibits in fun!

Performance that stage varies in venue and live performance
Local delicious gourmet can taste!
Please enjoy while looking for book of guide for three days!

Autumn festival of Chiyoda
Sword boisterous dance Edo-jo Castle lower circulation stamp rally,
Holding until from Saturday, October 28 to Sunday, November 19!

It is sword boisterous dance stamp rally that it is hosted by association of held evil secondary to spring.
We distribute stamp rally sheet in Chiyoda City Tourism Association.

It is bustle of held Kanda Myojin goal point for the first day on Saturday for 28 days.
When we collect four places from six places of rally stamp points and make a goal to this
We give sword boisterous dance original postcard three pieces set.

We are doing article sale of pleasant goods.
Sword boisterous dance stamp rally until Sunday, November 19.
Please enjoy on foot visiting Chiyoda-ku!
Homepage →
Reference: It is the circulation stamp rally secretariat "sword boisterous dance autumn festival X of Chiyoda in autumn-ONLINE-" Edo-jo Castle bottom → 03-6758-2394

Contributor: machiblog3 contribution day: 2017/10/13 14:10

Plan in the daytime of the 45th anniversary of the diplomatic normalization
Photo exhibition of the 100th anniversary of the Chou Enlai visit to Japan
We are holding until Sunday, October 15! (from 11:00 to 16:00)

Photo exhibition venue all Jimbocho love parks (old elderly person center) of Jimbocho 2

The ground which Chou Enlai visited Japan at (1917) 19 years old in this ground in 1917, and learned Japanese.
In the ground where there was Eastern Asia high spare school where Chou Enlai went to
Monument of "we learn from Chou Enlai here" is built.

Photo exhibition venue entrance

Various photographs of Chou Enlai who made an effort for diplomatic normalization are displayed in the daytime

Sponsorship is association of Chiyoda-ku Japan and China friendship

We hold until Sunday, October 15!